Modern Warfare but it's Season 5 and my raven is hungry...

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3 months ago

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No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...

IVI4I_IR0 12 days ago
Papa Waffles
Papa Waffles 15 days ago
I wanted to hear that essay
ShadeSlayer562 Month ago
4:44 *Archived...*
Izah Mal
Izah Mal Month ago
As soon nogla was defuseding I got in a add
Hunter Safratowich
Hunter Safratowich Month ago
Hey wildcat I know I’m not supposed to ask if I could play with you but could I because I love you and your funny af
TitanOPGamer567 2 months ago
I happen to be working on an essay rn and they motivate me to keep typing it 🙃
theboyz1983 yes im 5
theboyz1983 yes im 5 2 months ago
btw i was thrown of the skeld because they said i was sus
theboyz1983 yes im 5
theboyz1983 yes im 5 2 months ago
das sad
Rhianna explores
Rhianna explores 2 months ago
I can't believe you didn't know what a Rennie was done you Americans have em? What do you do when you have heartburn drink milk?
Fattenhead 2 months ago
Body: twitches Everyone: BROO WHAAAT OMGGGG
Bullet117edits 2 months ago
I’m irish and even I don’t know what a rinei is
kezzy _YT
kezzy _YT 2 months ago
Rennie is a pill
lieutenant forehead
lieutenant forehead 2 months ago
4:13 before I noticed the snapshot I actually thought that he was using walls
FaZe Shadow
FaZe Shadow 2 months ago
I hate when my cousin does that so annoying "let's goooooo" let him to shut up
Hinemoa Rihari
Hinemoa Rihari 2 months ago
If your ravens hungry... That feed it. More tips from hine can be found in link below
Alex Coffelt
Alex Coffelt 3 months ago
Play at 0.25 speed 0:27 That’s not how bricks work they don’t duplicate
Roggy1234 3 months ago
y dont you play rust
Tmxxy ???
Tmxxy ??? 3 months ago
Yo when you doing your next vid
Mikael Bernat
Mikael Bernat 3 months ago
bruh why is wildcat using the 725 😫😫
Jayjay Maderia
Jayjay Maderia 3 months ago
Are you ready for the new Call of Duty
chill sleep
chill sleep 3 months ago
can someone tell me how to get two nades
SYL ThatGuy
SYL ThatGuy 3 months ago
Thats not a crow its a raven
Zitu Org
Zitu Org 3 months ago
Marks laugh 😂
Fido 3 months ago
Hate to admit it Wildcat but you're kinda toxic when you get killed.
Tipsy G
Tipsy G 3 months ago
Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman 3 months ago
El brick
#XGP_GOLEM 3 months ago
Play cdl it takes all the bull crap 💩 weapons and perks and bands them also you get free attachments
KGK RainArmy
KGK RainArmy 3 months ago
He sat on one of balls (I though he had one of them)
alex anderson
alex anderson 3 months ago
Tyler and nogla say they are try harding while they always do themselves lmao
DeadKing507 3 months ago
Man delirious is a crow officially now xD
OfficiallyNozey 3 months ago
Glizzy chin?
lilHyperX -
lilHyperX - 3 months ago
Now we’ll never find out what a Renni is.
Scud 3 months ago
3:31 when your Dino nuggies are ready
Steveo Stevens
Steveo Stevens 3 months ago
Anything: Happens Them:*screams at top of lungs*
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy 3 months ago
Jiggly panda is annoying af
JustARandom 3 months ago
Isaiah Romero
Isaiah Romero 3 months ago
If u do see this my thing is 2nd muskateer
EMDzearac 3 months ago
Who loves Pandas laugh
̶F̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶l̶y̶ neighborhood Civil Protection Officer
̶F̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶l̶y̶ neighborhood Civil Protection Officer 3 months ago
Binging these vids the overwatch elim sound is stuck in my brain
Isaac Alvear
Isaac Alvear 3 months ago
What the music intro
Moltenpanther 3
Moltenpanther 3 3 months ago
Great video as usual you should get the new Executive Armorer bundle with the gokd tracers and gold dismemberment its sick
Frank Carnival
Frank Carnival 3 months ago
I think my subscription is broken i got a alert saying this case out 3 hours ago but I check and it came out 6 days ago
David Searle
David Searle 3 months ago
Chewing a "rennie" ... a Rennie is a form of antacid medication
The minecraft god 101
The minecraft god 101 3 months ago
Can I please play with you
Facio Sty?
Facio Sty? 3 months ago
At 2:00 did they just get killed by Dylan seek?
Slay Sity
Slay Sity 3 months ago
Carry me lol
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee 3 months ago
If you want a cow, just meet my ex!
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee 3 months ago
05:45 Great Odin's Raven!
Matthew Sheppard
Matthew Sheppard 3 months ago
Now you're* shit 😂 I'm terrible at the game though.
Federik 3 months ago
To anyone who's looking for the song in the intro, it's "Gizmos and Gadgets" by "Elliot Holmes"
RZ GamingDarwin
RZ GamingDarwin 3 months ago
Wildcat why your thumbnail is different?
