Modern Warfare but it's Season 6 and the new guns are INSANE...

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PaniniGuy 4 days ago
as I'm watching this during a zoom call
Sharon Ruiz
Sharon Ruiz 6 days ago
joana ceddia
Panda Jarcor
Panda Jarcor 10 days ago
They give him a creator code until the last season. lol
thelast gambler
thelast gambler 11 days ago
2:14 man's got bars
McGrady 4favre
McGrady 4favre Month ago
I gotchu bruv
Quinn Steddom
Quinn Steddom Month ago
6:44 I’m currently in my math class watching this ;-;
akt plays
akt plays Month ago
I cant buy cod points but i still use the code beacuse i love you're content
addison carroll
addison carroll Month ago
dang imagine being a dick then getting a creator code. the man talks so much ish then is only nice when he wants money from people but then gets in a game and is a total dick. idk how u have such a huge fan base but oh well ur world i'm just living in it
ES23X :]
ES23X :] Month ago
1:35 2:00 is why no one can have nice things
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas Month ago
When WILDCAT seen the betty icon he knew he fu*ked up
Exterminator Month ago
Why did wildcat get angry when the guy said puncake?
TheRealDoge Month ago
I would love to use this gun but I'm not good enough at cod modern warfare to get it
Crit_Littyz_YT Month ago
Wildcat and fourzero are legends
Crimmy Month ago
I wish my PC could run Modern Warfare
I watched this while on a zoom call
michael eastvold
michael eastvold Month ago
If each of his subs bought the 2400 cod point battle pass he would make over 1.8 mil I’m bad at math I know
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
Mr.hein 😳
Jarrod Taylor
Jarrod Taylor Month ago
I wish i wouldve known about the code, before spending a shit ton of cod points.
Daniel Month ago
i dont know what game this is but only know that this game is badass i wanna knowwww is it warzone?
Shadow Lion Zero
Shadow Lion Zero Month ago
Ahhh... we have been delivered to the promised land, far away from Imposters and Among Us.
Thee Goonie Gamer
Thee Goonie Gamer Month ago
Hoppy mr mc Skippy jumpy that had me dieing dude
aiden dluci
aiden dluci Month ago
ima use ur code you are my favorite youtuber much love.
Michael Howard
Michael Howard Month ago
I now support you & own a console. You have effectively shit on console players, but I’m cool with it.
christian paulo pascua
christian paulo pascua Month ago
Puncakes are remade Trash talking waiter hired A no skilled based matchmaking game =profit
Azzazin Wolf
Azzazin Wolf Month ago
Doodle Bob enters the game... 8:38
Eduarw Grifim
Eduarw Grifim Month ago
Mr T3ch
Mr T3ch Month ago
Man I love how you’re at over 7 million but you deserve way more subscribers you give amazing content
Ethan Abbott
Ethan Abbott Month ago
No offence but did wildcat get a code before jev
Anonymous sad nibba
Anonymous sad nibba Month ago
Wait did the original post get taken down bc i swear this was already posted
Ben Pettit
Ben Pettit Month ago
So if we support you, you get money. Bit slack and greedy 🀦🏽
SharpShoota Month ago
Peep my recent video I literally clutched a 1v6 in 20 seconds...
Jesse A
Jesse A Month ago
Real quick guys before we get into today's video. Anyone who uses the val is trash at the game. Cough Cough
Joseph Disney
Joseph Disney Month ago
They need to look at the hellhound
hydra Month ago
Gonna buy the battle pass with ur code πŸ™‚
Curtis Belanger
Curtis Belanger Month ago
Wildcat: Pay attention to your zoom class! Me: (casually watching video during my zoom class)
cecken3satellite Month ago
I got the anime pack it's shield and mp7
TRUMP 2020
TRUMP 2020 Month ago
Lol when you jump on the water you thought your legs were messed up but it was just the reflectionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
CloutSteezo Month ago
Cod videos are so much better than the rest. The roasts are immaculate
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas Month ago
4:26 what's the name of this song he used???
Richard Wilbur
Richard Wilbur Month ago
Another one
Dark Energon Reviews
Dark Energon Reviews Month ago
I'm glad that you have a creator code now in MW but why isnt FaZe Jev getting a creator code?
What’s the gun
YaBoiClown CODM
YaBoiClown CODM Month ago
$5 for every 10k cod points? That’s a trash way to make money
Swim0311 Month ago
how do you even get the tracer rounds for the as val?
MoMoney ENT
MoMoney ENT Month ago
Wildcat: Unleashes bat on person* Person: Gets coronavirus *
Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla Month ago
Wildcat can you plz add me it's FireAntKing plz I need someone to play with plz I beg of u idk if it's even 1 or 4 days plz
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown Month ago
hes talking about paying attention in class, half the people watching him are in class
THADZ Month ago
What's that snipe sound effect his using hahaha just WWIIPPPIIWWW
Sheilbh Month ago
Wildcat when you kill someone and you shoot their body on the ground do the body parts explode? if so you need to airstrike a pile of body the try to shoot their body parts off while they are in the sky :D
poopy cat
poopy cat Month ago
your such a goat
CrazedFilmz Month ago
Blake Hastings
Blake Hastings Month ago
your mid video ad was literally for csgo cheats
Brotherkiller17 Month ago
The new guns are to fucking op and need to be nerf so less fucking people us it
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Month ago
Before I even saw this vid I saw the support a creator and put in WILDCAT and it worked
Jack Prieto
Jack Prieto Month ago
Get emmmmmmmm
Simon Riley Ghost
Simon Riley Ghost Month ago
.  。    ‒  γ€€οΎŸγ€€γ€€γ€‚ γ€€γ€€.γ€€γ€€γ€€.γ€€γ€€γ€€ γ€€γ€€.     。   。 . γ€€.γ€€γ€€ 。  ࢞ 。  . β€’ . WILDCAT was ejected. . . γ€€ 。 . γ€€ γ€€γ€€γ€‚γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€οΎŸγ€€γ€€γ€€.γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€. ,γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€.γ€€ .γ€€γ€€ .
