Modern Warfare moments that are saucier than a can of Ragu...

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Wesley Brace
Wesley Brace 2 days ago
They dont deserve ROTC in their clan tag. Only the real men get that. You cant joking ROTC and be a PUSSY!
Wyatt Weekly
Wyatt Weekly 8 days ago
What game mode they be playing
NorthernLaw 20 days ago clearly the best channel
Maxander Melgar
Maxander Melgar 26 days ago
Wild cat let’s box
Aiden Saucier
Aiden Saucier 28 days ago
Saucier my last name
BabyBoy AG
BabyBoy AG Month ago
It was 8:18 when wildcat went God mode 😇
noscope513e Month ago
this came out on my birthday
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez Month ago
1:30 the best moment's
Dark Acid
Dark Acid Month ago
The king of clutch Wildcat I prais you
Daxton Viator
Daxton Viator Month ago
Who remembers the bubble dubble darrel
Trayvn Ollis
Trayvn Ollis Month ago
RIP E-Dubble
Alex Gates
Alex Gates 2 months ago
7:36 Putin 🤣🤣❕
James Grosspietsch
James Grosspietsch 2 months ago
3:55 R.I.P E-Dubble
malcore on mobile
malcore on mobile 2 months ago
The fact that he broke his back and I did aswell yet still carrys is amazing
soldierinall 2 months ago
S/o to E Dubble, still a badass rapper here on USposts.
L0Rd0FGAMING 2 months ago
The god of clutching grant Tyler his power to win this game
aquatealdragon 2 months ago
liquid crab
liquid crab 2 months ago
who the fuck uses ragu? prego for life
Anthony Lacerba
Anthony Lacerba 2 months ago
Rip e double 😢
Foxy 29112
Foxy 29112 2 months ago
Wildcat I’m surprised you don’t remember e-dubble from the wildcat cooking show
Lane Owen
Lane Owen 2 months ago
9 months later this still has to be one of the cleanest 1v5s ever
Eli Surrette
Eli Surrette 3 months ago
Wildcats outdo music hits different it soo good I love it
Legittomboyy 3 months ago
Tyler said YEET would never make a come back and now he’s using it😂
Lilbeast87 3 months ago
Wildcats trash talk is AMAZING
WeeklyEli 3 months ago
Scottys laugh🤣🤣🤣
creep creep
creep creep 3 months ago
creep creep
creep creep 3 months ago
creep creep
creep creep 3 months ago
creep creep
creep creep 3 months ago
creep creep
creep creep 3 months ago
CampioneDi17 3 months ago
I didn’t know Ragu was sold in cars. They’re usually sold in jars for me.
Soren347dab 4 months ago
Loadout for the 357 class pls?
ItsCapnCook88 4 months ago
all i got to say is good world of warships ad. hahaha
Vincent Oropeza
Vincent Oropeza 4 months ago
Miguel Arriola
Miguel Arriola 4 months ago
1:43 made me piss my pants 😂😂
Uziel Rodriguez-Aguilera
Uziel Rodriguez-Aguilera 4 months ago
hey this is what I think of you 1:30
Mr.Shabby 4 months ago
Marcel: I kewldom
Marvin Chaparro-Mendez
Marvin Chaparro-Mendez 4 months ago
4:50 funny enough, I was eating food with ranch
Dxggx 4 months ago
1:45 terrorisor soundboard
poofyDREW 4 months ago
6:49 Liam Neeson taught me this one - Marcel
ThisIsKekoa 4 months ago
when i clicked on the video, there was a ad about expressing anal glands onna dog. Literally put they finger in this fuckin thing🤦🏽🤣
Sam Conway
Sam Conway 5 months ago
“Eemyoo” Not “Eemoo” Please
Xxdaniel989 x_x
Xxdaniel989 x_x 5 months ago
Jayden Harvey
Jayden Harvey 5 months ago
Emu is pronounced eemyoo not emoo
MotoMadHatter 5 months ago
Best modern warfare content because hes so funny, and hes so good at it. Awesome content. Keep it up👍👍👍
Garrett Liechty
Garrett Liechty 5 months ago
E double has a better name and music than E 40
Nathaniel Labelle
Nathaniel Labelle 5 months ago
Man sometimes I forget that Wildcat could probably compete in world-class tournaments and contend.
Slushie Games
Slushie Games 5 months ago
RIP E-Dubble
Will Young
Will Young 6 months ago
i miss this trash talking in game chat 🥺
Jeophrey Murrieta
Jeophrey Murrieta 6 months ago
7:38 Chris brown 2009 shit right there
5k subs No Video
5k subs No Video 6 months ago
it wasnt a ace
martin ward
martin ward 6 months ago
Imagine Tyler playing sea of thieves
Swifty Playz
Swifty Playz 6 months ago
Modern Warfare moments that are saucier then a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli?!
