Hyper Scape but we get pooped on every game...

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3 months ago

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Noble Society Hyper Scape Team l Recruiting
Noble Society Hyper Scape Team l Recruiting Month ago
We were scrolling through USposts & saw your vid 👀👀
bob awesome
bob awesome 2 months ago
I love the game since I don’t have to worry about shields, just pure fun with abilities and guns. This is at the top of my fav br 1. Hyper scape 2.spell break 3. Apex/ warzone
Big Winona
Big Winona 2 months ago
Cool another reskinned battle royal.
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
2:50 rainbow six siege flashbacks
Riley Davidson
Riley Davidson 2 months ago
James Hardy
James Hardy 3 months ago
This game needs more love it’s so good
Whit Eubank
Whit Eubank 3 months ago
Atomic_Reaper 3 months ago
Play fortnite
bk14bry x-x
bk14bry x-x 3 months ago
Game sucks
Dakota Glenn
Dakota Glenn 3 months ago
Im a little late but if anyone wants to play on ps4 my ign is BLVDGoof, i havent played hyperscape yet because i want to play with friends but i dont have those so yea
Wyatt Fegan
Wyatt Fegan 3 months ago
Plz play more of this
ً 3 months ago
Who remembers this? “G-g-g-get pooped on dude.”
Andrea Marsden
Andrea Marsden 3 months ago
This game is amazing...Me and my best friend started playing today and We just love with how we're so bad
Aidan Pratz
Aidan Pratz 3 months ago
This br took everything wrong with previous brs and fixed them
T- BONE 3 months ago
I'll be back when this game became popular.
Knight Boston
Knight Boston 3 months ago
8:00 says he pops invulnerability but actually Pops heal😳
Lethal Luke
Lethal Luke 3 months ago
Wow another battle royale. Totally not over saturated
Aimanster 3 months ago
I would have enjoyed this game more if it was just an arena shooter tbh...tired of all these battle royales
Tyrese Hollingsworth
Tyrese Hollingsworth 3 months ago
Anyone else got tricked by the gun clipping through at 9:37?
Talon Bartley
Talon Bartley 3 months ago
I might get try this
Killer Playz
Killer Playz 3 months ago
The Real Ulysses S. Grant
The Real Ulysses S. Grant 3 months ago
Is there a BR where the ttk isn’t retardedly high?
liam Mc
liam Mc 3 months ago
Guys im gonna be honest with you the game is ass its horrible do not play it i repeat do not play it
christian baxter
christian baxter 3 months ago
When u use an ability changing guns or shooting will deactivate it
BingOhh 3 months ago
I personally dont see the appeal to hyperscape, seems way to fast paced
nms_ news
nms_ news 3 months ago
“My ball has a really quick cool down now”- Wildcat
DWeeBz 3 months ago
Because we need ANOTHER developer to make ANOTHER battle royale
Bappogettaco :/
Bappogettaco :/ 3 months ago
Hyperscape and fall guys are better than Fortnite change my mind.
Mythical_SP 3 months ago
Watch my video on this game
TheBossRaider 3 months ago
Aiming in controller is hard
Owl Nerd
Owl Nerd 3 months ago
thank you wildcat for making me laugh when I'm in bad times
Xhillen Monkey
Xhillen Monkey 3 months ago
Hey wildcat your not the only one who gonna get poop on hyper 😂 rn I’m downloading the game
Breadsan 3 months ago
kinda sad how most of the footage is pre game
Thicc Oreos
Thicc Oreos 3 months ago
Sir is there bots? Or is it just a br type of game?
3x3c0t3 3 months ago
Why do i have feeling that marcel is going to get addicted to this?
MrMajor 3 months ago
Get pooped on dude
Jacob Trejo
Jacob Trejo 3 months ago
anyone gonna tell them that’s not the highest platform in the pregame? there’s another one above and to the side
Dylan Tyler
Dylan Tyler 3 months ago
Honestly, the fact that the sniper is one shot headshot makes me happy. Also for their first take at a battle royale game, I think Ubi did really well.
Miguel Franco
Miguel Franco 3 months ago
Saw limelight in the beginning...tell me why I heard smokepurpp saying it
WhatsUPwickedWAZ105 3 months ago
It remind me of titan fall and apex the movement of the game looks good
Landon Shoemaker
Landon Shoemaker 3 months ago
R301 ?
Taylor Huybrecht
Taylor Huybrecht 3 months ago
Does he not realise you cant shoot when invulnerable or it cancels it
Nathan Boshoff
Nathan Boshoff 3 months ago
I started playing this game on my Xbox today and I’m really enjoy it
mr. emoji
mr. emoji 3 months ago
I played this game today and for some reason, I didn't see this video in my recommended tab yesterday, and I wanted to tell you to play it and I immediately saw the video.
