Among Us easiest imposter win ever...

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2 months ago

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Supreme Hunter
Supreme Hunter Day ago
Hi Ninga is gay
Big Cheese
Big Cheese 2 days ago
Ninja when he's imposter and sees crewmates win: "I knew it."
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 4 days ago
0:00 0:08 0:43 0:46 0:47 0:55 2:18 2:22 2:24 2:45 6:37 6:41 8:15 10:18 10:45
Strxke Playz
Strxke Playz 7 days ago
the 2 Tylers
The King
The King 9 days ago
Ninja: Blakes the Killer 100% *Wildcat and Hitch are killers* Ninja: I knew it, 100%, I was so right you guys never listen to me Im so smart, get on my level.
TheDrift King
TheDrift King 15 days ago
When will glitch be back in stock?
Anthony Tena
Anthony Tena 19 days ago
I've never watch Ninja, but man he does not come off as a cool dude in any of these gameplays.
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 20 days ago
Is saes dum cuz im noat smawt
shiralee rogan
shiralee rogan 24 days ago
11:13 intresting
Jasmine Westhead
Jasmine Westhead 29 days ago
Ninja: **points fingers at everybody** Both imposters: **win** Ninja: "...I knew it"
Izaiah Hill
Izaiah Hill 29 days ago
6:41 WILDCAT: no one said a word about Blake 6:44 Ninja: DO YOU QUESTION MY POWER
StarRising 707
StarRising 707 Month ago
Wildcat you should play with dashiegames! I would enjoy to see that collab!
Samuel Wallace
Samuel Wallace Month ago
Why is no one talkin about the absolute bangers that play during his videos
Brissle __
Brissle __ Month ago
Ninja is worst then nogla when it comes to this game
Flacktastic Month ago
that title is kinda sus because there isn't any IQ
ETG Toxicz
ETG Toxicz Month ago
You know how upset I would be if I was seen doing med scan and then everyone else says it’s me even though I was just watched on medscan not only that but I’m no where near the body that frustrates me so much lols
Lebowski Month ago
Ninja: I voted Blake Ninja two minutes later after they lost: I knew it
Scalershallbereborn Month ago
Honestly wildcat alot of the time your imposter you often say your confused when the others are talking, that might be your tell~
Thirsty Goat gaming
Thirsty Goat gaming Month ago
Holy shit you should be a lawyer
7settings Month ago
Didn’t ninja say one time that he doesn’t curse anymore?
RedHextic Month ago
No one: Not even a soul: Ninja: I knew it
WesleyDaUrbanhog Month ago
Never put both Tylers in the same game as imposters!
Quinn McCarthy
Quinn McCarthy Month ago
“blake killed my wife” was the best part
icloutwill _
icloutwill _ Month ago
"Hope your contents great"🤣🤣
Oktobmer Month ago
parala plebe
parala plebe Month ago
How is wild cat always imposter 😂😂😂
Orlando Lozoya
Orlando Lozoya Month ago
Other people: gg. Wildcat: Let’s Go Baby!
Martin Hvaal
Martin Hvaal Month ago
3:11 listen to the music and footsteps, they are synced
Keisonna Buckner
Keisonna Buckner Month ago
Please check out Peak Madness on USposts. Really trying to make his dream a reality
LOS GOMEZ Month ago
Vibeke Lochner
Vibeke Lochner Month ago
Dum is actually dumb in norwegian
Ryan ButtMooklez
Ryan ButtMooklez Month ago
I love that lex is here. I would’ve never guessed that she plays games with you guys
Matrix X H̸a̸s̸h̸t̸a̸g̸ c̸h̸a̸r̸a̸
Matrix X H̸a̸s̸h̸t̸a̸g̸ c̸h̸a̸r̸a̸ Month ago
Wild cat and ninja are agent killers
Tanu Mulatya
Tanu Mulatya Month ago
Wait. THEE Jordan fisher?
AliixKatz Month ago
Wildcat just raises his voice every time he's lying lmao.
Plump Month ago
10:08 everyone just heard Brooke moan right?
Soulleater 4684
Soulleater 4684 Month ago
Does anybody enjoy watching ninja? I really don’t
Lexy S
Lexy S Month ago
Viip3r _075
Viip3r _075 Month ago
Who else wants Ninja to go bankrupt cause he isn't good at anything
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis Month ago
Hearing ninja actually rage Nadal swear again is funny
Tiffany Kirby
Tiffany Kirby Month ago
im also from indiana ❤️❤️
Micah Gonzales
Micah Gonzales Month ago
0:04 It says DUM cuz I'm not smart!
