How Ninja went from selling noodles to gaming MEGA STAR... | (WILDCAST Ep. 10 ft. Ninja)

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2 months ago

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Co-Host - @BigJigglyPanda
Guest - @Ninja
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0:00 Intro
6:07 Discovering Gaming & Halo
16:13 Journey to Becoming a Halo Pro
28:04 Starting Out Streaming
40:01 When Streaming Became a Full-Time Job
47:59 Halo Tier List
50:50 Transitioning Away From Halo (Destiny, H1Z1, PUBG)
1:11:38 The Fortnite Phenomenon
1:22:23 Becoming the #1 Streamer
1:28:12 Dealing with Fame Online
1:40:43 Toxicity in Gaming
2:04:57 Dealing with Fame IRL
2:16:43 Ninja's Hair
2:20:28 Controversial Content Creators
2:22:39 Women in Gaming
2:29:32 What's Next for Ninja?
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I AM WILDCAT 2 months ago
Head over to and get 20% + FREE Shipping! #ad
Al Lo
Al Lo 26 days ago
I just ordered mine thanks!
Scott Hoelting
Scott Hoelting Month ago
I did it 😂
I_R Foggo
I_R Foggo Month ago
Bro loving these wild casts this one with ninja was awesome completely see ninja in a different light now.
B Richman
B Richman 2 months ago
When you discussed your hours played on Fortnite, I was wondering how many hours you played on GTA 5?
NinjaNick 08
NinjaNick 08 4 days ago
panda great choice of monster that is my favorite one
NinjaNick 08
NinjaNick 08 4 days ago
Tyler has become really good at interviewing from this series and it's pretty cool to see the difference
whitefangs55 5 days ago
By cussing out and harassing children tbats how
D1 6 days ago
Parth Sakariya
Parth Sakariya 11 days ago
Luv the content. I can watch these podcast all day. You make my day :)
Ionik Fusion
Ionik Fusion 11 days ago
I love when he’s talking about ninja gm after ninja gets fired and wildcat says JUPITER
Xander Ast
Xander Ast 13 days ago
I dont personally watch ninja but I respect him and what he does. And I bet everyone would have done the same thing he did when swapping to mixer
SplashyatomVerse 16 days ago
The name xbox gave me was splashyatom431 and liked that name ever since
Chucklinghat 8
Chucklinghat 8 18 days ago
X-link Kai is what gaming thing that ninja was talking about. Original Xbox online after it got shut down
V3ry H1gh
V3ry H1gh 25 days ago
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson 26 days ago
The Cam Newton analogy at the end didn't age well
Owen Charco
Owen Charco 29 days ago
I played halo when I was 6
ShugoTenshi 29 days ago
No wildcast ep11 ?????
Ben Badham
Ben Badham Month ago
Wildcats face at 2:21:45. You can tell his mind went straight to Craig
Ivan Gonzalez-Otero
Ivan Gonzalez-Otero Month ago
I’m 17 and still with my parents. I really need one of dem manscaped trimmers, but I don’t know how to explain to my parents when it arrives in the mail.
CHAIRMAN Month ago
I love these podcasts and I’m a person that doesn’t enjoy them these are more interesting
Danny Felix
Danny Felix Month ago
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed Month ago
Episode 11 plz
Killerkurd46 Month ago
Arthur Morgan?
flipmestar Month ago
Bruh idk how I would react if I saw wildcat in public
7C_08_Fathir Mumtaza Althaf
7C_08_Fathir Mumtaza Althaf Month ago
dude i thought that was xQc in the thumbnail
Greenbean RDC
Greenbean RDC Month ago
I hear the norwega in tyler more and more
Moo Month ago
Two potentially cool guests to have could be Cody Ko and Noel Miller
Ace_ Dame
Ace_ Dame Month ago
i love how panda has all the ytbers merch
Kaden Morvant
Kaden Morvant Month ago
People are watching miniladd and they are only laughing at him lol 😂
xReign1 Month ago
I need more wild cast podcast episodes 😔
i person
i person Month ago
Bring delirious in here
James Guillermo
James Guillermo Month ago
This was by far my favorite episode thus far. Super funny and awesome personalities all around. Excited to see who the next episode features
ThatOneMexican Month ago
I hope he does a wildcast with H20 Delerious talking about his baby and how its going with videos
MonkeyKing127 Month ago
They need an episode with Vanoss, Miniladd and Chris Hansen!
