Modern Warfare Warzone moments that send me back to the gulag...

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10 months ago

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UnWrittenTomb 4 days ago
4:35 those nades said what up to eachother in the air
Jeffrey Xiong
Jeffrey Xiong 9 days ago
I think an AUG is a smg not an ar Wildcat 2:46
Glitch dtv
Glitch dtv 11 days ago
Snork 9:15
The Undesided Mask
The Undesided Mask 17 days ago
i hate the fact you called an AUG an AR wildcat 2:46
Isaiah Ram
Isaiah Ram 22 days ago
Love the doggo :)
Blue Spider
Blue Spider Month ago
Wait you can’t swim wtf
Purpulur OnTwitter
Purpulur OnTwitter 2 months ago
Its keno the most adorable dog in the world
Logan Munford
Logan Munford 2 months ago
Right b4 shit hit the fan
F꙰R꙰O꙰S꙰T꙰Y꙰ 2 months ago
Gulag holds my pocket everytime i enter
DiFtM_ Fusion
DiFtM_ Fusion 2 months ago
Noah Meadows
Noah Meadows 2 months ago
2:09 that fall tho
Ralph Boehmer
Ralph Boehmer 2 months ago
can someone please murder Nogla
Scott Foster
Scott Foster 2 months ago
I love your dog
JP 2 months ago
Nogla’s favorite phrase in any BR is “you little whores”
Fabricio Ochoa
Fabricio Ochoa 3 months ago
13:49 that spin was hella smooth
Olivia Phillips
Olivia Phillips 3 months ago
anyone else see him not pick up the kill streak 6:50
Pouyan Nouri
Pouyan Nouri 3 months ago
I was just playing war zone and then a notification popped up I got a war zone Victory and then came
Kingsatriel 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice when it said combatwombat left the game?
Nesspoil 3 months ago
wildcat is no cap the best gulag player in warzone
Cristian Torres
Cristian Torres 4 months ago
Imagine if stonemauntain was there
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez 4 months ago
12:17 16:04
Gaming Addict
Gaming Addict 4 months ago
When his name is wildcat but he is a pig no hate love the channle
BottBoi Shentral
BottBoi Shentral 4 months ago
No one realize he opened a chest and got a kill streak and don’t getnit
Howard_The_Duck 5 months ago
Wildcats playin with himself
Exfill 5 months ago
rebel bell
rebel bell 5 months ago
Kino’s always side eyeing I love it
last horiZON 68
last horiZON 68 5 months ago
4:38 the grenade downed a dude behind him. It hit the wall
Lone Wholesome
Lone Wholesome 5 months ago
I got it, it normally spits at me tho
Jerrion Garrett
Jerrion Garrett 5 months ago
Good video
Firefly Firefly
Firefly Firefly 7 months ago
What if wildcat plays Minecraft and technoblade kills him
UHoldThat 7 months ago
At 2:50 that's not a AR it's an SMG
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 7 months ago
15:43 Brian should just play that every time he dies so that the people that killed him hear that 😂😂
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 7 months ago
8:00 They could’ve just combined their money to buy Nogla back too 😂
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 7 months ago
00:39 I hope that guy won that said “PO-OP” 😂😂😤🙌
Judd Huerta
Judd Huerta 7 months ago
Do u actually have Damascus wildcat
__Skiddo__ 7 months ago
mark ie
mark ie 7 months ago
10:30 to 10:40 had me dying!! 😂😂
Colin Zaken
Colin Zaken 7 months ago
An aug is smg
LiL_Maz 7 months ago
9:09 Salty Nogla!!😂
DANEtheMAIN 7 months ago
Hand reveal
The OneShot
The OneShot 8 months ago
Just found a faker of you who dropped 22 and 6 lol
Aaron 8 months ago
Anyone else hate where the USposts comments are now :(
Anton Lacorte
Anton Lacorte 8 months ago
Yes i hate it
Cobie Atkin
Cobie Atkin 8 months ago
Also love your vids
Cobie Atkin
Cobie Atkin 8 months ago
Can you go back to warzone pls
MilkPoint_ 8 months ago
make more warzone videos
pdavis 358
pdavis 358 8 months ago
Kateria Mccray
Kateria Mccray 8 months ago
The combos is High
Nicholas Bourgeois
Nicholas Bourgeois 8 months ago
14:28 I never knew Tyler got Damascus
Bryson Yeater
Bryson Yeater 8 months ago
Anyone else think that Nogla was fucking annoying in this video
toxican 8 months ago
Dillon N
Dillon N 8 months ago
What year is it? I thought dying by touching water was a 2010 and before thing
Ninja kilzombie
Ninja kilzombie 9 months ago
"Two years of fortnite taught me how to shoot" *Dies immediately* Yeah, Fortnite taught you that.
Quikmoose 9 months ago
What scope is that in ur M4A1
M41A-V AWV 9 months ago
Wildcat's dog:why do I put up with this. Wildcat:this is ok hes ok with it.
