Among Us but Toast really hates my meetings...

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Month ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...
#WILDCAT #AmongUs #Impostor

pokeperson1000 Day ago
“No one reads this far into the description... what are you doing snooping around...” Looking for the link to the clip of what dakotaz saw in the last round, duh.
Brandon Ivo
Brandon Ivo 4 days ago
It's funny how the first game is the only one where he plays with a different crew.
MrxNiiggles 10 days ago
I thought this was the other Toast 😔
Execution 13 days ago
whats so good about being in a toast video never heard of him before i watched these vids on your channel
Michael Charlino
Michael Charlino 16 days ago
Myth is brain dead in the beginning
WolfWilder_ Bebeh_forest
WolfWilder_ Bebeh_forest 17 days ago
I love flutter, nerdout, talia, and Sven’s accents 💕
3van 26 days ago
Wildcat is the best lier 😂
Ian Bostic
Ian Bostic 27 days ago
10:08 tense
Teryn Q
Teryn Q Month ago
Svennoss: I'm sus of Wildcat Wildcat: I have not been to specimen the whole game, he was generally lying. Svennoss: How do you know he was lying, if you weren't there? wow, these guys are next level. Pro level Among Us.
Naomi Lightning
Naomi Lightning Month ago
Now I want to see that chip at the last game.
Ronnie Kerr
Ronnie Kerr Month ago
Wildcat do be calling talia talya doh
Rip Unus Annus
Rip Unus Annus Month ago
Now that’s a lot of views
Elena Vandermeuse
Elena Vandermeuse Month ago
What does Cap mean?
Sarah Becker
Sarah Becker Month ago
What did DK think he saw When he thought it was Wildcat?
Your Daily COD
Your Daily COD Month ago
8:23 any one else notice svennoss
FyreZ3 Month ago
What is that TaliaMar as in Minimeter's girl? Are they still dating?!
8:46 didnt white see him venting
Jayden Moody
Jayden Moody Month ago
We need more gmod
seb wall
seb wall Month ago
seb wall
seb wall Month ago
wile coyote
wile coyote Month ago
Anyone else carious on what dk saw
Amy Valenzuela
Amy Valenzuela Month ago
gfuel trsh glich is better
Jair Saldana
Jair Saldana Month ago
How do they not hear the snake in wildcats voice when he is imposter, I can hear the difference when he is and isnt XD
Octane Rocks
Octane Rocks Month ago
Wildcat is the best imposter
Reaper Temptations
Reaper Temptations Month ago
Uploaded 11 seconds ago and 4 days ago what?
Mr_Ironbolt Month ago
"how can you tell if he is lying if you weren't there" that make no sense
Mr Windzz
Mr Windzz Month ago
Is it more or is wildcat thumbnail style keep changing
Julio Wasser
Julio Wasser Month ago
Wildcat: Someone link me what DK saw. DK: please don’t link it to him, please don’t
IgnitedTNTGamer Month ago
What is this song at the beginning for the background music?
Glizzy Gladiator
Glizzy Gladiator Month ago
Also sevnnos is alive
Glizzy Gladiator
Glizzy Gladiator Month ago
Myth is still alive
Abraham Enriquez
Abraham Enriquez Month ago
Get this dude Abe outta here I’m the only Abe
Marques Roberts
Marques Roberts Month ago
Look at wildcat so inspirational
OT Lasermaster 2
OT Lasermaster 2 Month ago
Woah that’s actually Dakotaz
braxlo 10
braxlo 10 Month ago
wait wait wait.... nerdout is three musicians who is PLAYING?
LESTER PL Month ago
8:44 Wildcat: * vents * Svennos: Understandable,have a great day
Cale Levesque
Cale Levesque Month ago
Annnndddd it ended up in a toast video
King L.V
King L.V Month ago
bro straight across wire are 1/10000000000
Dom Reid
Dom Reid Month ago
Y’all should play a different game maybe... check out the modern warfare update?
ThatOneLeaf Month ago
i realized how shitty of a person i am, i get pissed at everyone being so stupid and voting off for no reason but its good content and i should really just quit annoying myself with hate
The Persona Rider097
The Persona Rider097 Month ago
And we never got to see what DK saw damnit.
Chris Reis
Chris Reis Month ago
Talia has a voice of a goddess
Noct Month ago
Yeah you should listen to her music and her voice is even better
Taco Dude
Taco Dude Month ago
The collabs with this game are crazy. First I seen Wildcat play with McNasty and Dooo and know Talia. Blows my mind
Adrian H
Adrian H Month ago
So did anyone link what DK was talking about lol???
REAL HAM Month ago
3:56 the way he said Talia😂😂😂
X AngelTheElite X
X AngelTheElite X Month ago
8:45 can we talk about how svenoss is blind AF?
mennas Month ago
Wildcat this mean you appearing on a nerdout rap?
Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Month ago
You’re so annoying dude 😂
Manx Skurrie
Manx Skurrie Month ago
bro when will there be a restock for glitch there's only free shaker cups
Alaric Cohen
Alaric Cohen Month ago
I get wires straight across all the time, and yet it still amazes me.
