Call of Duty Zombies moments that really prepare you for black ops cold war...

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Sebastian Guerrero
Sebastian Guerrero 26 days ago
wonder waifu
justus waa
justus waa Month ago
Hey Wildcat I’m from Hawai’i and I left to Basic Combat Training 2 months ago and I really just wanted to watch some of your videos. Thank you so much this is quality entertainment
Cristian Diaz
Cristian Diaz Month ago
So I was wondering if I can play bo3 or modern warfare with y’all it will make my day
?Mikey805¿ Month ago
these videos aren't the same anymore
Rollin For Dayz
Rollin For Dayz Month ago
bruh why doesnt marksman run some zombonies with u
Joe Monzon
Joe Monzon Month ago
3:30 is it just me or did that zombie dab
R2D2 The R2 Unit
R2D2 The R2 Unit Month ago
It's not a dingo, it's a tingo
Le Dedpul
Le Dedpul Month ago
nobody: fucking grown ups youtuber : (.)(.)
Ghost Husband
Ghost Husband Month ago
Day one of not skipping any ads on wildcats channel
ImZaaryl Month ago
wheres the diarrhoea 3000
C-Note Month ago
Tokyo Month ago
EZ C Month ago
ahaahhhahhaah i love you guysss
Quack Attack
Quack Attack Month ago
"did a pedo make this map?" Idk ask Craig
Carson_Riot _Frost
Carson_Riot _Frost Month ago
Poopy scooper trooper sooper tooper cooter hooter
Vitanico XG
Vitanico XG Month ago
CoD BO CW Zombies. Codbcw Zomb
Who? Month ago
The title baited me real hard. I cry.
Brennen Oliver
Brennen Oliver Month ago
Who else remembers this map from Killing floor?
That one dorky kid
That one dorky kid Month ago
It would be so funny to watch you guys rage on phase ten the card game
aj remarii sanchez
aj remarii sanchez Month ago
The add says rubbert underwer
farhan akhtar
farhan akhtar Month ago
vanoss' boobs at the end XD
caleb keanu
caleb keanu Month ago
Miss this kinda game play from them
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia Month ago
Are you gonna stream the campaign of Coldwar??????
Anime Driod
Anime Driod Month ago
When nogla said who made this map a “pedo?” I was expecting someone to say miniladd
Moises Mondragon
Moises Mondragon Month ago
I thought I was watching canoes for the first minute
Brad Lawonn
Brad Lawonn Month ago
Vanoss: Subscribe for boobs!! USposts: Demonetized!!
Dion Moerike
Dion Moerike Month ago
I remember when you guys played COD zombies
Tim Tastic
Tim Tastic Month ago
Im been going through something and you guys always make my day
1000 Subscribers With No Videos
1000 Subscribers With No Videos Month ago
He Is Making Everyone s Life Better 😁😁😁..
Daniel JZ
Daniel JZ Month ago
They need Noahj with the spreadsheet
Your Hero Romeo
Your Hero Romeo Month ago
Wildcat name your subs wild army!
Zombies4EvaDude Month ago
His being #29 trending on gaming gives me hope that we’re gonna have a Zombies renaissance. :D I’m down to take the journey with you all. 😊
Mellohi Month ago
3x3c0t3 Month ago
Naming of 20th CoD Call of duty Black OPS Modern warfare zombies I II III IIII wwI WWII
LeQeafy Month ago
Molly Williams
Molly Williams Month ago
When Evan stuttered at the end it shows a Barbra Boyer ad about health care I think that’s saying something
james pederson
james pederson Month ago
You should do more of these videos
Adrian Caiazzo
Adrian Caiazzo Month ago
I love when they play zombies it’s my favorite content whenever these guys play it
Rezmond Month ago
you’re so bad tyler
Cooltoasty11 ._.
Cooltoasty11 ._. Month ago
U got dingo I got gun gun dingo dingo
Auston Ford
Auston Ford Month ago
bro Tyler you are the best youtuber out there, you make me laugh every time you upload Iv been watching your videos for almost 7 years, iv been here and have watched you grown to were you are now keep up the great work wildcat and don't give to these shit talkers your amazing have a great day bro. :)
Pedro Orellana
Pedro Orellana Month ago
Me just jamming to the music
bruh thet were playing call of duty black ops 3
Jack Casey
Jack Casey Month ago
Is this not the map from killing floor lol
EV_ Maxim
EV_ Maxim Month ago
“Work in progress build.”
