Among Us but there’s proximity chat and it’s amazing...

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3 months ago

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ЭLITЭ Rambo 2 days ago
1:23 😂😂😂-2:00 U did good kid hahah
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 4 days ago
The smart touch successively squeak because column analytically arrest throughout a pink foot. miniature, hateful edger
A silver 3 in CSGO
A silver 3 in CSGO 4 days ago
3:35 that rhyme tho
Victor Guel
Victor Guel 6 days ago
Lmao his first round they only got doblle kills
Chandler Evans
Chandler Evans 11 days ago
Tyler's beatboxing is really good
Old Evolution
Old Evolution 14 days ago
Yoo SubZeroExtabyte? Haven’t heard that name in a while.
NO NAME 15 days ago
0:39 im impressed of how both of your voices fit perfectly when singing lmao
Moe 1
Moe 1 28 days ago
Marcel Tha homie
AK Media
AK Media Month ago
I am F**king love this channel
Eliyyahu Month ago
The best part of this is watching everyone’s perspective on their channels
Sean Cartinella
Sean Cartinella Month ago
I'm sooooo happy that they haven't went back to the regular type. This is awesome
koondaz Month ago
Memøry Month ago
Lazy Doggo Content
Lazy Doggo Content Month ago
5:59 Anthonys reaction is the same as mine when I die in among us
Shahir Aiman
Shahir Aiman Month ago
Karma on xbox
Karma on xbox Month ago
If Marcel saw them ran out of specimen who ever reported could vote them
Starr Castillo
Starr Castillo Month ago
Wild Cat: “Hey Evan click kill now”
Miles Nichols
Miles Nichols Month ago
lov the vids
Elliot Roberts
Elliot Roberts Month ago
14:47 I thought that was a set up for a sponsor but then he got killed
Jayden Moody
Jayden Moody Month ago
Wildcat and his friends:"AROUND ME BABY" 0:40
thecaser Month ago
Hi wildcat I have started my own USposts hopefully I can make a life out of this One more thing I have been inspired from you thank u for that
Eman San
Eman San Month ago
Hey wildcat what is your creator name on cold war I want to add you as a support
Ryoma Hoshi
Ryoma Hoshi Month ago
Marcels scream for help
IM_Devo Month ago
probably one of my favorite vids
Itzel A. Memories
Itzel A. Memories Month ago
Vanoss trying to kill Marcel because he thought it was going to be a double kill 3:36
Donald Tump
Donald Tump Month ago
Marzell shouting was funny af
Justin La Platney
Justin La Platney Month ago
Bro wtf you editor edits out some of the best part
Dean America
Dean America 21 day ago
That’s so every guy doesn’t upload the same video
Mahoney Jack
Mahoney Jack Month ago
The giant hot alternately mourn because pyjama possibly behave during a quizzical purple. tested, late risk
JackalZenos Month ago
The best part was Marcel screaming
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas Month ago
The stiff modem osmotically grab because billboard beautifully separate through a wise expert. resonant, highfalutin subway
PlatinumLCG Month ago
how do you record videos on a console? do you need any external software
Dean America
Dean America 15 days ago
@PlatinumLCG I only brought up among us because you should of saw those videos and realized they use PC
PlatinumLCG 16 days ago
@Dean America no it was about recording on a console in general not on the specific game! I did it on this video at the time because it was the most recent! DAMN
Dean America
Dean America 21 day ago
Wow you’re dumb, they record on pc. You can’t play among us on console
Eevee 2 months ago
The best among us videos on youtube, fight me- Did anyone else bust into laughter at 1:22? No, just me? Okay
Ty Dy
Ty Dy 2 months ago
A.C. 2 months ago
The dislikes are 666 lmao
Marcus Alexander
Marcus Alexander 2 months ago
This is the greatest play ever made 14:43
Collin Aills
Collin Aills 2 months ago
Basically is Italy during WW2 "Alliance with the murderer" and Wildcat is Germany
YUH BOI 2 months ago
Me: who could be an better imposter then nogla? Wildcat:Uploads this
Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina 2 months ago
spectre 0923
spectre 0923 2 months ago
Marcel the homie
Oatmel 2 months ago
0:28 I got so much robux finally because of *rbx. fun*
I am Depressed
I am Depressed 2 months ago
1:21 *noooOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOO!!!! HEEEEEEELP!!!* me every among us game when someones chasing me
JOHN NGO 2 months ago
The stupid good-bye optically enjoy because software invariably boil at a large growth. charming, future futuristic discussion
Brenda Turner
Brenda Turner 2 months ago
Wildcat and Marcel: We made an Alliance Vanoss: NANI?!
linh nguyen
linh nguyen 2 months ago
The spectacular ink unusually wave because move finallly protect among a zealous newsstand. empty, possible value
Marc ford
Marc ford 2 months ago
One of the developers are a roblox youtuber
Fruit Gang
Fruit Gang 2 months ago
1:59 And 2:07 are the best parts of this video
The Romanian Reject
The Romanian Reject 2 months ago
The wasteful plow peroperatively wish because select certainly pinch of a repulsive shoulder. bite-sized, chubby pillow
Mathew Torres
Mathew Torres 2 months ago
1:21 that almost killed me 🤣
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 2 months ago
0:23 foreshadowing
Cathy Mitchell
Cathy Mitchell 2 months ago
Marceau is me when I see a combat knife bo3 1:22
KaylaVixen 2 months ago
14:54 😭🤍
Lochlin Postvanderburg
Lochlin Postvanderburg 2 months ago
Marcel broke the sound barrier
TIME_Salty 2 months ago
This content makes me laugh a lot
Radiical 2 months ago
“Hey Evan click kill now!”