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard Month ago
Talia? Weird crossover...
J H Month ago
You guys should do an Among Us challenge where the imposters can talk to each other
AJ Gaming
AJ Gaming Month ago
So did anyone ever send u a clip of what dk saw?
a_stepbck13 Month ago
Would've never imagined talia playing among us with wildcat Small world indeed
Boku No Freelo
Boku No Freelo Month ago
Futter and her accent 🤤
Alex Apollo
Alex Apollo Month ago
Bru USposts doesn’t want me to put notifications for ma Boy wild cat
General Grey
General Grey Month ago
Is toast, soclosetotoast?
NorthernLaw Month ago
"Please don't link it to him" DK is blind confirmed
NorthernLaw Month ago
Tyler pulled a Nogla meeting
Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter Month ago
Marsh Entertainment Gaming
Marsh Entertainment Gaming Month ago
Wildcat +friends x Sidemen? lol
Solo Jokr
Solo Jokr Month ago
Can we get some cod video’s back??
Diswifeys Month ago
Wildcat can u please play a different game? :/
Yaboyarde E
Yaboyarde E Month ago
Can we get that link
Ian L
Ian L Month ago
Are some of these people Toasts friends? They're braindead lmaooo
RedSkull Crusher
RedSkull Crusher Month ago
Svennoss did not see wildcat vent up bruh omg he is blindfddddd
Katie Mueller
Katie Mueller Month ago
Poor Nerdout man just stick to music bro XD kk
Vic Co.
Vic Co. Month ago
Toast is toxic for content it’s gross
Malachi Bob
Malachi Bob Month ago
Bring back coner
Owen Lawton
Owen Lawton Month ago
Are you going to do a reaction to the trailer of zombies Cold War?
Paul Portilla
Paul Portilla Month ago
Play cod already
Kamdon Nunez
Kamdon Nunez Month ago
Ollalalallajdbxjxbdhxosksndifbdoe so does dodjdodbdjdbod sons nice vid
Tyler White
Tyler White Month ago
Top quality, thank you for having the most entertaining content of this game!
MechaWolf Gaming
MechaWolf Gaming Month ago
All we need is Alpharad and it would be the GREATEST CROSS-OVER EVER
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Month ago
Modern Warfare maybe?
matthew hernandez
matthew hernandez Month ago
It’s was interesting seeing talia play with him maybe miniminter will play with him soon
wcr Month ago
Who else misses the modern warfare vids 😢
JJ Month ago
Funny how talia plays with wildcat but not miniminter
Trust 480
Trust 480 Month ago
Tbh I would have voted Wildcat that first round for calling a meeting about straight wires too just for the fun of it 😂♥️
Fnaf animation !
Fnaf animation ! Month ago
You got a skin
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123 Month ago
ngl the way wildcat said talia made me cringe
Luminize Month ago
These people lowkey dumb. Why do they always let wildcat talk his way out 🤦‍♂️
Stryking Shadow
Stryking Shadow Month ago
i wonder what the link is for that dk seeing wildcat in specimen
quinn skelly
quinn skelly Month ago
Not even 2 minutes of toast gameplay with one meeting. Good title! Not clickbait.
NerdOut! Month ago
Hmmm.... I look kinda sus
Guadalupe Martinez
Guadalupe Martinez 25 days ago
Dood nerdouts vids so good
Silver Hawk
Silver Hawk Month ago
*that's good enough for me*
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez Month ago
Love ur among us song
Tranghese Designs
Tranghese Designs Month ago
bro they literally went after you so much lol
Phenoix22 YT
Phenoix22 YT Month ago
Love Ur Channel Btw.
KYS Racing
KYS Racing Month ago
Remember when wildcat use to yell at nogla because he use to call meeting all the time
Matt Lisovich
Matt Lisovich Month ago
Who tf are these people he’s playing with 😂
Mixd Kid
Mixd Kid Month ago
Can we talk about how wildcat vented right in front of svennoss and he didn’t call him out on it
Noct Month ago
I didn't expect to see Talia mar in a wildcat video
Cloud_Q Month ago
💓Who wants connor to come back with us on fortnite 💓
bladezzz. Rl
bladezzz. Rl Month ago
I love minimibter and talia keep playing with them
I can’t think of a name24
I can’t think of a name24 Month ago
Wildcat can you play the new season of mw I wanna see how you react
iain forrester
iain forrester Month ago
Do u not play mw
Grievous_22 Month ago
Scumbag Among Us game: 4 ppl in the team had a group together. so i did a kill and vented away and it was basically impossible to catch me. BUT 3 people on the other side of the map call the button and say its me. Their "proof"? they saw me vent. I was in electric, doors closed, and lights off
Jacob B
Jacob B Month ago
Do you have a ps4
Jacob Copson
Jacob Copson Month ago
Bro who are these people he’s playing with? My guy getting desperate
Gabriel Month ago
Jus' Jack
Jus' Jack Month ago
Remember when any of these USpostsrs posted anything other than Among us? Me neither.
Lucas Leschuk
Lucas Leschuk Month ago
Myth is kinda dead💀💀
themeta2u Month ago
Where is modern warfare content
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