Modern Warfare but I got a juggernaut in SnD...

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3 months ago

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Kameron King
Kameron King 12 days ago
Someone needs to make the "what the fuck and he diditwitakar" a song
Tankeyes117 and Goateyes117
Tankeyes117 and Goateyes117 Month ago
I want to know who the editor is
jomar undertun
jomar undertun Month ago
It's called magazine, not a clip...
Chaos Huntsman
Chaos Huntsman Month ago
As a console player, I god damn hate the controller aim assist so much. If the settings allow it I turn that shit off every time, first thing. If I'm gonna aim at someone it'll be the one I want to target, not the first fucker who happens across my screen.
Pro Clips
Pro Clips Month ago
I’m loving the content my man, KEEP IT UP!!! ❤️
NorthernLaw Month ago
That SBMM really ruins everything to the point you have to use different accounts, that really sucks
Srank Finatra
Srank Finatra 2 months ago
I didnt know marksman laughed until I started watching wildcat play with him
The Viewer
The Viewer 2 months ago
Jugg has infinite ammo btw, its awesome. Everytime i get it i never let go of the LMB
Logan Ware
Logan Ware 2 months ago
What happened to not liking the kar98?
Jonathan Baker
Jonathan Baker 2 months ago
Marksman can’t go one vid without complaining
Kody Spangler
Kody Spangler 2 months ago
seeing how good you guys are makes me wanna play but i also know i'm shit at pvp XD
Brandon Torres
Brandon Torres 2 months ago
8:45 🥺
Dean Brown
Dean Brown 2 months ago
2:20. His outra music just dramatic
Polar92145 _YT
Polar92145 _YT 2 months ago
Wildcat was born with his own aim assist
Joshua 2 months ago
An infinite ammo , 4000 health jug is "the worst killstreak" in the game.
BronCral98 2 months ago
That laugh at 5:10
Erik Ochoa
Erik Ochoa 2 months ago
I want to see a video where wildcat just absolutely dumpsters people. Everyone just stays in spawn and wildcat just goes in and absolutely destroys the entire team
Metanoba 2 months ago
Mag not clip just a fyi Mag is a thing that hold ammo but uses a spring to push into the chamber Kar98 uses a clip clip just hold the Ammo
Alex Coffelt
Alex Coffelt 3 months ago
Ayyy yo my boi yous’n the kar98 you gatta love it.BRO EVEN BETTER HE USI’N THE IRON SIGHTS!!!!
Charlie Horrocks
Charlie Horrocks 3 months ago
Straight up thought the video was over
Spookydoggo 3 months ago
Whats the music at the beginning?
m.d.e_ carlos
m.d.e_ carlos 3 months ago
Best intro ong
Alexzander Baynum
Alexzander Baynum 3 months ago
Wildcat: 7 killstreak Also Wildcat: BA BA BA BA BA intensifies
Liz Bagnall
Liz Bagnall 3 months ago
Some times I can’t tell if it’s wildcat trolling on my team or it’s actual players on my team because I always get bad players. Edit wrong vid
Joshua Slocomb
Joshua Slocomb 3 months ago
Been in the wilderness for 9 weeks and I’m glad to come back to see you’re still shitting on everyone
Chatoly 3 months ago
oh my god granada wilcat fucking great 😂😂 and left the game
harley gagnon
harley gagnon 3 months ago
6 days later just got notification for the video
Mason Bullock
Mason Bullock 3 months ago
I understand this game has issues, but can either of you (mainly marksman) quit complaining for 5 minutes.
Scouseleemini1 3 months ago
7:10 is it just me or can you hear someone getting very sexual about that killcam with the Kar98k?
