Among Us butt fungus...

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17 days ago

The future is near:
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RadiantGaming Day ago
when he said f***er, but bleeped out 'f***', i got scared, ngl
vReed 27
vReed 27 5 days ago
Had to resub again youtube glitched
sockmonkey2017 9 days ago
what mod is that where they can hear them talking?? really cool
Osiris 9 days ago
6:11 2:45 4:43 7:40 9:45
Jeffrey Xiong
Jeffrey Xiong 10 days ago
“Spec...TACULAR”, panda 2021
Osiris 10 days ago
6:11 I don't understand you got me dead 😂
Dylan Canady
Dylan Canady 13 days ago
no nogla it was a girly scream not a manly scream lmfao
David Whitley
David Whitley 14 days ago
The thumbnail for this video is probably in the top 10 of all time.
Radiical 14 days ago
I saw this from Nogales POV lol
Joeyfield0 14 days ago
8:12 Holy shit I'm a ghost
super unintended
super unintended 14 days ago
Vanoss: crow killed crow Wildcat: Nogla killed Nogla
Agustin Zaragoza
Agustin Zaragoza 14 days ago
Lol nogla
LilSac 06
LilSac 06 14 days ago
Are u developing a Irish accent from playing with nogla?
Ren Tanthal
Ren Tanthal 14 days ago
*among us exist* *every youtuber* ”i can milk you”
HIRO ٓ 15 days ago
everybody loved that
Mystic2760 15 days ago
Can't wait to see this from Moo's perspective :D
iiprincegod 15 days ago
imma be honest nogla genuinly pisses me off
Sovreign071 15 days ago
Angel Dust
Angel Dust 15 days ago
9:16 typical police brutality
Hyper_Blade 15 days ago
I really wish Tyler streams his among us games again. I miss the streams :(
Luis Valle
Luis Valle 15 days ago
Tyler: Sees Anthony moving away from camera Anthony: Shows up heading to cameras "Something Spec.. *TACULAR!!* " proceeds to knock down Tyler then shoot him
FaLLz 15 days ago
I love how no one gives a shit about trying in among us cause it’s coming close to it’s death
the dark magician_girl
the dark magician_girl 15 days ago
I love your videos
Monica Ocampo
Monica Ocampo 15 days ago
Hey do you have a celebi&venusaur gx rainbow because I have 4 of them
Aaron Yu
Aaron Yu 15 days ago
Aww man, they edited out the good parts/context to every scene
J Mitch Gaming
J Mitch Gaming 15 days ago
w4lls 15 days ago
You’re unnecessarily a douche to nogla for 0 reason
Death Skull4768
Death Skull4768 15 days ago
Hey wildcat just got out of the hospital the other day and just wanted to say your videos really helped me recover from GERD
TheLibraQueen 15 days ago
I think the coolest mod would be if the imp can do two tasks on their lists. They can choose which two but after that they can’t do anymore, however, they can’t do a visual. It would be too easy
Abigail Frazee
Abigail Frazee 15 days ago
Let’s be honest guys nogla loves his friends and I think honestly all of them would miss tf out of them if something happened and he left💔🥺
aishah mohd nasir
aishah mohd nasir 15 days ago
Both of their thumbnails are amazing
zack_the_man69 15 days ago
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Caden Wing
Caden Wing 15 days ago
Where are the gta viddddddds
Dylan M
Dylan M 15 days ago
Say what you will about Nogla, he's a true friend 'till the end :)
Agentrubberduck 15 days ago
guys he’s running out of title ideas help!!
Aiden Chapel
Aiden Chapel 15 days ago
Google fued
Shane Shedd
Shane Shedd 15 days ago
I wish he played cod again 😣😖😟😔😟🙁
Gaige Cunningham
Gaige Cunningham 15 days ago
Was the best account on USposts now it’s all among us smh
AJ Roppul
AJ Roppul 15 days ago
C’mon man, my COD gamer tag was BootyFunguss for the longest and then he comes out with this video and makes that the title? ;~;
Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald 15 days ago
5:23 speedy’s is to the left without them knowing lol
Sid Steverson
Sid Steverson 15 days ago
2:09 nogla going "uuuuuuuuuuUUUHHHHHH" made me choke on my muffin
Caleb Goodwin
Caleb Goodwin 15 days ago
Carlos Cardenas
Carlos Cardenas 15 days ago
It's nice to see wildcat not bullying nogla
The Homesteading Hobbit
The Homesteading Hobbit 15 days ago
There's something so pure when Nogla yells OH MY DAYS....😂😂😂
rael bui ODonnell
rael bui ODonnell 15 days ago
What happen two connor
Millie Rodriguez
Millie Rodriguez 15 days ago
I don't know if cod wm get a update can you play it please
Humphry 15 days ago
Shxryplum 16 days ago
Around us where you need to stay 6 feet apart from you crew.
Tryhard_Aj 5
Tryhard_Aj 5 16 days ago
When are you gonna play modern warfare i miss that its better content
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 16 days ago
Great title
CoolerQuill3658 16 days ago
I got sandwiches!! Lol
Minyman612 16 days ago
Tyler, please check out Unfortunate Spacemen! For those that don't know, it's among us, but 3D, and with guns. And a monster that can shapeshift :D Tons of fun and I think it could also be amazing to watch, upvote if you agree!
