Among Us but I convince everyone I’m not a psychotic murderer...

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22 days ago

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Shahan Iqbal
Shahan Iqbal Hour ago
If you’re reading this, you aren’t blind
Vortexx 9 hours ago
LADizzle 15
LADizzle 15 3 days ago
Why did when wildcat sing then it reminded me of tobuscus
JBUTT13 4 days ago
How’d no one not nerd out saying to Hafu that she knows he’s good lol
Native Game Squad
Native Game Squad 6 days ago
7:59 my favorite laugh😂
Grace Sinclair
Grace Sinclair 7 days ago
seeing sips feels so nostalgic
Juice 8 days ago
I fucking love sips so much. He has always been funny as hell
prod. hatekason
prod. hatekason 8 days ago
moral of the story, never play among us with girls🗿
Lixfeii 9 days ago
I love 5up especially when he gets mad lmafo..It really feels bad to be ganged up on 😂
ImJustGonna *Slonk*
ImJustGonna *Slonk* 9 days ago
The amount of misogyny in the comments is sad
Lordlyrope012 10 days ago
Bruh I haven’t seen Nerd Out since they made Music for ARK bruh
Juan Almanza
Juan Almanza 11 days ago
Videos when wildcat imposter Brrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuu Boop
Mr. Gemini
Mr. Gemini 11 days ago
I do the same thing when im imposter and i fake tasks. Make random noise and simulate what the task does
Jonathan 0608
Jonathan 0608 12 days ago
I haven't heard sips in a long time
King Nosam
King Nosam 12 days ago
Of all the female content creators out there, you choose to play with idiot E-girls
Quin Law
Quin Law 13 days ago
“What the heck?” He told u who to vote for he’s obviously way better at the game so just listen
Killer Springtrap
Killer Springtrap 14 days ago
This is why you kill the girls first and let the bois take over
yxung_MXZ 14 days ago
The title of this video is just an alternative title of among us when you play imposter. *Change my mind*
TTV Imdecent
TTV Imdecent 15 days ago
This is why woman aren't funny
Jasmine Westhead
Jasmine Westhead 15 days ago
Girls: Listen to Cat and DK whole game Wildcat names both killers in the same game and gets voted out. Girls: lose game Girls: :o
King Mike
King Mike 15 days ago
what donyou call a cow with 2 legs....LEAN BEEF
Dennis Woods
Dennis Woods 17 days ago
this is why girls should stick to NetFlix
Bone2Bone30 17 days ago
Cod modern warfare content soon 👀
Piku Koji
Piku Koji 17 days ago
Why girls aren't aloud to vote....
TheTiredWolf 18 days ago
2:26 giving off strong tobuscus vibes
Ralph Boehmer
Ralph Boehmer 18 days ago
Wildcat said "why didn't I kill on left button" when he was unmuted
Bruno Jauregui
Bruno Jauregui 18 days ago
Before u play with girls don't forget they are all feminist.
TheDSM555 19 days ago
Juju Almeida
Juju Almeida 19 days ago
I saw this on stream
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez 19 days ago
Is it just me or does everybody sometimes feel cringe moments with gamer girls?
dino nuggies
dino nuggies 19 days ago
Wyatt Climo
Wyatt Climo 19 days ago
Women saying WE ARE SMART Also women We LoSt WhAt ThE HeCk
꧁Isen꧂ 19 days ago
He needs to play with girls that can actually think Girls: hOw ?!!!!
Duck Man
Duck Man 19 days ago
There is a vr version of among us
carlos Lorenzo
carlos Lorenzo 19 days ago
all of them are brain dead
Anthony Lor
Anthony Lor 19 days ago
Oh god is that Sips!!!! it is!!! I remember that guy from back in the minecraft days!!! Wow never would have thought to see this collab!!
A Guy
A Guy 19 days ago
she should have said a cow with two legs is nogal
Doug Gaddy
Doug Gaddy 19 days ago
Wildcat you need to put the clip where Smitty was your pet cat that shit was gold lmao.
Benjamin McMahon
Benjamin McMahon 20 days ago
This game is fun. I went through a whole round threatening to kill everyone, taking credit for the kills, was actually standing on the body of someone who stack killed, and still one. 1000 IQ m'rite?
LoGicZz 20 days ago
1 thing we learned today is don't play games with girls.
LoGicZz 18 days ago
@Bruno Jauregui lmao
Bruno Jauregui
Bruno Jauregui 18 days ago
i've gotten kicked out by a whole group of girls once
Bruno Jauregui
Bruno Jauregui 18 days ago
Diego Arias
Diego Arias 20 days ago
If I ever play with wildcat and it 3 left and it’s me and Brian and Tyler I will vote Brian
Derek Chapman
Derek Chapman 20 days ago
The last group high key funny asf ngl
Adil Imangazinov
Adil Imangazinov 20 days ago
0:50 i hate borat
Trappedfirefox 20 days ago
Who here has watched borat
Lane Harken
Lane Harken 20 days ago
I watched all of this on stream
Rachel Ponder
Rachel Ponder 20 days ago
Tell me a joke Wildcat my Chanel
Aidan Grimley
Aidan Grimley 20 days ago
He wildcat, just a quick question, which i doubt you'll will see. I was playing geoguessor about presidential schools and i got The Harrison Wildcats, which is in Indiana is his he school you went to lmao, i remember that "wildcat" came from the school mascot. Just asking lmao, u won't see the but love the content.
