Modern Warfare. RPGs. That’s the title.

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2 months ago

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Draco Farquhar
Draco Farquhar 4 days ago
I love the ben shapiro censor.
Calvin Atkins
Calvin Atkins 23 days ago
Bro what happens to raid shadow legends
ThaTOnePhoeniX Month ago
Nice title.
Aspynn Gholson
Aspynn Gholson Month ago
Did you say turd based RPG
Lenny Month ago
Love this
[RNG] Shockey [TSM] Shockey
[RNG] Shockey [TSM] Shockey 2 months ago
2:44 Pterodactyl noise incoming
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith 2 months ago
Anyone else wish Anthony was there for the fart 😂😂
Jason mittenkit
Jason mittenkit 2 months ago
At @3:54 Just before the last "You suck Bitch!" You can hear someone on the enemy team warn - "You guys realize there's 6 rounds right?" *HE CAN HEAR THE BOSS MUSIC*
Universal Tank
Universal Tank 2 months ago
This kid is a fucking content legend
iAnthracite YT
iAnthracite YT 2 months ago
Why is that little kid just a young wildcat?
Endeavr 2 months ago
When I see all Xbox logos in that lobby where all they did was make annoying noises, it just makes so damn much sense.
Echoestronio 2 months ago
when I see a Flag of the Philippines I liked it 2:13
Elijah Ze Geek
Elijah Ze Geek 2 months ago
5:33 “god dam it I pooped “
Gregorio Carbajal
Gregorio Carbajal 2 months ago
zaki farizal
zaki farizal 2 months ago
5:40 is that smii7y??
Braiden R.
Braiden R. 2 months ago
I’m going through a break up and this made me laugh so hard I lost my shit
Le Dior
Le Dior 2 months ago
scotty’s laugh makes me close the app
On bitties We love cod
On bitties We love cod 2 months ago
The real reason youre here is for 7:11
A Z 2 months ago
Damn that bass of the fart
CallmeQ 2 months ago
Ethann LEW
Ethann LEW 2 months ago
I am sad the said i suck TwT
ImKrez 2 months ago
Gotta love the sean paul remix😂
TBA _Jrose
TBA _Jrose 2 months ago
1:00 for beginning of vid
Gordo 2 months ago
8:30 no one gonna talk abt the fact that the kills were synced with the doors opening??
killerjuju 22
killerjuju 22 2 months ago
i have the fire fairy king awakened yay
Marc Verrier
Marc Verrier 2 months ago
WildCat do you even play summoners war? never seen you stream nor heard of you playing the game.
Elemental Core
Elemental Core 2 months ago
Great title. Best title. 10/10. Top notch.
Dynoqwerty 2 months ago
Why the hell are they advertising barbie on wildcat videos? They clearly have no idea who watches this guy
Donny Duncan
Donny Duncan 2 months ago
I wish I could play in these lobbies fr...
Osman Abdulahi Hilowle
Osman Abdulahi Hilowle 2 months ago
assassin's creed odyssey
Blaz1nGunss 2 months ago
SW is poo poo and yes i used to play it but that was 4 years ago lmao
CJ Sheva
CJ Sheva 2 months ago
The skip at the bottom right in the beginning lowkey got me 🤦🏽‍♂️
richboi8 2 months ago
WILDCAT: summoners war the best mobile rpg RAID SHADOW LEGENDS: Do I mean nothing to you
Zorbrek 2 months ago
This game has officially become the new cod II lmao
TheyLoveJack 2 months ago
There’s a A variant for the m4 that has the shotgun it’s called the kingly splendor
Le Spicia Meme
Le Spicia Meme 2 months ago
7:10 Wildcat and the Bussy party
Kees Bellaar spruyt
Kees Bellaar spruyt 2 months ago
I rewatched this whole video for the “god dammit I pooped” clip
Downhill Gaming
Downhill Gaming 2 months ago
Is it gonna go from state of survival to summoners war
Horizon 2 months ago
Liam Gilbert
Liam Gilbert 2 months ago
How many people pressed the skip button at the bottom right at the start of the video
TheOGGoose 559
TheOGGoose 559 2 months ago
How comfortable do you have to be to fart in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE
Simon 2 months ago
Yooo wtf why'd you assassination dude?
Lawrence Burleson
Lawrence Burleson 2 months ago
Who gonna tell wildcat that “bussy” stands for “boy p*ssy”
Nathan Russell
Nathan Russell 2 months ago
Man I always thought wildcat was good but he just reverse boosts. That’s sad.
Nathan Russell
Nathan Russell Month ago
@Dennis Krämer My bad I didn't realize this was his alt when I wrote this
Exoda123 Month ago
Your a bit slow
Dennis Krämer
Dennis Krämer Month ago
Only on this account, to fuck around with people and not playing competitive You can clearly see he's not trying his best
HyperApex360 2 months ago
I am so glad I’ve never played against you I would’ve broke my controller the first time I got killed with a rpg
MST | (⌐■_■)
MST | (⌐■_■) 2 months ago
7:11 😂😂😂😂👌🏼
Denny Tlaczani
Denny Tlaczani 2 months ago
O no I think I took a pwob 💩lol 😂
HaVoC Creations
HaVoC Creations 2 months ago
Wildcat "Gawd dammit, I po-opped."