Dante Mathee
Dante Mathee 3 months ago
You need to make a series on hide or die
Mike Da Ike
Mike Da Ike 3 months ago
Mike Da Ike
Mike Da Ike 3 months ago
And also a pretty god player.
noel_boii 3 months ago
When he gets pissed at the end. Thts wat we was waiting for lmao
Travis Booth
Travis Booth 3 months ago
Am I the only one that can’t stand Marksman. I used to love him back in bo2 but now I just find him very annoying
J Bear
J Bear 3 months ago
2:50 talking about how gay is ok *me* “thank you🥺”
Scouseleemini1 3 months ago
yeah, the privilege of having a big peen
BRUCE juice
BRUCE juice 3 months ago
I thought the ringing noise was my mom vacuuming🤣
Devin Keeny
Devin Keeny 3 months ago
You should shut your teammate with an explosive crossbow and have them run to the enemy
Blazing Sun
Blazing Sun 3 months ago
i love how the minimum doesn’t get overheated
YourboiDeadboy __
YourboiDeadboy __ 3 months ago
I love watching them play. Wish I could play with them and her them in person
goldchris1111 3 months ago
cod ghost had the running jug killstreak that was awesome, think it was called running maniac it gave you faster sprint speed than normal players, blind eye so enemy killstreaks couldn't see you and sit rep and to balance it all you had was a knife, throwing knife and couldnt regen health and to fuck you even more (for everyone) the knifing animation took half a second in that game instead of it being instant so if someone was fast enough they could save their teammate but it was still a great time with that killstreak also im pretty sure you could be insta killed by a knife too so it wasnt over the top op but it was still scary seeing 1 guy run up behind and wipe a whole team out or having to sacrifice a teammate to kill the maniac faster
intense praising of the sun
intense praising of the sun 3 months ago
What happened to Connor?
Sonata Hellsica
Sonata Hellsica 3 months ago
2:47 so you`re trying to say that people with small ones doesnt get to use them however they please? ouch.... i guess im under somebodys rules cuz i lack size, lol 😜
Kaleb Tapp
Kaleb Tapp 3 months ago
Hi wildcat I love your vids can we play sometime it is fine if you don’t but I won’t you to remember that I love your vids 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
Brandon 3 months ago
“I hope it’s not Brandon because Brandon is fucking buns” Ouch man :(
Prod.Loner 3 months ago
So people still dont understand how easy it is to aim on Keyboard and Mouse compared to a controller?
Charlie The Saiyan
Charlie The Saiyan 3 months ago
The guy that rage quit earlier in there matched is now on there team at 9:13 [faze] God
Dono 3 months ago
Fun Fact: you can defuse the gun as a jugg
Nysb Gaming
Nysb Gaming 3 months ago
I started using the deagle on pc and I can personally say that its nutty, practically all you get is headshots when you aim at their chest. Already got 90% of the camos unlocked with the first being headshots.
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez 3 months ago
My dumbass was nickmercsing at :36
Native Game Squad
Native Game Squad 3 months ago
4:11 best sound combo
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice 3 months ago
3:09 “Goodbye Pinocchio!” *flashbacks to Part 1 Dio*
GamePsycho 123
GamePsycho 123 3 months ago
How is he quick loading his kar98k with a stripper clip? Is it a variant that is op, I have to do bullet at a time
Art 3 months ago
1st outro song Me: :’( Video plays again Me :)
Dedrick Edward
Dedrick Edward 3 months ago
This making me think of a glizzy 2:45
diamond_miner 69
diamond_miner 69 3 months ago
Did yall know that the juggernaut originated in call of duty Mobile
Toipat 3 months ago
Is this a joke
Hardidis Animations
Hardidis Animations 3 months ago
Well good thing I don’t have multiplayer hahahahaha(snif) aaahhh (snif)ahhhhh (snif)aaahhhh[sad poor noises]
Charn Souter
Charn Souter 3 months ago
My high ass tried turning up the volume thinkin i was going deaf
SAMUEL BEALES 3 months ago
IW get rid of sbmm plz love of all things cod I want bad players to mess with plz!!
