Minecraft but it’s an EXPLOSIVE SCAVENGER HUNT...

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3 months ago

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this is an account
this is an account 23 hours ago
sohp lol
sohp lol 5 days ago
Guys at the start moo is playingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
HexIT 8 days ago
I thought 407 and smitty were the same person up until recently.
replying to comments
replying to comments 12 days ago
I know this is an older video, but what texture pack does Wildcat have on? I love the way it looks but I can't find the name of it.
Tobey461 18 days ago
Does anyone know what's the music in the background around 2:43
Alex Alder
Alex Alder 21 day ago
So much beef
Matt Julian Nava YT MC
Matt Julian Nava YT MC Month ago
I am wildcat vs technoblade Pig vs pig
thedingboat Month ago
0:41 Good choice, but not a good choice.
Bush Wookie
Bush Wookie Month ago
what texture pack is that?
Boiler One
Boiler One 2 months ago
Where do you find the scavenger hunt mode?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 months ago
wow they spawned right next to a badlands biome wow lucky
DANHASAN PROツ 2 months ago
Texstur pack pls
RadRaptor 2 months ago
"You guys got any terracotta in here?"
Tara form
Tara form 2 months ago
Maybe it's one of those exploding spiders from kill it with fire who knows the Internet is crazy
Mohammed jawad play’s
Mohammed jawad play’s 2 months ago
I’m a Muslim When Brian Said that joke about us I laughed so hard that I almost exploded
Dylan Canady
Dylan Canady 2 months ago
Tyler. brian's new name is, The_terracotta lol
Mitch Gaming
Mitch Gaming 2 months ago
im snooping tryna find a link to the mod download XD
Dodge Charger70
Dodge Charger70 2 months ago
Could you please share what mod this is and where to find it really want to play it
Notifypie 2 months ago
What texture pack does wildcat have
The King Of Death13
The King Of Death13 2 months ago
Wildcat if u can can u revisit your xbox 360 minecraft world
GamingDoge 2 months ago
I want more of this~
Jacob Bondurant
Jacob Bondurant 2 months ago
Honestly, I'd love to see more of this series!
Cexar 690
Cexar 690 2 months ago
What texture pack is he using?
Daniel W
Daniel W 2 months ago
*Vegan trigger intensified within first minute of the video*
ElBOBBY 101 2 months ago
Mr. Anonymous Gamer
Mr. Anonymous Gamer 3 months ago
All I see is wildcat playing with 3 people I thought were the same person
Mykl S
Mykl S 3 months ago
Where does that "oof" sound bite come from? I want to know.
Adultswhim Month ago
Jok3r_Tr1ckster 3 months ago
wait, since when did wildcat sensor?
Jonah Sodergren
Jonah Sodergren 3 months ago
Definitely need to do this again
alesito_1016 3 months ago
You should do a zombie mod with everyone to see how long you can survive
Brendan Roman
Brendan Roman 3 months ago
Wait, Smi77y, Smi77y, Smi77y *Gravel*
P Ditty
P Ditty 3 months ago
Moar Mincaft plez
jeff jones
jeff jones 3 months ago
You dont even know how to pronounce peony 🀣🀣
Isaac wims
Isaac wims 3 months ago
Find white glazed terra catta in desert villages
Table Grapes
Table Grapes 3 months ago
Nice "beef hat" wildcat
Daniel Kuiumdjian
Daniel Kuiumdjian 3 months ago
I swear i have played that seed before
NickMortuus 3 months ago
Diamonds are forever
Hinata Nao
Hinata Nao 3 months ago
I am wild cat has such great thumbnails
senpaiii 3 months ago
dude I wanna play this, how do you play this?
Cats Perch Creations
Cats Perch Creations 3 months ago
14:06 I saw john on the side of the screen and it scared me XD
EXmeng 3 months ago
wildcat: could not find a brown sheep! 13:05-brown sheep
Christopher Harkness
Christopher Harkness 3 months ago
Videos are very entertaining, been watching a long time. If you could try not to use the Lords name in vain I’d appreciate it!
electrobob992 3 months ago
Crossing my fingers that they will try to beat Minecraft, but with the randomizer datapack xD I can already picture the randomness xD
Shisui 3 months ago
Fallout and Mario fan
Fallout and Mario fan 3 months ago
I want to see more of this.
AlexiAL 3 months ago
Π§Ρ‚ΠΎ Π·Π° тСкстуры?)
