LEGIQN talks about crazy fast food adventures & high school stories... | WILDCAST Ep. 4

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8 months ago

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Today's Guest!
LEGIQN: usposts.info
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/thewildcast/the-wildcast-ep-4-ft-legiqn
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0:00 Intro
5:33 How Legion Got into Gaming
11:46 Raging at Video Games
14:41 Working Retail Stories
25:01 How Legion Got into USposts
31:41 Country Greg
48:00 Fast Food Opinions
53:51 Working with Big Sponsors (Taco Bell, ASTRO Gaming)
1:02:13 Streaming / Call of Duty
1:10:16 Meeting Celebrities
1:14:51 Barbecue Opinions
1:18:12 Major League Gaming / Call of Duty League
1:26:33 Childhood / School Stories
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I AM WILDCAT 8 months ago
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WhyMustUBanMe 2 months ago
@I AM WILDCAT u want some bomb ass smoke for that apple😂
Isaac Guerra
Isaac Guerra 2 months ago
You should be the next colonel sanders lmao
N9NTY SE7EN 2 months ago
Gotta get evan and marcel on here tyler
Blurrylattice 4 months ago
Wildcat can you put one of my stories on your next wildcat my fourth grade teacher his name is mr.brown one of my good buddies his name is lance dont know him know more but when I was in fourth we were doing a reading log and we all had to be quit, he was talking to this girl next him and told her to be quiet my teacher called him over and asked him what he was talking about, my friend said it's none of your business, it escalated and my teacher through a desk at him and he never got fired
J Granados
J Granados 6 months ago
CONWAY got all the bitches back in his day ahaha
Joc jermice
Joc jermice 5 days ago
i mean i was twelve and i told my teacher to fuck off in an essay and then i threw a chair at my assistant principle
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson 6 days ago
Jiggly Im the half man in my squad to
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson 6 days ago
I Identify with LEGIQN so much when said your either sucked into hip hop or your trying to be a country boy
darkdestroyer 115
darkdestroyer 115 7 days ago
Bananye West
Bananye West 9 days ago
I’m from Ohio and can attest with the music take being soooo true
Gabriel Flo
Gabriel Flo 11 days ago
32:38 DAMMIT I could have done that if I still had horses 😂😂
darkdestroyer 115
darkdestroyer 115 13 days ago
darkdestroyer 115
darkdestroyer 115 16 days ago
1:38:15 holy shit again fucken love wildcast
darkdestroyer 115
darkdestroyer 115 16 days ago
1:19:42 this is why I love the wildcast
darkdestroyer 115
darkdestroyer 115 16 days ago
1:00:50 holy shit god I love the wildcast
hollow hype
hollow hype 17 days ago
Legiqn is a legend man trust me
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed 20 days ago
The nonchalant appendix extraorally record because fahrenheit iteratively separate amidst a rhetorical tendency. big, righteous tennis
Michael Berry
Michael Berry 21 day ago
Anywhere in the midwest is fine except illinois because illinois FUCKING SUCKS Know from personal experience
James Largent
James Largent 21 day ago
Why didn’t he beat the jack in the box creeper
jjx225 23 days ago
as an employee at Walmart everything they say is correct :)
Tak Mockensturm
Tak Mockensturm 23 days ago
Let’s go panda from Ohio Ohio boys
snoozyツ 24 days ago
Best podcast by far ngl
Brayden Barnes
Brayden Barnes 26 days ago
KC is not the Midwest
Wolf Empress
Wolf Empress 27 days ago
22:02 That smack
feline titan
feline titan 29 days ago
this is almost becoming a vlog
Kiva Kage
Kiva Kage Month ago
*skipping through the sponsor since I've already seen it* *no context at all* "...Irritate the balls.."
B0AK3 Month ago
Ohio: corn and racism
Jonathan Falcon
Jonathan Falcon Month ago
these are the three big bois
Littlerockgirls Month ago
The first xbox abe and skate 1
Gesa Lynn
Gesa Lynn Month ago
I'm not a big podcast fan but I'm not going to lie I have watched every single one of wildcat's podcasts and I love them
Alex Wassilie
Alex Wassilie Month ago
The most amazing podcast ever
Brody Month ago
So who's gonna tell them that we have CTE/shop classes still?
