Ty Fartley
Ty Fartley 23 hours ago
Tyler, we have to grow mullets my names Tyler too so it’s pretty much destiny
Camren Stein
Camren Stein 23 hours ago
does anyone know the name of the background music in the beginning?
HunterBeatBilly98 23 hours ago
Dude be trending though.
Rory •-•
Rory •-• 23 hours ago
Omg Tyler is actually so handsome, *crys in gay*
Kippers 23 hours ago
This episode of mortal kumsplat is brought to you by: Current The New Way To Bank
RenaldoSeguin 23 hours ago
I’m just glad the commercial isn’t for Raid Shadow Legends
The Obsesed Anime Freaks
The Obsesed Anime Freaks 23 hours ago
Wynona's big brown beaver... thanks for the music recommendation.
Conner Carrell
Conner Carrell 23 hours ago
that fortnite ass is voluptuous
Yoru Kage
Yoru Kage 23 hours ago
2:44 and the rest of that interaction is the funniest shit ever
Bolt Thunder
Bolt Thunder 23 hours ago
so now street fighter is ruined for me oh well your the only fortnite youtuber i watch anyway
MouthMuffler Day ago
Still better than me
Shift Gaming
Shift Gaming Day ago
The marvelous geography computationally mess up because edger contemporaneously excuse near a womanly criminal. sparkling, energetic description
Zach A boi
Zach A boi Day ago
8:07 he swallowed me nogla
DaM-iTz_ScaR 321
DaM-iTz_ScaR 321 Day ago
Tyler never changed in the 8 years and I don’t want him to
ProcessKnight53 Day ago
I want it but I’m from Australia and I can’t sign up
Chaosiferus Day ago
It's interesting to see different groups play these, Luke loved getting Aphrodite and Tyler hated her 🤣
Enrique Carrillo
Enrique Carrillo Day ago
scotty is just here to laugh
Shift Gaming
Shift Gaming Day ago
The measly jet pivotally race because swedish intraoperatively long but a ashamed croissant. yellow, upset talk
Gourav Dutta
Gourav Dutta Day ago
10:30 auto butt cleaner
Che Guevara
Che Guevara Day ago
That is the flag of the country of Asia. WOW
leo Watch
leo Watch Day ago
You know when COD adds in a grenade that let's you see through walls, you are no longer cheating you are using a gadget the game has provided you
Paper Master
Paper Master Day ago
I don't know that other "innocent jingle"
MYLILBRO99 Day ago
You shoulda till him to say *how is it to chew 5 gum*
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming Day ago
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming Day ago
Above Day ago
Who else remembers when wildcat didn't have a beard ah the good times
Shahir Aiman
Shahir Aiman Day ago
sammy lawrence
sammy lawrence Day ago
I bet Vanoss disliked this video for them not inviting him
King Day ago
move over raid its time for some hair cream lol :P
Sans man Sans man
Sans man Sans man Day ago
I wanted to watch this for an hour, and I am telling you... no regrets
Ben Mairu
Ben Mairu Day ago
We need more of these
Anthony Parisi
Anthony Parisi Day ago
When the doom music hits just right
Michael Zainey
Michael Zainey Day ago
17:23 I’m crying 🤣
Zennar Day ago
(laughs in 20 000 dpi)
Karl Bekai
Karl Bekai Day ago
New punchline if current sponsors you again: Current is the best way Currently to keep your modern bank life safe.
Yue Zen M.Paroginog
Yue Zen M.Paroginog Day ago
Hello Mr. WILDCAT Im just here to subscribe on vanoss crew (of course I subscribed non your channel :D)
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Day ago
Miniclip is a Swiss game browser
DarkIfall Day ago
brian said abirity
direwolf 225
direwolf 225 Day ago
I just got an ad about a plane service but where am i gonna go?!
Bernardo Mendes
Bernardo Mendes Day ago
bro wash ur hats man
Nathan Steadman
Nathan Steadman Day ago
Can we all just acknowledge the glow up? He popped off once he left vanoss....Vanoss was his Achilles heel
Comrade Kirby
Comrade Kirby Day ago
5:08 I aM ThE SpY
dreamy dream.
dreamy dream. Day ago
Do a mincraft speed run yesh.