Black Cat
Black Cat 3 months ago
Wildcat: You're fucked Minecraft: Just put the terracotta in a furnace
MariaLouiesa Palaca
MariaLouiesa Palaca 3 months ago
You should have cheat /give peony
UnknownUser Here
UnknownUser Here 3 months ago
They all share a braincell honestly
stezzy 3 months ago
you should build the nether portal and diamond pickaxes then do the challenge
Chance Lockhart
Chance Lockhart 3 months ago
2:24 Dream: _Not a problem_
EqAsian 3 months ago
Jack Batch
Jack Batch 3 months ago
whats the mod
Blue Foxy Gamer 34
Blue Foxy Gamer 34 3 months ago
Tyler should have teleported smii7y away from the village.
lil oreo
lil oreo 3 months ago
Cenicc c
Cenicc c 3 months ago
Cenicc c
Cenicc c 3 months ago
Matthew williams
Matthew williams 3 months ago
Lets say ggod ye
Cuboidal Pear
Cuboidal Pear 3 months ago
A mod with cows pigs and chicken is creepers zombies and skeletons
Allan Hernandez
Allan Hernandez 3 months ago
Moeke Walker
Moeke Walker 3 months ago
Somebody's been watching Dream videos huh?
Karl Van Valkenburg
Karl Van Valkenburg 3 months ago
You gotta do one with everyone it would be funny to see Banks’s trying to make a glazed brick
CallaxianTitan 3 months ago
Love love LOVE the Minecraft scavenger hunts you do! More 😍
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone 3 months ago
Here we go the wildcat censor bullshit
ChiefOfTheDesert 3 months ago
Why do they google stuff? the green book in the crafting table tells them everything, it even has a search bar.
Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo 3 months ago
Hayden Neff
Hayden Neff 3 months ago
Didn't dream do this and it was VERY similar ? But no credit ?
Joseph Ortiz
Joseph Ortiz 3 months ago
thank you for the content that you make because of you I am doing well at USposts and its all because of you thanks
Tipoff Giggots
Tipoff Giggots 3 months ago
I'm loving these mods so much
Samuel Rich
Samuel Rich 3 months ago
More more more more! Please
Squeaking Lion
Squeaking Lion 3 months ago
Is this available to the public? I'd love to do this mod! :)
Jayson Vincent
Jayson Vincent 3 months ago
any chance u can send the code?
Xavier Mccray
Xavier Mccray 3 months ago
10:51 that's how I say oh shit in real life
Maddie Frazz
Maddie Frazz 3 months ago
Great video, loved it!
Bradley Howard
Bradley Howard 3 months ago
This background music sucks at the beginning
Alien Pixel Gaming
Alien Pixel Gaming 3 months ago
VICIOUS KILLINGS of P.T.W's at Paradise Resort! Pixel Gun 3D
Andrei Abad
Andrei Abad 3 months ago
They should invite DREAM and GEORGENOTFOUND in their Minecraft Session!! I wanna see this happen!! I WANNA SEE THIS SO BADLY!!
Noir Peely
Noir Peely 3 months ago
Play rainbow 6 siege
Stray II
Stray II 3 months ago
This guy should do USposts or something
Tacobelladvert 3 months ago
I’d be funny if when he got gravel he didn’t have any and he went to get some and was so unlucky he kept getting flint
SystemRestorer 3 months ago
could you please link the music you put into your videos? it'd take hours to find the music you actually use in the links provided. I really want to listen to them without your voice. not that theyre bad or anything, I just want to listen to them lmao.
Omlimana Tryhard
Omlimana Tryhard 3 months ago
Random Fact:The unique smell of rain actually comes from plant oils, bacteria, and ozone.
Grace O.V
Grace O.V 3 months ago
Good fun.
Maddy Esther
Maddy Esther 3 months ago
use dreams plug ins
Knightly Nolan
Knightly Nolan 3 months ago
Do this again please
Anthony 123
Anthony 123 3 months ago
Yes Tyler this is what we what Minecraft videos
Famous Bongos -
Famous Bongos - 3 months ago
I hope everyone knows this was from Dream
qexy 3 months ago
Wildcat: Welcome to Minecraft Manhunt.
Ben Donovan
Ben Donovan 3 months ago
Beef jerky.
R X C 3 months ago
Nice way to copy Dreams content
not B1ood
not B1ood 3 months ago
They spawned by a terracotta Biom
Jedriq Ventura
Jedriq Ventura 3 months ago
Do this with the other guys.
Fuzzle Plays
Fuzzle Plays 3 months ago
Who just randomly found I AM WILDCAT now watches him everyday!
Kountreh 3 months ago
Anyone able to find the mod they are using?
Lisa Velazquez
Lisa Velazquez 3 months ago
12:10 the birch was right in front of him smh πŸ˜‘
Marcus Williams Jr.
Marcus Williams Jr. 3 months ago
Great job
Firewolf 90
Firewolf 90 3 months ago
Play TF2 πŸ˜‚
Dabomb _ 6478
Dabomb _ 6478 3 months ago
I guess U can say it was annually but without marcel and moo
Doc_ McKlowdz
Doc_ McKlowdz 3 months ago
Lol, peonies are the red flowers with the iron golems carry
Dreamie Queen
Dreamie Queen 3 months ago
More more more!! This is fun!
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