Landon Powell
Landon Powell 2 months ago
Bobbie Harris
Bobbie Harris 2 months ago
Aww scotty you love marcel
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs 2 months ago
2:28 Catlirious
Alex Utterback
Alex Utterback 2 months ago
buttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbutton PHUQ
CrispyLemonz 2 months ago
I love how they chilled with Marcel, that was the funniest shit ever
Brandy Jamison
Brandy Jamison 2 months ago
what song were they singing in the beginning ?
Narwhal 2 months ago
Tyler: *Shuts door to storage* Anthony: o h n o
Duck 2 months ago
dios flesh bud in the Thumbnail?
Titan Oof
Titan Oof 2 months ago
marcell screaming HEEELP is the funniest shit i’ve ever seen im dying
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer 2 months ago
1:21 Terroriser:check vitals an- Marcel: *no!!! No!!! NOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!*
Julius Jaugelis
Julius Jaugelis 2 months ago
While watching u my depression faded away
Katherine Howard
Katherine Howard 2 months ago
Marcell is an ACTUAL 3d imposter
Khalil Cooper
Khalil Cooper 2 months ago
Bruh that accidental harmony
Tazbie Gaming
Tazbie Gaming 2 months ago
Ive watched this so many times but just noticed marcel screaming in beginning.
Queen Live Compilations
Queen Live Compilations 2 months ago
"Get out of this space ship" Map: Polus
Dragon King
Dragon King 2 months ago
I love this video so much
꧁PromerTheProtogen꧂ 2 months ago
Cat: GET IN WE WONT SNITCH!! Moo: NO!!!!!! Cat: GET I- GAAAH FUCK IT!! 10000 minutes later Delirious: IM PISSED Also delirious : jsuahahwhwh, im pissed- >:( At the end BUTTON BUTTON BUTTON... FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!
Buster Lee
Buster Lee 2 months ago
when wildcat gets three imposter games in a row. There Are No Mistakes -Master Oogway
Devin Hill
Devin Hill 2 months ago
I wanna see them play this with Lui
Cyrus Jones
Cyrus Jones 2 months ago
and called Anthony a purple pp eater XD
Cyrus Jones
Cyrus Jones 2 months ago
in dec 6 still watching this video, it still funnny
brandon parnham
brandon parnham 2 months ago
Delirious casually fucking up the lyrics and saying “Put your arms inside me baby”
the last OG banana
the last OG banana 2 months ago
Delirious: I don't whant to see u guys ever again Wildcat: why not Delirious: jdjtb Delirious: I'm just pissed
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas 2 months ago
The lively jaguar metrically pull because camera optically reach unlike a melodic shoulder. best, nippy ship
idk 2 months ago
3:33: The dynamic crewmate duo is here Have no fear What the fuck is going on over here? Me: Ha, that rhymed.
Dean America
Dean America 21 day ago
Here and here don’t rhyme because they are the same word
Reviewed Caleb
Reviewed Caleb 2 months ago
talk about 3rd imposter
Rayquaza123 straw456
Rayquaza123 straw456 2 months ago
whps 3rd
whps 3rd 2 months ago
I shall say it, Marcel and Tyler will be best friends for life :)
Fizuna 2 months ago
9:09 if you listen closely, you can hear Evan scream from the after life.
Maverick Nova
Maverick Nova 2 months ago
Anyone else cracked up at vanoss trying to murder Marcel after wildcat did puffer dirty 😂the panic in marcel’s voice lol
pikachu adventures Joseph
pikachu adventures Joseph 2 months ago
Linda Perez
Linda Perez 2 months ago
Leo Mena
Leo Mena 2 months ago
3:16 “this is gonna be good footage for both of us” “yayyayayayayeyyeyeyayayayayayyeye”
[Void]BlackoutBeatbox 2 months ago
15:56 me hears him beatboxing and starts doing liprolls and spit snares and doing a 3rd subharmonic throat bass with a 5th subharmonic vocal bass
ShinGojira62 Music
ShinGojira62 Music 2 months ago
1:19 Marcel screaming was my favorite part 😂
Drench 2 months ago
Vanoss: Protect me Wildcat: Aight, I'll protect you *kills him* You've been protected 😂😂
joseph rios
joseph rios 2 months ago
Mac Dollermore
Mac Dollermore 2 months ago
All for the footage: even crew mates will turn imposter for footage
Geo Gav
Geo Gav 2 months ago
Proximity chat makes this game 10x funnier. I've already seen Basically, Brian's, Brock's and Delirious' POV and now I'm here Edit: just saw puffer's POV and it was straight 🔥🔥🔥
Valley Gamer
Valley Gamer 3 months ago
I can imagine 2 imposters setting a kidnapping scene with proximity chat lmao "Kid behave!" *smacks table* Random Person: What in the holy- "Get in the bag!" *muffled noises*
Bazavark 3 months ago
Killer Of Milk
Killer Of Milk 3 months ago
If you hear closely you can hear Evan say"god damnit"9:08
Blitzen boi4225
Blitzen boi4225 3 months ago
Jimmy yt
Jimmy yt 3 months ago
The end was fucking hilarious as fuck
Cody James
Cody James 3 months ago
1:19 to 1:30 I'm dead 😂😂
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