darksithlord 20 days ago
never play with girls they don't listen lol
CG flixxs
CG flixxs 20 days ago
But respect for clutch your one of my fav yotuber
CG flixxs
CG flixxs 20 days ago
You can’t fake astroids it’s a vizul task
Martin Salgado
Martin Salgado 20 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Dk: ITS WILCAT/ I can clear (everyone except wildcat)
Alex Splicer
Alex Splicer 20 days ago
At the end.. Never seen such sexist voting in my life. *HE HAS A P33N, THEREFORE IT'S HIM.* Nah it was just because they felt sus of him which I can see why but I wouldn't have. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Darren Wilke
Darren Wilke 20 days ago
Please Garry's mod but among us
Deku Midoriya
Deku Midoriya 20 days ago
Fun Fact: you can tell who is impostor by checking vitals carefully, also go search this fun fact because i'm sure that people seeing this will kick anyone with different vitals
sukairo 20 days ago
Damn nerdout really betrayed the boys😂
SteamGeek01 20 days ago
I choked on my Haribo's when I saw Sips' name,
Kam19981998 20 days ago
Its actually what do you call a cow with three legs lean beef
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton 20 days ago
Anyone else just tryna look at Gabbie’s discord pic??
Julian Heng
Julian Heng 20 days ago
I found Wildcat's tell in Among us: As Imposter, he always tries to prove he is doing something by constantly using the word "literally" when I rarely hear him use that word as Crewmate
Unretreating 20 days ago
Malcolm Melanson
Malcolm Melanson 20 days ago
Hell yea! Sips out here playing with everyone else!
Ross Diamond
Ross Diamond 20 days ago
Quit coming for the females y’all hating for what?
Ross Diamond
Ross Diamond 20 days ago
Y’all lame ash
p p
p p 20 days ago
If you wanna win just don’t play with women.
Lisa Kooren
Lisa Kooren 20 days ago
Yikes those girls are great but slightly annoying in this game xD
Jason Short
Jason Short 20 days ago
I haven’t seen sips in a video for years now
Actually Seth
Actually Seth 20 days ago
The Commenter
The Commenter 20 days ago
That title, Isn’t that the entire point of among us?
Flaming Poob
Flaming Poob 20 days ago
I’ve missed wildcat so much I shipped off to navy bootcamp aug12 and only graduated oct8 got loads to watch😤
Your boi Broke asf
Your boi Broke asf 20 days ago
Where tf is vanos at? And the rest of them
Madison Cushman
Madison Cushman 20 days ago
Heimeri Klein
Heimeri Klein 20 days ago
bruh wait wtf a video with Sips and Wildcat hello!? This combo is to powerful
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler 20 days ago
Sips??? His videos were my life in Middle School
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence 20 days ago
What happened to connor
Cameron Carey
Cameron Carey 20 days ago
Skyrim level one bruu horrible
FlaWLessMinigun 20 days ago
This is what I've gathered from this entire video: Don't make cow jokes, especially not ones about everyone's moms
WHITE CREWMATE 20 days ago
What do u call a cow with 2 legs? Lean beef
nathan musick
nathan musick 21 day ago
Hell In A Handbasket
Hell In A Handbasket 21 day ago
Me *sees sips playing with wildcat* *NANI?*
Biccy 21 day ago
Never thought id see the day where Sips is playing with Wildcat. 2020 truly is insane.
FREEZING 21 day ago
12:00 women moment
Hayden Yearian
Hayden Yearian 21 day ago
Sips from yogscast and wildcat from the crew dude my dream come true lol
Cody Grider
Cody Grider 21 day ago
Where in Indiana are you from?
Jacob McCombs
Jacob McCombs 21 day ago
the girls throw: woops, im a gemini
Chinyere E
Chinyere E 21 day ago
Overdxse 21 day ago
This video showed me 2 things about females 1. They aren't funny. 2. They don't listen.
Pinhead Guy
Pinhead Guy 21 day ago
Girls throw in everything .throwing it back .among us .my parents divorce .being president .video games unless they are fucking drugged .their youtube channels(katerino) .the last chocolate chip cookie on the counter
Philip Metzler
Philip Metzler 21 day ago
How tf did Wildcat get played, if anything you dumbasses played yourself.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 21 day ago
What do you call a throw . . . . . . A nogla
Entity Mays
Entity Mays 21 day ago
Funniest Among us vid in a while!
Ddy _29
Ddy _29 21 day ago
The noises he makes 😂 I-
Milkshake865 21 day ago
Is it just me or Gabbie discord pic look fine asf
Ava Atkisson
Ava Atkisson 21 day ago
Never expected Tyler to play with the real guy, the best guy, Sips :)
swiss_ EXO
swiss_ EXO 21 day ago
Mr Anchovy
Mr Anchovy 21 day ago
Oh my god! He killed Kenny! Wildcat: 12:28
Richie Wynn
Richie Wynn 21 day ago
Oh damn its Sips!!!
Domingo Rodriguez
Domingo Rodriguez 21 day ago
NerdOut isn't one of the BOYZ
Olliethegoat 21 day ago
Legend says that he responds
Wavezz YT
Wavezz YT 21 day ago
She forgot the "lean beef" joke
Edward Bailey
Edward Bailey 21 day ago
Yo sips that man is still alive??
WrothSpring56 21 day ago
Foookin smooth brain lobbies
Nobody likes you when you're 29
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