AM Gamer
AM Gamer 3 months ago
Play Apex Legends
Kitten Queen6663
Kitten Queen6663 3 months ago
Wow another ORIGONAL battle royale game with another TOTALY ORIGONAL battle pass.... man gotta love all these NEW ORIGONAL GAMES coming out
The player roderick Reeves
The player roderick Reeves 3 months ago
*Bassicly kills a person*him:I’m the best
Esctyy 3 months ago
saw limelight then remembered smokepurps freestyle
Demon Studios
Demon Studios 3 months ago
You actually popped healing not invincibility
420 subs with no Videos
420 subs with no Videos 3 months ago
“That guys gun is huge” -Tyler 2020
dragon born
dragon born 3 months ago
Wildcat they are wall hacking they know were you. Are, and have aimbot I confirmid it
ZayTheKid 3 months ago
get pooped on dude
nadjib mecibah
nadjib mecibah 3 months ago
i would play this game IF IT LET ME
nadjib mecibah
nadjib mecibah 3 months ago
for clarification there's a kick thing where if you have high ping you get kicked from the game
Yui 3 months ago
Popped healing not armor
Glow Light
Glow Light 3 months ago
Me and My friends call Bus Depot Home Depot
Gfame 3 months ago
Daniel Samuel
Daniel Samuel 3 months ago
Any of my other ps4 brethren having trouble aiming in this game or am just that much trash. Terrific game though
Daniel Samuel
Daniel Samuel 3 months ago
@LifeIsAStraw nah chief, cuz that doesnt happen in the other shooters I play that are more demanding. Its probably jus cuz i havent gotten used to the guns all being hitscan
LifeIsAStraw 3 months ago
Daniel Samuel it’s prob the movement frams low fov a little bit of everything
Trevor Larlee
Trevor Larlee 3 months ago
Tyler he had a nutty ripper my dirty ass mond
Drazy 3 months ago
I love this game it’s super fun
Private Kostas
Private Kostas 3 months ago
4:33 in greek A RE VLAKA
Dragon Sama
Dragon Sama 3 months ago
Reminds me of titan fall 2
mrkrabsthicc 3 months ago
So many sponsers this week
gabe gomes
gabe gomes 3 months ago
Me who has made it into the crown tower twice. Wildcat and the pussy party do it no problem
prox thinbat
prox thinbat 3 months ago
Invulnerable only works if u don't shoot
theb1gmann 3 months ago
This game looks very bad. It takes a whole clip to kill someone without missing but the movement in this game is crazy
L3Ø 3 months ago
Nah it’s actually insanely fun and ttk is faster than you think
idk.unknown YT
idk.unknown YT 3 months ago
They should play fall guys
DARK REFLEXZ 3 months ago
Tyler keeps saying Heath is invulnerability lol so fucking funny
niels motmans
niels motmans 3 months ago
Urgh the game sucks played it for 2hours yep deleting ^^ watching tyler is more fun
Edd Wayne
Edd Wayne 3 months ago
Anyone know the modern warfare video where he does a yoda impression?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 3 months ago
I really hope we get some more hyper scape from wildcat and the boys but if not then I can’t complain
BAKA Gaming ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
BAKA Gaming ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 3 months ago
Yo! You should play rouge company some time!!
SupremeSevs 3 months ago
I’ve got a 6.7 KD & over 30% headshot percentage. If you aren’t good at apex, or aiming in cod you WONT be good at this game. At all😂
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 3 months ago
Tell me Wildcat is playing hyperscape now
StaySimple.Sensations 3 months ago
Please dont put cross play for pc because they are gonna cry and ruin the game😭. Also when you use a ability you cant shoot😃👍🏼
philip macdonald
philip macdonald 3 months ago
play gta 5
Nice warm Glass
Nice warm Glass 3 months ago
I love this game
Nathan McComb
Nathan McComb 3 months ago
I literally LOVE Marcel. When you said “I’m a believer”, I thought of Smash Mouth then heard Marcel start singing
Jessica Stowell
Jessica Stowell 3 months ago
Play fortnite on August 27th new season
The_Sansinator 3 months ago
Need to jump more Tyler then you wiiin
SunLovin Solaire
SunLovin Solaire 3 months ago
Wildcat any time he lands more than one shot in a row: I’m lasering him I’m lasering.
CrayoEU 3 months ago
3 words: Valorant: Battle Royale
DoT 3 months ago
Wow this game is dead on pc
Felix Ramirez
Felix Ramirez 3 months ago
Do a wildcast wit evan please, love you and your content!!!
Elias Deleon
Elias Deleon 3 months ago
Get shit on wildcat
Sir Taco
Sir Taco 3 months ago
Video idea show us the c8? Come on man just do it.
Scottie Matthews
Scottie Matthews 3 months ago
tyler cancelling his invulnerability and then complaining that it didn’t work is the worst thing
Chet Hathaway
Chet Hathaway 3 months ago
Anybody know what the name of the video anthony got in a fight with a little kid on modern warfare
Matrydom 3 months ago
This Apex legends Update is wierd
Javier De La Torre
Javier De La Torre 3 months ago
Is it crossplay?
Xavier Vest
Xavier Vest 3 months ago
Now Tyler can shit on people when he's boss at Hyperspace.
Thomas•-• 3 months ago
Tyler, blink twice if Ubisoft have taken you hostage 😂
El Niño
El Niño 3 months ago
The time to kill is sooo high..not amazing..nah.
TlNYZ 3 months ago
Wanna fucking play this but it keeps crashing
Xavier Valenzuela
Xavier Valenzuela 3 months ago
I downloaded the game at 10 PM I haven't stopped playing...... its 12 PM
Adrian Luna
Adrian Luna 3 months ago
Bro watching you while I’m high is so fucking good bro
Swift 3 months ago
Is it just me or does Wildcat have hype and energy at the intro
Private Skipper
Private Skipper 3 months ago
this game is so bad though Controls are awful
IRAGEALOT TRS 3 months ago
Have u seen Smii7Y try so hard to get the perfect intro in game but kept getting destroyed but I love you smii7y
Jordan Willis
Jordan Willis 3 months ago
“I’m whoopin on her” - Tyler 😂😂
JOSHDDMNGZ 3 months ago
The game is pretty fun for sure and unique.
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