Efor YT
Efor YT Month ago
When What Kids watch now and what kids used to watch collab and play the same game
ClumsyBATEMAN Month ago
One time I was at a water park and Jordan Fischer was there. Someone called him gay while waiting in a line and he said “Your gay” and left the line. The funniest shit
Jullian Leonard
Jullian Leonard Month ago
“It’s Blake he killed my wife”
William Verdugo
William Verdugo Month ago
Wildcat...just got a kids add on this video. Might watch out for that boss
Darryel OTF DD
Darryel OTF DD Month ago
No more lui caliber😞
TTV exzit13
TTV exzit13 Month ago
I bought the merch it's epic
Photogenic Ace
Photogenic Ace Month ago
The reaction at the end 🤣 💀
tokiaruka art
tokiaruka art Month ago
The ending got me XD *wildcat died* Wildcat: *gets back to the maze* InTeREstInG
TrAd3 mARK
TrAd3 mARK 2 months ago
Dude. Screw Ninja
MenacingToilet77 2 months ago
I just started watching your vids and they funny I sub
Lil Will
Lil Will 2 months ago
Omfg dude. That ending. God damn, he truly saved a jewl for the ending
Gage is Me333
Gage is Me333 2 months ago
Jordan got Ellie from henry stickman, makes sense and its awesome at the same time😝👍🏻
waitingtoreceive realname
waitingtoreceive realname 2 months ago
benadjila mohamed el hachemi
benadjila mohamed el hachemi 2 months ago
benadjila mohamed el hachemi
benadjila mohamed el hachemi 2 months ago
TBP VorteX
TBP VorteX 2 months ago
*Brooke kills WILDCAT* WildCat: *Interesting*
Ryan Price
Ryan Price 2 months ago
Wildcat keeping us all going through all this, keep it up 🙌
[L] X-Magnus726
[L] X-Magnus726 2 months ago
i was waiting for someone to say "i came from my mom"
Pumkin Seeds
Pumkin Seeds 2 months ago
"ninj" u gave NINJA a nickname
John Amos
John Amos 2 months ago
As soon as Ninjas dead and can’t talk anymore its so much more enjoyable to watch
Arsen Vancevich
Arsen Vancevich 2 months ago
😂😂this games lowkey made my friend group break up
Casper Uldal
Casper Uldal 2 months ago
dont play with ninja please, he so annoying in this game
Seb Christensen
Seb Christensen 2 months ago
No one Ninja after throwing a game to reveal it was someone he never suspected: “I new it” (Fr tho, he does it every time)
MMORPG87 2 months ago
im thumbs down for all the excessive uses of LITERALLY gk sake lol
Blindside 2 months ago
Damn I hate ninja with a passion 🥱
Beta Wolf
Beta Wolf 2 months ago
Just realized cocktis is in the outro
Morgan Doyle
Morgan Doyle 2 months ago
Challenge: Kill in Alphebetical order
Merf Merf
Merf Merf 2 months ago
I want to play with all yall
Hanzer Gamer
Hanzer Gamer 2 months ago
Guys what happen to conner
✨ Hawks' Baby Bird ✨
✨ Hawks' Baby Bird ✨ 2 months ago
"....... Interesting" And he just continues doing the task.
Aиgε 2 months ago
Glad I'm not the only one who thinks grouping is annoying 🤷‍♀️
kolby hoffman
kolby hoffman 2 months ago
wildcat i love u soooo much
Regan Lee
Regan Lee 2 months ago
Phoenix hollars Hi
Phoenix hollars Hi 2 months ago
Facts his content is fire
AUSSIEBLUE 2 months ago
The end though interesting
Shrek Deck
Shrek Deck 2 months ago
“I love a good stack”
Bon Bon
Bon Bon 2 months ago
Ricky Handson
Ricky Handson 2 months ago
ninja says “literally” at least 10 times a sentence
Kristian Vintturi
Kristian Vintturi 2 months ago
No one: WildCat winning in 2minutes
・ M E M O R Y ・
・ M E M O R Y ・ 2 months ago
Wildcat x ninja
CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior.
CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior. 2 months ago
Is there a single youtuber that’s not oversaturated thumbnail, no hyena laughing, no “500 IQ” titles, no “among us but”
Outsider At1as
Outsider At1as 2 months ago
Anyone play among us on mobile?
luis ant baez alc
luis ant baez alc 2 months ago
Grey Billingsley
Grey Billingsley 2 months ago
3:01 why does this remind me of Alastor the Radio Demon from Hazbin Hotel
Evan Rushing
Evan Rushing 2 months ago
X n. X. X X. ⎌X. X c.
XShadow15DevilX 2 months ago
The ending made me laugh he got killed didn't say anything for a moment and said "interesting"
Mrminecraftdude 2 months ago
Bro you need to trust vanoss
Kryosidian 2 months ago
NINJA FORTNITE!?!?!?!??!?!
SuperMoe Gaming
SuperMoe Gaming 2 months ago
We gonna ignore the fact ninja said let's skip lets just skip at 8:03 and then it shows ninja voted for wildcat 😂 it zoomed in on it as he is saying this is stressful!!
danny. 2 months ago
Tyler is just Ben Shapiro
Jay Sam
Jay Sam 2 months ago
If everyone is in a group split them up by using doors and Oxygen. Then also use lights when they are more scrambled, they also always stak up on the light switches when turning the lights on
Cody Henderson
Cody Henderson 2 months ago
Get E
Get E 2 months ago
Wildcat: *doing maze task* *dies* Also wildcat: interesting
ATLAS JET 2 months ago
that end piece killed me
Lkn King love
Lkn King love 2 months ago
Ninja sucks
Ben Inkster
Ben Inkster 2 months ago
Ninja: Blames blake for being killer and brook. Ninja at the end of the game: I knew it.
Kleed Kotula
Kleed Kotula 2 months ago
ninja didn’t even know what 2+2 was this video, and yet after every game “I knew it”
Matt Mcintire
Matt Mcintire 2 months ago
Among Us ruins friendships...
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