Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Fun w/ Friends! - 1 Hour Unedited Gameplay! (Part 1)

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5 years ago

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PhantomPhalcon 14 days ago
wildcat i can almost guaranty that my inter net is better then yours 1Gbps down and 750Mbps up
Dory Y
Dory Y 20 days ago
Who else is here in 2020 almost 2021
Collin Aills
Collin Aills 22 days ago
5 years later and I come back and watch this and it hurts but makes me smile from how just innocent it was back then...
Guillermina Rangel
Guillermina Rangel 2 days ago
Sevaun Mason
Sevaun Mason Month ago
The aware scooter externally accept because softdrink customarily increase amidst a light turnip. overjoyed, wide-eyed room
Ollie Oxen
Ollie Oxen Month ago
I wish you made more of these videos. Its nice to see the raw humor you guys can create
Gullylol Month ago
Who else got this recommended i miss these days
Bluffzi 2 months ago
Loved this
Koda Piche
Koda Piche 2 months ago
that was ur lethal not ur tactical
Pandaboy63 2 months ago
If you read all comments......whats your favorite color?
Fidel Brito
Fidel Brito 2 months ago
UnheardAssassin0 2 months ago
who else here the day before Halloween 2020???
Ittz ZeRo
Ittz ZeRo 2 months ago
Jacob Steele
Jacob Steele 2 months ago
Yo bro in the future some shtuff goes down with mimi
XRK_Soupknite 2 months ago
Who is watching this in 2020
adrian estrada
adrian estrada 2 months ago
2020 anybody?
Sock Man
Sock Man 3 months ago
Late squad where you at
Greatflea 3 months ago
Short Balls
Short Balls 3 months ago
thanks for reminding me nogla almost forgot
Nystrom XIX
Nystrom XIX 4 months ago
4 years later rewatch squad.
maruftim 4 months ago
technically he did still edited the video
N PB 4 months ago
anyone else watching this in 2020
maruftim 4 months ago
no one
Devean Lynch
Devean Lynch 4 months ago
I miss this game sooo much. I miss prestige’s to.🥺🥺
Noct 4 months ago
Why the hell does youtube REALLY want me to watch this video
Jose Sepulveda
Jose Sepulveda 5 months ago
Who’s watching this in 2020
maruftim 4 months ago
no one
Vincenzo 5 months ago
I wish they’d make more of these😔
Golden X
Golden X 5 months ago
Who is watching in 2020 and heard the brecci is not a good shot gun
Redrum Rampage
Redrum Rampage 6 months ago
God I wish he would do black ops 3 more
DAV 1.0
DAV 1.0 6 months ago
It's so laggy The games running amazingly
Mark The mosquito
Mark The mosquito 7 months ago
I’m dead they pulled grenades
brenden beldin
brenden beldin 7 months ago
who watchin this while playing mw?
3W Nugg
3W Nugg 7 months ago
2020 gang?? Keeping my quarantine alive :)
ClumsyAnthony 6 months ago
Jeremy Glass
Jeremy Glass 7 months ago
“Choobies” are boobs made entirely of chub!🤣😂😂 WTF MOST RANDOM THING EVER -> 56:19
joseph bentley
joseph bentley 8 months ago
Bring back sweaty hour
Lorcan Mac
Lorcan Mac 8 months ago
who is here in quarintine
ShawneeNation 8 months ago
42:12 the hitmarker feels bad
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 9 months ago
Watching this during the rona, if only they knew the power of the brecci, if ur reading this, plz play bo3, everyday another person stops playing, it leaves the average player with sweaty nerds, forcing him to become one of them, plz play to save a average player from the sweatyness today
Coen Boy
Coen Boy 9 months ago
Fe Paclibar
Fe Paclibar 9 months ago
There a good gun it your fevorite LMG call dingo
Martin Bouwkamp
Martin Bouwkamp 9 months ago
I subscribed on 8 accounts Wildcat : Stfu that doesn't help me
Kira The Cat Girl
Kira The Cat Girl 9 months ago
33:20 and he complains about campers😌
Cordell Hall
Cordell Hall 10 months ago
Just because he said he was going to block me if I didn’t like....I liked
Jorge _701
Jorge _701 10 months ago
2020 ?
maruftim 4 months ago
gangster sly overhang
gangster sly overhang 10 months ago
Any one watch in 2020 ?
maruftim 4 months ago
no one
Constantin Schitter
Constantin Schitter 11 months ago
15:40 kobe🌔
Larry Wagner
Larry Wagner 9 months ago
Cheezcake Year ago
- Superloserbot -
- Superloserbot - Year ago
“Here comes a real gun” Pulls out his fists Around 15:00
Adam Farlow
Adam Farlow Year ago
Who in 2019
Chivo 090
Chivo 090 Year ago
Modern warfare sweaty hour?
