Among Us Proximity Chat but I literally have to beg the Impostor to murder me...

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23 days ago

The future is near:
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LofiSadness 11 days ago
Tyler really wanted to hit the 10 minute mark so bad that the video is exactly 10 minutes
JunkMicrobe1430 13 days ago
so there is a new guy Junk... I don't know
solodavid_ 15 days ago
"sweat stain mcgee" 😂😂
Requestenpace horne
Requestenpace horne 15 days ago
i got an ad for among us but it was vannossgaming video clipped together but on wildcats video what a funny couwincandce
Gabriel Warden
Gabriel Warden 18 days ago
Play with josh dubs and re kid
Giancarlo Ruiz
Giancarlo Ruiz 19 days ago
Welome to the Junk Zone First the kiss Then the Junk
Nitro 19 days ago
I’ve seen so many windowed games on the recording frame... I think it’s a window day or some shit
Drift 19 days ago
Why tf would you name yourself *“Junk”*
Cadon Buckles
Cadon Buckles 19 days ago
Jesus loves you spread the word
William Lopez
William Lopez 20 days ago
pog lol
Elizabeth 20 days ago
Dang that first round was a massacre
Juicy_Popcorn 20 days ago
Ok so a person for six months has a life time supply right, and after that six months the supply is taken away
Pikachu Master Of Harems
Pikachu Master Of Harems 21 day ago
This thumbnail is so hilarious 🤣
Papa Waffles
Papa Waffles 21 day ago
*T H E J U N K Z O N E*
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder 21 day ago
Did anyone else here Joel say “nice job hun” at 6:23
Edward Lansing
Edward Lansing 21 day ago
8:41 wildcat nuts
Rabbit On Drugs
Rabbit On Drugs 21 day ago
...were your editors slightly intoxicated? Some of these captions are prime
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber 21 day ago
8:02 - 8:44 lol
Juukata YT
Juukata YT 21 day ago
6:55 “oh no, oh no, i hope i don’t fall” lmfaooooo
xstw darby
xstw darby 21 day ago
The title is me when I’m depressed “please kill me”
XD kid. ur 11
LuckyPlays 21 day ago
This video is so funny i love wildcat!! XD
Godless 21 day ago
Help me get my newest vid to 100 views! Got a bet with a friend and I ain’t tryna lose it😂😤❤️
PainSick Gaming
PainSick Gaming 21 day ago
Bob the man
Bob the man 21 day ago
among now
among now 21 day ago
Amongus. 🤔But__? Who is 🧐🙄
me was
me was 21 day ago
Finds body uh 🙄 upload first.
Hairy Otter
Hairy Otter 21 day ago
Wildcat I know you may not see this but, can you go back to gta with the og bois and do the new dlc heist and check everything new out.
Chloe Browning
Chloe Browning 21 day ago
Ze's voice was placed with 3 different people during meeting lmao
Nessa Jean
Nessa Jean 21 day ago
**As we take a tour in Comms, this is where Junkyard and WILDCAT had a “moment” 😉 ** Thank you for the giggles 🤭
Axios Gaming
Axios Gaming 21 day ago
7:39 wtf i just noticed its not them talking 😂😂😂
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 22 days ago
I think Tyler's going through the masochist phase.
ExoVelcome 22 days ago
i wish i hade a lifetime supply from cheese and onion stuff or cheese balls.... q_q
Shmitty 22 days ago
“oh FUCK”
Nicholas Ebsworth
Nicholas Ebsworth 22 days ago
2:28 why can we see the window?
GHBDOGG 22 days ago
I wish Wildcat's notification bell worked and wasn't restricted
Brandon Mackovick
Brandon Mackovick 22 days ago
Hey look, another among us video I didn’t ask nor do I care for...
F B I 22 days ago
I’m tired of among us, literally game is dead as fuck
Jack Dvorak
Jack Dvorak 22 days ago
After 6 months they just end ur life
Ha that's what she said. She took the kids.
Ha that's what she said. She took the kids. 22 days ago
10 minutes.
MintTangent 2346
MintTangent 2346 22 days ago
I kind of what wildcat to play rocket league⚽️ 🏎
Wet Noodle
Wet Noodle 22 days ago
Pro tip weapons is a visual task if you look in the bottom right
Devon Harris
Devon Harris 22 days ago
Yes only 14000 more among us videos before the good content comes back right.. right
Alex 22 days ago
This video was fucking gold...