Sam Hall
Sam Hall 6 months ago
i was wondering if you still had the yeet button and then... YEET
Domennick Stevens
Domennick Stevens 6 months ago
You should start letting them win 5 rounds and then turn it up and not let them when another
Jacob Fierro
Jacob Fierro 6 months ago
“GuACguAcGauC! That’s all the poop in your mouth!” Very clever
An idiot on YouTube
An idiot on YouTube 6 months ago
6:16 (sigh) Only if Marcel followed the first rule that Price taught him... "Switching to your pistol is faster than reloading."
Adog Is cool
Adog Is cool 6 months ago
I'm watching a pillow cube ad
Big Lee
Big Lee 6 months ago
Every Australian person watching this was cringing from the way he was saying ‘Emu’
headless jeep ya ya
headless jeep ya ya 7 months ago
8:21 is what you came for
Mr Moof
Mr Moof 7 months ago
2:19 Samuel L. Jackson in literally every movie he casts in
Done Did it
Done Did it 7 months ago
POV Your Chris browns friend: 7:45
Real SM00TH
Real SM00TH 7 months ago
He sound E-Double😂
Killer 576
Killer 576 7 months ago
dogerman1234 7 months ago
Ragu is my go to spaghet sauce
guardian_ reX
guardian_ reX 7 months ago
*bet hes fuckin brain dead* 6 seconds later *HES A GOD*
Ace the snail snail
Ace the snail snail 7 months ago
I lost so much respect for wildcat smh😔😔😔
Justin Laplatney
Justin Laplatney 7 months ago
I can’t even see their names even on 1080p
Scicey 7 months ago
Broo!!! Mara got Chris Browned by Vladimir Putin!
Cheezcake 8 months ago
"saucier than a can of Ragu" is now a regular phrase I use.
drixppy_austin 8 months ago
Remember when wildcat said the kar98k sucks look at him just got a 5 or 4 piece
Haider Karkamaz
Haider Karkamaz 8 months ago
Hey wildcat can you play Rainbow Six Siege
Walter Reed
Walter Reed 8 months ago
and he didnt even put Mexter in the description
Brian Blankenship
Brian Blankenship 8 months ago
Hell yeah I want some ranch!
Weston Maria
Weston Maria 8 months ago
yt ur gay ha
Badledgend117 8 months ago
Can we talk about the two (presumably) 15 year olds with ROTC as their clan tags??
zombie1047 8 months ago
R.I.P. e-dubble
Tax Evasion
Tax Evasion 8 months ago
1:21 look at the chat lol
Patricia Canela
Patricia Canela 8 months ago
That was my name vlademier
Michael McLemore
Michael McLemore 8 months ago
Funny thing is I got for an ad for ragu during the video
ikillzombys1 8 months ago
Is it remastered?
Carson Mcginty
Carson Mcginty 8 months ago
The 1v5💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Ash Beddis
Ash Beddis 9 months ago
This is much better than Fortnite
Laurence Trocio
Laurence Trocio 9 months ago
I love you wildcat
Mills 9 months ago
I fucking love team summertime man
_RomanNumeralTheThird _
_RomanNumeralTheThird _ 9 months ago
Get Dumpstered
ShadeSlayer562 9 months ago
Why even ask if it’s the real Wildcat? You’re just gonna watch the video anyway Unless you don’t then ask away
Enrique Rodriguez
Enrique Rodriguez 9 months ago
excuse me but "can"? I thought they came in jars
Blitz Gaming
Blitz Gaming 10 months ago
RIP E-dubble
Josh 323
Josh 323 10 months ago
Someone took it for the team now my schools district closed
Brian Perez
Brian Perez 10 months ago
What's ragu
Sealed_Beats 10 months ago
Rip E-Dubble still blast his stuff today also good video keep it up
Timeline Gaming
Timeline Gaming 11 months ago
Wild cat is such an ass hole but I love it keep going
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 11 months ago
Wildcat: you can eat butty cheeks spread my butty cheeks I start laughing at that
Lance Virant
Lance Virant 11 months ago
Entire COD community: No one could do well with the MP5K Wildcat: *OBSERVE*
Skefter 11 months ago
Imagine bitching about the m4 yet he's using the revolver with snake shot (before it got nerfed)
Tony Antunez
Tony Antunez 11 months ago
Damn yegor does give a fuck about her head
EdGe DARKE 11 months ago
8:19 when you sneak an extra flinstone gummy with da boys
John G
John G 11 months ago
i hate that yall call hip firing no scoping on everything....
Thomas Wasily
Thomas Wasily 11 months ago
Wildcats is the dude that stay home from the hospital because he's sick.
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