Among Us but I'm the master of confusion...

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2 months ago

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ShadowMagic 5
ShadowMagic 5 2 days ago
I think wildcat shiuldve killed them blamed it on someone while the 02 was going off
Frenszi 2 days ago
I cannot enjoy among us videos with ninja in them, hes so loud and obnoxious.
Slaymyface135 3 days ago
Ninja is the kid that everyonehated and he promises he will be nicer but when he is included is an even bigger dickhead
Patrick E.
Patrick E. 3 days ago
i don’t want to be the one saying this but ninja has such an irritating voice. i don’t watch him regularly so idk if this is how he always sounds but dude...
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 4 days ago
0:00 0:22 0:38 0:54 1:14 1:32 2:01 3:29 3:49 3:55 3:57 4:03 4:04 4:05 4:06 4:13 5:05 5:15 6:08 8:23 8:41 8:52 9:07 9:17 10:27
NINJA COOL 98 5 days ago
I never expected to See wildcat play with ninja or xQc or cloakzy
TobiasTB _
TobiasTB _ 7 days ago
Wildcat playing with the Tommy Gun himself, xQc "Du-du-du-du-du-dude"
Val Heth
Val Heth 8 days ago
Who calls tasks "missions"?
Im Dead
Im Dead 9 days ago
What is pinto’s pfp
Batman 9 days ago
Mmm interesting
Kickstand284 Gaming
Kickstand284 Gaming 13 days ago
One time someone vented and I saw them trying to kill me and then someone reports a body and I laugh while typing that someone vented and everyone else was cleared they were with each other
Jasmine Westhead
Jasmine Westhead 15 days ago
Ninja in a single game is slightly painful. XQC in a single game is painful. ...But with their powers combined
Amateo Hernandez
Amateo Hernandez 28 days ago
Why is wild cat so mean to You soak
Amateo Hernandez
Amateo Hernandez 27 days ago
JaycetheRobot Oliverira
JaycetheRobot Oliverira Month ago
Ninja is the best third imposter ever😂😂😂
Christian Eroh
Christian Eroh Month ago
XQC is always so annoying
Bryan Pocasangre
Bryan Pocasangre Month ago
9:20 Im dead as fuck
Quinton Taylor
Quinton Taylor Month ago
I'm not a huge fan of ninja
AceofSpades-6 Month ago
Anyone else gonna mention Momo just calmly and quietly talking during the one meeting? Loved that.
Lois Rider
Lois Rider Month ago
no matter how many times I watch this it still pops up on my recommended
Ella Griffin
Ella Griffin Month ago
9:15 LMAO
Bossadan28 Month ago
Ur so f****** lucky I never get imposter
YaBoi Shrek
YaBoi Shrek Month ago
Me: *watching everyone in the stream chat saying to kick ninja from the game* Also me: *Turns chat off to casually enjoy the stream regardless of Ninja's presence.....even if he is sort of...meh*
Andrew Webster
Andrew Webster Month ago
God xcc is so fucking annoying. And smooth brain
Vulcan228 Month ago
Even tho nogla was right it’s so annoying when he just randomly accuses
David Whitaker
David Whitaker Month ago
Wildcat is so good as impostor bro
Stev Month ago
Just watching among us videos while drinking out of my among us mug
Oliver Passon
Oliver Passon Month ago
I love how Nogla is jumping to conclusions After one kill
smokeybear 420
smokeybear 420 Month ago
Not trying to be a burden the bad news but he doesn't even have vanoss under his friends section in the link in the description are they not friends anymore
Jay B
Jay B Month ago
Classy is a god
GreyJay Month ago
What a wonderful ending, Tyler just killing Nogla, then Ninja and finally XQC. I can sleep now. (Yes, because it's finally quiet xD)
Hanging_Hag Month ago
Ninja is the worst player at this game I've ever seen
Drake McChesney
Drake McChesney Month ago
Nogla pisses me off on every among us video he is in
Saucy Clips
Saucy Clips Month ago
Nogla is annoying asf I would kick him off too
Random Pancakes
Random Pancakes Month ago
Ninja try hards and it's shocking honestly he's so shit at the game aswell
Zappohs Month ago
Show Evan some respect
Trinity Fayant
Trinity Fayant Month ago
Momos voice is gross I can’t
Star Month ago
thumbnail art trash the other ones are better sorry man
David Trupiano
David Trupiano Month ago
ninja is so cancerous he constantly makes wrong calls way too early and is a terrible player, why did he say don’t vote on 6 with 2 imposters left, classic idiot ninja
ZC Month ago
I really dislike nogla
A P Month ago
im glad vanoss left because he doesnt belong w those sorry ppl
KosutoGames Month ago
Noglais the fucking best in groups man I swear to god 😂
Daniel Ebert
Daniel Ebert Month ago
One of my favorite things is that the moment nogla thinks he knows who it is, he votes without waiting for any information 😂
Leyton V.
Leyton V. Month ago
Ninja talks a lot.
a Month ago
Am I the only one who is reading the whole description
Kaleb Calverley
Kaleb Calverley Month ago
I got a whiteclaw ad right before he hopped into the game
KebabJoe Month ago
Ninja is litarally the worst in this game XD
Sam Month ago
Casting a spell is probably the best part of the vid
short stacks
short stacks Month ago
WillowWonka Month ago
wasnt expecting to see xQc in a session with you 😳
lucy jamison
lucy jamison Month ago
i’m just confused why an actor singer dancer jordan fisher is playing among us.