UltraGaming 22 days ago
And then he screams out FUCK! *fock!* We got a reference here
Trent Fitzpatrick
Trent Fitzpatrick 22 days ago
You should call that area the junkyard
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit 22 days ago
When you realize Wildcat spent multiple rounds begging Junk to kill him for the sole purpose of making that _Junk zone_ joke
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 22 days ago
destoyer skeleton X
destoyer skeleton X 22 days ago
wildcat: comms will forever be known as the junk zone me: is it a coincidence that the "junk zone" is at the bottom middle of the map
Dooper Cooper
Dooper Cooper 22 days ago
I think this title of this video is a sign
UnknownQuad 22 days ago
Guys from 2:29 too 3:48 you can see the top of his window for Among Us
Tri7ent 22 days ago
Junk is a great addition to these videos! love him already
Life's Better Outdoors
Life's Better Outdoors 22 days ago
Loving these videos
Seth Warren
Seth Warren 22 days ago
Murder Radar= MURDAR
Random Tmobile Customer
Random Tmobile Customer 22 days ago
Hey wildcat I just Bought one of your hoodies for myself as a late Christmas present but it’s worth it and I love and keep up the good work
John D
John D 22 days ago
9:28 is just too funny 🤣🤣
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 22 days ago
I thought you were begging the killer to do something else😩😏
Marcus Postma
Marcus Postma 22 days ago
Lifetime of Doritos would be short for me, I’m allergic.
Kdog Stonefist
Kdog Stonefist 22 days ago
Uhhh Wildcat? I think you might have Ze and Shadow mixed up a little bit
Andrew Cee
Andrew Cee 22 days ago
wildcat uploaded!!
Nyjah Collins
Nyjah Collins 22 days ago
We’ve reached content rock bottom in this game
Sean Maginn
Sean Maginn 22 days ago
Love how they are playing the game with the same passion we all use to hve
J Brewer
J Brewer 22 days ago
Dude, love your videos. You should play pixelmon!!
Nolan Diekmann
Nolan Diekmann 22 days ago
Minniflow 22 days ago
The among us bar at the top is showing in the vid
zotyax 22 days ago
i dont think your editor knows whos talking
Arquan Moffett
Arquan Moffett 22 days ago
Wildact: Kill me Imposter: Nah I'm good.
Trust 480
Trust 480 22 days ago
Suck-my-axe 22 days ago
You gonna stream today??
savannah sablan
savannah sablan 22 days ago
fire the editor!! at 3:07 ze was speaking but they put it on dog's avatar SMH
Justin Rios
Justin Rios 22 days ago
Lazy Shot
Lazy Shot 22 days ago
Why is the task bar visible at the top?
Logi Draws
Logi Draws 22 days ago
does anyone not see that we can see the top bar of the game and a bit of his desktop at 3:07? either way ill still enjoy it...
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments 22 days ago
“Lifetime of Doritos for 6 months” ah yes, his lifetime is definitely gonna be 6 months if it’s just free Doritos
sniffer movies 11
sniffer movies 11 21 day ago
Yeah and I love this game and racing games as well
yes very wow
yes very wow 21 day ago
Why you keep stealing comments? To promote your garbage channel?
Harry H
Harry H 21 day ago
Ah yes my favourite channel, among us funny and wtf moments
im hungry
im hungry 22 days ago
having alot of subs doesnt mean u can steal other's comments -. -
Just Faty
Just Faty 22 days ago
Why do you steal everyone's comments?
Xedm 40
Xedm 40 22 days ago
I legit thought the video was on 1.25 speed when they were talking about lifetime doritos
Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas 22 days ago
Keld um
LumberJack 22 days ago
Been a follower of the Crew since sept 2014. We’ve come along way Tyler! Best of luck for 2021!
Asap Mimic
Asap Mimic 22 days ago
Wow Ze and wildcat in the same video. I would’ve never dreamed of it.
Zoey VanDevevnter
Zoey VanDevevnter 22 days ago
9:28 9:28 9:28 9:28 9:28 9:28 9:28 9:28
WILLIAMS CAL 22 days ago
Tyler what did we tell you about have short videos
Annemarie Abbadessa
Annemarie Abbadessa 22 days ago
Those bars wildcat
BigMike999 22 days ago
can u play but with only 1 imposter with 10 people
abid Hasan
abid Hasan 22 days ago
After 6 months, Doritos sends an assassin after dumbdog. Therefore, it is a lifetime supply of Doritos that lasts 6 months
Will Greene
Will Greene 22 days ago
collab more with gaming legends the crew
Diamond King
Diamond King 22 days ago
You are so funny
Žøě 22 days ago
Are u going to upload any call of duty content?
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 22 days ago
wildcat I hope you know how much we appreciate your hard work and daily uploads😿😿
Taking the L
Taking the L 22 days ago
Only true fans see the last clip.
Spartan King
Spartan King 22 days ago
As always love you wildcat whatching this with your merch hits different
Vaughn 22 days ago
Who else doesn't read the title and imediatly click's on the video
quantum swift
quantum swift 22 days ago
Man, Tyler is really scraping the bottom of the barrel of video ideas/ titles
Nico Petroni
Nico Petroni 22 days ago
bean dip
A & J THE YOUTUBERS 22 days ago
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day
Jumbo 22 days ago
You always sus bro😂
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 22 days ago
Pietscoortniet 22 days ago
Damn Tyler really gettin the vid on exactly 10 minutes my guy needs some money
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 22 days ago
8:53 😂😂😂
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 22 days ago
OPShingle _
OPShingle _ 22 days ago
tyler just play cod please
Kyle Spag
Kyle Spag 22 days ago
10 min exact? Only caring about money?
Among Us butt fungus...
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