Among Us but I KNOW when my friends are impostor...

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14 days ago

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Eijiro kirishima
Eijiro kirishima Day ago
"Boats and hoes"
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel 3 days ago
8:53 lmfao 😂😂😂 Nogla probably didnt even know he was dead yet!! AHAHAHAHA
Dacian Herman
Dacian Herman 4 days ago
Jeff the sea dragon
Jeff the sea dragon 6 days ago
Vanoss: you dear use my own spell against me potter
ash ruiz
ash ruiz 6 days ago
This is better than inquinster master
Yung x Cipher
Yung x Cipher 7 days ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Everyone: I didn’t see this video in my sub box
DungeonsDungeonsAndMoreDungeons 7 days ago
you know when im high, it's nice to have someone that matches my energy
Zacastrope 8 days ago
Do not say what you’re downloading when my dad sitting next to me
Hunter Pearce
Hunter Pearce 8 days ago
Everyone ignored that nogla jumped so many numbers when counting for deluxes death
Dorian Dyck
Dorian Dyck 8 days ago
When in doubt, Vote Noglas ass out.
Seff McBizzle
Seff McBizzle 8 days ago
Nogla: "You're voting me off of notin'!" He does it to wildcat any other time
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 9 days ago
Forgot to give me free content at an appropriate time?! Rheeeeeeeee!!!
commander_starz 9 days ago
When nogla "well uh uhh YOU GOT HERPES HAHA LOSER
Conga Ka0s
Conga Ka0s 9 days ago
I literally had a game where I scanned and then got voted because I ‘closed the doors’ and visual tasks were on.
Damian Best
Damian Best 10 days ago
I just got the notification 3 days after it was posted
Sam Portillo
Sam Portillo 10 days ago
"I'm going to get pregnant off this game!" me too my dude! lol
nospaceKat 11 days ago
What editing software does wildcat use? I’m interested
Apesh 07
Apesh 07 11 days ago
5:14 would be a really good reason to make this man Monetized for life
FURIOUS BEATS 11 days ago
Josue Moreno
Josue Moreno 11 days ago
they should bring pepito back
KT hades
KT hades 11 days ago
I thought I already watched this video
3x3c0t3 11 days ago
among us but its mind reading moment
Meme Man
Meme Man 11 days ago
The title should be among us but i turn into Vannoss
Its your boy!!
Its your boy!! 11 days ago
J Griggs
J Griggs 11 days ago
How do I get proximity chat it looks so funnnnnnn
Bogz 11 days ago
I’m honestly so sick and tired of this stupid stupid game so many of my favorite you tubers were ruined by this game
TBt_M 2000
TBt_M 2000 11 days ago
You gay
Paciente_345 12 days ago
I know my friends too much 2.0
DiamondBag CFH
DiamondBag CFH 12 days ago
This video is not on my subscription box, I can find it under another video I might be watching or if I enter Wildcat’s page/profile, is this happening to anyone else?
AitLin Of The Rebellion
AitLin Of The Rebellion 12 days ago
He should've said that it was a big brain plan to know who's actually scanning and watch for crewmates
Colsten Volpe
Colsten Volpe 12 days ago
When nogla is crew mate his voice itch goes up when he’s defending. When he’s imposter he either talks slower or lower
Alex Bulgrin
Alex Bulgrin 12 days ago
Wildcat fake scanning was absolutely hilarious😂
Xiah Bemo
Xiah Bemo 12 days ago
Ah f*ck it is Nogla
Jay Yergeau
Jay Yergeau 12 days ago
Why does Wildcat have to be mean to Nogla.
ATonyAtLaw2021 12 days ago
I think you've milked this money cow long enough
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 12 days ago
Bruh I didn’t get the nonfiction for this, damn yt.
Pixal Pyro
Pixal Pyro 12 days ago
Noglas so mad lol
Wildlion86 12 days ago
Did he say fifteen one seconds
ThatOneLeaf 12 days ago
Hes the new fucking vanoss at this game
Bradston Bowe
Bradston Bowe 12 days ago
Wildcat is the new Vanoss at amoung us
Purified Water
Purified Water 12 days ago
Wildcat is the douchiest Among Us player
Rain 12 days ago
500k views 500 comments???
Max Snow
Max Snow 12 days ago
This video didn't show up in my sub box. I had to find it on your channel after realizing that you didn't upload last night. But you did, and I found the video.
M.Grey 12 days ago
who's the gay dude
Nudist Priest
Nudist Priest 12 days ago
Colin Boone
Colin Boone 12 days ago
Rell Gamer
Rell Gamer 12 days ago
Tyler let the imposter kill him everytime
Xérø Søúl999
Xérø Søúl999 12 days ago
I love your videos so much I can't cleep
Godwin 12 days ago
USposts hiding This video from my subscriptions. thank jebus i have notifications on
James Sylvestre
James Sylvestre 12 days ago
Nogla: I’m voting for you because I think it’s you. Also Nogla: You can’t vote me out. You have no evidence
Alan Camacho
Alan Camacho 11 days ago
same goes for wildcat tho to be fair
Manuel 360'd you
Manuel 360'd you 12 days ago
Wildcat: Hacker Vanoss: Pro Nogla: Noob
Ionic Retro
Ionic Retro 12 days ago
starting to get tired of all the among us stuff... want more CoD
Hunter O
Hunter O 12 days ago
Why wasn’t this in my sub box
AndrewVW 12 days ago
Did anyone else not have this show up in their sub box? Because it isn't there for me I found it on the home page and it still isn't in my sub box
Summit Nell
Summit Nell 12 days ago
Nogla can’t handle you
Herberthishful 12 days ago
Idk why they don't kill wildcat first xD
KarimR6 12 days ago
I couldn't find this video in subscriptions wtf
Broque 12 days ago
This wasn’t in my sub box? I had to go your profile 🙃
LuckyMan 12 days ago
Wait, why did USposts not give me a notification that this was uploaded???????????