LordCookie 3 months ago
This man is NASTY with that Kar98
Crazed Gamer
Crazed Gamer 3 months ago
I can see why they went on alt accounts to get this lobby that is where the content is at
Camden Daly
Camden Daly 3 months ago
Imagine a day when marksman doesn’t rant for 20 minutes
christian vann
christian vann 3 months ago
where is the juggernaut
Bigpigbro2345 O
Bigpigbro2345 O 3 months ago
Super knuckle Kon knuckle belt buckle banana shuffle
SPECTRAL _2DVS 3 months ago
I love how fat guy said wtf and he did it with a kar LMAO
Nukes_Spawn 3 months ago
Did that
Nukes_Spawn 3 months ago
I played and
Preston Holman
Preston Holman 3 months ago
Wildcat what do u use on your kar98
Patrick Weatherman
Patrick Weatherman 3 months ago
Not bragging but I have an94 gold. It's really sick
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 3 months ago
That jug killstreak was the best ever 🤣
Gregory Jaramillo
Gregory Jaramillo 3 months ago
It’s badass to see wildcat killing people with throwing knifes
SaucyKidGlo 3 months ago
Tell me why I thought it was the end of the video 00:30
Costas Mandylor
Costas Mandylor 3 months ago
One is a wooden puppet. The other is a potato dumpling.
WOLVES_X2012 3 months ago
I love the fade out rant at the beginning xD
Drake Lane
Drake Lane 3 months ago
My boy Wildcat calling the MP5 a Uzi
Pooter Scooter
Pooter Scooter 3 months ago
I got a juggernaut the same day he got his was this my special day with wildcat?
Forest Tischler
Forest Tischler 3 months ago
Bro this editor has got some mad skills
Chipz & Chez
Chipz & Chez 3 months ago
Mp5 and kar 🤦‍♂️
Marcelo Padilla
Marcelo Padilla 3 months ago
i know this is your job but man what do you do to make the kar a one hit wonder
Xavier Garcia
Xavier Garcia 3 months ago
Can we please 1v1 with ax-50 only?
Mr.Durrburger 3 months ago
His name is pronounced no key
James McCleaster
James McCleaster 3 months ago
dude loved your video hope we could challenge each other
jonathan Stone
jonathan Stone 3 months ago
Big fan wildcat. I shit on kids in this game in the name Of your toxicity.
jonathan Stone
jonathan Stone 3 months ago
Fuuuuck I was on that game helllllll yeeeeeeeeeee
i commented first
Belinda Lawler
Belinda Lawler 3 months ago
Scorpion 3 months ago
2:48 is wildcat fearing about being canceled
WarriorSlayer Gaming
WarriorSlayer Gaming 3 months ago
Mia Meskill
Mia Meskill 3 months ago
You should play Gmod prophunt, you haven't done that for a while
RedFireKirby 3 months ago
Don't mind me, just here in the comments to see how many people are as upset as me that they mispronounced "gnocchi" - it's Italian, so not too surprised though
Not MxsonP9
Not MxsonP9 3 months ago
“A full clip of the uzi” good one tyler
*epic backflip*
*epic backflip* 3 months ago
What’s the song for the intro?
Roy Obregon
Roy Obregon 3 months ago
6:53 Wildcat is goated!
Paradise 3 months ago
Bro on my video I went 19-1 on crash lmao , in 12v12 I should’ve used jug aswell 😂
Rival Rival
Rival Rival 3 months ago
Game Shark
Game Shark 3 months ago
ItS noT aClIp ItS a MaGAzIne uNsUb
Ashton David
Ashton David 3 months ago
Marksman just bitches about everything it’s so annoying
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 3 months ago
12 v 12 is only good on back lot. Dropped 22 kills with a scar and had super toxic game chat
King Intuition
King Intuition 3 months ago
Please never use that white noise sound again 😭
Trevor Silva
Trevor Silva 3 months ago
It's nice to finally see someone have fun at my skill level
Time To sleep
Time To sleep 3 months ago
The edit of this vid is on point.
RamenChance 3 months ago
He’s finally given in to the Kar98
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