Spellbreak but we’re always the meat of the sandwich...

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11 days ago

Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression on Epic Games Store, Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Click here to start playing: www.inflcr.co/SH4fM
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Joseph Leszczynski
Joseph Leszczynski 4 days ago
What's up with my notifications I get sent this now even though its 5 days ago
Joseph Quest
Joseph Quest 6 days ago
Play more get that win bro !
NDL 6 days ago
I won my first game
Hayden Gordon
Hayden Gordon 7 days ago
The Apex comic/Borderlands art style looks beautiful
JUST YSF 7 days ago
turk3ykiller5 7 days ago
Spell break but basically carries the content
Bruno D
Bruno D 7 days ago
Great vid!
Lui the Bean
Lui the Bean 7 days ago
Boe 8 days ago
7:08 when u takin a dump after taco bell
HT-Bryce Richburg
HT-Bryce Richburg 8 days ago
bro i tried it its fun
TheJimiestBob 8 days ago
Keep playing until you win and play on stream
Wiiu4u5 8 days ago
0:53 in and we have a very interesting wind conversation I do enjoy.
Poker Squirrel
Poker Squirrel 8 days ago
I'll only watch spellbreak if it's from wildcat he made me enjoy it. Other USpostsrs made me lose interest in it
Krippy King
Krippy King 8 days ago
Waiting for Wildcat to win a game 😂
Icy Polarbears
Icy Polarbears 8 days ago
Btw the funny part is when I tried out spell break and the 2nd game I played I won
Tanner Cortez
Tanner Cortez 8 days ago
you got to keep playing this game until you get a win
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 8 days ago
what do you guys man I main wind because im used to playing doom were you have to move to not die practically and frost to slow them and so I can get around fast
Le boiy
Le boiy 8 days ago
I won my first game
Disrupted Fear
Disrupted Fear 8 days ago
Where’s wildcast with vanoss
The Gaming Giff
The Gaming Giff 8 days ago
Bruh whatever crack marcel was on for this, i need the sauce for that kind of energy
FLOOF K1D 8 days ago
Try toxic and air got two wins with it when I just started :edit if you mix makes. Toxic cloud and put wind in it will decrease the toxic cloud
TheLep17 8 days ago
Marcel on crack
Fallen Wolf
Fallen Wolf 8 days ago
me and my friends won 2 in a row
Orange AndBlue
Orange AndBlue 8 days ago
Think the boys are quickly learning how OP 🔥 and ☣ gauntlets are in this game... 😅
Uber Smexy
Uber Smexy 8 days ago
Press right click to get the all of yall to spawn at the same place
DJayyy 8 days ago
Fortnite: WIldcat tryhard Marcel tryhard Vanoss the funny one Spellbreak: WIldcat still a tryhard Vanoss a tryhard Marcel the funny one and a tryhard
Burnzsall 8 days ago
I remember when I started watching wildcat, he was just a disembodied voice that said funny stuff, but now that he's done so many vlogs since I joined, I can put a face to the funny. It's kinda cool.
Vegito 8 days ago
I am downloading the game
Azarien Barr
Azarien Barr 9 days ago
Hey wildat when are U going to make more modern warfare videos
Sebastian De La Rosa
Sebastian De La Rosa 9 days ago
the map has fortnite chapter 1 vibes
snot lout
snot lout 9 days ago
More among us please
Lord_Gorgeron 9 days ago
I love this game
matt yung
matt yung 9 days ago
You need to use feather fall in the final circle u can just rain down hell on them
Reid Klahold
Reid Klahold 9 days ago
Was i just playing among us with you?
icy x
icy x 9 days ago
Will they make it mobile?
Bakin X
Bakin X 9 days ago
You guys will win one day I believe
Drop 9 days ago
Damn thunder juggss 😂
Num_sax 9 days ago
“I myself am apart of an elite ghost squad known as the dangling banana man”
OC Wasabi
OC Wasabi 9 days ago
For anyone wanting a genuine review of this game that isn’t faked my being forced into certain opinions by spellbreak themselfs. This game is amazing. I love it so much. It plays so well and it’s really polished. My only problem would be that the render distance is bad for the landscape but you can still see players
Kaleb Walther
Kaleb Walther 9 days ago
Is it weird that I actually asked my google home about there question about the streaming and d**k pic😂
Henry Moore
Henry Moore 9 days ago
Pro tip if you have a window outlet and you see a gas a poison or a line of fire just normal attack it and then it will go away
Nash Bickford
Nash Bickford 9 days ago
I prefer fire and earth
CoffeeYeti YT
CoffeeYeti YT 9 days ago
I tried it and it is so difficult that when I stopped playing I struggled to play different games
Electrical gamers 2000
Electrical gamers 2000 9 days ago
But sub to this channel
Black Cat
Black Cat 9 days ago
I'm loving spellbreak
erica 2
erica 2 9 days ago
marcel carried the video lmaooo
DrewDeNightmare 9 days ago
I saw your videos of it and I got into it and its really fun
Zero 9 days ago
Wildcat plz play fortnite once just remember the amount of views you used to get
SuperiorOhio02 9 days ago
Yall suck lemme play with you and I can GAURANTEE a win
Caleb Is Bad At PB
Caleb Is Bad At PB 9 days ago
wildcast 13?
