Modern Warfare but skill based matchmaking ruins everything...

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5 months ago

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GTB 22
GTB 22 4 days ago
daniel pais
daniel pais Month ago
Is the stranger things kid in there lobbies?
Exiify Month ago
2:16 anyone else notice his left hand isn’t working LMAO
StarBuzzard3084 Streams
StarBuzzard3084 Streams Month ago
Ya know Tyler, there was once a time where you were just as bad as they were you didnt come straight into the game as a beast player, just though i would say something. Love ur content tho
Will Bromberek
Will Bromberek Month ago
It makes it so you can't just kill new players
J DS 2 months ago
How hasnt he watched the inbetweeners
Jackytheboy 3674
Jackytheboy 3674 2 months ago
actually i session joined off marksman lol
NorthernLaw 3 months ago
I love it when Tyler makes fun of something but nobody realizes he is making fun of it at the same time
pRoJect 45
pRoJect 45 3 months ago
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 3 months ago
I would literally hate to argue with my favorite USpostsr but I'd do it just to give him good content any way possible
Orion 3 months ago
Spinning beach ball of death
iain forrester
iain forrester 3 months ago
That loudout is sexy
The Persona Rider097
The Persona Rider097 3 months ago
Yo wildcat fought 2 kage from naruto in COD and won lol
Polska Kielbasa
Polska Kielbasa 3 months ago
The inbetweeners is absolutely hilarious btw
Hayden R
Hayden R 3 months ago
HeyTrueBlue 4 months ago
Scotty is such a soy boy
John Delmo
John Delmo 4 months ago
You know its a tomnady when the throw has sound effects
FireHazard 4 months ago
Why do I keep feeling so bad for the enemy team
D S 4 months ago
2:14 Is no one seeing roze holding the gun with one arm and the other is amputated
Justin E Smith
Justin E Smith 4 months ago
1:14 What I hear when I walk into a farm
Dlliott 1
Dlliott 1 4 months ago
Randomly plays with stranger things cast member
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips 4 months ago
What gun is he using 4:56
JayTee 4 months ago
fake faze kitty lmao 7:26
Mam Man
Mam Man 4 months ago
Wildcat you were saying this game needed sbmm
FazeDuoBTW 4 months ago
Haps to the kid sticking up for wildcatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
JOSHUA CASILLAS 5 months ago
0:35 WOAHHHHH has me crying πŸ˜‚
Beafy 5 months ago
SBMM is not just a bad thing for video games, it's a CURSE.
Anthony 5 months ago
WILDCAT and ImMarksman playing together. Amazing.
Rosmeri Peralta
Rosmeri Peralta 5 months ago
Sans Frame
Sans Frame 5 months ago
Hey wildcat can I play modern warfare with you guys
Old Plauge
Old Plauge 5 months ago
I’m sad that I got a 1 kd and now I can’t have fun 😭
Sean of the Dead
Sean of the Dead 5 months ago
I love that Finn went from playing with the game grumps to playing with Wildcat lmao
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan 5 months ago
Seen this one two...LAME
Khandy Killer
Khandy Killer 5 months ago
9:13 Really...wasn't necessary fam. Nowadays, I think you can change your username into someone famous but in reality, the imposter doesn't play well.
Original Gamer!
Original Gamer! 5 months ago
So they finally added SBMM? Good, about time that people actually get placed against people of similar skill (call it whatever you want)
Daniel Werner
Daniel Werner 5 months ago
What’s that for a sound at second 6 second? With link please
Betrayed Assassin
Betrayed Assassin 5 months ago
Dude at 2:47 was fucking teasing Tyler.
Rodreygo 5 months ago
Check me out!! I’m so overated
Adam Sullivan
Adam Sullivan 5 months ago
No way u played with dysfunction πŸ˜‚ my boys and I made him rage quit a couple weeks ago he’s dogggg πŸ˜‚
SpecializedGlitches 5 months ago
Leyton V.
Leyton V. 5 months ago
Where Season 4 at Finn (I’m guessin Covid pushes it back)
Squilliam Fancyson
Squilliam Fancyson 5 months ago
Idk if it’s me but I tried the 5 stack claymore and it didn’t work it would just disappear
Javier Arras
Javier Arras 5 months ago
Isn’t that part of the challenge tho
Alex Storm
Alex Storm 5 months ago
I'm very confused, how does sbmm make it bad? I'm still relatively new to MW so it sounds fine to me and my shitty skills.
Ok N
Ok N 5 months ago
Imagine streaming and then getting mad at stream snipers
Tsaini 5 months ago
Anyone know why wildcat stopped playing with h20 delirous??
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 5 months ago
I mean but skill based matchmaking is fair.
