Among Us but crewmates HAVE to lie...

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I AM WILDCAT Month ago
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Zaddahar Month ago
I would if i wasnt british
Forever Precision
Forever Precision Month ago
SAMA 20 bruh I'm 12 and I can still get it ur good
SAMA 20 Month ago
Could this work for 16 year olds
Forever Precision
Forever Precision Month ago
How do we get the card?
sawyer gervais
sawyer gervais Month ago
I was going to get current but it is not in Canada
Peter Lengfelt
Peter Lengfelt 9 days ago
Since when is lying equal to just saying the opposite? xD
Keeley Rasche
Keeley Rasche 9 days ago
Red isn’t sus. Let’s not vote him out. I did not see red kill in front of me.
Berserker Boy
Berserker Boy 11 days ago
What promo code
Vertigo Descent
Vertigo Descent 12 days ago
Imagine: Among Us BUT... - only the DEAD can speak - the dead CANNOT say who the imposter/s are - the DEAD have to tell the LIVING where they were and what they LOOKED to be doing - the living get to try to determine who's sus based on their own view and what the dead saw
Japexa Rathod
Japexa Rathod 13 days ago
You feel so dumb omg I’m the best crewmate
Cool Hat Luke
Cool Hat Luke 15 days ago
It makes me so happy that shady was in this video.
Unspeakable crohns
Unspeakable crohns 16 days ago
This is the first time I saw his face
Benjamin McMahon
Benjamin McMahon 23 days ago
Why is Wildcat's player model covered in jizz?
Dave DD
Dave DD 24 days ago
The 3 inpostors is such a deathtrap if there are only 7 left 3 imps and you get one its still 6 and one double still wins the game
Nick Rudolph
Nick Rudolph Month ago
This video hurts my brain
WaVy D17
WaVy D17 Month ago
lmao current stole 300$ from me💀
S C Month ago
BjornGylfi Month ago
This is the first time i have watched a sponsor all the way through. Kinda tempting
Emiliano Reyes
Emiliano Reyes Month ago
i haven’t seen wild cats cute face in a while
Landon Dunning
Landon Dunning Month ago
My brain is fried
Jace Cummings
Jace Cummings Month ago
i HaHa
i HaHa Month ago
That card look nice and everything he said too ...I’m getting it
jdt 763
jdt 763 Month ago
This video for some reason had me dying 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀😂💀💀😂💀💀😂💀💀💀😂😂😂😂💀💀😂😂💀💀
S C Month ago
give it a shotgive it a shotgive it a shotgive it a shotgive it a shotgive it a shot
Colton Gibson Productions
Colton Gibson Productions Month ago
This just made me mad 😂
Kaleb Shafer
Kaleb Shafer Month ago
This does *not* hurt my brain at all.
Epic Gamer Man
Epic Gamer Man Month ago
Thought current was actually really cool then I go to get it and it's fucking incompatible with my device
Yelekaw Month ago
Your i teo is literally the best I've ever seen evwr
danny benavides
danny benavides Month ago
Im getting current I used your link I've been meaning to get it but I didn't have a job to be able to put money on it thanks for the recommendation i trust your judgement thanks again
teK -9
teK -9 Month ago
tippierscroll Month ago
I thought youd be blond
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Month ago
It went from lying to opposite day
Maroon Month ago
Half the time the weren’t even lying they were just speaking Oppositenese
ROJO DOJO Month ago
I didn't read the title I was very confused
Tyrone Huling
Tyrone Huling Month ago
Literally 30 seconds into the actual vid not the intro but the game I got a headache 😂
Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray Month ago
😂still rocking the po op hat ahahah
itsavibe Month ago
Bro tell me why this man could sell me anything
L Dog
L Dog Month ago
No homo Wildcat got some cute eyes no 🧢
Alexander Vassilev
Alexander Vassilev Month ago
Cashcurrent for when you cant get the cardswipe done first try.
Jaydir Month ago
brain.exe has stopped working
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Month ago
Bro i sometime get so confuse
Loovyx Month ago
This sponsor actually caught my eye I’m surprised
Isaiah Alvarez
Isaiah Alvarez Month ago
First ever face on camera
Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin Month ago
the one ad from i didnt skip
Poison Month ago
This video was not lies but mostly the opposite words
Wintry Fanatic43
Wintry Fanatic43 Month ago
Its among opposite day when discussing
swift dinosaur
swift dinosaur Month ago
My brain was fried in some parts of the video
MyKillerson Month ago
1:51 to skip the shilling
eddie gusar
eddie gusar Month ago
Definitely getting this card
Koy Gale
Koy Gale Month ago
“My head doesn’t hurt”
qcf Month ago
After watching this video, my brain cells literally imploded on themselves
Bunny78 Month ago
Hey Wildcat does it work in Australia?
HaroldValente Month ago
do one where crewmates HAVE to lie but impostors HAVE to tell the truth
Enzo Perez
Enzo Perez Month ago
Hey my name is also Enzo, I know I sound childish but I've been watching wildcat since I was a kid
Trent Sanders
Trent Sanders Month ago
Damn no samsung pay 😔
Reaper of Things
Reaper of Things Month ago
This is more “Among Us but it’s Opposite Day”
DrakeoHD Month ago
Thanks for the new bank tyler.
