Minecraft but we're too stupid for the new nether update...

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6 months ago

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King Of Insanity73
King Of Insanity73 3 days ago
This is great
Quinn Garib
Quinn Garib 5 days ago
Marcel is the Tarzan of the nether
Stennie Hull
Stennie Hull 5 days ago
why did nogla killed you wildcat?
Isubcuzimgood 6 days ago
5:49 Chastity belt 😂😂
XenoR1MSlayer 7 days ago
I wish they made lava dolphins you can ride instead of those ugly ass creatures
Anubis Gaming
Anubis Gaming 8 days ago
16:21 Vanoss' scream
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 9 days ago
I play Minecraft with my friends, and they taught how to bedmine in the Nether, and honestly... I appreciated that, cause I was so dumb I would’ve believed anything they told me about Minecraft, since I hadn’t played for YEARS, and only built pretty things in creative. But they taught how to bedmine, and I learned how to become the ultimate mole and mine for days.
Damien Sanchez
Damien Sanchez 10 days ago
They should have had one of them on top the the thing and wildcat hits them both and see were they went
F8_ Megalodon
F8_ Megalodon 10 days ago
5:49 I’m dying
Maleah Pasley
Maleah Pasley 12 days ago
ayy your pig friends :)
Philip Squad
Philip Squad 14 days ago
PVTWinter 18 days ago
what editing software do you use
Cloudz 20 days ago
Why are Marcel’s subtitles purple?
Westallen 24 days ago
wildcat: *aims a bow at nogla as a joke* nogla: "and i took that personally"
Wake up America
Wake up America 25 days ago
The funniest moment was when nogla purposely jumped into the lava and said oh geez I’m dead 😂
The Cryptic
The Cryptic 29 days ago
“Meet me at the toilet it’s fun” Nogla 2019
The Cryptic
The Cryptic 29 days ago
I wish they would go back to Minecraft
Megan Swanson
Megan Swanson Month ago
Those things you're riding on is called a strider
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 Month ago
i HeArD YoU CaN sLeEp iN bEDs NoW dA lAvA iS mAdE oF cAnDY
Ash Vlogs Is A Cult
Ash Vlogs Is A Cult Month ago
I love how vanoss looks in the thumbnail
Dylan Canady
Dylan Canady Month ago
my name wildcat and welcome to jackass, this is sleeping in the crimson forest lmfaoo 6:59
notkevin_ 11
notkevin_ 11 Month ago
The lucky knowledge commonly use because turnip notably tow pro a descriptive rod. mellow, obscene conifer
Avdogg420 Yeet king
Avdogg420 Yeet king Month ago
How do u get the knock back stick of the gods in mincraft
Mono Blue bot
Mono Blue bot Month ago
The fact that they never mentioned the netherite shit.
gamer4life505 Month ago
He should call that op enchanted stick the yeet stick
Phantom Knight
Phantom Knight Month ago
No, the Vanoss Minecraft essentials are 2 shields, a boat, flint & steel, and 3 million kilotons of tnt
Brandy Chambers
Brandy Chambers Month ago
The safe rainbow externally empty because rabbit perinatally pull since a scattered octagon. handsomely, receptive trout
MŘN-SL 2k05
MŘN-SL 2k05 Month ago
Why you bully nogla
Zach Vvvv
Zach Vvvv Month ago
nogla can dish it out but can’t take it
skullygag Month ago
14:59 Am i the only one that is kind of reminded of Super Mario Bros Wii from the Koopalings jumping across the world map
Train 777
Train 777 Month ago
Can I just say how they spawned right next to the fortress castle thing right away.
Bumpydew Month ago
Terroriser starting flying at the start
McStevie Month ago
“Get in the lava Stu- HOLY SHIT!!!” - I Am Wildcat 2020
Cash Condit
Cash Condit Month ago
- Hot tourist Destinations - -Visit Every Nether Biome-
Caleb Suchecki
Caleb Suchecki Month ago
12:23 the world’s biggest yeet
projectionist014 Month ago
The nether update allows you to use the compass in the nether
life for eternity
life for eternity Month ago
I’ve been on the grind with my irl friends the past two weeks and it’s all wholesome even tho we push each other off cliffs luckily we got the elytra
* RMwPL *
* RMwPL * Month ago
After 4 months I noticed that wildcat has netherite ibgot which is SO DOPE, but he didn't even know that so F hard to get omfg... 5:52
Orville Fischer
Orville Fischer Month ago
Can't wait to see you guys to try and tackle the caves and cliffs update just imagine Nogla getting destroyed by the warden
Brian Shamblin
Brian Shamblin Month ago
Play the yeet in ballscack creature yet in slowmow
TGN 2 months ago
7:49 finally Marcel has noglas back of all people
Reaper Brothers
Reaper Brothers 2 months ago
12:25 did you guys hear a yeeet?
The Overnite Gamer
The Overnite Gamer 2 months ago
Gf:come over Bf:no it's to late Gf:my parents aren't home Bf: 14:25
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 2 months ago
Cuz I’ve still got me chastity belt, it can save me from anything🤣🤣🤣
William Ki
William Ki 2 months ago
The VanossGaming Minecraft Starter Pack: A shovel, TNT, and Flint & steel
Space Player
Space Player 2 months ago
I didn't know Basically was a Harry Potter fan. 3:57
Alex Alder
Alex Alder 2 months ago
A lot of screaming 😂😂😂 good video
END3RMIK3 2 months ago
It took me 2 real life days to find a bastion, and 3 to find a warped Forest. And they found both in 30 seconds.
