Minecraft but everything EXPLODES for no reason...

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6 months ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...

Jirou Kyoka
Jirou Kyoka 18 hours ago
Terroriser has a new final smash for Smash Ultimate the Potato Bomber
Travis Elwell
Travis Elwell 2 days ago
You you make a list of all the effects
JaneGirlGamer 5 days ago
What is this mod?
Taco Man
Taco Man 6 days ago
“Teh Terroriser” nah it’s now “Teh Terrorist”
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride 8 days ago
I want a list of every specific thing that would make everyone explode ngl
Domosmotforever YT
Domosmotforever YT 9 days ago
Allah potato? Yo im islamic
rose uzumaki hatake
rose uzumaki hatake 11 days ago
I love this outro
Joshua Y.
Joshua Y. 13 days ago
Would've been amazing if they beat the ender dragon by having Brian eating potatoes
Pursuit 14 days ago
metrovick_diesel 64
metrovick_diesel 64 19 days ago
Anthony bees are passive mobs. Anthony: I DIDN'T KNOW THAT
ShadeSlayer562 25 days ago
“I AM THE POTATO TERRORIST!” -Fuckin Brian 11:17 for context
Insomniac Sushi
Insomniac Sushi 27 days ago
Would love to see a potato terrorist series with the crew
logmansion chopper
logmansion chopper 29 days ago
I want basic to farm and see what happens
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson Month ago
The pigs weren't oinking they were squealing because they were getting attacked and one unfortunately oinked
Tristin Hernandez
Tristin Hernandez Month ago
they shouldve made to where if terroriser falls in lava he explodes
Omega-T Month ago
the bois:blow up from anything potaterrorist terroriser:this thing will double that in 3 seconds!
Pokekid Challenges
Pokekid Challenges Month ago
Shayne Hilton
Shayne Hilton Month ago
Alternate title : I play Minecraft in Vietnam
D Shaw
D Shaw Month ago
This is random but Bryan has the same thing as me (sorry if I spelt his name a different way) when you do the pig noise when you laugh I was doing that the whole time watching this
SagaX Month ago
Nathan Domine
Nathan Domine Month ago
10:46 eat the watermelon!😂😂😂😂
Azryx The Folf
Azryx The Folf Month ago
"MY HOOOOOME!!!!!" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... "I ATE THE POTATO!!!"
Marc Garza
Marc Garza Month ago
How to make a potato deadly 101
OOGA BOOGA Month ago
U shud play more GTA
jorell lucena
jorell lucena Month ago
Playing minecraft: Michael Bay edition.
Magna Month ago
Killer Queens having a blast
Kirishima Voice actor
Kirishima Voice actor 2 months ago
I've learned that the mod is very rasict to basically
Joseph Gaming
Joseph Gaming 2 months ago
10:23 perfect timing
Denerian Scott
Denerian Scott 2 months ago
Dynamicz 2 months ago
Bruh when he said allah potatoe is started dying 😂 11:40
Nicholas Nunez
Nicholas Nunez 2 months ago
That wheeze at 0:56?killed me
clown things
clown things 2 months ago
This video is better than Michael bay movies
squadcode 71
squadcode 71 2 months ago
Wesley Surrency
Wesley Surrency 2 months ago
I can see it now... “Moo-“ Distant moo scream from explosion
John Register
John Register 2 months ago
Wildcat :don't eat fish Me:than why you eating it
senpai Tagia
senpai Tagia 2 months ago
What texture pack does he use
The_ Rooster
The_ Rooster 2 months ago
Welcome to minecraft but your afraid to mine and afraid to craft
dan chan
dan chan 2 months ago
11:40 this is so offensive
the gaming Piggie
the gaming Piggie 2 months ago
3:15 I didn’t know thaaaaaat!!!
NullHazard7 2 months ago
Everyone knows the Irishman's favored weapon is the potato.
Brandon Neumann
Brandon Neumann 2 months ago
Where can you find this mod?
Young Geek
Young Geek 3 months ago
🤣The fucking ahhhhhhh can’t read books
crcoghill 3 months ago
what if one was "attack ender dragon = blowing up"?🤣
Aura Lightrom
Aura Lightrom 3 months ago
Pissed off bucket guy
Pissed off bucket guy 3 months ago
I fear no man... but that thing.... *the potato terrorist* it scares me
Kaleb Wisby
Kaleb Wisby 3 months ago
B S 3 months ago
More of this please it’s hilarious
Tyler Butehorn
Tyler Butehorn 3 months ago
I cried so hard when he ate the potato...
shadow stalker
shadow stalker 3 months ago
The terrorized became the terrorizer, how ironic
Methayus Hebert
Methayus Hebert 3 months ago
Wildcat explosion idea every time he builds he explodes because of him and fortnite
jimmyplayz 3 months ago
Hey look, it’s Michael Bay’s newest movie
Shadows Clone X5
Shadows Clone X5 3 months ago
Vanoss’s explosion would be he can’t ride a boat
Rangel Ramos
Rangel Ramos 3 months ago
1:00 Desert temple XD
jaxon thecrab
jaxon thecrab 3 months ago
Alternate title: minecraft, but it's Michael bay film.
