Among Us butt fungus...
Among Us but humongous...
Kris Travis
Kris Travis 19 hours ago
You should say you vented in a sentence while blaming another person and see if anyone catches on
SPEDBro 19 hours ago
Bro lazar is the best
Piercing-Metal 14
Piercing-Metal 14 19 hours ago
Hey wildcat i just wanna say i use the same strat as u i shoot with the shotgun then i lightem up with the AR
the spott
the spott 19 hours ago
the return of ukmar
kyle w
kyle w 19 hours ago
Bro it's my boy lex
Lindsey Lovett
Lindsey Lovett 19 hours ago
Future googling man
Lindsey Lovett
Lindsey Lovett 19 hours ago
Future googling mean
Bobby Tim
Bobby Tim 20 hours ago
This guys kinda wack.......
Jthababy 20 hours ago
Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart 20 hours ago
Wildcat + Hyper = murder spree
Shady09-02 20 hours ago
6:05 Michael Jackson?
Milan Meyer
Milan Meyer 20 hours ago
Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Matthew Farthing
Matthew Farthing 20 hours ago
Xander Urquidez
Xander Urquidez 20 hours ago
white people 🤔
Stu _01
Stu _01 20 hours ago
“I’m not the dumbass, I’m the genius!” Top 10 words said before disaster
Evan Alvarez
Evan Alvarez 20 hours ago
1:01 I generate 182 every day with the aid of *f u n d a i l y p a y*
SpeedyMonkey69 20 hours ago
You guys are fucking dicks
xDropDeadMaxx 20 hours ago
i love that Smii7y started among us lore
Yanick Potvin
Yanick Potvin 21 hour ago
The fucking blum in chapter 1 is op dude the range of the compat smg is op
TheSkate3King 99
TheSkate3King 99 21 hour ago
lol makes me laugh wildcat Dies: gets mad, gets a kill gets mad XD
WolfBlaze15 21 hour ago
0:03 the text said dectective instead of detective lol
Jordan Conway
Jordan Conway 21 hour ago
There starting to play with mystic7 and JtGilly now Awsome I love there Pokémon go vids
Motorboi 69
Motorboi 69 21 hour ago
6:14 I play on controller and I can say that we don’t want him
Salami Puddin
Salami Puddin 21 hour ago
So is Uckmar a god or a prophet or what? Because you have the Hole God...
ThtKIDkisty 21 hour ago
rewind the video when it hits 0:06
young_ J
young_ J 21 hour ago
This made everyone smile
ALTRIX Kid 21 hour ago
Bro where’s con1234567890?
Jacob Rojo
Jacob Rojo 21 hour ago
When he said, hey boo boo, it activated my Google on my phone
Matthew Bowles
Matthew Bowles 21 hour ago
He did ask Myst to kill him.
David Jacobs
David Jacobs 21 hour ago
Imagine if they update the map so that the tree has Uckmar (or however you'd spell it) carved on it.
Ryan Gallichant
Ryan Gallichant 21 hour ago
he put one name in the description but played with two people
MrBrockman407 21 hour ago
Description... "YEET!"
Saul T. Nutz
Saul T. Nutz 21 hour ago
*three years ago*
Martijn Scheffers
Martijn Scheffers 22 hours ago
Corey Johnson
Juppy Alayu
Juppy Alayu 22 hours ago
Definetly inspired in jaiden animation and oneoddouts
Plaizee 22 hours ago
9:26 dear heavenly hole god, all I want... is a second oven mit...
CantBearMe l
CantBearMe l 22 hours ago
The grand tree uuckchmarchhkk
AtomicDragon 23 hours ago
I hate how you said yvetal "Ee-vee-tall" is how it's pronounced
AtomicDragon 23 hours ago
I hate how you said yvetal "Ee-vee-tall" is how it's pronounced
Infinity 23 hours ago
I won in 1 round in under 1 Minute : 30 Seconds before as impostor on the Skeld. Also, If Wildcat has Hyper or Nogla as a impostor teammate, It's going to be efficient.
