in real life but it's a complete disaster... (Drawing Pokémon from Memory)

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29 days ago

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I AM WILDCAT 28 days ago
Cop a Youtooz before they sell out! #ad
Yam zing
Yam zing 2 days ago
Hello from Portugal, Can you Drawing yours friend characters,
Cody Kinney
Cody Kinney 5 days ago
Yo. He drew Electabuff
MJ Bateman why did you look me up
MJ Bateman why did you look me up 27 days ago
Panda has ARTtISM
carl negan
carl negan 27 days ago
One piece
Spartan King
Spartan King 27 days ago
I just ordered it
Adam Brosche
Adam Brosche Day ago
Panda: Dragovich? i think Reznov: Steiner... Kravchenko.... Dragovich... All... must... die
Corbin Norris
Corbin Norris 2 days ago
He should have done Dram-ma
Juppy Alayu
Juppy Alayu 4 days ago
Definetly inspired in jaiden animation and oneoddouts
Red Panda
Red Panda 5 days ago
Oh man LOL I choose you DRAMPANDA!!!
z0mbiefy 5 days ago
75% of this video *hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
Dark L
Dark L 6 days ago
You should asked 3 people to guess what people they are from the drawings and each time they get it right you get 1.poaint , first to 10 points wins and has to eat a spicy chicken
Seal Bur
Seal Bur 8 days ago
That’s a sick Gyardos - Golbat hybrid
Seal Bur
Seal Bur 8 days ago
Bruh That’s not Onyx that’s a Weedle.
Jonathan Panameno cruz
Jonathan Panameno cruz 8 days ago
I really love Pokémon’s videos plz do more, and do more with Anthony
Virtual Leader
Virtual Leader 8 days ago
I think you mean Pictionary
Steakdog17 8 days ago
"Oh god, he's lovely"
Scott Mann
Scott Mann 8 days ago
Slippaslide is wrong, Thats the kid sized water slide pokemon MiniLadder, (kids only)
Killerbee8776 10 days ago
I’m over here dying lol
Sarah_is_Lovesick 12 days ago
I died at the draco fish! 🤣🤣🤣
Taking the L
Taking the L 13 days ago
Drampanda all day t Dude sorry cat lmao
Adam D'Ettorre
Adam D'Ettorre 13 days ago
Houndoom is my favorite pokemon
Tatterbug 08
Tatterbug 08 14 days ago
That charmander is the best drawing I’ve seen from wildcat
Tristin Rock
Tristin Rock 14 days ago
So ive always loved pokemon and you and Anthony got me wanting to start collecting cards so i just bought a binder and my 1st pack on amazon and i cant wait till they get here. What packs would you recommend getting for those just starting out?
personguy212gaming 15 days ago
I think drampanda was better
Some dude on YouTube
Some dude on YouTube 15 days ago
Sell those drawings for $50 a pop people will buy them😂
nospaceKat 17 days ago
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy 17 days ago
3:56 The way he says it kills me every time 🤣
Mr. Narwhal
Mr. Narwhal 17 days ago
Mew is number 151 not 150
Jahx 17 days ago
drampanda was better and please do more they are so funny
Elorian Darklord
Elorian Darklord 17 days ago
It's Shrek! 11:16
J P 18 days ago
Who else remembers the pokemon sword playthrough?...Yeah, I'm still waiting...
Joost Loftus
Joost Loftus 18 days ago
Please someone make an epic drawing of their Pokemon drawings
TheAuMiner 20 days ago
Drampanda....also Wildcat not doing a pig-related Pokemon is a missed opportunity....
Gemini __ HML
Gemini __ HML 20 days ago
HARD *That’s the intro
Pearl Galaxy
Pearl Galaxy 20 days ago
OMG some of the funniest shit ever 😂🤣
hindu_frappe 20 days ago
Does anyone know the background music?
Rexxomation 20 days ago
Smh mew is 151 not 150
Ghost - Brawl Stars
Ghost - Brawl Stars 20 days ago
I hope they do more of this it’s so funny XD
Kyle Frank
Kyle Frank 22 days ago
"It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Onix."
Violet 22 days ago
Holy shit this video gave me the hardest giggles in a while haha I’d love to see you and Anthony do more of these silly drawings!
Samurai_ Kakarot
Samurai_ Kakarot 22 days ago
An easy one would be ditto
RyDa Light
RyDa Light 22 days ago
Omg more please very fun and entertaining. Im sorry also becauss I choose you DRAMPANDA
Samantha Fowler
Samantha Fowler 22 days ago
This is the serotonin we all need at the end of 2020!
ExIsReal 22 days ago
The Kabutops nearly killed me. XD
Melchard Caranto
Melchard Caranto 23 days ago
11:22 SNORT
Spawnnagi14 Warzone
Spawnnagi14 Warzone 23 days ago
I got one of his youtooz
Jonathan Luck
Jonathan Luck 23 days ago
11:17, did someone open a creaky door?
Ken Mclawhorn
Ken Mclawhorn 23 days ago
Wildcat drew an orange dolphin 😂
MeGaH nOvAh
MeGaH nOvAh 23 days ago
Draco malfish and yellow shrek
TylerStar62 23 days ago
I would love if the Pokémon devs found this and made your Pokémon. Also slippislide is better.
