Among Us but Impostors can go invisible...

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8 days ago

The future is near:
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Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett Day ago
GodG Day ago
at 6:14 u can tell it was wildcat cuz hes still invis at the table and goes uninvis
Dominick DRivers
Dominick DRivers Day ago
That goddamn crip line killed me and I don’t know why
Henry Stiller
Henry Stiller Day ago
I've heard of wildcat so are you wildcat
Omar Tena
Omar Tena 2 days ago
7:07 I feel so bad for Vanoss he just gets cut off
Justin La Platney
Justin La Platney 4 days ago
What ever happens in Tyler’s mind it’s always nogla
UnlawfulTalin 4 days ago
I miss gmod
Darcy Ramage
Darcy Ramage 4 days ago
6:12 Wildcat's character was invisible at the meeting and then became visible once the timer ran out
Keenan Frost
Keenan Frost 5 days ago
I know it shouldn’t bother me but it kinda bothers me when the guys get angry with each other Idk why
ali kasaei
ali kasaei 5 days ago
10:45 dog barking. wav
Darkrais Prodigy
Darkrais Prodigy 5 days ago
Spicy Taco
Spicy Taco 5 days ago
6:13 Tyler reappeared after going in visible at the meeting on the right side of the screen lol. Not sure if everyone sees that or just Tyler.
Madison Weisbrod
Madison Weisbrod 5 days ago
11:20 Froozer: Smity SMITY JUST TURNED INVIS Wildcat: walks down “he seems visible to me
Teen _Life Productions
Teen _Life Productions 5 days ago
Right after Cat killed smity you can see as the number goes down on your right side of the scree you can see him Reappear in the circle
SB K3VIN 5 days ago
Wildcat a certified crip
Assali 5 days ago
you can see wildcat become visible again at 6:12
Notwhou Thinkiam
Notwhou Thinkiam 6 days ago
407 “I didn’t expect my team mate was retarded” or some thing to that effect lol when he was literally the one to fùck things up by being invisible lol how was nogla, or anyone else for that matter, supposed to sync up with something they can’t see? Lol the agro fùcker always screams blame at someone else when he fùcks up
DaBoii Jay
DaBoii Jay 6 days ago
That Vanoss kill was the funniest shit ever😂😂
Sterlin Hobbs
Sterlin Hobbs 6 days ago
Did anyone notice that you could see wildcat turn back from being Ivis after his first imposter game
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 6 days ago
"Nogla can't make this up bc this is hilarious" -Puffer
boii_ joey
boii_ joey 6 days ago
10:45 the return of the nogla bark?
Josh Bernier
Josh Bernier 6 days ago
You should play teardown. Check out SMii7y videos
I I 6 days ago
Wildcat had learned the art of Vanoss but it only works on Nogla
M V 6 days ago
So no one saw wild cat invisible at the table 6:12
Jordyn De La Pena
Jordyn De La Pena 6 days ago
did you guys hear nogla scream when vanoss turned invisible and killed him 😂😂😂
Jacob Alfaro
Jacob Alfaro 6 days ago
Did wildcat hire puffer for the thumbnails?😩
Caleb Flores
Caleb Flores 6 days ago
6:12 Wildcat turns visible at the meeting table and no one noticed lol
King's Nerd Cave
King's Nerd Cave 6 days ago
"My life is great" "Then why are you buying pokemon cards?" JOHN CAUGHT ON. Tyler has given up on life.
Cole Suchinski
Cole Suchinski 6 days ago
Gonna start unsubscribing from the group since all they post now is literally just among us or among us mods on other games
Its Yeboi
Its Yeboi 6 days ago
This is my idea. Stolen
Big Ant
Big Ant 6 days ago
“My life is great” “Then why you buying Pokémon cards?” 😂😂😂😂😂
mimi 6 days ago
ThenamesCactus 6 days ago
You dont have a crippling pokemon card gambling addiction if you havent spent at least $600 of your parents money on pkm card
Colton Albert
Colton Albert 6 days ago
You can see he is still invisible when they call a meeting
Kingcobrakillz Cobra
Kingcobrakillz Cobra 6 days ago
10:45 *bark
Piotr Jakub
Piotr Jakub 6 days ago
For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
TF you looking at jack
TF you looking at jack 6 days ago
I fell asleep during a zoom I'm scared
Mini_Cry 6 days ago
6:13 You can see Wildcat reappear at the table on the right side of the screen
Not Finding Super
Not Finding Super 6 days ago
Did I hear lui
Kiyohshi 6 days ago
“It had to be someone there who was supposed to double kill” “You guys were all bunched on the same spot” So.. you were in the vicinity.. as saw. Meaning you were there..
cozy pufferfish
cozy pufferfish 6 days ago
What happened to Connor
K -
K - 6 days ago
Is that wildcat being wildcat or is he actually worried about his gambling addiction??