ProjecttEarth Month ago
0:00 Holy shit Wildcat is the hentai MC
REPTILE 92 Month ago
Ninja is cringe, what a waste of a special guest.
CB Foku
CB Foku Month ago
I really enjoy these, hopefully you do many more collabs :)
Urusai Hito
Urusai Hito Month ago
I really wanna know what that kind of background is called cuz I wanna find one of my own
MMT Benzo
MMT Benzo Month ago
Gotta see an episode with RunJDRun!
MKUAR Month ago
I’m ill rn thanks ninja
Jeremiah Silas-Houghton
Jeremiah Silas-Houghton Month ago
i know im very late everyone have a good day
Hurricane the #20
Hurricane the #20 Month ago
You guys should do a podcast ft Bay area buggs and Jeff favignano
Lynx-Havoc -14
Lynx-Havoc -14 Month ago
Alex D
Alex D Month ago
Dude thank god Tyler made a podcast these videos are fire
Christian D.
Christian D. Month ago
Lmao, who's that at the beginning of the video? Emocat?
Spawn Month ago
This one is my fav, between all of them, Nogla and Terroriser is my second
Jackson Vassaur
Jackson Vassaur Month ago
God his forehead is worse than mine
עומר משה
עומר משה Month ago
We need to see Vanoss on this!
GodSpeed Venom
GodSpeed Venom Month ago
When is there going to be a evan/vanossgaming episode
Karlos Ochoa
Karlos Ochoa Month ago
Wildcat when are you going to do the next episode of the wildcast
Garrett Hammond
Garrett Hammond Month ago
170 days logged in fortnite??? those are Bitch boy numbers!!! only jokes tho i dont even have that many :/
cause he hardly ever plays it obviously cause fortnite is dead now
Yung Libra
Yung Libra Month ago
I love how they talk about there sponsor it makes u wanna buy it even more
Gerri Rochester
Gerri Rochester Month ago
Wildcat, you are one of my personal favorites and you are an amazing youtuber and I hope you succeed and are doing well friend ❤❤
Thomas Wasily
Thomas Wasily Month ago
More Gmod?
Lord Scott
Lord Scott Month ago
please have marksman on the wildcast
i was thinking the same thing that last night lol
HappyTrigger Month ago
World best salesman
Luke Friesen
Luke Friesen Month ago
you should have general sam on
Tuxedo Alien
Tuxedo Alien Month ago
Less ninja, more Vanoss!
Tuxedo Alien
Tuxedo Alien Month ago
less you in the comments more tyler ninja blevins in the video LOL
Nedac Gaming
Nedac Gaming Month ago
If ninja starts to stream or make halo infinite content when it come out he might become my fav tbr
George White Not Brown
George White Not Brown Month ago
i think ninja just needs to be better at switching from competitive mode to content/relaxed mode because other than that he's a funny guy and has a good personality
Tuxedo Alien
Tuxedo Alien Month ago
He is the definition of a sweaty kid
armintori Month ago
We need another wildcast
Nathan Dailey
Nathan Dailey Month ago
Panda is my absolute favorite
Jerricho Cross97
Jerricho Cross97 Month ago
Bruh, you got to get seananners on here, I was not aware of the origin of his name!
Lil Skrimp
Lil Skrimp Month ago
I know it’s a sponsor which is always good, but I’m from what I’ve heard the lawnmower is pretty shid
Kevin Kirkaldie
Kevin Kirkaldie Month ago
Vid, sure I'll watch. I audio while I work but whatevs, video.
miinoy Month ago
Guys i am desperate to become a competitive eater but no one is checking me out... Please let me know if im any good 🥺
Kannon AW
Kannon AW Month ago
This podcast is lit because it gives you ideas of what to do if you want to be a content creator just gotta grind and find the right people to game with or create with.
LongDong_Superman Month ago
i love playing among us too, but i find it really hard to find 10 people to play with, and randoms are aids to play with
Tectrix Month ago
43:08 Same bro
viktor agle
viktor agle Month ago
When is Vanoss coming on your podcast? PS Loved this one.