Give me a name Suggestion
Give me a name Suggestion 23 days ago
one of the funniest duos here 😂
Israel Delgado
Israel Delgado 24 days ago
I’m proud to say I got one of yours Youtooz 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🐷🐷🐷
27Hellblazer 24 days ago
Funniest vid I’ve seen in a whiiile 😂😂
27Hellblazer 24 days ago
Pandas actually good at drawing lmao
ThunderHammer915 24 days ago
Cunning Fox
Cunning Fox 24 days ago
Sad we didn’t see Charizard or Snorlax drawn in here... You guys def would’ve made them T H I C C
Larisa Gomez
Larisa Gomez 24 days ago
NEXT VIDEO IDEA: draw but while drunk
Mike Raad
Mike Raad 24 days ago
The gorgeous hockey alternatively cure because mitten tinctorially bare failing a damaged scallion. tacky, orange stocking
Lando Commando
Lando Commando 24 days ago
That’s electrobuff not no electrobuzz
Phantom gaming_X
Phantom gaming_X 24 days ago
Coolpool 785
Coolpool 785 25 days ago
I keep forgetting that Wildcat isn't an anthropomorphic pig that always wears a helmet
ToastyTy 25 days ago
I died on the kabutops so doofy
Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz 25 days ago
Wouldn’t this just be drawing Pokémon from memory?
damen carthage
damen carthage 25 days ago
you both should try drawing yourselfs as pokemon..... the jiggly panda and the wildkat. as you both think they should look to you.
Károly Nagy
Károly Nagy 25 days ago
in jiggly's video i jinxed mr mime for myself.. now i jinxed onix, wtf
Cameron Harrington
Cameron Harrington 25 days ago
Mom made chicken... WHAT A FUCKIN THROWBACK
Luka Haenraets
Luka Haenraets 25 days ago
trimmed beards have left the chat
Cuddlecat 25 days ago
Electriwire? I thought he was drawing a yellow shrek
Joshua West
Joshua West 25 days ago
Natrix Shyy
Natrix Shyy 25 days ago
I’m really glad you’re doing more videos with facecam. They’ve been super entertaining recently. Keep it up!
Nightmearboy123 25 days ago
The derpy face on Kabutops killed me
WobblewokGaming 25 days ago
I can actually see Slippaslide being an actual Pokemon, all it really needs is a design more akin to an actual Pokemon, and bam! We've got ourselves a Water/Ghost type Pokemon!
WobblewokGaming 25 days ago
@Emmanuel Ferto While that's a a good type, the main reason why I see this Fakemon as a Water/Ghost type is because it's an inanimate object coming to life, hence the ghost type.
Emmanuel Ferto
Emmanuel Ferto 25 days ago
I actually see it more as a Water/Steel type Pokemon, actually. I dunno how many Pokémon has that type.
Keyba 25 days ago
Draw Yu-Gi-Oh Cards next. That could be interesting :D
Haunting Hyena
Haunting Hyena 25 days ago
I would have loved them to draw pokemon from a random generator and see if the other person can guess what it is
Dead Kid
Dead Kid 25 days ago
Παναγιώτης Λαγούρος
Παναγιώτης Λαγούρος 25 days ago
Ethan B
Ethan B 25 days ago
It’s a fat, short, pink panther 😭
Gaming04 25 days ago
easiest is ditto
Zachary Stringfellow
Zachary Stringfellow 26 days ago
The easiest one to draw would be diglit lolll
JasonOnfries 26 days ago
Can't wait to put my Youtooz in a jar
Flash Like no other
Flash Like no other 26 days ago
Get rid of the thumbnail artist do it urself
Shorty123 26 days ago
Where’s Celibi?!?!?! 😭😭
Enderfox 26 days ago
Man Gen 9 is gunna b awesome😂
Ashton Blake
Ashton Blake 26 days ago
What is that accordion music for the tech difficulties
CelticShadow 26 days ago
tyler's electabuzz is the juggernaut with shrek ears LOL i love it.
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator 26 days ago
1:30 Panda's was a couple days late.
Amelia Faith
Amelia Faith 26 days ago
I gotta go with Drampanda. Mewrus killed me, but I lost it at Drampanda. Well done guys 😂
Samuel Papalia
Samuel Papalia 26 days ago
please do more of these vids but with the whole squad!!! This was amazing! Merry Christmas wildcat!
NoobasaurusRex 21
NoobasaurusRex 21 26 days ago
Please do more
Tacobell1384 26 days ago
Draw Pokémon fusions.
XxTaG GuNxX 26 days ago
Their laugh make ANYONE smile change my mind
Haley Sherick
Haley Sherick 26 days ago
Drampanda for the choice
Patron Playzz
Patron Playzz 26 days ago
You guys should do this while drunk🤣🤣
Bernie BillTom
Bernie BillTom 26 days ago
You need a mullet Tyler
LEE WILLIAMSON 26 days ago
This should be a series
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 26 days ago
Draw turtle
Brian G
Brian G 26 days ago
we need a real artist rendition of those last two!
MrGreat26 26 days ago
Your Pokémon content has been some of my favorite videos in years 😂
Charge Maniac
Charge Maniac 26 days ago
It's nice to know wildcat is a star wars fan.....I LOVE STAR WARS
Vactrack 26 days ago
Both of their laughs just cure my soul
Daniel Of Duty
Daniel Of Duty 26 days ago
Lmmfao Charmander got Digivolution into CHONKMANSTERMON HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂
QTAsh 26 days ago
NOT 6 FT?....... "get back!!!!!.... get back i sayy!!!!!*
ImSirBacon 26 days ago
i'd pick drampanda
Tobi No
Tobi No 26 days ago
They need to do this while drunk
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