Black Ops 2 Zombies moments that make you feel like it’s 2013 again...

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19 days ago

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Garis Girzadas
Garis Girzadas 3 days ago
i enjoy these tipe of videos. next time you should do black ops 1 zombies
Alienated 4 days ago
I wish buried could be next.
No, Just No
No, Just No 5 days ago
Wow I missed this
stuffit14321 5 days ago
Loving all the zombies content!
Doot Doot
Doot Doot 6 days ago
Bruh they got the bad ending
Lucas Enriquez
Lucas Enriquez 10 days ago
I only have call of duty mobile
Bobby Ottenthal
Bobby Ottenthal 11 days ago
Who’s Cizzorz?
ZooBatCoward 12 days ago
Moos “Yess” from “chill corner”.
PookerPine 12 days ago
Im j wondering why i got a barbie ad
AmericanPotato 12 days ago
It’s not revealing who’s The Weasel one of them is named Weasel
zombie mannequin
zombie mannequin 12 days ago
There's a different ester egg on that map the weasel kills the other players
Cyclone 12 days ago
Origins was the best
Byron Franklin
Byron Franklin 12 days ago
This games brings so many emotions to me, honestly miss tf out this game🤕💯
MĒTRØ Ï 13 days ago
Wildcat,Nogla,h20 delirious and Vanoss would have brought major nostalgia The four horsemen.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 13 days ago
Anyone else glad that they played this game again?
Mike Raad
Mike Raad 13 days ago
When I thought they would never come back to this game
Fabian A
Fabian A 14 days ago
What is its the new one
Ricardo 14 days ago
Hey Tyler just a random question, How have Archie And Keno been lately?
Cookie 14 days ago
2020 I'm playing this Game lol
〽artinez 14 days ago
add me if y’all still play BO2 zombies on ps3 🥺 GT:LaMaravilla704
MELTZ 14 days ago
Ayo this nostalgia
ITOOGOOD 89 15 days ago
Play this more
Magic Duke
Magic Duke 15 days ago
I need more of this.
Eduardo García
Eduardo García 15 days ago
Wildcat u got the bad ending
Wyatt Coates
Wyatt Coates 15 days ago
mmm yes very chill
Louis Pillzbury
Louis Pillzbury 15 days ago
The Mason
The Mason 15 days ago
when I saw this title i thought "NO THEY DIDN'T" but they did
Ben 15 days ago
thank u for this
alan Vich
alan Vich 15 days ago
Why do they call it brutus? Its called thr warden
John Smith
John Smith 15 days ago
Do more of these
yes 15 days ago
For half the video, I thought it was a Nogla video😂😂
tirth patel
tirth patel 15 days ago
THE FKING TITLE OF THE VIDEO!!! never i clicked on a video this fast man. B02 days with vanoss and the gang was the shit, nostalgia is hitting hard rii now :*(
Cave in
Cave in 15 days ago
It feels good to watch these guys play bo2 again noglas definitely bringing his 2013 spirit back
Rezck 15 days ago
Nogla - yeah it’s chill, this map is chil😁 Not even a second later Nogla - agrhsjhsgdhdhshdhdhdhdhdhxhdbdhdhdhdhdhddbdhdhbdh😱😨😰😰😨😨😱😨😰😰
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard 15 days ago
It hurt when you didn't know which one was the weasel....
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard 15 days ago
Now y'all need to play the sequel, Blood of the Dead 🙃
Falcon Howard
Falcon Howard 15 days ago
I need to see you play Zombies with Marksman
iDarkWrld iDarkGang
iDarkWrld iDarkGang 15 days ago
Vulted 15 days ago
dav 15 days ago
this is nostalgic
Lunch Møney
Lunch Møney 15 days ago
Fsr I thought this was a vanoss gaming video and I was confused why he wasn’t talking for a good 5 minutes
Cannon Maglio
Cannon Maglio 16 days ago
Ahh yes a video from 2013 totally
i AnimeGod
i AnimeGod 16 days ago
NGL I actually started to cry a little
Tayden Byles
Tayden Byles 16 days ago
I missed these days I'ma cry
Joshde De
Joshde De 16 days ago
Hey wildcat thank you man for being there for my childhood
mike doherty
mike doherty 16 days ago
back when COD wasn't shit and sweaty af and laggy bullshit
Jeffrey Medina
Jeffrey Medina 16 days ago
Miss these types of vids! Thank you for the nostalgia 🙏
Ice Warrior [IO]
Ice Warrior [IO] 16 days ago
My best memory from mob of the dead is me waking up to my cousin being pissed because his cat turned off the router making him lose the game😂
Specks 16 days ago
6:42 I love nogla so much 😂😂😂
Gabriel Fogle
Gabriel Fogle 16 days ago
I may be a couple days late but I can see The Boys Are Back in Town
brother _momentum
brother _momentum 16 days ago
Doesn’t have the 360 mics, 0/10
NYC_ Gxbe
NYC_ Gxbe 16 days ago
Thank you for bringing back such beauty
Trombonerist 16 days ago
Ah, good memories.