Minnie Astello
Minnie Astello 23 hours ago
ORANGE Yt 23 hours ago
Wildcat videos always make me laugh😂😂
afiet shalomon
afiet shalomon 23 hours ago
Ernie Boch, Jr
KRIX_ SO2 Day ago
Русские есть?
EDWINTHE BeardGamer/Reviews
EDWINTHE BeardGamer/Reviews Day ago
what did nogla say in the beginning
Games mr_10
Games mr_10 Day ago
joyce k
joyce k Day ago
0:50. That monkey scream
Alina Raven
Alina Raven Day ago
Tiko really said walk to the edge of my vision and then got fucking sliced. That was godamn hilarious.
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales Day ago
galaxyzorua リンリン
galaxyzorua リンリン Day ago
3:11 wildcat predicted the predator in fortnite
Darcy Ramage
Darcy Ramage Day ago
6:12 Wildcat's character was invisible at the meeting and then became visible once the timer ran out
Kenneth Mangam
Kenneth Mangam Day ago
back when the tree graphics were great 🥵😩🥴
Nightmarish TKP
Nightmarish TKP Day ago
Dude I play on 6k dpi. But I have a g502 so I can change to 500 whenever I want to aim
SkyPie Day ago
Wow hes got an actual mic
Adam Grimm
Adam Grimm Day ago
Brian: So Craig whats the title of your video gonna be Craig: *I'M 5TH*
Smithclicker Day ago
Creamy Dog Soup
Creamy Dog Soup Day ago
What ax-50 attachments that zoom was ads speed was insane
Itrosstime 32
Itrosstime 32 Day ago
Number 11 on trending for gaming, amazing job wildact!!!
Cash Ply
Cash Ply Day ago
Wildcat say “ sweats ruin everything” I know your not talking wildcat jk
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins Day ago
Spread the word my sister that is 14 has run away yesterday and lives in Dayton NV please
malcore on mobile
malcore on mobile Day ago
LiteralVibe Day ago
Did anyone else not know he played VALORANT and posted it i mean please play more!!
LPV Official
LPV Official Day ago
Hello reader, just reminding you to drink water and invest in a Roth IRA.
Dev Sempaii
Dev Sempaii Day ago
I wonder if that's the actual sugardaddy on Nogla's videos..
Tommy s
Tommy s Day ago
Anyone watching in 2021 and is confused how this was over 2 years ago?
Delirious Gaming
Delirious Gaming Day ago
4:10 "i'm not multiplyin'g meself!" Fast forward to Daithi De Baby
Shak Rin
Shak Rin Day ago
3:08 nice Critical impression
Glizzy Gobbler
Glizzy Gobbler Day ago
who’s watching on 2021
Joseph Alvarez
Joseph Alvarez Day ago
Wildcat: "Only one kill PATHETIC " XD
joe montoya
joe montoya Day ago
Sandtrooper DJ-993
Sandtrooper DJ-993 Day ago
5:14 spy from TF2
Ed ash
Ed ash Day ago
If it dont kill you, it makes you stronger is only While eating Chili and farting After.
Games mr_10
Games mr_10 Day ago
PrincePlatypus75 Day ago
I love ur mint montages at the start of ur vids
Adam Tavonius
Adam Tavonius Day ago
0:50 monke laugh
Chase Wind
Chase Wind Day ago
Is it bad that i heard the peashooter from PvZ GW
dude look at her butt H90 delirious
dude look at her butt H90 delirious Day ago
A raid Shadow legend ad within 5 seconds of the video.... 5 SECONDS!!!!!
Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez Day ago
If wildcat said this 2020-2021 everyone will be bitching about how he said retard.
Sethan Dotts
Sethan Dotts Day ago
The funniest video of the crew