Among Us but I need to learn to talk quieter...

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19 days ago

The future is near:
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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...
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Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel 18 hours ago
5:20 funniest kill in the video
Ricardo Espinoza
Ricardo Espinoza 5 days ago
Anyone know what Megan’s @ is 🤔
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 7 days ago
i scanned the QR code thing and it says this”Yo holmes, smell you later”
Finesse Peanut
Finesse Peanut 8 days ago
what im doing snooping around is i do what the fuck i want
Copyninja 9 days ago
This was great
Doctor Eggman
Doctor Eggman 10 days ago
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ 10 days ago
shhhh wildcat
Zero Fox
Zero Fox 10 days ago
Is he playing with children now?
Alexander Galicia
Alexander Galicia 11 days ago
Trevor Jamnick
Trevor Jamnick 12 days ago
Anyone notice how he messed up the number the third time saying it and still put the original number at 9:18
I’m Signal
I’m Signal 12 days ago
Should have named the video 60279 moments that should have been a little quieter
Izaiah Gonz
Izaiah Gonz 12 days ago
I need to watch you more
Gacha Snow
Gacha Snow 13 days ago
Mattr 14 days ago
48154 60279
Scoobs Shrooms
Scoobs Shrooms 14 days ago
Lol he didn’t even put slack in the description that’s messed up lmao
Koliko Q
Koliko Q 14 days ago
0:10 wait for it and look at the downloud
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 14 days ago
EmmaCat 14 days ago
Brooke D
Brooke D 14 days ago
i absolutely love hyper’s laugh
marshmello boy
marshmello boy 14 days ago
marshmello boy
marshmello boy 14 days ago
William Banack
William Banack 14 days ago
William Banack
William Banack 14 days ago
Zpiderman0 Theory's
Zpiderman0 Theory's 15 days ago
4:23 Puffer pulled a uno reverse card
Nugget 15 days ago
Puffer’s move is fake AFK
THE SHORTCAKE 15 days ago
Wildcat: puffer can you tell me if your imposter Puffer: yes I am Wildcat: I think we should do something abo- Puffer: *stabs wildcat 5 times
Zak Eastwood
Zak Eastwood 15 days ago
4:30 puffer really said UNO REVERSE 😂😂
Brodie Reghitto
Brodie Reghitto 15 days ago
So we gonna ignore how his boarding pass at the beginning is his legs
Zane Mason
Zane Mason 15 days ago
60279 and 48154
Keegan Lafferty
Keegan Lafferty 15 days ago
I just now realized that your cat hat does the X eyes when you die
valdemar flores
valdemar flores 15 days ago
Logan Guerin
Logan Guerin 15 days ago
The thing about wildcat is that he is funny the best USpostsr and the best trash talker
Cierra Hayes
Cierra Hayes 16 days ago
9:16 "60279!" "67209!"
Abteen .P
Abteen .P 16 days ago
cXspXr 16 days ago
Lil Lost Ghost
Lil Lost Ghost 16 days ago
Zurkzy 16 days ago
Hawkmoon Lacrue
Hawkmoon Lacrue 16 days ago
7:05 had me fucking rolling bro omg
TheMaskedUnicorn 16 days ago
Tat3rzzz 16 days ago
I snooped all the way to the bottom of the description
0R0 oRo
0R0 oRo 16 days ago
My mom was next to me when wildcat said if anyone wanted to download porn
Brittney Harjo
Brittney Harjo 16 days ago
Midget Martian
Midget Martian 16 days ago
Marcel needs a teacher after you master normal talking
Raben Racing
Raben Racing 16 days ago
How to tell when wildcat is imposter: -he gets 10x more excited to play -he takes over the discussions -he always kills outside of lights -he always talks about being a crewmate I’ve figured out everyone’s tells
MariaLouiesa Palaca
MariaLouiesa Palaca 16 days ago
Wildcat watch this video PLSSS do a reaction video with this (Sorry about this Loveyou Cat)
Steven Stiles
Steven Stiles 16 days ago
Murfreesboro Tn all. Day
Steven Stiles
Steven Stiles 16 days ago
Funniest one in my opinion
David 16 days ago
Try not speaking at all
lewis lawrence
lewis lawrence 16 days ago
No one reads this far in the bottom of the description so what are you doing snooping around
Babs 93
Babs 93 16 days ago
Doing his best Jean Valjean impression with the card number ha
Alex Shive
Alex Shive 16 days ago
Crown Vixon
Crown Vixon 16 days ago
The ending😂
Mikah Terry
Mikah Terry 17 days ago
Hi wildcat I hope you had a better 2020 then me but I LOVE THE VIDS keep it up and enjoy 2021
Toxik 17 days ago
UnknownUser Here
UnknownUser Here 17 days ago
Rcracer102 17 days ago
Nobody wildcat: 60279, 48154.
