Assassin's Creed Valhalla but I’m the first Viking to discover explosives...

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19 days ago

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Tom Nook
Tom Nook 15 days ago
So it’s just Assassin’s creed odyssey but *C* *O* *L* *D*
J Mouse47
J Mouse47 15 days ago
I am convinced wildcat is a god tier gambler now😐
Zabba Pow
Zabba Pow 15 days ago
Talking over literally everything failing to be funny is annoying af.
Lukrem Gaming
Lukrem Gaming 15 days ago
No she took your cheese after she poisoned you
Hen man
Hen man 15 days ago
luv wildcat
Tyler S.
Tyler S. 16 days ago
5:26 he says brains because he has 2, one is normal brain the other is brain for among us..
Jacob J
Jacob J 16 days ago
I think it comes out the 9th that’s what people are saying and it says the release date is on the 9th too maybe it’s just for people that pre ordered
Rodrigo Recio
Rodrigo Recio 16 days ago
Plsy the whole game i enjoyed it
Rodrigo Recio
Rodrigo Recio 16 days ago
More videos
Darealnoone 16 days ago
Slaymyface135 16 days ago
Codybellinger can finally use that baseball bat for good XD
Luka Richardsson
Luka Richardsson 16 days ago
I just starter instaling it now in 2 days i Will play it yayy
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 17 days ago
Dang another shit assassins creed
Jude Johnstone
Jude Johnstone 17 days ago
Can he put a spoiler warning in the Intro? a trip to america is kinda a spoiler.
Maddux May
Maddux May 17 days ago
What’s the music at 55 seconds
Robert Young
Robert Young 17 days ago
I want to be excited for this game... But Too bad Ubisoft and their Support sucks
Iamgoose 17 days ago
Anyone know what that dice game is called gonna buy it 😫
Kaylah Mail
Kaylah Mail 17 days ago
Where are the deer at *doe* pun intended
Snoogies Gaming
Snoogies Gaming 17 days ago
Biden our president 🥰
Bloodmourne The First
Bloodmourne The First 17 days ago
2:45 Tyler is joking right? He does know what she meant right?!?!
Bloodmourne The First
Bloodmourne The First 17 days ago
Anyone know what the song from the beginning is called?
KiiLLSH0T X 17 days ago
Only OGs remember the legend.......... RUNFAST MCCHUNKY
PallyPenguin 17 days ago
for the love of god pronounce Valhalla correctly. Its Hall-a not hal-a
ZyFy 17 days ago
Jann Merick
Jann Merick 17 days ago
The fact of other people hated this game, and now they're loving it.
Vargyr 17 days ago
What you were confused by would likely be Fenrir from Norse mythology.
soar soar
soar soar 17 days ago
Rip king von
El Niño
El Niño 17 days ago
Why is it 1080p. Cmon.
ye boi
ye boi 17 days ago
5:57 wildcat finds moldy cheese credits roll
Instxnces 17 days ago
I hope we can see Gods. It's Vallhalla, the Norse Heaven.
Beat Zaber
Beat Zaber 17 days ago
I pre ordered the gold edition for my b day!
Harris 17 days ago
Ghost of Tsushima with a Vikings role instead of a Samurai
Cx.monsteryt yt
Cx.monsteryt yt 17 days ago
Can you play rust again please
Diaper Daddy
Diaper Daddy 17 days ago
Him riding up the mountain just reminds me of riding up to highhrowthgar in Skyrim
Brandon Cano
Brandon Cano 17 days ago
Can someone tell me what editing software wildcat uses?
Hirad Motamed
Hirad Motamed 17 days ago
That Fafnir moment really got me hyped up
Ghost 17 days ago
I don’t count this as an ac game until I get the hidden blade
Ghost 17 days ago
It’s not an ac game without the iconic hidden blade
Mari Ralph
Mari Ralph 17 days ago
That Horse come from Skyrim
outdun11 -_-
outdun11 -_- 17 days ago
Is that horse an ancestor of the Skyrim horse
Joseph Disney
Joseph Disney 17 days ago
Tyler the tattoos you got of jormungunder is the world serpent
Squidward Tortellini
Squidward Tortellini 17 days ago
I love this game, can’t wait to play it
Ben Schroeder
Ben Schroeder 17 days ago
Where is ur yearly madden game against moo?
random guy
random guy 17 days ago
Tyler sounded drunk at the start of the video lol
Joseph Tiberio
Joseph Tiberio 17 days ago
Can someone tell me how ppl are playing Valhalla already, wth is going on????
Brittney Harjo
Brittney Harjo 17 days ago
moldy cheese
Ash Watchez
Ash Watchez 17 days ago
Assassins creed but Skyrim
Mr Chiko
Mr Chiko 17 days ago
His feet were absolutely WHITE I'm the snow
Mariah Higashi
Mariah Higashi 17 days ago
"lets do something productive!" *gets drunk*
Tsupheng 17 days ago
8:34 damn Fenrir looks cool , well a little bit of him .
XbullX55X 17 days ago
I dont count this one as assassins creed, it would be better if it was more assassiny, theres not much climbing buildings and parkour or whatever
Fat Jutsu
Fat Jutsu 17 days ago
That was the world serpent lokis kid
Harrison Hucks
Harrison Hucks 17 days ago
Is he playing this on ps4 or ps5
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke 17 days ago
Volta 17 days ago
Wildcat is the most sweaty dice player.