Troy Mallory
Troy Mallory Month ago
Finally real content
Xstr8 ogX
Xstr8 ogX Month ago
Sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice
Rylan Schmidt
Rylan Schmidt Month ago
Lol im in a zoom call too but im watching this vid instead
Xilberto Garay
Xilberto Garay Month ago
Finaly i can donate to wildcat
Edgar Aguirre
Edgar Aguirre Month ago
Loved the vid I missed cod ngl😈
Paper Bag Man
Paper Bag Man Month ago
AlyssaX ._.
AlyssaX ._. Month ago
Who else was/is in a zoom call watching this
Jacelh13 Month ago
WingWing. Get back to Mr. Jolitos Physics Class
scoped Month ago
Who else misses gmod
CTK Alliance
CTK Alliance Month ago
FINALLY!! I’ve been waiting for a new Wildcat MW video
OffWhite Raz
OffWhite Raz Month ago
Hey wildcat my b day is on the 16th If you are on modern warfare And I get in your game that would be the best birthday ever
Dorian Dyck
Dorian Dyck Month ago
I've been watching WAAAAAY to much among us, and for some reason I started to sus wildcat in the intro... HELP MEEEEE!
Danklos Danklos
Danklos Danklos Month ago
I’m using your code king πŸ‘‘
Aaron Jack
Aaron Jack Month ago
Dude fuck yea your partnered with cod now bro. Definitely deserve it lol
Boezo_da_clown Month ago
does moo have one
Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee Month ago
Code SYM 4 life
Cris Rod
Cris Rod Month ago
And merkmusik doesn’t have a creator code yet 😒
IM MARQUIS Month ago
Whoever reading this is going to be rich this year If everyone that saw this subscribed it would change me and my family’s life! We’re all going to be wealthy soon!πŸ’•
Julius Agosto
Julius Agosto Month ago
Trey Mitchell
Trey Mitchell Month ago
Pun Cake will never die 🀣🀣🀣
Annemarie Abbadessa
Annemarie Abbadessa Month ago
We need more videos of season 6
codyrocks 330
codyrocks 330 Month ago
U need a character with a pig mask
Roxanne Galase
Roxanne Galase Month ago
Don’t worry homie I will use your codes on every game
Vibez. Beerus
Vibez. Beerus Month ago
I’m sorry i didn’t use ur code when I bought the battle passπŸ˜–πŸ₯Ί
Connor Payze
Connor Payze Month ago
Finally been waiting for another cod vid from the best
Caleb Nessel
Caleb Nessel Month ago
No way that's el Chapo pretty lit haha
Jonah Walker
Jonah Walker Month ago
The chosen one has risen
donovan caillier
donovan caillier Month ago
10 mag with snap grenades are broken
Eli Tiller
Eli Tiller Month ago
that intro gave me major deja vu
Krictobal Delacruz
Krictobal Delacruz Month ago
Anyone elae thinks 407's laugh is annoying asf
Hazy Month ago
bruh i was the moist guy. i remember that match.
brp1x Month ago
Sorry I didn’t use your code I didn’t know about it 😭😭
Stig TV
Stig TV Month ago
Wildcat, you should put a tactical nuke as your score streak and try to get to the nuke in search and destroy
Basil White
Basil White Month ago
I’ve missed these videos😊
Augustus Campbell
Augustus Campbell Month ago
I won’t support you, you won’t give us your class load outs :(
Zhakakhan Xiong
Zhakakhan Xiong Month ago
Oh shit. A bat.
mahdi namani
mahdi namani Month ago
wildcat can you play more MW or WARZONE
Blaze Flamez
Blaze Flamez Month ago
Bullycole Walkster
Bullycole Walkster Month ago
Wildcat I just want to say is that I love your vids and you are the only person that makes COD look so much fun because you are a God at the game and the vids you make on COD is just a master pease keep it up man and have a good one❀️❀️❀️❀️
lil einsteins
lil einsteins Month ago
he should use the Merc foregrip on the new sniper and just hipfire everyone for part of a vid
Aloysius Pinem
Aloysius Pinem Month ago
The bouncing Bety and claymore had me ded fore 2 fucking minutes
Foobin Lera
Foobin Lera Month ago
"God damn it man. This fuckin game is trash" In one video "I'm a COD partner" In another I love Wildcat with a passion
Jose Tlatenchi
Jose Tlatenchi Month ago
2:39 and 2:40 Wildcat for faze??
Gamebuster2004 Month ago
Kinda wanting Wildcat to play TF2
Among Us but humongous...
Views 1.3M
Modern Warfare but it's a 1v1 on Rust...
Among Us but I just tell the truth...