Cloudz 17 days ago
60279 dont forget it
Low Iq Gio
Low Iq Gio 17 days ago
I remember when wildcat fought jimmy in south park the stick of truth. He had hella trouble doing it and I just did it without losing HP
Khoen Nate
Khoen Nate 17 days ago
nobe lion
nobe lion 17 days ago
nobe lion
nobe lion 17 days ago
desperato amans
desperato amans 17 days ago
Whats the numbers for?
Lakota Antoine
Lakota Antoine 17 days ago
will the black logo snapback be restocked?????
Cynthia Garcia
Cynthia Garcia 17 days ago
Can you do another fortnite vid
Issa Achkar
Issa Achkar 17 days ago
I think you should try rocket league and see how good you are
TylerCummings 17 days ago
Trina Harvey
Trina Harvey 17 days ago
Hold up...BRYCE??
Josh Noriega
Josh Noriega 17 days ago
I do read that far in the description
Fecal Flinger
Fecal Flinger 17 days ago
Christian Sullivan
Christian Sullivan 17 days ago
9:10 60279...60279...67209
That one dorky kid
That one dorky kid 17 days ago
Hey cat! You should play danganromopa! It would be hilarious hearing your commentary about it
Zachary Riley
Zachary Riley 17 days ago
It was an easy for me to fly off the mountain and run and hit him
Zachary Riley
Zachary Riley 17 days ago
I found a glitch in fortnite put your player up against the big crystal and hit your player with the car or truck once your player is inside the big crystal you can shoot at player but can't hurt you
The Knight of Power
The Knight of Power 17 days ago
The Knight of Power
The Knight of Power 17 days ago
LEAVE ME BE 17 days ago
This video killed me lmao xD nice clips tyler
CG flixxs
CG flixxs 17 days ago
CG flixxs
CG flixxs 17 days ago
Aiden Chapel
Aiden Chapel 17 days ago
Play google fued
Hunter's Wolf
Hunter's Wolf 17 days ago
hey wildcat started my own channal you are one of my idols
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 17 days ago
Funniest Among is video I have seen in a long time 😂👌
mason pruett
mason pruett 17 days ago
plane_ spotter_117
plane_ spotter_117 17 days ago
Its Michael
Its Michael 17 days ago
Only People Who Watched The Whole Video Knows What ¨60279¨ Means
Riley Fletcher
Riley Fletcher 17 days ago
i love the music you start these videos with, they're great
PotatoBoi792 _
PotatoBoi792 _ 17 days ago
Everyone "how many times has puffer gotten imposter" Tyler "67029"
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 13 days ago
Sonicthehedgehog 15 days ago
60279* if your saying the number he got
lanky frankie
lanky frankie 17 days ago
This game gets milked more than a cow
Plaque The Champ
Plaque The Champ 17 days ago
RG Exotic
RG Exotic 17 days ago
What editing app do u use
Cy 17 days ago
The baby saying their first words: s- si- SIX ZERO TWO SEVEN NINE
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 17 days ago
Hello, Humans. "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."-Marcus Tullius Cicero TERRANCE OUT
Phantom_ Death27
Phantom_ Death27 17 days ago
Tsholo M
Tsholo M 17 days ago
This was golden, I loved it!
Itsmangocat 17 days ago
Today class we are Learning about numbers
STILL 17 days ago
One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal 🔻
Brennan Skinner
Brennan Skinner 17 days ago
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera 17 days ago
“oh right content i forgot SORRY” 🥺
sassymia101 17 days ago
60279 merch
Carlton Vazquez
Carlton Vazquez 17 days ago
Good vid
No one Cares
No one Cares 17 days ago
Call and ambulance BUT NOT FOR ME 4:25 - 4:33
Reislin Little
Reislin Little 17 days ago
Play more with bryce :) He has such a nice and energetic personality, I love it!
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