Among Us but WILDCAT and Nogla are the most efficient Impostors EVER...

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Month ago

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Chaos Gaming
Chaos Gaming 2 days ago
"This one is a dead JD" Me realizing my name is JD : o_O
Black Heart
Black Heart 5 days ago
This stream was great
Noa Araiza
Noa Araiza 6 days ago
Delirious is so stupid and was one of the best 3rd impostors ever
LC Officer UNIT 97
LC Officer UNIT 97 8 days ago
Nogla will always be the imposter.
Narwhal 8 days ago
Delirious is worse than Nogla, so glad I don't watch his channel.
gwandpa badman
gwandpa badman 9 days ago
its good to see droidd again
Mu Yueliang
Mu Yueliang 10 days ago
Milton, offended: *"ARE YOU--excuse--I BEG YOUR PARDON?!?"*
topdog 9817
topdog 9817 10 days ago
Wildcat proved that vega and droid were the killers and delirious still voted 4 wildcat, exactly y I don't watch him
Yurem Juarez
Yurem Juarez 10 days ago
Vegaboi is so dumb for killing in front of CAT
Fatie Estrada
Fatie Estrada 12 days ago
Oh man I haven’t seen droid in a good while, I hope the mans doin all good :,)
Zach Post
Zach Post 14 days ago
H20 IQ is so low then nogla
Julian Heng
Julian Heng 14 days ago
delirious i love you, but ur so dumb hahaha lol xd lmao wooooooot
Kofi Edjah
Kofi Edjah 15 days ago
I’m sorry but Droid’s “ No fue yo” killed me😂
GAMERGIRL 2001 17 days ago
I’m so sad I want to be friends with you guys omg😂😂😂😭 I’m dead
MrbunnyFTW 17 days ago
What thumbnail maker do you use?
The Homesteading Hobbit
The Homesteading Hobbit 17 days ago
This video is hilarious. Between Tyler overselling and Milton's soundbites "serial killer", "are you...excuse you...???" Hahahahahaha Milton's fun!
IVI4I_IR0 20 days ago
trista jager
trista jager 23 days ago
Deilurus is dumb
Da _Kewlkid
Da _Kewlkid 24 days ago
Milton Östlund
Milton Östlund 25 days ago
Damn i was in his game good game guys
Classie&Mya Vlogsss
Classie&Mya Vlogsss 27 days ago
My name is Classie and I jumped every time they yelled classy🤣🤣
MATEO S 27 days ago
Whos better at imposter wildcat or corpse
Korbyn Mcklosky
Korbyn Mcklosky 28 days ago
Delirious sucks at this game
Jdyn Flips
Jdyn Flips 28 days ago
1:23 no one literally no one Wildcat: skru bada du du rrrabada dee dada deee Dow rrabada
Red 28 days ago
Agent Milton looking weird rn
adub fanatics
adub fanatics 29 days ago
Brroooooo the vega kill with delirious third imposter pissed me off
Simone Nicole
Simone Nicole 29 days ago
Do a face reveal plz
Brian Harris
Brian Harris Month ago
rock and roll
SilverZombie44 Month ago
I ain’t seen SilentDroid in FOREVER.
KTFO Month ago
Milton: "Vote him then vote me" Vega: *IM GONNA PUT IT DOWN, FLIP IT, AND REVERSE IT*
Pasifiki Kioa
Pasifiki Kioa Month ago
noice lads keep that good sh*t up!!
alex almanza
alex almanza Month ago
Is Droid silentdroid???
MISTERrQ _ 22 days ago
Brian Pichette St-Cyr
Brian Pichette St-Cyr Month ago
Seeing Milton pist off is just so funny to watch 🤣🤣
DujeTheGamer Month ago
Milton defended ddroid who was an impostor and they NEVER said anything bout it
Freakvio Month ago
Dellirios really dumb.
Omega Riddler
Omega Riddler Month ago
I'm mind blown seeing JKap in one of your videos.
aurelio Hernandez
aurelio Hernandez Month ago
Tyler S.
Tyler S. Month ago
delirious' reason for voting wildcat and tying that round: he was sussing wildcat all game....... BiG bRaIn DeLiRiOuS oN tHe JoB
Deceit Month ago
Vega caught delirious in a genjutsu in the beginning he made him think it was wildcat the whole time
Dyson Month ago
After the first game with Nogla, I had the dumbest fucking smile on my face 🤭
Darren Prasad
Darren Prasad Month ago
Guys can we help vega out with some subs for a brother
Plo O
Plo O Month ago
Intro wild fuuuuuuuuck in his mind
Anneli Li
Anneli Li Month ago
Played 20hrs this game and i just cant play it anymore. People are brainless constat simping and sussing everyone that sus them when there is clear evidence .
GamerHead 007
GamerHead 007 Month ago
Droid: “Hear me out... it’snotme.”
s m
s m Month ago
4:04 *gasp* youu!