UndertaleFan 1234
UndertaleFan 1234 16 days ago
BO2 in 2020. What a society we're living in.
Mr.24 16 days ago
I remember having a strategy where I could get pack by round 1
intuitive gamer
intuitive gamer 16 days ago
and i thought this game was dead
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 16 days ago
I miss it
WAVECHECK QUES0 16 days ago
For some reason I feel as if wildcat is so controlled that no one really gets to him, but Nogla speaks and wildcat loses it😂
rob c
rob c 16 days ago
Where's the nostalgic Transit at?
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey 16 days ago
The weasel is the character weasel come on wildcat😂😂😂
Andrew Hommerson
Andrew Hommerson 16 days ago
I havent played this in years something happened to my 360 and I lost everything so I dont have Alcatraz anymore wish I could play with out having to buy it again
Xmitchiox664 Los amigos de south
Xmitchiox664 Los amigos de south 16 days ago
No with our vanos 😳
Randy Lopez
Randy Lopez 16 days ago
Why they continue the cycle
Voodoo 16 days ago
just so ass
john. 16 days ago
I learned how to curse when I found this channel
Slimy Films
Slimy Films 16 days ago
Do it again with origin zombies and buried that would be a huuuge throwback
LaBoix 16 days ago
Miguel Tamayo
Miguel Tamayo 16 days ago
Ig I’m the only one who didn’t know there was a Easter egg
McDOODAL 16 days ago
Please do more bo2 zombies
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 16 days ago
Now all they need is vanoss and delirious
Jen Douglas
Jen Douglas 16 days ago
anyone else getting flashbacks?
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 16 days ago
Bro Mob Of The Dead is undoubtedly the best dlc ever, who agree?
DuzItRly_Matter 24
DuzItRly_Matter 24 16 days ago
This was epic do more
Awesome Eli Olmstead
Awesome Eli Olmstead 16 days ago
I love this map
Awesome Eli Olmstead
Awesome Eli Olmstead 16 days ago
Liones Black
Liones Black 16 days ago
"Welcome tio Nogla" A quote I never thought I'd hear after 7 years
OS Ghost
OS Ghost 16 days ago
When you see your favorite youtube play a game you loved to see them play 😃😁
Matthew Brinegar
Matthew Brinegar 16 days ago
8 years ago today this gem released
AI Void
AI Void 16 days ago
I’ve never clicked a video so fast
King L.V
King L.V 16 days ago
bro buried was my life
Glassy Poppy47
Glassy Poppy47 16 days ago
This is what I’ve been waiting for 🤩
rahted.- 16 days ago
this made me so happy
TheHero Squad
TheHero Squad 16 days ago
Love bo2
Demiguise 16 days ago
ThaKingzsouljahPR777 16 days ago
Papa Shmumpi
Papa Shmumpi 16 days ago
Hope they do buried
sheltry16 16 days ago
Ryan Vasquez
Ryan Vasquez 16 days ago
GTA 5 Or Call Of Duty Or Gmod, Which Game Is Awesome Bros?
ZyFy 16 days ago
Deathwarrior 16 days ago
Bo2 !! :,)
Awsomeman 1441
Awsomeman 1441 16 days ago
first Just kidding, this is just so stupid I just did it for no reason. Have a nice day everyone.
DarkSlayer 16 days ago
Nah bro its not the same atleast not without vanoss and h20
keegand116 16 days ago
Please play more bo2 zombies
Bryant Rojas
Bryant Rojas 16 days ago
More thanks
Courtney-Rose & Olivia Xo
Courtney-Rose & Olivia Xo 16 days ago
I miss bo2 vids
NonStopGlitch 16 days ago
Please do origins!
Ziggie Montes
Ziggie Montes 16 days ago
Mobs Easter egg is so easy
Squidwards Big nose
Squidwards Big nose 17 days ago
Isn’t 2013 without vanoss
Devin Martell
Devin Martell 17 days ago
I miss this play with Vanoss
Brandon McNulty
Brandon McNulty 17 days ago
I have no friends on pc to play bo2 zombies with - forever solo
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