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose Month ago
3lit3gn0m3 Month ago
9:15 possibly the funniest moment I've seen in this game. Largely because I think Nogla is annoying as hell, and Wildcat is a great imposter. (Edit: I also think Nogla streamsnipes, but pretends to not know sometimes, so he hasn't actually developed the social skills to play the game properly.) For the record, I'd be garbage at this take that for whatever it's worth.
Alex Connor
Alex Connor Month ago
I...what? If Nogla streamsniped he'd actually accuse the right people, 90% of the time he doesn't. It's just Nogla being Nogla.
DragonBallFighterZ -
DragonBallFighterZ - Month ago
Don't worry about what im doing. Thats my business🤣🤣
Ricardo Beristain-Fernandez
Ricardo Beristain-Fernandez Month ago
im a simple man i see ninja i click off
Alex Ochoa
Alex Ochoa Month ago
Wild cat what happened to Conner
Loyal Mexicans
Loyal Mexicans Month ago
rxcxan Month ago
I love this group!!
_Merged Month ago
wait ninja swore
dark ender
dark ender Month ago
when you said woo hoo i got a anime ad
WIBBS GAMING 2 months ago
That classy kill was so clean
_-Uzumaki-_ 2 months ago
even when I can see if wildcat is imposter he still somehow gets me to think it’s not him
•Kryll• 2 months ago
someone punch ninja
DrewDeNightmare 2 months ago
If your playing with tim there's no point of doing task
Jman LPGuy
Jman LPGuy 2 months ago
If Nogla ever gets stranded on an island with these people. I'm sure he'd be the first to get murdered.
HeyItsJames 445
HeyItsJames 445 2 months ago
.  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • A WILDCAT was the imposter.  。 .     。       ゚   .     . ,    .  .   .
Odyn Ream
Odyn Ream 2 months ago
you make the best vids
Odyn Ream
Odyn Ream 2 months ago
i love your content bro
Lypsx 2 months ago
Jesus why is wild so fucking good at this game? When i play everyone say that im sus and i get kicked
Violet Cruz
Violet Cruz 2 months ago
You guys are so mean to Nogla 🥺
Violet Cruz
Violet Cruz 2 months ago
joshAwolf 2 months ago
Tach x3
Tach x3 2 months ago
What is Eli’s channel ?
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez 2 months ago
Ninja doesn’t shut up ...
Sad edits 15
Sad edits 15 2 months ago
“Casting spell” 🤣
Devin G
Devin G 2 months ago
I hate Classify his voice is just so annoying
Parakeeni 2 months ago
bruh ninja cringy af
WRLemonz 2 months ago
4:30 play of a lifetime
Homer Beer_guy
Homer Beer_guy 2 months ago
"Don't Lie Who Is a True Fan Of WILDCAT “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ" just kidding im not a bot
Quacky_Duck05 2 months ago
Why tf was Nogla so sus for wtf
Khlxs R6
Khlxs R6 2 months ago
Woah!!! Ninja just said fucking!!
Kyle Benoit
Kyle Benoit 2 months ago
Wow, these plays!
Brad Darndon
Brad Darndon 2 months ago
if i was playing i’d vote off ninja at the beginning of every game every time he speaks i get filled with unbelievable rage
Gabe Johnsen
Gabe Johnsen 2 months ago
Raise your hand if you thing Ninja is insanely annoying and you never want to see him in another video🙌🏻
dylan tryba
dylan tryba 2 months ago
This is a game made for liars lol
Mc Joker
Mc Joker 2 months ago
Love it when u are imposter, mmhmm clean kill
jin 2 months ago
what microphone do you use wildcat?
nomaa nomaa
nomaa nomaa 2 months ago
tyler is literally so good at every game he playes ;-;
BrothersmokeGaming 2 months ago
I wish I had editing skills and put a helmet on the pig in babe and dubbed Wildcats voice over for the movie and call it Wildcats origin story.
Wolfshock 202
Wolfshock 202 2 months ago
Omg I literally just got a white claw ad right before nogla said who’s white claw
Blue Flash269
Blue Flash269 2 months ago
The greatest killer (wildcat) VS the greatest detective (XQC) now thats a fucking showdown
Joshua Camilleri
Joshua Camilleri 2 months ago
Among Us reminds me so much of The Thing
Gibbypastrami 2 months ago
Lmao was that TimtheTatman? God, Among Us is bringing so many communities together haha, seeing Vanoss' crew play with an OW guy lmao, love it
Westecles -
Westecles - 2 months ago
Bruh, why’s ninja got to hop in on every game when it becomes popular. Stay on fortnite.
Dogdude 2 months ago
what if he wanted to play it?
Rogue Leader
Rogue Leader 2 months ago
Nogla’s voice and how he talks reminds me of vinny from that animated Atlantis movie
Shiro- z34
Shiro- z34 2 months ago
cant watch any vids with ninja in them dudes to loud and annoying
Kenway Lam
Kenway Lam 2 months ago
Ninja: i knew it Me: yes you do you filth
Fluidist 2 months ago
someone please help me find the intro song lol I can't and its killing me (yes i looked in the description and searched those sites)
Fluidist 2 months ago
Thanks man!
Fluidist 2 months ago
Hey @Fluidist it's called Go Cat Go by Gabriel Lucas
Lukman Kaduji
Lukman Kaduji 2 months ago
5:11 Real Title: 200IQ Kill
Bri Bradfield
Bri Bradfield 2 months ago
Brennen Linares
Brennen Linares 2 months ago
yo nogla is bullie
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