Among Us moments where Nogla pushes the button...

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Month ago

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Blake Krueger
Blake Krueger Day ago
Blake Krueger
Blake Krueger Day ago
Dead 💀
Dragon Tuber
Dragon Tuber 6 days ago
Fat wildcat would be nice.
Gavin McLelland
Gavin McLelland 14 days ago
“It’ll be dead in a week” -Terrorriser 2020 If only he knew
ItzBeyond 17 days ago
Zetsubou-San 19 days ago
dead in a week, huh?
Flashy green x Nathan
Flashy green x Nathan 28 days ago
“What the f***?”
TidusZecht Month ago
"I just wanted to get you off." -smii7y
Unknown X
Unknown X Month ago
I bought glitch a little bit a go and it just arrived when I am watching this video I am about to make some
Unknown X
Unknown X Month ago
I must say it is pretty damn good 👍😩
Amateo Hernandez
Amateo Hernandez Month ago
Play with dream
S Navarre
S Navarre Month ago
7:36 does anyone else hear the asteroid sounds
jacob figueroa
jacob figueroa Month ago
Hey guys! The game isn’t dead!!!
SoccerNdog Month ago
“Puffer you b*tch!” -Wildcat 2020
King T
King T Month ago
10:20 "I dont give a f*** about this game Delirious it'll be dead in a week" 🤣🤣🤣
Dick Head
Dick Head Month ago
"itll be dead in a week ' oh how he was wrong
Gaming Pro Howton
Gaming Pro Howton Month ago
XxConstant AnxietyxX
XxConstant AnxietyxX Month ago
Everyone: No no he was trolling Nogla: *But content* *Moo was ejected...*
Blackbird9496 Month ago
Hey wildcat did you remember to grab your hat when you slid through that closing door 😂 I see a t-shirt coming of that hahaha
Austin Fogleman
Austin Fogleman Month ago
I love this crew
Pvz pro
Pvz pro Month ago
People have been saying “this game will be dead in a week” for months now, why doesn’t anyone have any faith in it? XD
Muttinn Month ago
edited video and its funnier than the original 😂
pinkdaddyhoehoe Month ago
Lmfao i didnt see puffer even with that big red arrow
Hawk nation
Hawk nation Month ago
Nobody: terroriser this game will be dead within a week Wildcat: allow us to intro Duce are selfs
DoT Month ago
1 week later brain
dank bunny
dank bunny Month ago
Am I folding my clothes, cleaning my closet, cleaning my room, and binge watching wildcat. Yes. Thank you for asking.
StormCloud1975 Month ago
Nogla is way too good at this
SlyGolem007 Month ago
Moo just got bullied all game hahaha
Stellaaa Tehe
Stellaaa Tehe Month ago
5:56 noice 🧢
Imelda Month ago
Terroriser: "I dont give a fuck about this game, delirious! It'll be dead in a week!" A week later and its still going strong
IVI4I_IR0 Month ago
BankaiTheLegend Month ago
Take Away Noglas Privilege to hit the button
aoFenrir Month ago
I love how Tyler is ranting about puffer when he indirectly killed him. Tyler killed three people that game.
aoFenrir Month ago
@DMX 619 yeah, I know. I just find it funny that he still beat puffer.
DMX 619
DMX 619 Month ago
He was ranting because Puffer was hiding behind the sattelite and caught Wildcat redhanded
Tiernan Happ
Tiernan Happ Month ago
Bro where’s Marksman?
Joel Koser
Joel Koser Month ago
Wait did you rlly use the same clip at the begining and the end?
GrabsOppai Month ago
Just gotta get 10 mins sometimes
Risking Perfect Gaming
Risking Perfect Gaming Month ago
Anyone else see the hat?
J Bowser
J Bowser Month ago
The discussion rounds are still more organized than the presidential debate
ShadowHunter Wy XB1
ShadowHunter Wy XB1 Month ago
Nogla hits that button more than ubisoft hits the nerf button on blackbeard 😂
joey hudson
joey hudson Month ago
Terroriser that was funny dead in week lmao
Scυb Ŧσσ ᑕσσl
Scυb Ŧσσ ᑕσσl Month ago
That intro was fuckin perfect
Gamer God
Gamer God Month ago
I know how to outpizza the hut
ThatOneLeaf Month ago
wildcat need to break the habit of saying “literally” when lying because even nogla, the dumbest guy most people would say, is catching on to your lying
Nicolas Jr Tribaldos
Nicolas Jr Tribaldos Month ago
The cap got me🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:55
Danny Arroyo
Danny Arroyo Month ago
You should make a discord sever with the crew wildcat
VULTURE590 Month ago
You should try to win only in a vent ( Make it a challenge )
kimann uon
kimann uon Month ago
Me:gets imposter pink:calls emergency meeting to say hi me:needs to kill pink last me:kills pink last
MiniMonkey76 Month ago
Its honestly sad that wildcat has to say listen hold on and please just so people will hear him.
Kevin Kirkaldie
Kevin Kirkaldie Month ago
Kevin Kirkaldie
Kevin Kirkaldie Month ago
In the insane reality it works.
Niks Productions
Niks Productions Month ago
You guys should play wid corpse lmao
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Month ago
Cool and perfect😀.
Alex Splicer
Alex Splicer Month ago
Brian makes for great content. He just wants a great time.
