Among Us but I just tell the truth...

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5 months ago

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Nicki Sans7
Nicki Sans7 11 days ago
Pinto isn’t fun in this video. He sees Wildcat kill and they make jokes about it being someone else and he’s getting annoyed that they’re joking around “not knowing it’s Wildcat”
Kevin_NPC 14 days ago
Pinto kinda ruined that clip by immediately pushing to vote cat. At least laugh about it with him.
Pluto 16 days ago
"among us but i just tell the truth" "best friend nogla" *insert "well that was a fucking lie" meme here*
cmpulse 19 days ago
Kryoz is too funny for his own good
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno 26 days ago
Poor Greaseball gets killed early game for this lmao
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno 29 days ago
Nogla and Quig can be partners tbh.... Because everyone agrees to vote them out or doesn't care if they died in that round
babieangel jeno
babieangel jeno 29 days ago
At this point, Nogla is a simp for Wildcat
Robert Wink
Robert Wink Month ago
starting watching this video and was scrolling thru instagram, got an ad for KFC because they were talking about it. they are always listening.
Amir Amirul
Amir Amirul Month ago
Eli was dumb
Computer Boi
Computer Boi Month ago
I love the song in the beginning
I fuckin hate nogla, if I had to play with nogla, in order to play with the rest of them, I would smash my pc.
afiet shalomon
afiet shalomon Month ago
flopsy α
flopsy α Month ago
puffer: sacrifice for the blood god *HES A FAKE BELEIVER BOYS GET HIM*
Randy Settles
Randy Settles Month ago
Strawberry Rubarb is my favorite
PERSONNEL 2 months ago
Nogla is not only a 3rd Impostor, but a 9th Crewmate.
Alex 2 months ago
When Nogla was on Medscan as a ghost I lost it 😂😂
jointwitchtoday2130 2 months ago
It's scary how well you know Vanoss 10:10
Alexander James
Alexander James 2 months ago
Je ne parle pas l’anglais, je suis français. C’est quoi tu veux?
Jimmie Morgan
Jimmie Morgan 2 months ago
Does someone know the song in the intro?🥺👉🏽👈🏽
DaNky Smells
DaNky Smells 2 months ago
they should do a round where they use they use there real names
Sgt. Garrick
Sgt. Garrick 2 months ago
Dude imagine not voting out Nogla first and losing the round Honestly it’s the smartest play
Raymond Jenkl
Raymond Jenkl 2 months ago
Is pinito the guy from mw that was trying to trickshot off of rust with the shitty sens 😂
Jarred 2 months ago
Sachiko Sandler
Sachiko Sandler 2 months ago
The squealing golf strikingly realise because wasp luckily extend a a mundane hamster. overconfident, misty cushion
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 2 months ago
Wildcat: I KILLED NOGLA AND ITS ME John: i ThInK iTs eLI
MudkipIsBae 2 months ago
Does anyone know what song is playing at the beginning? I would appreciate it greatly!
Katie Corner
Katie Corner 2 months ago
14:56 wildcat the savage! XD
Jarrett Mccallister
Jarrett Mccallister 2 months ago
Gazzy 2 months ago
Wildcat: Nogla is so bad at imposter Also Wildcat: I can only win as imposter with Nogla
noah! 2 months ago
pinto is.... something else..
Olive Burch
Olive Burch 2 months ago
New rule: every time Nogla gets voted off for being nogla everyone takes a shot
S1RGUN88 3 months ago
We have Nogales dumbass compilations so I wish we get the same for the other Irish in the group...XD
Dezva 3 months ago
Kryoz: "what if it's Tyler? what if it's Vanoss? what if it's me?" me: *literally dying of laughter"
Etaminez 3 months ago
“That’s the good thing about real life murder, they don’t come back to be mad at you” - Nogla 2017
Hezakigha Morgan
Hezakigha Morgan 3 months ago
"Noglas kinda bad at Imposter." Noglas kinda bad at *Among Us.*
Svampen gaming
Svampen gaming 3 months ago
I have watched this intro 50 times
NullHazard7 3 months ago
15:30 Do you have any idea how obnoxious that sounded, Wildcat?
tim time
tim time 3 months ago
is nobody going to talk about this? 17:05
NikiChu 3 months ago
Lol when ur the imposter your teammate always gets voted out
Let’s keep it godly For life
Let’s keep it godly For life 3 months ago
14:40 jeez terrorizer calm down 🤣
TheyNamedMePlayer 3 months ago
Happy birthday
Frostisqt 3 months ago
5:40 l think puffer was the inposter.... he’s dead ????
GamingSepa 3 months ago
5:48 Nogla: are you serious? i did de two wires
yes cheese
yes cheese 3 months ago
Brian: He FolLOweD Me ThE WhOLe WaY Tyler: *is ahead of brian*
Anw 3 months ago
5:26 you could of just killed green and won the game
Black Heart
Black Heart 3 months ago
This stream was hilarious
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 3 months ago
This went from among us to nogla making it a conversation about KFC love it!
Kimberly Harris
Kimberly Harris 3 months ago
Nogla: I can vouch for Wildcat. Wildcat: Can we vote Nogla off, please?