TheSmilingDemon Insanity
TheSmilingDemon Insanity Month ago
Idk why but I just love this pod cast specifically, the others are great but this 👌
y y
y y Month ago
sean rudisill
sean rudisill Month ago
Country Greg is so amazingly epic!
Louis M
Louis M Month ago
im back for the 3rd time. can we please get a part 2.
Rudys Month ago
These podcasts make me want to start making content
Dylan Canady
Dylan Canady Month ago
Iblove uour podcasts wildcat
Dylan Canady
Dylan Canady Month ago
My cousin jason who is 6ft 1
Sly Nova
Sly Nova Month ago
My school was literally the people they were talking about chewing tobacco and starting race wars
jon sponser
jon sponser Month ago
Why he got 2 mics tho
Bozz gaming
Bozz gaming Month ago
Country greg needs to be on Spotify hahaha
Kyran Salmon
Kyran Salmon Month ago
Panda and legiqn in the same call is dangerous
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez Month ago
20:49 "The Lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch."
Dremora Dagon
Dremora Dagon Month ago
20:14 "The Lion, The Witch, and the audacity of this bitch."
Dynasty1K Month ago
Yall can thank Rob at Lunkerstv for the whole UMG thing. Also Jordan should try and do a duet with Granger Smith. That shit would be fire!
Jaxk The Reaper
Jaxk The Reaper 2 months ago
ITS NOT FREE MONEY! ITS SAVED MONEY! you don't get given money. You don't pay as much money. Buy saying it's free money you are falsely advertising. Unless honey is putting money in my account to spend it's not free money regardless of how you think about it.
CelticShadow 2 months ago
no shop classes in public schools anymore, but i went to a vocational highschool so i had shop everyother week. was way better than regular highschool.
oreo dude
oreo dude 2 months ago
I can forever rewatch this episode
Shane 2 months ago
Wildcat: Smoking weed out of an apple Me: In California, I've seen people smoke weed out of carrots, potatoes, and apples.
Ricardo Rafael Leonardo
Ricardo Rafael Leonardo 2 months ago
I really want to hear the box from Country Greg
Skylar durrant
Skylar durrant 2 months ago
I don’t trust no razer near my balls
TexasThib 2 months ago
I'm from Texas and the part about the country kids in the welding classes couldn't be more true
Bomboy 2 months ago
1:22:13 literally me in Minnesota rn
charlie napier
charlie napier 2 months ago
37:00 midwest is cheap HAVE YALL BEEN TO ILLINOIS
Mindy Yates
Mindy Yates 2 months ago
iAMnotAwaffle waffle
iAMnotAwaffle waffle 2 months ago
MILSIM R0B0 2 months ago
Hey Wildcat, big fan dog. I know that you probably won’t see this but if you do, come down to Leiper’s Fork, TN and eat at my parents restuarant Puckett’s of Leiper’s Fork. We smoke our own BBQ, Ribs and Wings. We have all the sides you can think of, we have Cheeseburgers, Hamburgers, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Spicy Burgers, Fried Bologna Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries, etc. Would love to see you come in and I’ll give you a special discount as well. Much love bro. Enjoying the content. Peace ✌🏻
Zachary Gilbert
Zachary Gilbert 2 months ago
If Legiqn ever comes over to Tucson,Arizona I work at Taco Bell so hmu. I will give you what ever you want.
