Among Us Proximity Chat but I just annoy my friends with dumb voices...

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Month ago

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World Best Ryze
World Best Ryze Day ago
Someone teach the poor editor the difference between physiology and psychology
White_Blank 5 days ago
**Smiity Doing a Dramatic Scene** Froozer: NOOOO THE BUTTON!!! YOU STUPID B-¡TCH!!
More or less Alex
More or less Alex 5 days ago
6:47 editing mistake
Ethan Crabb
Ethan Crabb 5 days ago
Tyler your laughter near the end of the video got me bustin' my ar$ on the floor!!!
FOXXY Boi 6 days ago
When moo and cat asked who was typing a novel why did the questions they asked pop up under terrorizer and SMii7Y?
Lo Cat
Lo Cat 6 days ago
please don’t use the r-slur. it’s offensive to people in the neurodivergent community (which i’m apart of) and it’s not okay to say. it’s the equivalent of a white person saying the n-word
Rexzi [GD]
Rexzi [GD] 15 days ago
bro whoever did the kermit voice so well killed me dude i really couldnt help but laugh at it 😂
Sterlos275 17 days ago
Smity did wonders.
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington 21 day ago
6:47 the editor fucked up and made Smii7y and Brian talk when it should've been Tyler and Brock
Ethan’s steam Sucks
Ethan’s steam Sucks 21 day ago
More pokemon
snazzy kdogg
snazzy kdogg 22 days ago
you put subtitles on the wrong people 6:50
James Matthews
James Matthews 22 days ago
wildcats famous last words im slim shady yeah im the real slim shdy
ttv temper
ttv temper 22 days ago
if you have ever watched the show archer then you agree that nogla is the cyril of this group
brucifer 23 days ago
Hearing Wildcat sh*t on Jordan Peterson gives me so much joy
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 24 days ago
xstw darby
xstw darby 24 days ago
That ending tho 😂 “I’m slim shady, yes I’m the real shady”😂
Delight Studio 1
Delight Studio 1 25 days ago
12:52 OML
Anchor Light
Anchor Light 25 days ago
Great video, but can we all agree we stick through the whole ending just because the instrumental of Dear Hater is a whole ass BOP
ultra pokemon
ultra pokemon 25 days ago
erick maravilla
erick maravilla 26 days ago
Cxste11xn 26 days ago
we just gonna ignore how well that laugh at the end blends so smoothly into the outro oooorrr...?
Wolven 26 days ago
6:48 whys moo's quote on Brian's character?
Ripley Anderson
Ripley Anderson 28 days ago
IProDB17 29 days ago
Has a nice car and a 8 bedroom house he owns and make a ton of money Can’t spell “psychology” correctly 😂😂
cash johnson
cash johnson Month ago
When they said hey Siri it activated Siri for me
Funeraals Month ago
Omg all the video's I've watched on among us I've never ever saw the garbage fall out the side of the ship in storage trash shoot task until this video!!! Lmao!!!!
IMMORTAL _hidan Month ago
Is smii7y from new Jersey or something
Broken Gamer
Broken Gamer Month ago
Who the fuck edited Wildcats dialogue on to smi77y bro. Cause I'm fittin' smack some cheecks brother
DisasterOnline Month ago
"I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady..." STAB STAB STAB STAB!! xD
Juicy-Jam-Jelly Month ago
Yes the game that ruins friendships
ronnie bowley
ronnie bowley Month ago
Caleb Vancura
Caleb Vancura Month ago
When Wildcat says psychology, the words on screen say physiology
ItsHail3y Month ago
When I say I laughed so hard until I cried during this I mean it
Bad2theoppeboen Month ago
Keep doing the proximity chat
Bradley Smoke
Bradley Smoke Month ago
Wait, you have more than one dumb voice? I don't believe you!
Soumojit Ghosh
Soumojit Ghosh Month ago
cat said psychology wrote physiology dude have u failed class 1 ???? lolllllll
Yousef Hamed
Yousef Hamed Month ago
12:12 how do you manage to fuck up writing psychology....
Bryce Month ago
Lol i guess we don't know how to spell Psychology
The Eternal Flame 21
The Eternal Flame 21 Month ago
Why are the sub titles in the game. When marcel was typing loud the subtitle was on terrorizer when it should be moo
kelly mckenzie
kelly mckenzie Month ago
@11:15 'who the f just snorted" that took me outtttt LOLOL
harry's guitar
harry's guitar Month ago
At 6:48 there is an error with the added text on screen
Meliodas Lostvayne
Meliodas Lostvayne Month ago
His music may be shit but it sells
Captain Price
Captain Price Month ago
I wish this mod was in the game it makes the game so much funnier
Malcolm Felipe
Malcolm Felipe Month ago
Puffer did save you from copyright at the end there
notkevin_ 11
notkevin_ 11 Month ago
The dynamic department phytochemically cover because thomas osmotically grin afore a supreme cave. silky, lucky street
Stormie Lashley
Stormie Lashley Month ago
Am I the only one who noticed the editing mistake on 6:47 where wildcats audio was smitty and brocks was brians???
