6 YouTubers rank halloween candy and talk about Nogla's new baby! | WILDCAST Ep. 11

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24 days ago

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0:00 Intro
3:23 Halloween Costumes
9:43 Halloween Candy Tier List
46:18 Supernatural Beliefs / Sleep Paralysis / Déjà Vu
1:02:10 Popcorn
1:05:15 Nogla's Kid / Pissing the Bed
1:17:43 Among Us
1:24:04 Black Ops Cold War
1:26:02 Trick or Treating
1:28:49 Black Friday
1:30:18 Xbox Series X Unboxing
1:34:49 DMCA Strikes on Twitch
1:42:01 Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
1:45:53 Outro
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I AM WILDCAT 25 days ago
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MrTacoSause 8 days ago
Yo just bought it two weeks later I’m ready for this clean shave
WhyMustUBanMe 10 days ago
@I AM WILDCAT . you and anothey cant not smoke weed. Look at anothry during the sponser. He fried 😂😂😂
Anthony Pisculli
Anthony Pisculli 12 days ago
@Joshua910 I think so bc there’s no podcast in Europe China and other countries
Joshua910 13 days ago
is it only usa that gets the discount?
Anthony Pisculli
Anthony Pisculli 17 days ago
@Seth Nary Yeah that’s a good idea
SK3TCHY 22 minutes ago
Bro I remember when my dad ate some spicy ramen he got from a store, the ramen tasted off so he put more hot sauce into it, later that night he goes to sleep and I later find out from my mom and my dad took a fat one while laying in bed while sleeping and they had to throw away all the sheets and we still bug him about it
Potato Luna
Potato Luna 3 hours ago
Smii7y is fucking paranormal. Mans constantly predicts the future. Edit: RIP Wildcat. Kelly is gonna fucking kill him
Van Swan
Van Swan 4 hours ago
For the christmas podcast you should try to get delirious
Zach Zert
Zach Zert 5 hours ago
Did anybody see that orb on wildcats camera when smi7y first starts talking about ghosts
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson 5 hours ago
Smitty he still has the accent as much as he ever did your just so use to it you don't notice it as much
Spencer Jackson
Spencer Jackson 6 hours ago
Andies mint chocolates are definitely S+ tier peppermint patties are definitely A or B tier
damian moreno
damian moreno 14 hours ago
I’m going to have to kidnap nogla’s baby
NAKO 16 hours ago
Could it fit up my bum
LAW*GG * 17 hours ago
The Spotify people won't know scotty is there or no
AdeptKing 19 hours ago
I think Cartoonz and Gorilla are the only ones who know Delirious in real life mainly Cartoonz I think. I didn’t really think about that until these guys mentioned they’ve never seen him and that they see his kid more than him.
II qXry II xx
II qXry II xx 20 hours ago
Nobody talkin bout how smii7y be lookin cute 😂😔
lemonlucario_ Day ago
someone Day ago
My sister has sleep paralysis and it's where you can see yourself in third person sometimes you don't ,but it's where you can not move your asleep ,but you feel awake. It can be scary ,or weird ,uncomfortable. My sister was in the car with her bf ,and she fell asleep and there was people staring at her. Me and always slept on the couch together, but different couches ,it would get so bad she sees dark stuff in the hallway and have to go to my sister's room, and bang on the door. She still has pray every night and she still had when she was pregnant. VERY SCARY
LaughingWithAnxiety Day ago
How the actual fuck are twislers B tear I would rather weave a fish basket out of my plucked asshole hairs same thing with the rubber tasting shit fest that is dots at C tear the only reason they would be of any use to me as if I ran out of toilet paper and I needed something to wipe my ass with Edit: Twix S+
Godly Cam
Godly Cam Day ago
I once snorted fun dip
LaughingWithAnxiety Day ago
Banana bus god what a throwback
Hung-ry Day ago
"Jaw breakers are rawhides for humans"
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes Day ago
Thank you for that life hack. DMV on Black Friday lmaooo
Nathaniel Pease
Nathaniel Pease Day ago
Babylirious is gonna do a face reveal and leak his dad's photos
JAR100 Day ago
Guys I can almost confirm that ghost are real because almost my entire family saw the same ghost in different areas of the house, but maybe we were all crazy right? Well except until they put the house up for rent and the people who were living there woke up to the ghost right next to them lmao. They supposedly ran outside into the streets.