Jacob Avila
Jacob Avila 5 months ago
wheelson and claymore stack
craziedzombie 5 months ago
dont blur their names out. they deserve the hate for being scumbags
Baldy Boy Boris
Baldy Boy Boris 5 months ago
As an English man, FUKC YEAH FINN, Inbetweeners is the best show after stranger things
AiRsTrIkExXzZ 5 months ago
Where’s the Mozambique
Sean Crowley
Sean Crowley 5 months ago
who tf is that kid in their party
The Dirty Camper
The Dirty Camper 5 months ago
Sbmm is the worst always get bums I gotta carry
Cody the Gamer
Cody the Gamer 5 months ago
You should try TEAM FORTRESS 2 if you can with the squad
Isaac Goldberg
Isaac Goldberg 5 months ago
Anyone know his dumb AK class,
Cory DeRemer
Cory DeRemer 5 months ago
There is no sbmm lmfao look it up
Pamela Houston
Pamela Houston 5 months ago
Play fortnite 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
VanYoshi 5 months ago
Audio: Stealth Coms
StardustWraith 5 months ago
Odd question but what sound effect do you use for when you get a kill?
FNABgaming _kingDemon
FNABgaming _kingDemon 5 months ago
Play Fortnite again
Alex C
Alex C 5 months ago
The randoms make the vid funny af
IVI4I_IR0 5 months ago
Nocturn 5 months ago
Hi there, go and check out TYKE! I found him through Wildcat and I can say, he is wholesome.
Colin Younger
Colin Younger 5 months ago
Wildcat: uses most OP weapons in the game and still does average His viewers: oMg hEs a gOd
Luis Ernesto Felix Rivera
Luis Ernesto Felix Rivera 5 months ago
i need that 725 class, asking for a friend
Naeven11 06
Naeven11 06 5 months ago
Was he playing with Finn wolfhard
Floo B
Floo B 5 months ago
Wildcat is ugly af in real life πŸ˜‚ and he has that laugh, let the dude hav his USposts he needs something good in his life πŸ˜‚
Alex the gamer
Alex the gamer 5 months ago
Hey wildcat I love your videos I'm watching nogla at the time of writing this and I have a wish to be able to play with you if i have one wish and it would be to play with you since your my favorite youtuber and I want to be able to play with you but I really doubt that will happen but one day I hope it will
Bully Mcnabb
Bully Mcnabb 5 months ago
Hey wildcat look act the new fortnite cars updated IT cool🏎️
really hawt kid
really hawt kid 5 months ago
You guys should play fall guysπŸ˜‚
Sear zyro
Sear zyro 5 months ago
1v1 wager cod name not-wavz
Jeffrey Stark
Jeffrey Stark 5 months ago
Tyler first I hope your doing good in QUARANTINE and when I was down I watched your vids to make me happy and can you please play rust or the forest please
FortsKillYT -_
FortsKillYT -_ 5 months ago
New season came out
Original G
Original G 5 months ago
That first clip brought back BO2 vibes
Austin Cotter
Austin Cotter 5 months ago
I love how the other team had a naruto name on it
101. Evan
101. Evan 5 months ago
Jamez Marceau
Jamez Marceau 5 months ago
I love how much salt u get I play world of tank blitz I am as salty as these kids lol wildcat
aeae 5 months ago
Everything here is content
Jonathan Cope
Jonathan Cope 5 months ago
Wildcat have you thought about putting a deployable shield down so people can't slide through the door and putting a claymore ontop if that?
Shua Daniels
Shua Daniels 5 months ago
did anyone else notice that wildcat turned his reder resolution UP to 4k?
Abdullah Alshehhi
Abdullah Alshehhi 5 months ago
MORE Finn please
Gucciguy 422
Gucciguy 422 5 months ago
Love the MP7 gameplay best gun in Modern Warfare
II-VadersFist-II 501st
II-VadersFist-II 501st 5 months ago
Inaudible screaming is always satisfying when related to cod πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Someguy-withnoname LOL
Someguy-withnoname LOL 5 months ago
Into the tube out of the tube
Ryder Moe
Ryder Moe 5 months ago
Hey look another mw video nothing new
thuykhanh39022 Coysbroveagyid TV
thuykhanh39022 Coysbroveagyid TV 5 months ago
tati and james charles drama
William Bielak
William Bielak 5 months ago
You should plant the bomb then drop a tank on the guy defusing
Dukeran 5 months ago
2:19 what is going on with his left arm
squidga 545
squidga 545 5 months ago
Wildcats kinda buns with the kar
Swift 5 months ago
Wildcat. Make a montage of people raging or a whole video of people raging
Fr05ty Games
Fr05ty Games 5 months ago
So at 7:18 when he flicks to the hardhat scoreboard you think that's the real FaZe Kitty? πŸ˜‚
Viroid 5 months ago
You should play with Connor
FALCON_ ZER0 5 months ago
1:11 2x lol
Ryan Mordick
Ryan Mordick 5 months ago
2:40 had me SCREAMING
Amelia Ranowiecki
Amelia Ranowiecki 5 months ago
Wildcat do a video with your girlfriend (kelly) and you playing modern warfare
wyatt Holland
wyatt Holland 5 months ago
is nobody gonna talk about the end of the video i’m legit dying and it’s 2:48 am
Derpndotz 5 months ago
name your 725 class attention. So anytime they ask for attention you poop on them with it.
GooseMagicFlute 5 months ago
>Cries about SBMM. >Plays S and D on PC and wonders why he has to sweat. >Cries about map selection. >Doesn't think to back out of the lobby. B R U H.
crazy friend50
crazy friend50 5 months ago
When did kakashi become so toxic
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 5 months ago
what's his kar load out
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