Mr. Popsicle
Mr. Popsicle Month ago
Perfect outro
fusion king
fusion king Month ago
wildcat do u wants among us hacks to prank ur friends
YEYEplayer Month ago
I litterly just woke up and this woke me up better than coffee
Andrew Croft
Andrew Croft Month ago
Veterans will remember this: *AHH, MOHAMMED ALI!!!*
Dark cat
Dark cat Month ago
Happy Halloween 2018 hahahahaha call of duty didn’t update there game
MouthMuffler Month ago
Cold war is gonna have the same hud as bo3 confirmed
KiBo Month ago
No one relises this is a killing floor map
Janit Jindal
Janit Jindal Month ago
12:22 thats not boobs thats mr.krabs eyes
Livelee Plays
Livelee Plays Month ago
I miss these types of videos, keep up the good work 👌
Loghan Hunt
Loghan Hunt Month ago
Is homie using the LEGO Star Wars music 😂
mmjacksom Month ago
6:34 No Nogla Miniladd didn’t make the map
Chadkaloy Month ago
I wanted to make this joke so bad but don't have the guts to do it 😂😂😂
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Month ago
“i got gun you got gun what kind gun? got dingooooo” good times
Joseph Rosado
Joseph Rosado Month ago
0:57 what about ur dingo 😂
I _arent_cj_
I _arent_cj_ Month ago
I missed these guys playing zombies
robert ponceee
robert ponceee Month ago
Today’s my birthday!🥳
xxxtentacionux Month ago
Happy Halloween
ιLLєѕTιѕн爱 Month ago
Wildcat when are you going to do a broadcast with vanoss?
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard Month ago
Look at the kill discrepancy lmao
jonathan saad
jonathan saad Month ago
What about scary maps in gmod?
ndra20 Month ago
"DIARRHEA!!" ~ Some Terminator Guy, 2015
aKidNamed Bhris
aKidNamed Bhris Month ago
i subscribed for boobs
Indra Subagja
Indra Subagja Month ago
5:10 Evan's "fuck" is superb ngl
Jacob Grummel
Jacob Grummel Month ago
Killing floor ?👀
creed man45
creed man45 Month ago
On a real note why the gun so fat
lambertes Month ago
Just 3 days later than Vanoss lol
Notagamer Games
Notagamer Games Month ago
Watching zombies is fun! Can’t wait for the Cold War videos
Tristen Tichit
Tristen Tichit Month ago
i was just thinking. Vanoss and his friends legit made a horror game. Cant remember what it was called but what happened to it
Bob -
Bob - Month ago
God man I miss these videos so much... can we get a petition to bring back WAW custom zombies map videos?! Those are literally the best videos they’ve ever made.
Mogwai176 Month ago
I just wanna thank you wildcat for everything you and your friends do on here. I had an extremely rough day and I finally got home and started watching your videos and it actually made me laugh and put me in a better mood. Thanks again for doing this!
Wilbert Aporongao
Wilbert Aporongao Month ago
Bro this map was on killing floor
Jacob Fischer
Jacob Fischer Month ago
You are a week behind wildcat
beto_SXT Gaming
beto_SXT Gaming Month ago
Any one else see that zombie dab at 3:31
Whitney Holds The Enemy
Whitney Holds The Enemy Month ago
This gave me nostalgia
Cooper Cobra King
Cooper Cobra King Month ago
Does anyone this remember this is the killing floor map but deleted the video
Dawson Hall
Dawson Hall Month ago
Love the vids keep it up
Grim_ Oz
Grim_ Oz Month ago
I see you
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming Month ago
7:09 imagine trying in COD zombies
Nightmare 86
Nightmare 86 Month ago
Dude I’d still try in cod zombies shits fun as fuck
maruftim Month ago
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Remastered 2020
Elias Montoya
Elias Montoya Month ago
Wildcat doesn’t reload before getting max ammo😔
Aqui- Chillz
Aqui- Chillz Month ago
still remember the days lmaooo
XiiiomqdeadX Month ago
Tavian Beeson
Tavian Beeson Month ago
I have not seen Evan this mad in a while 🤣
Jacob Nunez0219
Jacob Nunez0219 Month ago
What’s his m4 class
Bruh__ Moment_34
Bruh__ Moment_34 Month ago
Haters wil say it’s FAKE
grombs Month ago
has deja vu of them on this map many years ago
ZEDS’ Zenith
ZEDS’ Zenith Month ago
The editors really didnt care about this zombie video
TK22 Month ago
Killing floor throw back that was a good video
Derek The Seagull
Derek The Seagull Month ago
you ever delerious isn’t in ANY of wildcats thumbnails? why is that? 🤔🧐
issa Month ago
Who remembers this map😌
Jt Perez
Jt Perez Month ago
FIRBALL297 Gaming
FIRBALL297 Gaming Month ago
Never heard even yell that loud in my life but then a gain its 2020 this worlds fucking crazy right now
Trenton Mitchell
Trenton Mitchell Month ago
I’m just glad the map had pumpkins
Crystal Kitty896
Crystal Kitty896 Month ago
Wow you actually have different games?
Efrain Romero
Efrain Romero Month ago
Bro why does this being back hella memories
Sad _ghost
Sad _ghost Month ago
Wild cat play the new fortnite update
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