Ty Williams
Ty Williams Month ago
What do y’all think about current? Safe, worth it? Dumb choice?
Carl Rowton
Carl Rowton Month ago
What these guys don’t understand is that a question can’t be a lie. They kept saying, “ Who didn’t you see.” You don’t have to say didn’t because this is a question.
AlmostPurple200 Month ago
I cant tell if after the 3 imposter round started if they were still lying
Lily Ann
Lily Ann Month ago
My current cards white 🥰🥺
Imagine if you used Current + Honey LMAO
KeeKee Bear
KeeKee Bear Month ago
blue key
blue key Month ago
Best game ever
thomas potter
thomas potter Month ago
bro this dude killed and replaced the real wildcat
Alex Nairn
Alex Nairn Month ago
Living in New zealand, my bank does all the stuff
Landon Griekspoor
Landon Griekspoor Month ago
My Brain hearts
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta Month ago
Dude wtf even was that fuckin sponsor segment... a bank account? Wtf? And that long? Jeez
kole swan
kole swan Month ago
I still remember watching wildcat back when his voice cracked every time he got flustered 🤣 crazy seeing him with a beard and stash
xToxicKissesx Month ago
Im not even the one playing and i still have a headache 🤯
Dayton Howard
Dayton Howard Month ago
My brain hurts
Rud1e B1ue
Rud1e B1ue Month ago
Face reveal 😱😱😱
Jacob Adkins
Jacob Adkins Month ago
Idk if I trust current or not
Mateo Lopez
Mateo Lopez Month ago
yo that current card look pretty 🔥
ExpungedOrphans Month ago
I went to watch another video after adapting to how u guys were talking and my brain hurts
A simple Rotary.
A simple Rotary. Month ago
You know the sponsor is super cool when Tyler says super cool a super cool amount of times
Sofa Month ago
hey, that beard tho.
Red Viper
Red Viper Month ago
Great idea for a video, but you weren't only lying you were just saying the opposite of what you where all doing. A lie would be seeing blue kill someone and then say it was yellow. Saying blue didn't kill anyone would also be a lie... but it's a lame lie
SPECTRAL _2DVS Month ago
3:43 I laughed so hard at this scene LMAO
Anthony Rispole
Anthony Rispole Month ago
My head does not hurt
Kimo Leia
Kimo Leia Month ago
This video gave me an aneurysm
AppleSauce Month ago
All the 12 year olds telling their moms about current lol
SafeHouseLive TwitchMan
SafeHouseLive TwitchMan Month ago
When Current is incompatible with a Samsung A50 lol
KadeX Month ago
My brain was still hurting and I was still thinking in reverse when they switched to the 3 imposter game
Harvey Miller
Harvey Miller Month ago
I’m actually gonna grap this current card being that I’m 14 and in need of a bank card so that’s wildcat dude :)
Harvey Miller
Harvey Miller Month ago
But then I realise that the app “isn’t available in my country” :(
D1N0 AU Month ago
Wildcat the question is does it work in Australia???
Inkie Rose
Inkie Rose Month ago
My brain just watching this is confused, I can’t imagine how confused they were during the whole thing.
stephaintdeadyet! Month ago
it took me a minute to realize they went back to normal after 3 imposters
Sinferno Month ago
At 8:40 when they stopped lying, it ruined my brain even more. Lmao
Kaleb Marvin
Kaleb Marvin Month ago
Normal among us herts my headclet alone this
1 2 buckleMyShoe
1 2 buckleMyShoe Month ago
i know no one cares, but me and Enzo have the same name. sorry i don’t see Enzos often 🤣
MsFoxyQueen Month ago
Watching this hurting my head so much lol
Colton Pitts
Colton Pitts Month ago
Bruh those cards look badass
jurandfantom Month ago
NOOOOOOooooo I saw Wildcat face!!!!!
Lord Pumpkin
Lord Pumpkin Month ago
Sneak increased to 99 but leveling up to 19. 👌
Sam_Crazy 1414
Sam_Crazy 1414 Month ago
I lost a brain cell at 3:51
Ru5ty Month ago
I had a fucking stroke watching this.
Midnight Blade
Midnight Blade Month ago
I wonder who has it becuz it is interesting ok might show watever it wants us to do but who has it rn by signing up. I hope I can use it and stuff. it is awesome
Carlos B
Carlos B Month ago
I can’t think anymore my brain hurts
Zoshue Month ago
Seeing that po-op hat brought back some good ass memories
Hopperbuns Month ago
Idk if u guys understand would die to play a among us game with wildcat
Shorty Chido
Shorty Chido Month ago
This totally messed my head up I was watching moo’s q/a about his daughter and I though they were talking opposite
Thatoneboy Jerrol
Thatoneboy Jerrol Month ago
Bruhhh my fucking brain couldn’t keep up I swear 🤣🤣😂
Wrinkled Soul
Wrinkled Soul Month ago
I love how there was no warning when they started telling the truth so now everyone's brains hurt from trying to decode things they didn't need to decode, lmfao (pls kill me).
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