Aaditya K
Aaditya K Month ago
Everyone just loves to hate on Ninja, but they don't realise what a talented person he is and what he has done for gaming.
abdulrehman hanif
abdulrehman hanif Month ago
He might be good but the owl has done more to gaming than he ever could
Victor Rocha
Victor Rocha Month ago
He has done shit for gaming, hes good yes but not that important.
Russ 22
Russ 22 Month ago
Do it with vanoss and delirious but no face cam for them both
Will Barnes
Will Barnes Month ago
panda’s metaphors are amazing
Texas Tye
Texas Tye Month ago
bro wildcat, those bangs are FIRE
ssjyanez 4123
ssjyanez 4123 Month ago
whens vanoss coming on the cast
PhazeDemonFox Official
PhazeDemonFox Official Month ago
Destiny 1 alpha tester and beta. Ninja definitely wasnt a big name in D1 cause I never heard of him. I played Triplewreck and some of the OG D1 players
The Tormentor
The Tormentor Month ago
SMI77T staring straight into my soul 💀
W for Wavy
W for Wavy Month ago
tylers camera go wow
Erect Month ago
"Never blame people" "Report him he's stream sniping he danced. Ban him"
Hunter Hamm
Hunter Hamm Month ago
Absolutely love this podcast! And the guest but of course I will ask for the crew but I do love watching people that I don’t watch as much!
Rivers Gaming
Rivers Gaming Month ago
Brandon Ward
Brandon Ward Month ago
i want marcel
Moy Isquierdo
Moy Isquierdo Month ago
Jiggly is such a good co-host, just finished watching the episode with Devin Nash and he engages the guest with not only conversation, but even with body language. Love it!
pantouflecat091 091
pantouflecat091 091 Month ago
I think my first ever game i played was Mario kart on my DS then I got my GameCube and then the wi
Dion Hebry
Dion Hebry Month ago
Do vanoss
Brain Month ago
I thought it was xqc
Hoàng Hiền
Hoàng Hiền Month ago
danieltiger beamngdrive somenights yungbratz newrules naomiscott
ct-7567gaming Month ago
Cam Newton wears as many strange outfits as Russell Westbrook does
YaboyRocky Month ago
When is vanoss coming to the podcast ? Lol make delirious do what moo did lol
Trey Smillie-Mattock
Trey Smillie-Mattock Month ago
Wildcast: Best podcast in the world Misfits: Most scuffed podcast in the world Joe Rogan podcast: Most Woke podcast in the world
Caleb Songer
Caleb Songer 4 days ago
@Papa Santacruz you never got a reply so probably not. RIP
Papa Santacruz
Papa Santacruz Month ago
Literally the 3 podcasts I watch, did we just become best friends..?
Richard Month ago
1:11:40 add it to fortnite please
Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts Month ago
Bouta listen to this while working
Ghost Kitten
Ghost Kitten Month ago
Love the series, do you think you would ever have Cartoonz on the show? Would be interested to see how he got into USposts, met you all etc.
Octane Rocks
Octane Rocks Month ago
When they started talking about halo I got so excited
T00nz Month ago
Wildcat I was expecting you to be a bag of doritos
Susano Haki
Susano Haki Month ago
Ninja: I havent made any mistakes yet. Also Ninja: *IM NOT SEEING ENOUGH MOVEMENT!*
XCEL Retro
XCEL Retro Month ago
Do vanoss
BASS NINJA Month ago
No idea who this ninja guy is..
TJMJ Month ago
Great podcast. To touch on so many different subjects and be insightful about them.
R Month ago
I really hope this podcast somehow gets on Google Podcasts because I dont have Spotify in my country. Also keep em coming guys, this the best podcast
robin da bank
robin da bank Month ago
Get vanoss on the show
Andrew Ricciuti
Andrew Ricciuti Month ago
Is their a Vanoss video coming out???
Bryson Wester
Bryson Wester Month ago
What i hate about MCC is it boots you after every match and puts you in a new lobby
giannis psillias
giannis psillias Month ago
I remember hearing about a ninja guy being really good at h1z1 king of the kill back in the day...
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