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments 16 days ago
Wildcat: Do somethin' spectacular. Panda and Moo: does a dance Also Panda: straight up murders Wildcat
Sam Pinney
Sam Pinney 16 days ago
nice copy and paste
TheTraveler 2021
TheTraveler 2021 16 days ago
Hi WILDCAT! Hope you have a great day and thanks for another great video!
Alexander Newberry
Alexander Newberry 16 days ago
I knew it was Speedy in the first game when y’all went to fix reactor he went back down to check to see if anyone was coming instead of just waiting cause he went right back up when you saw him
Victor Guncay
Victor Guncay 16 days ago
We want con12345678910
Nathan G
Nathan G 16 days ago
Among us but I can’t think of a fucking title
Cracked_on_controller 16 days ago
Something spec-.......-tacular
Joseph M
Joseph M 16 days ago
Did anyone else read the video title in the Burger King foot lettuce voice?
Sarah Sherman
Sarah Sherman 16 days ago
Wildcat getting toxic in games has influenced me to be just as toxic but honestly no regrets 💅
BrxinBxxrry 16 days ago
0:39 Me:😆
Vishnu Yarlagadda
Vishnu Yarlagadda 16 days ago
Wildcat playing with Nogla is always funny 😂
Papa Santacruz
Papa Santacruz 16 days ago
This is the game of Among us Grizzy left the Goons podcast to play! 😅😂
Nathan Corless
Nathan Corless 16 days ago
So nobody is going to talk about the wordplay in the title to keep the theme?
Elijah Beeman
Elijah Beeman 16 days ago
10:06 police siren 🚨 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dylan McKee
Dylan McKee 16 days ago
it’s literally nogla vs entire lobby every time
FUNGI 432 16 days ago
i've never been more humiliated for my name
Jack Loughery
Jack Loughery 16 days ago
Big win for the colts 🙌🙌
Calvin Porter
Calvin Porter 16 days ago
Nogla lol
DARK SOULS 16 days ago
Iron Banana
Iron Banana 16 days ago
Nogla in every Among Us game: It's Wildcat! Nogla in the one game where Wildcat says he killed someone: It's not Wildcat dude.
Jon B
Jon B 16 days ago
The Deliverance Reverence @ 2:13
hudson 16 days ago
1:54, foreshadowing at its finest
Jancel Abobo
Jancel Abobo 16 days ago
"Editor put in sad m-" Dude you gotta appreciate the editor how the music plays and gets cut out here. Good job
Jeremy LeBlanc
Jeremy LeBlanc 16 days ago
1:53 actually the biggest brain foreshadowing EVER
Tristin Varner
Tristin Varner 16 days ago
Good title.
Beal728 16 days ago
Intro clip panda should of murderd moo would've been funnier
the divine abomination
the divine abomination 16 days ago
Say the title of the video 10 times really fast bet you can’t
Ronin Gaming
Ronin Gaming 16 days ago
Wildcat slowly Turing into vannoss’s detective cap
luigi number 1
luigi number 1 16 days ago
If bacon is pig butt fat. Then Nogla is bacon. And Nogla has a shirt that says pancake store. That means Nogla is a full breakfast meal.
Da Great Zoink
Da Great Zoink 16 days ago
Nogla most famous quote of 2021 “I’m not a wart, I’m a friend”
ADAM STAR BOY 16 days ago
the description is funny
Hylian Gamer
Hylian Gamer 16 days ago
I wish there was a Look-alike game mode, basically you change your names to be one single person and have their same outfit.
Jordan Vitiello
Jordan Vitiello 16 days ago
Nogla is taking smitys bit by following people
Irreverent 16 days ago
This thumbnail is cursed lol
STACEY NGARUHE 16 days ago
Hasn’t wildcat had enough first smi77y and now nogla🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
HS boohoo
HS boohoo 16 days ago
0:45 ....ur a what “er”
David Tejeda
David Tejeda 16 days ago
And the thing is that is not nogla I saw his video and he was not imposter first round HAHAHAHAHAHA🤣🤣😂
The one video wildcat hasn’t gotten imposter
The Rook
The Rook 16 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how the title rhymes?
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 16 days ago
You had an amazing chance to say amfungus
Leo x Caliber
Leo x Caliber 16 days ago
Wildcat is really starting to become an Among us channel..
MexiBurito OwO
MexiBurito OwO 16 days ago
As much as I love watching you play, why do you hate nogla?
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 16 days ago
z gama
z gama 16 days ago
Among us but it's 2021 and nothing has changed
zoku 16 days ago
These videos make my day bro
Alex Pankow
Alex Pankow 16 days ago
I want the among us streams back. Them fire
Relaxxtree 1
Relaxxtree 1 16 days ago
why did i read the title as butt fingers?
LOBO 16 days ago
After your done watching this amazing video maybe check me out @meme.durkio for quality memes :) ty for your time beautiful people
kinzie 16 days ago
I'm addicted to these videos
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