JAR100 Day ago
So many other encounters in that house. It was a really nice house besides that part. They weren’t evil or anything but I was still scared of them
JAR100 Day ago
Btw we didn’t tell them about the ghost because, well you know, no one wants to buy a haunted house
Javier Dominguez
Javier Dominguez Day ago
candy corn is better
Shadowjak23 2 days ago
I love candy corn
Mikael Cyr
Mikael Cyr 2 days ago
Holy shit Panda looked Zoinked out of his mind
Johan Hugger Legarth
Johan Hugger Legarth 2 days ago
I love this shit my guy. It's nice to listen to you guys talk about life and pee
Towy fiveM
Towy fiveM 2 days ago
They should do Evan next
Gabriella Trujillo
Gabriella Trujillo 2 days ago
I'm just finding out about noglas baby....shit I'm behind
Cash Sixberry
Cash Sixberry 2 days ago
Get vanoss on one of the podcasts
Rylee Daugherty
Rylee Daugherty 2 days ago
the one and only time I messed with a ouija board was pretty normal nothing too crazy or shocking but the next morning I woke up with scratches all over the side of my neck and some on my stomach. needless to say I won't be touching one again 😐
Twiztid Will
Twiztid Will 2 days ago
They need to get H2O Delirious on the podcast.
Lumative 2 days ago
when they started their youtube careers they were just kids, now they’re having children. think about how far they’ve come
Fierce Animal
Fierce Animal 2 days ago
Wildcat does not know his Candy, Nogla seems the most normal...
Ww 6772
Ww 6772 2 days ago
Almost died by choking on a hard lifesaver once
El Penguino
El Penguino 2 days ago
Glad Tyler* is sane and thinks Jelly Beans are "Fucking Trash" Everyone else is a sociopath *Tyler and Anthony. Did not hear Anthony ar first
El Penguino
El Penguino 2 days ago
Nevermind, Tyler thinks the wax bottles are D, so Anthony is the only sane one
El Penguino
El Penguino 2 days ago
How dare you put Candy Corn in "Fucking Trash" What the fuck
El Penguino
El Penguino 2 days ago
Bro, Lifesavers Gummies at A???? What the fuck???
Zander Conder
Zander Conder 2 days ago
U should do one with Vanoss
Ignorant Carrot
Ignorant Carrot 2 days ago
Damn. When did Kryoz start aging backwards?
Jaida Richardson
Jaida Richardson 3 days ago
Scotty had good taste
Zayne Bonshire
Zayne Bonshire 3 days ago
First Moo is now a dad, Delirious is now a dad, & Nogla is now a dad. Wow lol
Angery Vault Boi
Angery Vault Boi 3 days ago
Jiggles knows his cars lol
jacob cohen
jacob cohen 3 days ago
22:54 No one: Tyler: "Yea, Kit Kats are S tier. Anybody argues with that your a fucking communist."
DovahKing 3 days ago
Love you wildcat, but I hate your tier list 🤣🤣
Heavenly Darkness
Heavenly Darkness 3 days ago
Bruh I straight just dream of the fuckin future
THADZ 3 days ago
The Dankest Yeet
The Dankest Yeet 4 days ago
Dude the sour patch watermelon bro thats harsh dude at least b cmon
Lolly [NBK]
Lolly [NBK] 4 days ago
Nogla changed his main character half way threw the broadcast
Gavin Hansel
Gavin Hansel 4 days ago
What the hell is jelly beans doing so high, also heaths are good, thin but good
Erik Jensen
Erik Jensen 4 days ago
Can we get Vanoss on here for Christ sake
Simo Hauck
Simo Hauck 4 days ago
Jolly ranchers might be drugged ? No way a drug user is wasting any of their stuff on some kids lol
NGG _Aviation
NGG _Aviation 5 days ago
Make s’mores with the peeps
Lynel Xavier
Lynel Xavier 5 days ago
Indian smii7y 45:31
TheExtreme_GameHunter 5 days ago
you actually made me think nogla had a kid.
Ana 2 days ago
He does tho 😭
Trombonerist 5 days ago
Bruh, I’ve pissed 2-3 times in dreams and not pissed in the bed. I’m surprised because I’ll actually be peeing and finish in the dream, wake up, then go piss.
Darkendslays •
Darkendslays • 5 days ago
Why in tf is milkduds in d tier
Nick 5 days ago
No joke, a class mate of mine snored smartys
Throbin Bob
Throbin Bob 5 days ago
45:30 smii7ys turning into the blarg of the group
AdrianGK47 5 days ago
Heath bar being so low is an abomination, that shit's amazing, especially if you go to Culver's and get them added to a concrete mixer
Jordan Hattar
Jordan Hattar 5 days ago
Hey wildcat do a podcast with H2oDelirious and the other dads in the group. (Trust the dad jokes)
Mutvials 5 days ago
45:30 Smii7y Had Me Dying LMFAO POTATO
TBuckley 20
TBuckley 20 5 days ago
You guys should all buy sonic on a call and watch the sonic the hedgehog movie
hotshot_ghost06YT 6 days ago
What is the video of Mark Robert they were talking about?