Yoola' Roola
Yoola' Roola 17 days ago
Can u play more apex
callmebill mw
callmebill mw 17 days ago
Wildcat i just watched ypur first video and its crazy how far ypu have gone you have rwally inspired me to try youtube and hope you have a very good life man
callmebill mw
callmebill mw 17 days ago
Ment to be your and you
John Doran
John Doran 17 days ago
Listen to Amon Armath while playing this game and beat it in under an hour.
Chibi.K.O.† 17 days ago
OK, there are dragons, if there are some spells too, then this is new Skyrim.
Jaylon Luna
Jaylon Luna 16 days ago
wasn't a dragon pretty sure it was Fenrir from Norse mythology
Ruat Lian
Ruat Lian 17 days ago
Nothing every good comes when you give wildcat explosive.
C_LOS 17 days ago
I wish wildcat would do a full game play but we all know 😞
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 17 days ago
Drop down your favorite assassins game
Nathan_T_ Brano
Nathan_T_ Brano 17 days ago
This is the perfect game for Tyler to do his Norwegian accent
WARRIORODIN 17 days ago
What was that intro song
Deafening Gem
Deafening Gem 17 days ago
This is basically free-roam For Honor
Oblivion V1
Oblivion V1 18 days ago
Nice find Wildcat You found blue cheese!
Ruthless Sage_77
Ruthless Sage_77 18 days ago
STREME SPOATS where's the World of Tanks vid?
Rebecca Battles
Rebecca Battles 18 days ago
Welcome to Norway
Matthew L
Matthew L 18 days ago
5:28 this man sees the most perfect crack for a handjam or to use as a jug, but decids to grab the sloper 8 inches above it.
Amunate _x
Amunate _x 18 days ago
I kinda think everthing is great... besides the combat
hunnid mag
hunnid mag 18 days ago
November 10th my doggys birthday
Elsoy Poptart
Elsoy Poptart 18 days ago
Do yall think i should buy?
Blade Hill
Blade Hill 18 days ago
Wildcat: The first viking to discover explosives Me: Reality can be whatever it wants
Remoteliss 18 days ago
“Where can I find a place to hunt animals” “Bring me deer horn from hunting and I’ll tell you”
Cherri Bomb
Cherri Bomb 16 days ago
That Logic, just straight up 10/10
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson 18 days ago
He cut Thoguht the sheild unrealistic youre weapon would get stuck and you would die
BLADE 18 days ago
I’m absolutely loving these vids I’m creaming my self ever time I watch one
Bruh, little TMI.😂
Legion101 18 days ago
Anyone remember wildcat as well
Raphael Alexander
Raphael Alexander 18 days ago
If it turns out this game isn't that different from the previous two, I'll just try to finish Odyssey. If it turns out this one makes enough changes I might just jump to this without finishing Odyssey.
dimandnikekid 127
dimandnikekid 127 18 days ago
If only the Vikings had modern explosives than they would've rule the world
Will Isaacs
Will Isaacs 18 days ago
You should play Phasmophobia
Zero 18 days ago
I wish you'd upload the full gameplay I'd love to watch the full hours
Shark X_X
Shark X_X 18 days ago
Why that intro song to the gameplay kinda fire? What is name and how is it lit?
Jackal King
Jackal King 18 days ago
My mom actually had her head split open by an icicle when she played with them when she was young
Marshall Noles
Marshall Noles 18 days ago
burn baby burn
Tuber Gaming
Tuber Gaming 18 days ago
I’m so happy with this game I preordered it yesterday
romero1337 18 days ago
Remember when Assassins Creed actually had something to do with.....assassins? neither....
M0X Gh0st
M0X Gh0st 18 days ago
Hi Tyler love ur vids but can you play more mw?
Damien Francia
Damien Francia 18 days ago
Needs less deer and more explosions....
Noah Eberly
Noah Eberly 18 days ago
This is an Assassin's Creed game? Haven't seen much assassination
Jermya 15 days ago
At least they brought back the hidden blade lol
Ima Parrotlet
Ima Parrotlet 18 days ago
Are you on series x?
KyEz0aR_ 18 days ago
Gordon, Look Out! EXPLOSIVES!
Magic kink
Magic kink 18 days ago
I remember in Assassin's Creed 3 you could just run up to the the dear and kill them. I miss the homestead, hopefully this game has something similar.
tacotoucan 69
tacotoucan 69 17 days ago
I loved AC3 idk why so many ppl hated it
Terrorkatt 18 days ago
This ain’t assassins creed, this is budget for honor
Ukx lol guy
Ukx lol guy 18 days ago
The game comes out the day of my nans funeral
jake buckle
jake buckle 18 days ago
Would love this as a series for a play through
beans of life
beans of life 18 days ago
Anyone elese getting vinland saga flashbacks or just me?
SCHPLATT 18 days ago
These solo videos arent tht great
Vilderin 18 days ago
It looks fun and exciting to play, but its got quite a few historical inaccuracies.
David Salazar
David Salazar 18 days ago
I wish wildcat said "I had a bow and arrow and just started blastin"
Maceplays yt
Maceplays yt 18 days ago
Tyler what do think she meant
Aidan Carr
Aidan Carr 18 days ago
Tyler playing The Dice Game makes me want him to play Magic Arena
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