[R3KT] TeamUp17
[R3KT] TeamUp17 Month ago
*Among Us but Siri is in charge of voting*
BallerMan _15
BallerMan _15 Month ago
Smittys voice is the best🤣
গা dark় পেঁচা
গা dark় পেঁচা Month ago
this is very cool the first time I feel a lot of laughter in me keep up the good work dudes
Night Star 6248
Night Star 6248 Month ago
Hang on did Wildcat say post Malone was garbage WTF
bluedragonfire1975 Month ago
ok im going to time travel and replay to my own commit ok watch
bluedragonfire1975 Month ago
Hoody 26
Hoody 26 Month ago
12:00 was the best part
SmurfsWRLD Month ago
the end hahahahahaha
Ale Month ago
Hearing smii7y's speech about his sacrifice for the video and scotty yelling "YOU STUPID BITCH!" Is the funniest shit
Sherlynn Dauphin
Sherlynn Dauphin 9 days ago
I seriously DIED!!😂😂😂😂😂
Addon-tester 2000
Addon-tester 2000 Month ago
Why do people call him WILDCAT but in all of his thumbnails he is a pig thing
Cameron Sabatier
Cameron Sabatier Month ago
i love watching your videos tyler but please dont use the R slur unless you can reclaim it!
Brooklyn Ape
Brooklyn Ape Month ago
The Jordan Peterson part took me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀 good one to watch!!!🙌
Mvl Mortada
Mvl Mortada Month ago
I love how broke laughed at first
Bear Jr
Bear Jr Month ago
Robbie Two-Hearts
Robbie Two-Hearts Month ago
Bing boy
Robbie Two-Hearts
Robbie Two-Hearts Month ago
Bing boy
Robbie Two-Hearts
Robbie Two-Hearts Month ago
Bing boy
Jesse Edwin Page
Jesse Edwin Page Month ago
Was the deutch oven a hitler joke?
Aiden gray
Aiden gray Month ago
6:47 that's not Smitty talkin Wildcat cat your editor is drunk
David Mosbacker
David Mosbacker Month ago
Editing was a bit off on this vid but it doesn't change the fact that Wildcat is an outstanding creator
Harlan Play's
Harlan Play's Month ago
Tan the Man
Tan the Man Month ago
That actually activated my Siri lmaooo
Agent Beamstar
Agent Beamstar Month ago
This was the best one yet
Croco Saur
Croco Saur Month ago
6:49 Is it just me or when wildcat say who is typing an essay the sentence was on SMii7Y
Binsclim Month ago
I genuinely love watching your among us gameplay.
Aaron Duncan
Aaron Duncan Month ago
Anyone gonna talk about how it put captions on Terrorizer when Moo asked who was typing an essay?
dino nuggies
dino nuggies Month ago
6:45 .-. uh- isn't that Tyler-
Chase Gratt
Chase Gratt Month ago
The last clip was so worth it 😂
XenoR1MSlayer Month ago
How could you dislike this video! 😂😂😂
Jesus Becerra
Jesus Becerra Month ago
Nogla activated my Siri 😂😂😂
Alex Ling
Alex Ling Month ago
fr tho postmodern's music kinda bops
Bilateral Month ago
C-Life Vlogs
C-Life Vlogs Month ago
I'm about to un-sub because he said Post Malone is Garbage! hahahha
Carter Clark
Carter Clark Month ago
6:45 did the editor get confused?
ElectroCatz Month ago
what sound effect is that @ 5:19/8:55
To 12814
To 12814 Month ago
12:55 tea ready
CobraZ YT
CobraZ YT Month ago
I swear these guys never fail to make me laugh
Chop Sauce
Chop Sauce Month ago
This video is gold
thewholesomebot Month ago
Yo we got the next smii7y video preview
Hello 9080
Hello 9080 Month ago
I’m confused he said that grizzy was in position 3 when voting but he was second?
Mx-PugLord Month ago
Wildcat should use his webcam mic he uses in CoD and use it in proximity chat
Purple Fish
Purple Fish Month ago
6:49 editor confused tyler and Brock for smii7y and Brian
MrShepDog Month ago
hunter savok
hunter savok Month ago
Its a shame that the voice actors quit for the black ops 1,2,3 characters Dempsey Nicholai Richtofin and The Dr did you see the vid? Please respond it was your favorite game i watched all the games of your black ops zombies vids
Challenge Square
Challenge Square Month ago
This made me laugh so many times
Ken Pham
Ken Pham Month ago
Wildcat talking for smi7y: who tf is writing an esay Well i have something to say it was basically i saw he do it get him out he was writing an essay
Cody Watson
Cody Watson Month ago
I absolutely love how they are arguing alive, get doubled and just continue to argue as ghost!!! Hahaha
oMaZe 5700
oMaZe 5700 Month ago
Never laughed so hard in my fuckin life u guys are to fuckin funny 🤣😂🤣😂 ilove it up wit this kinda content.
Shadow Alma
Shadow Alma Month ago
This game will end whole group friend ship
KdogPrime Month ago
12:49 Jordan Peterson's The Real Slim Shady cover
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ Month ago
M O R E. P R O X I M I T Y. C H A T
shortlil gavin
shortlil gavin Month ago
Is no one gonna talk abt how his laugh and the outro went together
Gabe Wilson
Gabe Wilson Month ago
12:52 “I’m slim shady yes I’m the real shady” is makin me wheeze
Kalib Ferguson
Kalib Ferguson Month ago
SMii7: I will sacrifice myself for the greater good of this video! Me, saluting: That’s a god damn hero!
wildcat jr tyer
wildcat jr tyer Month ago
Damn the song was so bad that he f****** died
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