The anonymous Exposers
The anonymous Exposers Year ago
It’s a fuckin call of duty game your gonna have to expect some lag
The Gamer
The Gamer Year ago
Hardcore tdm
The Gamer
The Gamer Year ago
Add my gamertag EYAD SCREAMS on Xbox
The Gamer
The Gamer Year ago
Bo2 anyone?
Aidens Arsenal
Aidens Arsenal Year ago
This one was funny do more of this
Mad Max3
Mad Max3 Year ago
.R.I.P. Mini Lad
Blazing Protectors
Blazing Protectors Year ago
Just awesome and funny gameplay
iCarly Blade
iCarly Blade Year ago
Pandora Storm
Pandora Storm Year ago
That rk5 camo is underworld
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight Year ago
my favourite specialist class is active camo. its perfect for any gun class or game mode.
Larry Wagner
Larry Wagner 9 months ago
You play?
Yvng Dezilocs
Yvng Dezilocs Year ago
Yuray Casias
Yuray Casias Year ago
What friends do u mean randoms
Roberto Espinoza
Roberto Espinoza Year ago
Roberto Espinoza
Roberto Espinoza Year ago
m͜͡e͜͡m͜͡e͜͡ Year ago
I have watched this over a hundred times 😂 Don't regret it
Nova Phoenix
Nova Phoenix Year ago
We are not going to forget Dathi's quote of the video, "Mmmmm . . . sugar tits."
Chimp Chimp
Chimp Chimp Year ago
Jamen Smith
Jamen Smith Year ago
Actually it said tactical sooo ooo facts are facts (I'm joking btw)
odeta palšauskiene
odeta palšauskiene Year ago
Whers h20deliurius
Angel Saxon
Angel Saxon Year ago
Damn.. remember when Wildcat posted stuff that WASN'T clickbait Footnut videos?
rubles Year ago
I memba'
blane Krakowski
blane Krakowski Year ago
He has modded control er
XxScruBaBear xX
XxScruBaBear xX Year ago
More of this
Colin Zaken
Colin Zaken Year ago
The tip was a lie
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Year ago
11:13 smii7y predicted wildcat’s death, he died to a grenade and was the first to die in the kill feed
G101 Chavez
G101 Chavez Year ago
At the beginning was funny
XRK_Soupknite 2 years ago
Anyone 2019 and still watching him
rubles Year ago
No you're the only person in 2019 to watch this video
redxct 2 years ago
Are going to ignore In the intro he said See you in the next video pee
Its Nukz
Its Nukz 2 years ago
When Cod used to be good
Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Singh 2 years ago
I love this style of video!
Nuya 2 years ago
Wow thats many
Casey is fatt
Casey is fatt 2 years ago
4:40 The man invented Fortnite Hiding in a bush
BahamutEx 2 years ago
36:00 ish actually thats how you can stimualte the prostate... :3
unsaltedpasta 2 years ago
I’m waiting for the cod 4 sweaty hour when when it comes out.
Cogapple 3
Cogapple 3 2 years ago
They have almost no lag, full green bars probably only 5 ping but there shitting them selves over having lag when they don't have any
Shotta 2 years ago
Do you always play with PlayStation controllers
Zennobi 2 years ago
When i 1st watched this I was P2 lvl 38
Larry Wagner
Larry Wagner 9 months ago
What level are you now
rappie racoon
rappie racoon 2 years ago
More these
Donit Mj
Donit Mj 2 years ago
Yes albania
teddybear Josiah
teddybear Josiah 2 years ago
Ps4 is way better then xbor and pc is trash and xbot
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
I know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
i know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
I know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
I know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
I know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
i know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
i know your sister shelbi
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
what is a highlighted reply
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
II-KILLZ -KILLER-II his sisters name is shelbi
m͜͡e͜͡m͜͡e͜͡ 2 years ago
Grace Mack
Grace Mack 2 years ago
i know your sister shelbi
That camo is intensity
Matthew Dodson
Matthew Dodson 2 years ago
I liked as soon as noogla said why haven’t they liked yet
D3STROYER No.1 2 years ago
50 subscribers Without video!?!?!?!?!?
50 subscribers Without video!?!?!?!?!? 2 years ago
U should do a fortnite sweaty hour 😎
Geezy_Gaming 2 years ago
Primetime wildcat
Sam parkour
Sam parkour 2 years ago
Do you need psn online to play with friends
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