Garret Halbeisen
Garret Halbeisen 2 months ago
Are you going to do the caves and cliffs update?
JaidenCW 2 months ago
i don’t care if i’m late what texture pack is he using
mad max
mad max 2 months ago
I wish Tyler didn't die so he would still play minecraft
Fox Crimson
Fox Crimson 2 months ago
Get netherite
Icy_Ethan_YT 2 months ago
At 1:02 terrorizer flys
game play
game play 2 months ago
Who's watching this in October 2020?
A3IF01 2 months ago
slimeboy 6709
slimeboy 6709 2 months ago
*daithi wildcat vanoss h2o marcel and everyone else * thank u for being here for me and everyone else
7:30 balloon boy has joined the game
Johnny Sheerin
Johnny Sheerin 3 months ago
Someone please tell me that name of the trumpet intro song
Johnny Sheerin
Johnny Sheerin 3 months ago
Someone please tell me that name of the trumpet intro song
crcoghill 3 months ago
i wonder if the boys will return to Minecraft when the new Caves and Cliffs update comes out?
crcoghill 3 months ago
i would love to see their reactions to a certain mob being added to the game and how they try to fight it.
josh williamss
josh williamss 3 months ago
Notice how Tyler randomly turns Irish cause he impersonates so much 😂
Noah BBX
Noah BBX 3 months ago
Why does Nogla have to be the idiot and literally regret doing things he regretted? You died from Lava because of him and couldn't explain why he killed you. Such a dummy
thedingboat 3 months ago
When they’re pointing stuff from older videos, I felt major nostalgia.
thedingboat 3 months ago
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 3 months ago
i cant wait for them to come back to the game in the next update with rtx or something
Melissa Camacho
Melissa Camacho 3 months ago
12:24 *when you can't face your problems any longer*
Genelle Belcastro
Genelle Belcastro 3 months ago
"Guys were making a potion were gonna need bird poop and 2x shiny rocks just the shinyst ones you can find" in dying bro
Smol Kitten
Smol Kitten 3 months ago
12:24 O.O
gekkokkid 3 months ago
6:56 roflmao!
Javier Rosete
Javier Rosete 4 months ago
That’s why I hate wildcat because when someone kills him he gets pissed but when he does it it’s funny but If someone does it to him he takes it up the ass
ziqin298 lim
ziqin298 lim 4 months ago
I love Scotty scream say "My Nutsack!"
ivyy ZI QIN
ivyy ZI QIN 4 months ago
TGCVS FANS Edith Suzies : "What is he dying?? MY NUTSACK!!!!" Me : All of The girls are laughing you.
Juan Castaneda
Juan Castaneda 4 months ago
11:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Janlyn Urieta
Janlyn Urieta 4 months ago
that scream shud be the new sond of thw gas
Teen _Life Productions
Teen _Life Productions 4 months ago
“I’m Wildcat and welcome to jackass”
TheRealZika 4 months ago
14:24 holy fuck look at the curve nogla made
Julian Heng
Julian Heng 4 months ago
Nogla vs the Withers, Irish version of the young white girl on the couch in the "Brang Broes" commercial XD
Camron Rapp
Camron Rapp 4 months ago
"We can be friends" 8:36
Tied Riley Too
Tied Riley Too 4 months ago
Mykl S
Mykl S 4 months ago
I felt his rage for Nogla.
dagger btw
dagger btw 4 months ago
NOOOO my Nutsack
John Millwood
John Millwood 4 months ago
That thumbnail is 2020 in a picture
Oh Cylix
Oh Cylix 4 months ago
anyone going to notice they got the best spawn?
F1 Studio
F1 Studio 4 months ago
Silver Soul Fox
Silver Soul Fox 4 months ago
15:24 if only Wildcat did a voice of Doug Dimmadome from fairy odd parents while making the quick sound he makes XD
Matt Wells
Matt Wells 4 months ago
2:02 made me think my damn phone vibrated
Silas Clausen
Silas Clausen 4 months ago
Gold armor much?
JN 4 months ago
Pete Romero
Pete Romero 4 months ago
Died when Marcel just kept shouting, "Fuck" trying to breed them hahahaha
ZYK-Revolze 4 months ago
use golden armor so the pig-lin’s don’t attack you right away
[Devil Squad] Devilshadowdarko
[Devil Squad] Devilshadowdarko 4 months ago
Mully Ree kid
Mully Ree kid 4 months ago
Misfit D Prodigy
Misfit D Prodigy 4 months ago
Their screens and laughs fucking kill me
ScaredyBear 4 months ago
Gotta love how everyone has vanoss drawn in their thumbnails.
Dumper 4
Dumper 4 4 months ago
Wildcat is soooo petty im ngl thats one thing i hate about him ngl
tyler tidd
tyler tidd 4 months ago
Why when he hit the creature with the stick it reminded me of skyrim.
kawaii llama Aparicio
kawaii llama Aparicio 4 months ago
I don't think they knew we had gold in the nether so the pig don't kill them
George Stoody
George Stoody 5 months ago
Of course they found the bastion and the biome with the mushrooms required to ride striders in 30 seconds.
Melissa Knichel
Melissa Knichel 5 months ago
Joe Crippling Depression
Joe Crippling Depression 5 months ago
At least nogla got what he deserved
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