Logan Sodan
Logan Sodan 9 days ago
This is one of the few games I know I can trash Wildcat in
Tyler H
Tyler H 9 days ago
So i wanted to try this game out and the first game that i played i wkn with 10 kills
CryCloud 9 days ago
i cant tell if this is tyler or marcells video
Exufy Vibez
Exufy Vibez 9 days ago
i got it after his last video an i was slamming people that game fun as hell
Zack Jinskie Hapa
Zack Jinskie Hapa 9 days ago
My Name
My Name 9 days ago
Okay so I downloaded this..and won my first game so now I’m Addicted
Maria Nobody
Maria Nobody 9 days ago
Can u go back to cod content pls
Jane Bowerman
Jane Bowerman 9 days ago
I'm going to watch all of these just to see you win lol
Jacks1234 9 days ago
The lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon. We have felt the wrath of the horsemen of the apocalypse. The simpsons said the horsemen are coming the 20th of this month. Jesus is loving and will save us. Believe in him and repent your sins. Love you. Jesus loves you too❤️. Have a great day.
JB 9 days ago
What does it even mean to be the meat of the sandwich???😕
Squid Games
Squid Games 9 days ago
You finally got Vanoss to play fortnight!!
Godfather 9 days ago
I need Marcel energy in my life.
Cread_227 9 days ago
This game is nuts My solo queue teammates left at the start of the game and I managed to solo the whole lobby ending with 9 kills (I'll admit it was a fluke since I'm trash but I was proud of myself)
Shadow Blue
Shadow Blue 9 days ago
my fav black white and asian guys playing together
redstoneone plays
redstoneone plays 9 days ago
is there fall damage
PERSONNEL 9 days ago
Dr. Evan “Vanoss” Hugo Strange
Cubing Noted
Cubing Noted 9 days ago
I got the game when it first came out then never played again ...
Liam McCarten
Liam McCarten 9 days ago
5:38 You know Evan wanted to say retarded
Hey wildcat when you where recording I killed you and started tepbaging sorry
close the Chanel
close the Chanel 10 days ago
What about ios ha or android way are they not have the game ha??
asef nirumand
asef nirumand 10 days ago
Still no win
LeplayzGameing YT
LeplayzGameing YT 10 days ago
I won my first game lol
Aiden 10 days ago
You can right click when you are spawing to take your entire team with you.
VendelEx 10 days ago
Sam 10 days ago
i wonder if wildcat still talks to The vajoober
XxYoung FellaxX
XxYoung FellaxX 10 days ago
Tell basically he's pissing me off by not posting
Silver Uprising
Silver Uprising 10 days ago
Play some more and you will definitely win.
jackson tuttle
jackson tuttle 10 days ago
this game is pretty fun
Eddie Appz
Eddie Appz 10 days ago
AIDAN VAZQUEZ 10 days ago
It’s sad to see Tyler play games that he enjoys but they don’t get as many views just because people don’t know what it is
The Scary Berry
The Scary Berry 10 days ago
I won my first game lol
H2o Novawolf
H2o Novawolf 10 days ago
I actually love watching thx wildcat for the 10/10 entertainment
Marcus Simardwescott
Marcus Simardwescott 10 days ago
This game is ok but they need to fix some things for it to be considered “fun”
summoner life
summoner life 10 days ago
Robert Butterfield
Robert Butterfield 10 days ago
Play on switch
Marcus Simardwescott
Marcus Simardwescott 10 days ago
I don’t know why he’s just getting into this game I’ve played the game for over a year before he’s even played it
Im a Weeb
Im a Weeb 10 days ago
Ok I need to make a complaint I’m on this game now and won 6 games in a row I’ll probably win more now but how is it that my first 6 games I’ve won
Joseph B
Joseph B 10 days ago
I just downloaded it and honestly super fun to play.
Doc_ McKlowdz
Doc_ McKlowdz 10 days ago
Wind and Lightning is OP combo, nice stun and maneuvering
_ EHM1nority _
_ EHM1nority _ 10 days ago
Conduit us insane if you use feather falling, fire, and certain perks
Chunkeyshark 95
Chunkeyshark 95 10 days ago
Hey wildcat I’m a big fan and I also really love your podcast the WILDCAST great name btw. when are we gonna see more episodes come out ?
Cylance 10 days ago
What are the best combos ?
Andrew Leyton
Andrew Leyton 10 days ago
They have to win one
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith 10 days ago
I can't wait for the "Spellbreak but we won a game video"
D3ityCthulhu 10 days ago
The skill gap in this game is insanely high. This still doesn't seem new player friendly lol.
Kinming Wong
Kinming Wong 10 days ago
I am glad to see Vanoss is playing with Basically again; I feel they haven’t played together in a long while 😄
Lord_brae05 !!
Lord_brae05 !! 10 days ago
How do you find this game fun it’s the same thing over and over
deagen porteous
deagen porteous 10 days ago
day two of saying, "try out the chronomancer rune" it will warp you back to the time of casting. Meaning your direction location mana AND HEALTH go back to what they were at the time of casting.
Angel Duenas
Angel Duenas 10 days ago
Wind Gautlet main tip if you shoot under you , you get blast up abit decent mobility
JackFlash 10 days ago
hey tyler, have you tried playing with a controller? the last time i played aim assist was literally aimbot, try the ice bow with a controller
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