Dallas Halvorson
Dallas Halvorson 2 months ago
I want to see Jordan on more podcasts
LongDong_Superman 2 months ago
Catscat111 2 months ago
Dallas Halvorson
Dallas Halvorson 2 months ago
No one: Legiqn at his webcam: 😳
Dawson Farris
Dawson Farris 2 months ago
Where's my BBQ Mukbang Podcast>:(
Eric Nunez
Eric Nunez 2 months ago
49:33 just so i remember for next time
price gaming
price gaming 2 months ago
The 'mommy maybe you can take me there and i can play with the big boy'
Emilea Aitken
Emilea Aitken 2 months ago
Little_Cheerio 2 months ago
if anyone was wondering they don’t have shop class anymore but at my school in Chicago Illinois called southeast side at my elementary school last year there was something called project sencere and it would teach us the same things
Gio1020 2 months ago
Bruh pandas laugh at 22:03 I’m dead 😂🤣💀
Mobile Only
Mobile Only 3 months ago
My mans got 2 sponsors
TGN 3 months ago
It's kind of stupid that he got himself expelled because expulsion is on your permanent record some people won't hire you because of it
TGN 3 months ago
@Dylan Muse annnnnnnddddd? What if it doesn't work out with USpostss ever-changing policy
Dylan Muse
Dylan Muse 3 months ago
Jesus hes fine with money
REDLINE_Elephant 3 months ago
When they realized he actually hurt his hand
Duenas Animations
Duenas Animations 3 months ago
22:00 I can't even breathe because of how funny this part is XD
LongDong_Superman 3 months ago
School stories are the best
Garrett Tyler
Garrett Tyler 3 months ago
Dunno about you but this is my 5th time watching this cause LEGIQN da 🐐
Elithedelpster 3 months ago
That stuff about Pandas mom getting bullied for being a single mom genuinely made me feel so bad
Magic X 43
Magic X 43 3 months ago
I pulled a panda and broke my tv by punching it
Josh Curton
Josh Curton 3 months ago
it’s Gianna sad that he knows how long the drive is and the time for dellver
F҉root B҉at
F҉root B҉at 3 months ago
22:02 had me dying for a few mins
Im_Panda XD
Im_Panda XD 3 months ago
RashidUgly 3 months ago
i love how i just got a taco bell ad
Mason Davie
Mason Davie 3 months ago
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 3 months ago
Dude I have been trying to figure out what the name of that game was called. Pilot Wings I would've never guessed. My favorite thing for Taco Bell was the Volcano Taco. I swear I had at least one everyday after work.
Cooper Schuman
Cooper Schuman 3 months ago
When’s marcel going to be on
bizza nas
bizza nas 3 months ago
18:50, 21:50
Marshall Gabriel
Marshall Gabriel 3 months ago
Bro the cod ww2 country Greg lil pump is amazing
Josh Curton
Josh Curton 3 months ago
I’d love a day wen I could play cod with you guys one day it me up when you can
honesthabe 3 months ago
Speedy as a guest would be awesome
Steven Kos
Steven Kos 3 months ago
Anyone know the video that Legiqn was in with Speedy?
GrimVission 3 months ago
Speaking of goth kids, in my high school from 9th to 11th grade, we had a goth couple who would pull the other by a chain, and they traded every other day.
scotty 3 months ago
yo tyler at 1:32:21, when you were talking aboust cussing in elementary. i remember in my 5th grade i took a crayon and wrote FUCK on the cement and got in sooo much trouble
Naif Al-Mohanna
Naif Al-Mohanna 3 months ago
21:55 sorry had to mark this for myself 😂😂
Tyler Carpenter
Tyler Carpenter 3 months ago
We do have shop classes
Marmilin 3 months ago
The controller unplugged trick is how all my younger cousins played with me back in the day. My older brothers did this to me as well.
Smoggylynx 98143
Smoggylynx 98143 3 months ago
22:03 lol
Chaos_nova 3 months ago
Gotta try jersey mikes they have the best subs
In Forster
In Forster 3 months ago
More Legiqn
K1LL3R G4M3Z 3 months ago
I got expelled from the same school twice
Lmao Max
Lmao Max 3 months ago
Lmao Max
Lmao Max 3 months ago
I love legion he is so fuckin funny
Guillermo Maynez
Guillermo Maynez 4 months ago
They Can SHoot tARZan The SeQUel In my sHIT - BigjigglyPanda 2020 IM DED BRUH XDDDDDDD
Noah Gonzales
Noah Gonzales 4 months ago
My high school still has a woodwork shop and a welding class
Elijah Medellin
Elijah Medellin 4 months ago
Connor Rinaldo
Connor Rinaldo 4 months ago
The one time I remember falling asleep in class it was in my history class and it was during a women’s right speech in a movie, everyone in the class thought I was a sexist
fallen family
fallen family 4 months ago
Legiqn needs to play with big jiggly just because they both have great personalities and them both laughing at the same time would be golden
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