Crispy 867
Crispy 867 6 days ago
this candy tier list is absolutely terrible
pugplays26 1
pugplays26 1 6 days ago
Fernando Vazquez
Fernando Vazquez 6 days ago
get vanoss on dis shit or delirious
Jack Ratz
Jack Ratz 6 days ago
who else remembers the chicken nugget story from one of vanosses g mod videos
Elle Disa Ahlstrom
Elle Disa Ahlstrom 6 days ago
This Halloween candy list was trash. How are you going to put nasty ass skittles up at S tier and have yorks and heath and Hershey bars so low?
ryan rivas
ryan rivas 6 days ago
This list is so inaccurate how are you going to put whoppers above anything there so bad
Omar Reynaldo
Omar Reynaldo 7 days ago
Damn its crazy hearing Sykkuno in this podcast damn I've been watching him for almost a year he has really grown
Dick Chocolate
Dick Chocolate 7 days ago
Try and bring H20 onto the cast and talk about his newborn baby if not it’s okay :)
666999 7 days ago
Scotty not talking because Krissy is giving him head under the desk 😂😂
HeadShotzOnlee 007
HeadShotzOnlee 007 7 days ago
I finished an entire jaw breaker in 2 days
Brandy Broome
Brandy Broome 7 days ago
lost my respect on the wax bottles smh
Ceasar Vasquez
Ceasar Vasquez 8 days ago
Just got the performance package with your link 👍🏾
Aleks Toczek
Aleks Toczek 8 days ago
Hey Tyler I just went and listened to every single wild cast while in work :) your group made me laugh and enjoy work :) I wanna say good job and now I understand more about your life and a life of a USpostsr, people may think you have it easy but man I don't think I'd be able to do it, imma just leave this here and go now :)
Amir Hosein Abdi
Amir Hosein Abdi 8 days ago
I really liked the progression this whole podcast had and it got better each time
アレニメーション 9 days ago
As the days go bye smii7y's face goes rounder and rounder
Abraham Cruz
Abraham Cruz 9 days ago
get the banana bus crew in a podcast
av no show
av no show 9 days ago
vanoss NEEDS to get on this podcast
Evan Currie
Evan Currie 9 days ago
I snorted pixie sticks before
Alex B
Alex B 10 days ago
scotty is great but his taste in candy is garbage
Vanity Zead
Vanity Zead 10 days ago
Tru Vloger
Tru Vloger 10 days ago
Bruh__ Moment_34
Bruh__ Moment_34 10 days ago
Bruh SMII7Y it’s called a GRANDPA
Pizzarollgod750 10 days ago
get vanoss on!
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness 10 days ago
1:05:26 - 1:05:31 By god, that... That is hilarious. 1:39:43 I'm getting a flashback to Terroriser shouting *"EV-AN! EVAAAN!"* on top of Maze Bank when Evan was shooting rockets at him. Thanks, guys!
Zedan Moosa
Zedan Moosa 10 days ago
when will EVAN join you for a podcast , we need a vanoss episode
Umar Teladia
Umar Teladia 10 days ago
Smii7y's drinking game will be the end of me
Steph 10 days ago
Why would anyone go to a party this year
Kevin Brinkman
Kevin Brinkman 11 days ago
Yuii 11 days ago
It can't just be me who witnessed this but at 1:05:31 wildcat and panda literally just did the same move and thing when they laughed lmao
Levi Shows
Levi Shows 11 days ago
I did the same thing John did to his smarties
The Legend27
The Legend27 11 days ago
We need vanoss in here!!!!
Jaxk The Reaper
Jaxk The Reaper 11 days ago
You wish people didn't love one of the best candies of all time candy corn come on man candy corn is S tear! S tear! Top of the food chain ain't no candy better you don't have to agree with me but your opinion is wrong and you can't convince me otherwise
Celina 11 days ago
pls marry me kryoz, we could be a steezy couple
Celina 12 days ago
Kryoz is so hot, when dat happn
Bryan Morales
Bryan Morales 12 days ago
You’ve never really had fun dip until you’ve snorted it
Dr. Dank
Dr. Dank 12 days ago
Watermelon sour patch fucking slaps
Em P
Em P 12 days ago
Heath bars were 100% slept on in this list
Sami Wadud
Sami Wadud 12 days ago
would it be possible to have this on google podcast? just a suggestion:)
Peddle Star
Peddle Star 12 days ago
I was watching this and my brother brang in a dead rat and threw it at me.🤣
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