Cyan_Insta _Gamer
Cyan_Insta _Gamer 12 days ago
Grizzy are you sure your not gay?
August Stenberg
August Stenberg 12 days ago
Can you play some more COD WM OR COD CW
SlySnake 12 days ago
I love the gameplay with Speedy
Carlos Villanueva
Carlos Villanueva 12 days ago
wildcat i love ur vids and its my dream to play with you i got a red dragon keyboard and a logitec502g its amazing good response time good for fortnite minecraft and among us keep it up with the good vids if you want to add me then my user is juicyguy4544 on fortnite love ur vids ;]
IRISHMAFIA 12 days ago
For some reason your video wasn’t showing on my subscription list I also didn’t get a bell notification
Fink Skelton
Fink Skelton 12 days ago
This vid does not show up in my subscriptions, i have to go to your page to find it
Erin Hubbard
Erin Hubbard 12 days ago
I don’t know why but this video isn’t showing up in my subscription page. I had to go to you profile to find it. Love when USposts fails
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer 12 days ago
Nogla being annoying me: make him stfu wildcat
Ross Weidow
Ross Weidow 12 days ago
For some reason youtube isn’t showing me cats videos in my sub feed. Anyone else? I have to look him up just to see new posts
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan 12 days ago
That’s because you watch their streams..thumbs down
JabbaDaMan 12 days ago
Vanoss is the OG of spotting imposters not you
DDTB_Robert2264 12 days ago
Jhonermite 12 days ago
for reasons wildcat is demonetized go to 5:14
CraZy J0J0
CraZy J0J0 12 days ago
I'm just Ballin. But at what cost
Bee-Zee Soul
Bee-Zee Soul 12 days ago
I think Tyler is getting sick of this game but knows he has to keep playing it for content.
Darren Lawson
Darren Lawson 12 days ago
This didn’t show up on my subscription list at all. Thanks USposts
Mr Confused
Mr Confused 12 days ago
the sheer amount of hypocrisy by Tyler in this video. god damn.
cubedmilk 10 days ago
Among us in almost entirely hypocrisy
Sarah Redford
Sarah Redford 12 days ago
what up
『ネロアスタリア』Nero Ashtalia
『ネロアスタリア』Nero Ashtalia 12 days ago
it would have been great when Nogla said "You have no evidence" and it flashbacks to the thousands of times that Nogla accused someone without solid evidence
Olivia Wood
Olivia Wood 13 days ago
Tyler’s wheeze cause of Moo was the best thing all vid
Ijaas 13 days ago
cat, I couldn't see this video on my subscription or under your youtube channel. I saw the video under recommendation feed and once I clicked on this video, it appered on your channel for me but still can't see under subscriptions - thought I'd bring this to your attention
Ruen LS
Ruen LS 13 days ago
This vid didn't show up in my subscriptions page...
Gingerone30 13 days ago
This vid never appeared on my sub box, nearly missed it
xKevinKillzx 13 days ago
Amir Amirul
Amir Amirul 13 days ago
the only reason Nogla was called the Best 3rd Imposter is because nobody believe him when he's right. But when he's wrong, everybody vote the person he accused
B H 13 days ago
Wasn’t this the same session that wildcat had to publicly apologize for being an ass to Nogla?
Christian Rios
Christian Rios 13 days ago
Now Nogla knows how it feels to play with himself
William G
William G 13 days ago
Why’d I not get this vid in my sub box
Keith Odinson
Keith Odinson 13 days ago
Nogla entered the room at the wrooong time and it couldn't have been more perfect
Alec Chapman
Alec Chapman 13 days ago
Awe you cut out the “wrong one dumbass” when Speedy caught Panda
PIP- Z 13 days ago
Eques 13 days ago
Wtf I didn’t get a notification... I just saw it in my recommended Man fuck USposts
Matthew Alpizar
Matthew Alpizar 13 days ago
Why ain’t this in my subscriptions page?????
Kayisdead 13 days ago
If i have the chance to play with wildcat i'd rather not to, cuz he is a fucking genius u-u
Sarah Sherman
Sarah Sherman 13 days ago
How much longer will it take for Wildcat to understand the delay and people can see you a little behind where you actually are
sparteen1 13 days ago
Don't freak about the views on this one. Didn't know you uploaded till it showed up on the front page, not in my subscriptions page.
Romane Idle
Romane Idle 13 days ago
Vanoss 2.0
Al Ramirez
Al Ramirez 13 days ago
Among us but every single person is tired of watching among us videos
Joshua Horrocks
Joshua Horrocks 13 days ago
I’m I the only one who didn’t see this video in the subscription feed..?
Logan King
Logan King 13 days ago
Bruh we don’t wanna see this we wanna see more Pokémon videos
pennarby 13 days ago
"Bitch" 😂😂
NexusPlayz 13 days ago
Hey wildcat, I’ve been watching your Pokémon card opening videos and I think they are amazing. I was wondering if you and your friends have been thinking of using the minecraft mod called pixelmon in one of your videos?
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