Justin La Platney
Justin La Platney 3 months ago
Among us but everybody admits there impostor
Justin La Platney
Justin La Platney 3 months ago
Look how I only laugh when vanoss, wildcat and Terrorizer are playing together😀👍
Noah Ledesma
Noah Ledesma 3 months ago
I hate terroriser is so annoying
Ernan 3percent
Ernan 3percent 3 months ago
Terroriser: he was chasing me!!! If you look back you could actually see that he was chasing wildcat💀
Jazz 3 months ago
Terroriser saying Tyler was chasing him even when he was the one running behind Tyler to get to the button... and theres a task above vent 😂
Mr Offended
Mr Offended 3 months ago
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason 3 months ago
Terroriser: Talk to me Vanoss, I want to hear your guilty voice b****. Vanoss:’anglais. I’m dead 😂
Jovird d
Jovird d 3 months ago
*mc donalds* or *kfc* ?
Okami-Rose 3 months ago
The words say Fuckin But the subtitles says Heckin
aden arias
aden arias 3 months ago
Brian excused someone he saw scan with his own eyes what a dumbass
Cyber Spark
Cyber Spark 3 months ago
1:10 are we just gonna ignore this gem of a statement from Wildcat after Kryoz explains himself? 😂
Cecelia 3 months ago
should've been "Among Us but Nogla throws every game"
Bosshogg 790
Bosshogg 790 4 months ago
Bosshogg 790
Bosshogg 790 4 months ago
Tyler anytime Nogla says any thing: I’m voting nogla
DanFanRonpa 4 months ago
"Guess who was there? Nobody BUT JOHN!!"
1K before 2021??
1K before 2021?? 4 months ago
“I feel nice and safe-“ 😂😂😂
kate gamer
kate gamer 4 months ago
if sombody says a cat pun its wildcat
Riaan huysen
Riaan huysen 4 months ago
Probs the best yet 🤣🤣
DreamyyXD 4 months ago
5:25 You could've just killed an won the game lol
Legendary_SIayer 4 months ago
Wildcat: Panito Everyone: IT'S PINTO!
Threesixvolt 4 months ago
Wildcat and vamos setting on tree k i s s i n g
Cloxify 4 months ago
12:30 me killing my friend in rainbow six after the TK me
Gabriel c
Gabriel c 4 months ago
Wild cat is following me wild cats following me with wild cat is in front of them
Xadecimal 4 months ago
0:08 * sarcasm detected*
adam jumapao
adam jumapao 4 months ago
I wish there was aa update were the imposter can see where the players are
Timbo 4 months ago
"And I'm gonna keep following you my best friend this game." I'm dead 💀 🤣 😂 😭
Random Imagination
Random Imagination 4 months ago
14:31 Terroiser: "WiLdCaT fOlLoWeD mE tO cAfE aFtEr He VeNtEd ItS wIlDcAt" Wildcat: *Walking to cafe ahead of Brian* Me: Logic 100
Chris Games 32
Chris Games 32 4 months ago
Why does marksman remind me of the hovec sawmill map from modern warfare
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 4 months ago
2:52 my favorite part 😂
PhoebusApollo-ra 4 months ago
Vanoss legit said ‘my name is speak English’
Holden Nez
Holden Nez 4 months ago
Idk why i havent watch this video all the way until now
Megan McCarty
Megan McCarty 4 months ago
yeet in2 action
yeet in2 action 4 months ago
WildCat: Among us but i tell the truth Me: Not the first time I did that. :)
Ace2upGames 4 months ago
Puffer was out for blood he even wanted to do a sacrifice to Khorne also known as the blood god and also called the chaos god of blood, war and murder
marco luna
marco luna 4 months ago
pinto cant take a joke
Ashleyisakewl catt
Ashleyisakewl catt 4 months ago
Ethan Heintz
Ethan Heintz 4 months ago
I have the same problem with pinto with mic how do I fix it
UwU owo
UwU owo 4 months ago
Can we agree on something, if Nogla isn’t accusing Tyler off the bat then it’s him and Tyler.
ColE*KidPlayING tv
ColE*KidPlayING tv 4 months ago
When u see the person scan Don't fcking accuse him bcuz it's useless
Cosmo Kitten
Cosmo Kitten 4 months ago
Im in washington!! Im so addicyed to this game
An Account
An Account 4 months ago
"Wildcat is my best friend! He's my best friend in the whole wide world!" *wildcat kills nogla* "Just walking with my best friend Nogla!" *nogla kills wildcat*
Jack Wenus
Jack Wenus 4 months ago
Je ne peu pas parle englais
Phirst Draft
Phirst Draft 4 months ago
the part when Brian is freaking out about Wildcat "chasing" him all the way to the buzzer... Wildcat was clearly running in front of him. big oof
Slammeron369 4 months ago
I've literally pulled a Brian once, wasted the hole 2 minute voting time on the wrong person
Justin White
Justin White 4 months ago
Nogla getting butt hurt is abit sad
Casey LeGrand
Casey LeGrand 4 months ago
Ethan Limb
Ethan Limb 4 months ago
14:35 *follows behind you "HE WAS CHASING ME!"
Marii Boops
Marii Boops 4 months ago
How about you make it to where the goal is to find the imposter when youre all trying to claim to be the Imposter. Of course, you cant vent or vote for yourself.
Tristin Mosley
Tristin Mosley 4 months ago
I feel nice and safe nogla how about noo
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 4 months ago
I hate that while everyone’s laughing wildcat is trying to make it about him self
InVader 4 months ago
Right after Nogla was talking about KFC, I got an ad from KFC
Jose V
Jose V 4 months ago
7:15 I was drinking coffee and laughed omg🤣
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