Epic Le Epic
Epic Le Epic 9 months ago
YUNG OG 9 months ago
Water came from vice city g
NXT_HOMICIDE 9 months ago
Grandma grandpa kino
Skai LittleBird
Skai LittleBird 9 months ago
wild cat is a pig
KeylessTax 9 months ago
Today in Warzone my friends got themselves killed then when I tried to hear the game they kept screaming "He'S bEhInD yOu" when he was next to me so I got killed as one of the last 6 and I almost broke my arm out of pure fucking rage
Mr . Fadoodler
Mr . Fadoodler 9 months ago
Where is the puncake
Obama Gaming Inc.
Obama Gaming Inc. 9 months ago
Bruh why da fuck the cat a pig doe 😭😭😭
6funny 9 months ago
Tell us your specs and peripherals because I might buy ya keyboard
Syn Ace
Syn Ace 9 months ago
i wish my pc could handle this game :c
Kevin 9 months ago
Yooo, will you pleaseee fly me out to you so i can oet you dog🥺please, ill do anything. ):
Caden Gardiner
Caden Gardiner 9 months ago
Anyone else see that Granada at 4:36 Boyce off the wall? 🤔
Zero Ichijou
Zero Ichijou 9 months ago
My sleepy ass thought the nade throw at 4:38 bounced off right off the top of the wall, watched it back and saw they also threw a nade back lol
Fc_ Mystiic
Fc_ Mystiic 9 months ago
This game is giving me mad vibes of when apex first came out
Salah Kalbi
Salah Kalbi 9 months ago
I've ordered a Wildcat Youtooz already! Hell yeah! :D
Michael Gravitt
Michael Gravitt 9 months ago
"Limited time to get these once there gone there gone" every youtuber who has youtooz says that just to get people to buy more
Troy Navaja
Troy Navaja 9 months ago
13:58 dat 270 tho
raylen white
raylen white 9 months ago
Wildcat I did the same thing but when I did it we lost the game 😂
Omg Backstabber
Omg Backstabber 9 months ago
I guess you did not realize you can drop money? And could have got him in
Karma Killz
Karma Killz 9 months ago
I got flashbacks in the beginning of the video when he said “it’s time” I thought of bo3 zombies “it’s gorev time “💀
Neil Kotru Gode
Neil Kotru Gode 9 months ago
it's gorod time or it's gorev time. It's always that time
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 9 months ago
*its gorod time*
Tropcial God
Tropcial God 9 months ago
some german
some german 9 months ago
I cut my chute and killed someone then redeployed after,pretty odd
Foxtrotsha53 _
Foxtrotsha53 _ 10 months ago
I’m fine I don’t want a wildcat youtooz the only reason is that you holding your banana
adamantite bo3
adamantite bo3 10 months ago
will there be a keno youtooz?
Code: 005
Code: 005 10 months ago
1:08 that legit startled me.
Michael j Wetzel
Michael j Wetzel 6 hours ago
Man crashed his car while wildcat was laughing nogla was scared
1996 Toyota Camry
1996 Toyota Camry 10 months ago
So when's kino getting a youtooz
Taboy 10 months ago
I Love piggys
Jay Bautista
Jay Bautista 10 months ago
Warzone has more update
Jay Bautista
Jay Bautista 10 months ago
They have to change that lmaoo they need to let us swimm wtf
Andrew Bear
Andrew Bear 10 months ago
I buyer a delirious youtooz in January the day it come out and it never come
Israel A
Israel A 2 months ago
You got scammed
Ainsley Louis Mallari
Ainsley Louis Mallari 10 months ago
I Declare a Martial Law in USposts!
X_Demon Boi_X
X_Demon Boi_X 10 months ago
team shadow
Seth Set
Seth Set 10 months ago
"I am going to give you guys a chance to win me completely free!"
Dakota Glenn
Dakota Glenn 10 months ago
Can't wait to get a new controller, my only one got chewed up by my dog and my other responsibilities kept me from getting one now for 2 months. Thank you tax returns.
Gamer Scope
Gamer Scope 10 months ago
At 4:40 did the grenade fly behind him after hitting the wall
all mighty pyramid aka black pyramid
all mighty pyramid aka black pyramid 10 months ago
staffnasty 10 months ago
if i had the money and a normal sleep schedule i would buy it 3d print new hands and print more things to put in its hand
PKplayr 10 months ago
Can’t wait to hear Controllah playah on this game
Zach Graves
Zach Graves 10 months ago
Im so mad because I know im not gonna get a Youtooz :(
My Guy
My Guy 10 months ago
0:12 that tail wag tho
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 10 months ago
Is this game worth buying because all these guys look awful and don’t look fun to play against, or maybe that because you are too good but I just don’t know if it’s worth the money
Matt DiMaggio
Matt DiMaggio 10 months ago
Do more warzone
Plastic Rascal
Plastic Rascal 10 months ago
“I shogunned him twoice!!!” -Nogla
Remy Catastrophe
Remy Catastrophe 10 months ago
Is the comments just know it all middle schoolers ?
Matt Spors
Matt Spors 10 months ago
Last night me and 2 of my friends had back to back wins. Our first 2 wins. We are ok players k/d around .8! We got so lucky. Both games we had supply creates land right infront of us. EPIC
David Castellanos
David Castellanos 10 months ago
Now that’s a Kryoz title
Shadow 10 months ago
Awww.. Man I'm late for the figurine
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