MYLILBRO99 Day ago
Hi I'm waiting to let it go to 1M views
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Day ago
Hello, Humans. "Longevity in friendship is very important and one of the keys to the foundation of a happy life."-Karrueche Tran TERRANCE OUT
Sundar Durai
Sundar Durai Day ago
Just enjoyed 😂
Daniel Jackett
Daniel Jackett Day ago
Your the best
william Anderson
william Anderson Day ago
I am so just amazed how these guys especially tyler who I consider and og zombies plays hasn't uploaded any of the breakout witch I love the most but I mean I can't be the only one right?
Max Cabrera
Max Cabrera Day ago
Max Cabrera
Max Cabrera Day ago
What a schubang!
toni boswell
toni boswell Day ago
I got the current card cause of wildcat and I love it. Thanks you wildcat 😁
Zach Hornback
Zach Hornback Day ago
Too bad all other banks also have mobile banking
Alphaz Day ago
I had that last charizard I wish my little brain knew how cool it was
Grace Eldridge
Grace Eldridge Day ago
Pride comes before the fall, Tyler LMFAO
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp Day ago
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp Day ago
Big Skrimp
Big Skrimp Day ago
Overkill Gaming
Overkill Gaming Day ago
U wanna c this game in 2021
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Day ago
"Hermaphrodite" lmao
Potent Winter
Potent Winter Day ago
Anybody watching in 2022
TitanFur Day ago
All of y'all talking about "horny dragons" and not one Bad Dragon joke. I'm disappointed.
Zack Day ago
I thought he said "Chumlee skin", as in the dude from Pawn Stars. Made it even better talking about how caked up he was
Sweaty youngin
Sweaty youngin Day ago
Is wildcat using panda merch
Cameron Harrington
Cameron Harrington Day ago
Am I supposed to recognize the second jingle though? Everyone knows pornhub but idk that one
BIOHAZARD 1236 Day ago
Really 8 years ago, what happened man
Draco Dragneel
Draco Dragneel Day ago
Is it bad that i think wildcat looks good with sideburns or is that fine.
YoungnastyVan Grougaloragran
YoungnastyVan Grougaloragran Day ago
That's shit at the end was so 🤣though don't forget Dikken vs Street fuckers.😂🤣
Li Earth iL
Li Earth iL Day ago
Is that a hecz quarters hat?
the names ray ray cism
the names ray ray cism Day ago
What’s avengers
urnansflipflop Day ago
pop filter
Capt Sarcastic
Capt Sarcastic Day ago
FallenGummies Day ago
Nogla literally drew lil yachty, I'm done
Alpha Vex Studios
Alpha Vex Studios Day ago
I'm dying to see how Jacksepticeye would react if he was playing with Vanossgaming
austin bledsoea
austin bledsoea Day ago
Personal experience, current is trash. They messed up my 600 stimulus check when I tried to deposit it into my account. They wouldn't cash it because it was my first deposit (it wasn't, but ok) so I tried to cash it multiple other places but current jacked it up and their support wasn't any help.
Peppermint Day ago
0:10 Why did I think he was gonna say “I don’t know if you know this, but I’m addicted to opium” “I’ve done it for years, but lately it’s gotten bad”
T-Bonerism Day ago
That cum-lee shit is actually how people mispronounce my last name all of the time.
Fyre_Dawg_Games Day ago
What's with the terrible focus on that ad? Also clean up your beard. You're supposed to be a professional yootoobah.
Le Dedpul
Le Dedpul Day ago
That Chun Li buns... Hooooo weeee
BlueDuo Day ago
Damn imagine being in 2021 couldn’t be me
Xerces Gaming
Xerces Gaming Day ago
Tyler's beards coming in good, our boi wildcat's growing up
Drake Anderson
Drake Anderson Day ago
I work at where Borat bought the cage