Silver Valentine
Silver Valentine 3 months ago
I hope to see Moo explode one day with this mod XD
continuar Immortal
continuar Immortal 3 months ago
This should be Vanoss' world
PutridFoe 65
PutridFoe 65 3 months ago
I think there should’ve been one where if a creeper explodes, there’s a chance that whoever’s the closest to it will explode.
I don't always meme but when I do
I don't always meme but when I do 3 months ago
waiting for episode 2 :( wanna see moo explode 😂
Danny Ortiz
Danny Ortiz 3 months ago
Dum ways to die So many dum ways to die Dum ways to di i i iee So many dum... So many dum ways to die
Matt Marrero
Matt Marrero 4 months ago
Brian with a potato *come out ye black and tans*
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce 4 months ago
Better title: grown men rage and scream while blowing up in Minecraft...
rick rolled
rick rolled 4 months ago
9:34 i cant lmao.
TheChimikion king
TheChimikion king 4 months ago
Play this mod with brock and vanoss
Phoenix Reid
Phoenix Reid 4 months ago
3:16 I almost pissed myself at this part
Renegade Productions
Renegade Productions 4 months ago
Who woulda thought the Irish would weaponize potato’s
Boss Player Gaming
Boss Player Gaming 4 months ago
TSA we got him 11:18
Xenomorph Assassinator
Xenomorph Assassinator 4 months ago
What is the texture pack he uses?
Cat adventures
Cat adventures 4 months ago
Use this command /give (your name) command_block for a free secret block
Dragon Ball Gaming YT
Dragon Ball Gaming YT 4 months ago
Wait Is there NO LIMIT to how big the explosion could be???
Halomaster Cosmana
Halomaster Cosmana 4 months ago
Someone needs to animate the part where he says IM THE POTATO TERRORIST
Kelpo Gaming
Kelpo Gaming 4 months ago
New Mode Unlocked: Heaven and Hell
Robbie Lee
Robbie Lee 4 months ago
"It appears to be a normal server" Me: no server is normal :)
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 4 months ago
This needs to be done again with even more people
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 4 months ago
Best mod ever
F This shiz im out
F This shiz im out 4 months ago
talk about an explosive relationship
Zachary Villa
Zachary Villa 4 months ago
Papa wild I am sorry for snooping around in description please forgive me
JIRO 4 months ago
Would be awesome to see all you guys play grounded together after the update
Sukabashi 4 months ago
Tyler Huffman
Tyler Huffman 4 months ago
This is what happens when you have corona and go out into public
Xeno Trunks
Xeno Trunks 4 months ago
the entire reason tyler died when the creeper exploded, is because the creeper was originally the code for the pig, but it was bugged, thus creating the creeper we all know and hate.
Power Bro
Power Bro 4 months ago
Atlas aka unorthodox
Atlas aka unorthodox 4 months ago
Brian: MY HOOOOOOOMEE!!!!! *blows up* Brian: I ATE THE POTATO!
R.A.Y A.S 4 months ago
Allah potato!
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright 4 months ago
11:38 I keeled over
Dick Thiccums
Dick Thiccums 4 months ago
Pep Tulk
Pep Tulk 4 months ago
No-one: Mod: Killer queen has touched that block
Blitz 550
Blitz 550 4 months ago
If vanoss had that potato
Brennen Gillie
Brennen Gillie 5 months ago
9:38 this was perfect
Talaan99 5 months ago
I’m laughing way too hard at this
Lamorak 5 months ago
Being Irish is a nationality not a race but let's ignore that
Lee Gogolowski
Lee Gogolowski 5 months ago
11:16 Or 11:17 I am the potato Terriorist
Ahtamu777 5 months ago
Allah potato 😂😂😂😂
Ethan Sims
Ethan Sims 5 months ago
Brian has a severe potato allergy
dovahkiingod 50
dovahkiingod 50 5 months ago
Allah potato that did it for me
William Ha
William Ha 5 months ago
Needless to say, Blast Protection is very necessary.
Aryan Noordwijk
Aryan Noordwijk 5 months ago
Who else thinks wildcat's outro is firee
F4TEtoonguy6474 game
F4TEtoonguy6474 game 5 months ago
I love is video is so funny
Dont Kill AJs Vibe
Dont Kill AJs Vibe 5 months ago
Allah potato, that's the greatest thing ive ever heard
Jorge Lomeli
Jorge Lomeli 5 months ago
Do more of this exploding for no reason
Jorge Lomeli
Jorge Lomeli 5 months ago
I laughed so hard when he said I am the potato Terrace
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