D AGUON Month ago
Just listening to wildcat saying it was so fast do made me cry
Jackson Merritt
Jackson Merritt Month ago
I da hate milton
Cloudy Dayz_
Cloudy Dayz_ Month ago
I swear delirious is the master of 3rd impostering
Jeremiah Barfield
Jeremiah Barfield Month ago
Not true for me my name starts with b and my names berry
Kameron Watson
Kameron Watson Month ago
I ain't gonna lie Delirious is trash at this game smh🤦🏾‍♂️
Yuki The Qt
Yuki The Qt Month ago
6:30 tf did milton say. brava??? does he mean Bravo? xD
Unknown_Era Yt
Unknown_Era Yt Month ago
delirious is kind of not big brain
SamuraiLeg3nd Month ago
Delirious has entered Orchium density
Noe Neri
Noe Neri Month ago
The “no fui yo hijo ahhhhuuu” fucking killed me 🤣🤣
NovaTGN Month ago
Marcel: I'm not unmuting for the rest of the game Me: oh no please don't your voice totally doesn't give me a headache or anything YOU TOTALLY DONT SCREAM EVERY OTHER FUCKING SENTENCE!!!!!!!!
Maxwell Price
Maxwell Price Month ago
Droid literally confesses but delirious is too busy talking, a failed game
Shadow Helix9681
Shadow Helix9681 Month ago
2:52 delirious:im not throwing you're the imposter wildcat. Me an intellectual: *facepalm*
Sam gaming
Sam gaming Month ago
4:57 Droid defend yourself with anime moans
Aveen / True
Aveen / True Month ago
I cannot thank you enough for the lego yoda death sound
Ivan Oyea
Ivan Oyea Month ago
Droid actually said not me in Spanish
Kurrent Playz
Kurrent Playz Month ago
I love how droid literally said "Wildcats too smart for us bro" and NO ONE picked up on it 😂😂
TempoTangy Month ago
Dylan Canady
Dylan Canady Month ago
i honestly love watching tylers channel, makes me laugh everyday when im watching his videos. thank you wildcat.
marcel has his fucken nerve to be upset at noglas response but he gets voted EVERY GAME.
Chafoot Gaming
Chafoot Gaming Month ago
i love droids spanish its too whosome
Lil morty Lmao
Lil morty Lmao Month ago
Michael Jackson 1:23
ShadeSlayer562 Month ago
ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE Only cultured gamers will get the reference
Ψ Yonik Ψ
Ψ Yonik Ψ Month ago
I’m happy Droidd is becoming more known in the videos
Bre G
Bre G Month ago
Wow Milton has a very good bluffing voice lol!
Apollyons Bae
Apollyons Bae Month ago
Shisui Month ago
Dream Team
ELITEc Month ago
6:00 Pro gamer move by Vega and Milton’s reaction made me spit up my coffee “YOU JUST SAID WHAT I SAID AND REVERSED IT!!!”
Stepbro Gage
Stepbro Gage Month ago
Stand on a dead body as an innocent and when someone comes and reports it say you were saluting your fallen soldier
ElMucho DingDong
ElMucho DingDong Month ago
The disappointment in his voice "but I was so fast" 😔
A. Theil
A. Theil Month ago
Imagine if Milton decided to use his Kiki Chanel voice during this session LMAO
TheLostLoser Month ago
This is one of the Best Vidoes I have ever seen
Devin Newsom
Devin Newsom Month ago
Delirious stinks at crewmate he's a third imposter
Huh_What_JD Month ago
Every time you play with milton all I can think is him saying STANN
T Y S H A N Month ago
13:44 Dats one bold statement 👋 \ 😳 || \_ _/¯ ¯\_
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton Month ago
Dude delirious is so bad lmao
April Miller
April Miller Month ago
Best content ever
Instinct Month ago
Basically gets annoying accusing everyone a lot honestly
Monster_ Elite
Monster_ Elite Month ago
Great to see droid again
Brandon Ewart
Brandon Ewart Month ago
D roid is the best I am so happy he is back
pineapple juice
pineapple juice Month ago
marcel:" nogla what did u do this round??" Nogla" none of your focking business how bout DAT" that was hella savage ngl
SadisticalShadow Month ago
Yo why is Basically so mean to Nogla???
akaSenso Month ago
jkap as in the RL pro??
ii_SlurpeeSquad _ii
ii_SlurpeeSquad _ii Month ago
Tyler was acting crazy the first 25 seconds lol
klins end
klins end Month ago
Im glad droidd came back this Time with the milk
Dayton Paz
Dayton Paz Month ago
I just remembered droid from GTA 5 its been a long time and now he is playing among us with wildcat damn
actuallythedog Month ago
I never thought I would see the day that Wildcat is actually excited to have Nogla as a teammate...
Tactical Amateur
Tactical Amateur Month ago
Didn't think I'd ever see the day when Wildcat was exited to be with Nogla
Edson Roque
Edson Roque Month ago
No fui yo means it wasnt me dafuq lmao
RedSkull Crusher
RedSkull Crusher Month ago
Is droiid backkkkk
Cristian Fachini
Cristian Fachini Month ago
Corpse husband and wildcat would've unstoppable
D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell Month ago
Carlos made an appearance
Pretzelz Month ago
Wait this many comments? wow
Lord G
Lord G Month ago
DROID!!! I missed him
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Month ago
Imagine if wildcat and nogla were good imposter. *14 MINUTES LATER* ok never mind
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