Le Rippletoe
Le Rippletoe 3 months ago
I expect to see this Overkill essay posted somewhere
Novice Reaper Yang NRY
Novice Reaper Yang NRY 3 months ago
Angel Gamer045
Angel Gamer045 3 months ago
3:19 me: when I need to go to the bathroom while in a car-ride so I suck the poo back up My brain: your safe
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 3 months ago
Moo always gets the best clips of you tbh just watching his video of this last night
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 3 months ago
Nunu Santana
Nunu Santana 3 months ago
Wild cat u should try to get a riot shield and over kill with a riot shield so u have 2 riot shields
Luuk 3 months ago
*you're 1:02
Sucki fooki
Sucki fooki 3 months ago
someone play with me ill carry🥱🥱
FUA EDYT 3 months ago
I was the dude that blew up in the intro
Tallen Roberts
Tallen Roberts 3 months ago
Oil rig is shit but harbour Rlly ain't that bad
Tyler Drake
Tyler Drake 3 months ago
Yo can I get some help with the stadium Easter egg
Rat's Dungeon
Rat's Dungeon 3 months ago
I got a big Dog
Lewis Graham
Lewis Graham 3 months ago
Funny video idea: An-94 with the POS-M3 thermal scope?
WOOP 3 months ago
Yayyyy esport jerry is back
Chance Burdette
Chance Burdette 3 months ago
When did Wildcat and Panda get so gay
Owen Murphy
Owen Murphy 3 months ago
How the fuck is moo level 130
Rafael Artienda
Rafael Artienda 3 months ago
I think Delirious was the one who Voice Acted the Crow in the game
Potintboy Ken
Potintboy Ken 3 months ago
Oh the poor boy has heartburn
Nightcore lover and Anime lover
Nightcore lover and Anime lover 3 months ago
Wildcat can u use EBR 14
Droxzy 3 months ago
e-spoats Jerry
JoshuaLagrange1440 3 months ago
They need to buff the kar and the barett I get a hit maker in the head with a. Bullet the size of my head and I gotta big head
yosef apud
yosef apud 3 months ago
5:53 wildcat's impression was spot on
JᎯЅᎾN TᎾDD 3 months ago
Modern Warfare: But WildCat buys the whole Battle Pass which costs him over $100
StarxzFN 3 months ago
Bro wildcat is one of the best cod players
Josh_the_ jester
Josh_the_ jester 3 months ago
9:34 I looked it up and you misspelled it, it's rennie and it's some kind of over the counter medicine that lowers the acidity of your stomach which lowers the chances of heartburn
Josh_the_ jester
Josh_the_ jester 3 months ago
5:52 oh he just summoned delicious to kill him
Xeon Trilogy
Xeon Trilogy 3 months ago
Why does the new map remind me of CS:GO
II Crowz ll
II Crowz ll 3 months ago
Melting Stream
Melting Stream 3 months ago
Keep the over kill & but make it have consequences
Witherd B0nnie
Witherd B0nnie 3 months ago
Can’t wait to see that Overkill essay
Michael Breckshot
Michael Breckshot 3 months ago
I played a FFA yesterday and won even though I died 25 times, a dude called me trash because of that. I didn't give a shit and wanted to tell the lobby "nobody's perfect". Nobody's perfect guys, words of wisdom
T- BONE 3 months ago
In the few years everyone will say "oNly OGs reMEmbEr 10iNcHeSsoFt"
UnearthlyDragon 3 months ago
a renni is an antacid that you chew
Tito Gaming
Tito Gaming 3 months ago
That crow assassin move is sick
Toxic Loser
Toxic Loser 3 months ago
Shut up - My Brother
muhammad akram
muhammad akram 3 months ago
God 3 months ago
“Now you’re shit”* You used the wrong “your” in the subtitles
Matthew Zizelmann
Matthew Zizelmann 3 months ago
Wildcat its really cool to see you cranking out videos on a call of duty game again, no disrespect towards fortnite or any other games you post. These modern warfare videos have been top notch.
Matthew Lynn
Matthew Lynn 3 months ago
How did they hear "check a renni," instead of "chew a renni?"
Claude Mallet
Claude Mallet 3 months ago
New thumbnail editor?
是说 3 months ago
Anyone else notice he was playing against SeeK? (smaller cod USpostsr) or jus me
Queen Nicole
Queen Nicole 3 months ago
1:37 Not the beayang the baeyang ohohhh 😂😂
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes 3 months ago
Don't worry the world has wondered for as long as time began, how is Nogla alive while missing a brain.....even neanderthals could have worked it out, between bouts of throwing shit at each other.....
PAIN333 3 months ago
So I was curious and Rennies are antacid tablets that have a fresh mint taste (apparently) and they're chewable. So Dathi just had some heartburn he had to take care of real quick lmao
aight 3 months ago
why did i get an amy schumer ad
MostHated Aidan
MostHated Aidan 3 months ago
if wildcat doesn’t heart this then he’s the big gay😳
ZeaKo PG3D
ZeaKo PG3D 3 months ago
Dob-DexOn 3 months ago
Will you ever play fortnite again
Rosé the Protégé
Rosé the Protégé 3 months ago
Opening nade was fucking destructive
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