Canaan Danielson
Canaan Danielson Month ago
Play more Minecraft shits noice
Ahmad Sattout
Ahmad Sattout Month ago
Can someone tell me why they can't tell when it's Wildcat as imposter? He quickly starts accusing others, and then stops when they're few. He never votes when he's crewmate unless he's 100% sure
Brad Jensen
Brad Jensen Month ago
smii7y's the best sorry nogla ;)
God XSlayer
God XSlayer Month ago
omg i love that opening scene lmao
voolin Month ago
Idk about anybody else or if I'm just gonna look bad but Terroriser has to be the most annoying one out of the entire group.
Sighinide Month ago
Thers literaly NO comments here... 712
StealingYaLight Month ago
Wildcat is a sore loser :/
Beviwa Phillips
Beviwa Phillips Month ago
Can yall do the chacha dance in among us lmao 💃
katiemarie3634 Month ago
Hii! i was wondering if you could take a look at some of my videos, and maybe give me some pointers on how to make my gaming channel better, so i could get more views! i watch your videos all the time, and i love them!! but i was wondering if you had any other advice/tips to help out. it would mean a lot! im just starting out! -Katie
dead asf
dead asf Month ago
9:31 this is the "PEAK OF WILDCAT'S GAMING CONTENT" The greatest escape ever fucking made by this man, make this man the next Indiana Jones good god! 👏👌🔥
Zombie Z
Zombie Z Month ago
Can I play with u guys plz I will use mobile
Alec Her
Alec Her Month ago
You guys should have everybody’s name be a color that there not wearing
Quarantine Highlights
Quarantine Highlights Month ago
Greg Martin
Greg Martin Month ago
Idk why but the thumbnail is really cute to me
light skeleton
light skeleton Month ago
The crew is back lets go
Unknown 1234
Unknown 1234 Month ago
How does the video get dislikes
T Crist
T Crist Month ago
When the cap floated across the screen I was dead 😂
Battle Broek
Battle Broek Month ago
Smitty: I just want to get you off. Moo: what?!
The_Ez-N Month ago
im still laughing at the first clip becuz i was there.
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson Month ago
You think you are good but you play with brain dead idiots who throw every round !!! So irritating
Kiefer Month ago
5:14 the sweatiest play of the century right here folks
Submissivelevel Gaming
Submissivelevel Gaming Month ago
Why play the same clip twice we’re ya running out of footage
Ryan Berry
Ryan Berry Month ago
*cap rolls across the screen* can verify I died at this part
Among You
Among You Month ago
presses button: What the fuck
Carson Phillip
Carson Phillip Month ago
The fucking cap lmao 5:54
Fade Month ago
Green: Its red Red: its green Black: its blue Orange: its black Cyan: Its white Pink: its me Lime Green: Its dark green *Purple was not The Imposter*
Caleb Enders
Caleb Enders 7 days ago
Haha jk not funny
Mitchell_LBZ Month ago
“Goes down an octane” I think you mean octave lol
tlk Month ago
Damn I been subscribed for a min
blue Month ago
。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     .   。  ඞ 。  . • • blue was not An Impostor. 。
Brice Bernhardt
Brice Bernhardt Month ago
HOLY SHIT!! When did you get 7-8 mil subs???? I rememeber when you had 250,000 that’s crazy
Mely Sweetiepie
Mely Sweetiepie Month ago
Stupid nogla was on his stream thats how he knew everytime wildcat was imposter
Can we Get 2k subs with no vid?
Can we Get 2k subs with no vid? Month ago
Me:gets imposter me again*kills someone and vents when the player is next to vent no one:.. me:kills everyone but I glitch because I don’t win if I kill 9
Kevin Kerns
Kevin Kerns Month ago
Terroriser had me DYING talking about having a lock of his hair he was so close 🤣🤣
Morgrenth Reincarnation
Morgrenth Reincarnation Month ago
Oh my god the cheerful music in the intro with the title screen and the intro itself with the Indiana Jones squeeze it was amazing and hilarious I love your editing
Brandon Westbrook
Brandon Westbrook Month ago
Can anybody tell me where I can get the glitch energy stuff? It’s not showing up on the website.
ΛLONE FN Month ago
haven’t seen vanoss in ages, lowkey missed his voice
Synthetic Vocalist-p
Synthetic Vocalist-p Month ago
Evan Ballard
Evan Ballard Month ago
7:30 Nogla: Vote Moo! Moo: WHAT?! 😂😂😂
iAM COOKiE Month ago
Among us moments where Nogla pushes the button, first clip: wildcat pushes button
Reb Games
Reb Games Month ago
Noice vid
TakeshiMibu1 Month ago
So much for "being dead next week."
TarmacTomato 677
TarmacTomato 677 Month ago
wildcat playing himself in that 3 imp game
Beth Rundle
Beth Rundle Month ago
I love watching yall play so much. ALWAYS brightens my day
Mr. Sheep
Mr. Sheep Month ago
what is that intro song
SeehafenUhr 682
SeehafenUhr 682 Month ago
Fruity Gush PlayZ
Fruity Gush PlayZ Month ago
2:48 cllleeeeeaaaaaannn kill
Dom Reid
Dom Reid Month ago
Check out the new modern warfare update?
Dom Reid
Dom Reid Month ago
Can you guys play something else now?
lil shadow
lil shadow Month ago
Anyone else remember wild cats cooking show
Jevil The Devil
Jevil The Devil Month ago
Ahhh, A wild cat vid after getting out of school Perfect weekend is off to a good start Love your vids man! LOVE FROM GEORGIA!
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