SGG Faith
SGG Faith 2 months ago
I've got an idea for the next modern warfare vid: Modern Warfare but I join a fan invite and they freak out
Huber Cerda
Huber Cerda 2 months ago
Bro 407’s laughter 🤦🏻‍♂️
Bob's your uncle
Bob's your uncle 2 months ago
I got all obsidian launchers. No I'm not proud
Izaak Diamond
Izaak Diamond 2 months ago
Anybody else find fourzero7 annoying as fuck or is it just me
Plussy 2 months ago
Tyler its pronounced ree-U not rI-U
Azrael Blade
Azrael Blade 2 months ago
8:33 the grenade actually smacked someone then blew up
Ethan Coughlin
Ethan Coughlin 2 months ago
I feel attacked
cody townley
cody townley 2 months ago
Cod is not good content
not Scales
not Scales 2 months ago
Is wild cat reverse boasting?
FoxHawkPvP 2 months ago
Dude I love cod voice chat.
Joel 564
Joel 564 2 months ago
5:35 dam that was mighty
Saul T. Nutz
Saul T. Nutz 2 months ago
I don’t know about this new thumbnail style
trashqtt 2 months ago
why am i getting yelled at, wth my names ethan..
Doc Tweeter
Doc Tweeter 2 months ago
Why suicide on the tdm?
sam robertson
sam robertson 2 months ago
Again, here to ask, how many dents are in your desk? @wildcat
Mite 2 months ago
I want that glitch energy to be restocked tbh
CursedMarkZain 2 months ago
Summoner war is decent been playing for 4-5 years enjoy people
Awesome Bro365
Awesome Bro365 2 months ago
1:00 youre welcome
Rolfe Feutz
Rolfe Feutz 2 months ago
Am I the only one that hit skip on his ad?
Miz Binks
Miz Binks 2 months ago
I love your videos so much
Kid Kano
Kid Kano 2 months ago
Bruh I been on summoners war every day since 2018
Joseph Juarez
Joseph Juarez 2 months ago
5:45 you missed a perfect opportunity for *PO-OP*
ES23X :]
ES23X :] 2 months ago
3:28 u can shoot through 5 meters of concrete but u can’t shoot through a stupid ass window on scrapyard 🤦🏽‍♂️ this game is sooooooo fucking dumb
Troz-ac 1123
Troz-ac 1123 2 months ago
No offense but I can’t watch mw anymore
Cruz Sotelo
Cruz Sotelo 2 months ago
Tell me y I thought the sponsership would me raid shadow legends
Declan Meehan
Declan Meehan 2 months ago
I still dk why he’s on a second acc can someone explain
Heavy Drizzle
Heavy Drizzle 2 months ago
so not a single puncake was said when you were killing yourselfs with c4s
Jelly 2 months ago
Perfect use of Benny's p-word 😂
Matthew Coleman
Matthew Coleman 2 months ago
Honestly, I play summoners war and I wanted to press skip on the world boss lol
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 2 months ago
Some one give this man an oscar!!!
K0bogiga 2 months ago
#1 turn based. nahhh bro thats 7ds grandcross
GamePsycho 123
GamePsycho 123 2 months ago
Thought he was gonna start with “today’s video is brought to you by rpg’s”
Visionz 2 months ago
Go back on your wildcat account
Zevan Campbell
Zevan Campbell 2 months ago
Sometimes I wish I could mute 407’s laugh
Arnel Libertad
Arnel Libertad 2 months ago
Wait si that flag of Philipenis widlcat
Amazing Games
Amazing Games 2 months ago
summoners war: we'll sponsor this video raid shadow legends: you dare oppose me mortal
Colton Krull
Colton Krull 2 months ago
Hey tip @wildcat, if you are trying to kill yourselves to drop K/D fast before search games just do hardcore Molotov it’s the faster than C4.
Xd Roach
Xd Roach 2 months ago
What happen to raid shadow legends
SIPHER 2 months ago
Can i get yo number? Can i have it? Can i have it? Where yo boyfriend? Oh he gettin snacs? Can i have yo number? Can i have it?
Kayzucho YT
Kayzucho YT 2 months ago
Starring wildcat jr
Exuberant Nova
Exuberant Nova 2 months ago
4:41 is this kid Wildcats Son? Bruh he gives me WILDCAT vibes.
I hate windows
I hate windows 2 months ago
Do a challenge where you have to deal with the squealers or voice chat annoyers and you cant mute em
MR Mane op
MR Mane op 2 months ago
sebastian Ivey
sebastian Ivey 2 months ago
After hearing that outro hundreds of times I’m just now hearing (and highly appreciating) that bass and 808s🔥🔥
Quenton C
Quenton C 2 months ago
go in hardcore with the mk2 carbine and do a no scope wallbang trust me it make them sooooo mad
Little Doge
Little Doge 2 months ago
You see how bad MW is when people have to keep killing themselves to actually get in a fun game.
Supreme Chivo
Supreme Chivo 2 months ago
Can u make another fortnite vid pls
I_like_dog s
I_like_dog s 2 months ago
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 2 months ago
Tyler, "I hate this gaaammmeee man" also Tyler " I am the F***ING BEST AT THIS GAME"
king k
king k 2 months ago
I need money
Durpps 2 months ago
these new thumbnails look cool but weird at the same time
Latralle Jones
Latralle Jones 2 months ago
Wildcat do you got to take a po-op
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