Pineappleboi 6 days ago
The Nogla bark is such a nostalgic sound, it makes me physically happy
Genzzy57 6 days ago
TBMA3 SENPAI 6 days ago
WILDKAT (among us) that me on phone. Love you wildcat ❤
Dylan Hines
Dylan Hines 6 days ago
am i the only person whos hella tired of among us videos ? 😂
Angel A
Angel A 6 days ago
AitLin Of The Rebellion
AitLin Of The Rebellion 6 days ago
6:13 look at how cat just appears at the table behind the whole thing with voting
AitLin Of The Rebellion
AitLin Of The Rebellion 6 days ago
Puffer: I'll vote for myself Nogla: **votes for Puffer** Everybody: It's Puffer
Aiden Jewett
Aiden Jewett 6 days ago
The naruto sound when he went invisible was so awesome
Noble S0117
Noble S0117 6 days ago
I think that wildcat and froozer should have gone after nogle and terroriser first that way they can't be voted out
jeff pothof
jeff pothof 6 days ago
how about a clone mod? that would make some awesome mindgames
Gipz 6 days ago
I’ve been waiting to see that floating eyebrow kill from you POV 😂😂😂
Flaming Peak
Flaming Peak 7 days ago
10:43 he used the dog noise nogla made in cs go for when he died lmao
jackcat89 7 days ago
Idk if I’d ever be able to play with Nogla he hurts my brain
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 7 days ago
Hello, Humans. "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."-Buddha TERRANCE OUT
The gaming Egg
The gaming Egg 7 days ago
Good vid man love your channel keep up the good work
Toaster Toastin
Toaster Toastin 7 days ago
Y’all just copying socksforone
sockmonkey2017 7 days ago
How are they talking in to each other when their close? Is that a mod or something?
JooJooBean Warner
JooJooBean Warner 6 days ago
Yeah, they have proximity chat on.
sahand mohammed
sahand mohammed 7 days ago
Bruh just the lil thing’s make me happy the sound of using a jutsu is amazing dam respect 😌✌🏼
Julian Date
Julian Date 7 days ago
The opposite of Appear out of know where is disappear out of somewhere
Savage Sam
Savage Sam 7 days ago
When is the next wildcast episode
vSat 7 days ago
What Nogla tried to tell us: "Disappear into everywhere"...
vFearMySkxll 7 days ago
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 7 days ago
We need cod
Maio 7 days ago
getting sombra overwatch vibes
Dane Whetzel
Dane Whetzel 7 days ago
Best among us video. That was funny as fuck
Boehler Hockey
Boehler Hockey 7 days ago
Nogla is the random idiot you see online and wonder what they could possibly be thinking because they make the most stupid accusations and everyone believes them
gang 9
gang 9 7 days ago
omg so fye
Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani 7 days ago
The Nogla death bark is my new favorite sound.
Sparticycolas - TehSpartaLeRemixer
Sparticycolas - TehSpartaLeRemixer 7 days ago
famous last words: “There’s Eyebrows!”
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 7 days ago
AceofSpades-6 7 days ago
Ahh yes, the Group Together strategy. Also known as the Braindead strategy.
lord_ dante420
lord_ dante420 7 days ago
At least I can say nogla makes my fucking head hurt
Alex Kay
Alex Kay 7 days ago
6:13 you can see wildcat reappear at the table
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 7 days ago
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 7 days ago
3:32 Wildcat was lowkey salty about that one I bet lol
Freddie Hawney
Freddie Hawney 7 days ago
Thumbnail + vanoss + views
suvdrift 7 days ago
10:44 Noglabark.mp3 still lives on.
DatShadowWolf 7 days ago
Halyo Alex
Halyo Alex 7 days ago
I LOVE the noglabark.mp3 for when he gets killed. PERFECTION.
Kyle Justiniano
Kyle Justiniano 7 days ago
Orion Pulman
Orion Pulman 7 days ago
Play more cod mw here is my activision name ftheworld fur good content I’m really funny as my friends say please friend me
Orion Pulman
Orion Pulman 7 days ago
And I’m really good at cod mw
Raven_ Games
Raven_ Games 7 days ago
I feel bad for vanoss when he died at 7:09
Dylan Aponte
Dylan Aponte 7 days ago
Tyler getting destroyed because he sucks at lying, because hes always "real"
Brendin Webb
Brendin Webb 7 days ago
6:13 you can see wildcat appear near the button lol
Selena Rekemesik
Selena Rekemesik 7 days ago
That intro with the eyebrows 🤣🤣🤣
Angel 7 days ago
You did vanoss dirty
Dawson - DQGJ
Dawson - DQGJ 7 days ago
10:33 Wildcat, you made a very risky mode because you turned invisible when you were still in sight on the camera. The camera in the Medbay hallway takes up the whole hallway. The Admin camera takes up the whole hallway as well, including the East camera at Navigation, same as the Reactor one. Just to remind ‘ya. It’s hard to remember that stuff.
CrossOrDeadToonZ 7 days ago
Those Eyebrow fleeek tho
CrossOrDeadToonZ 7 days ago
"There eyebrow" had me dying of laughter
Spitty TV
Spitty TV 7 days ago
anyone notice the naruto jutsu noice that was sick
Hayden Gordon
Hayden Gordon 7 days ago
Among Us but it's the same video posted 7 different times on each channel
Mr. Struggle
Mr. Struggle 7 days ago
When they replace Basically with Puffer
Kodiak Music
Kodiak Music 7 days ago
Hey wildcat, could you play rust with the gang? Or on the twitch server? That would be INCREDIBLE
coochi man
coochi man 7 days ago
respect for wild cat when he did kage bunshin 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Dylan Weldon
Dylan Weldon 7 days ago
You get so mad at people for sticking together 😂
Phils-too-Many 7 days ago
Is the video bugging for anyone else?
Saidah Edwards
Saidah Edwards 7 days ago
Yo at 6:12 u can see him reappear 🤭😂
Cadon Buckles
Cadon Buckles 7 days ago
Jesus loves you spread the word
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