Modern Warfare saucin with the Kar98...

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2 months ago

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- yaboichris02 -
- yaboichris02 - 22 hours ago
you should record at 4k 60fps, that’d be sick
WILDCAT : Boy i'm rich asf
WILDCAT : Boy i'm rick asf
Toxic Tj02
Toxic Tj02 6 days ago
Bro I got a lg too and I fucking love it it’s amazing the graphics are incredible and it’s so smooth it’s part of my actual set up I am going to start streaming hopefully once I get a new mic
ThatShadowFox 6 days ago
This monitor is more expensive than the rest of my computer
Newlyn Greengrass
Newlyn Greengrass 8 days ago
You should play with FaZe jev
suNX_ RyNX
suNX_ RyNX 13 days ago
Ay my friend wanna 1v1 u wildcay
suNX_ RyNX
suNX_ RyNX 13 days ago
Wildcat* he says he can body u
James Hollins
James Hollins 14 days ago
Bitch 800 I can get 2 MSI Optix MAG301CR 30" WFHD 2560 x 1080 1ms 200Hz 21:9 2x HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Type-C 3.2 USB Hub AMD FreeSync Backlit LED Curved Gaming Monitor for 650
lily love williams
lily love williams 16 days ago
Wildcat: if the kar98 don’t work, use a throwing knife.
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 20 days ago
so we gonna ignore the body that fell on 7:32?
Damian Pond
Damian Pond 20 days ago
One of the sauciest kills I got was where I sneezed and accidentally killed my teammate and the enemy
Switchplayer07 22 days ago
Oooooooo 1k
Gta gamer Pro
Gta gamer Pro 23 days ago
i have that monitor
Varia XI
Varia XI Month ago
These videos are great, I'm sometimes bothered (but overreacting) when you talk shit to your friends in vids ("dumb bitch", etc.) but you're fuckin perfect at it for these videos and Scotty is best teammate, your combined trash talk and laughs are both top-tier 👌 my bad I'm stoned as an onion cock
MKZILA Month ago
It’s called a FUCKING MAG!!!!
GameShark Month ago
Pixels Month ago
when tyler gets a sponsor: *I wanna buy* Me then realizing im a minor and poor af: *I'm a dumbass bitch*
Chad Landon
Chad Landon Month ago
How some matches go: Some people: tries to defuse or kill the entire enemy team Wildcat: enters the game Game: ( plays jojo's bizzare adventure theme)
shaquille oatmeal
shaquille oatmeal Month ago
Fuck yea butter smooth
Jamie Kwok
Jamie Kwok Month ago
They said Goyza as Gwazo😂:(
Totally Christian Minecraft channel
Totally Christian Minecraft channel Month ago
When ever I burn someone in game I scream gender reveal or it’s a boy
Yo I be always saucy with the Kar98
Kiera Ibrahim
Kiera Ibrahim Month ago
JustGaming Month ago
My 2012 insignia tv does the same I dont see a diffrence
young_lil_ baller
young_lil_ baller Month ago
F that 800 dollars your high
nerdyboi 123
nerdyboi 123 Month ago
I am the best at mp7 I got 35 kills once
Hoodini Person
Hoodini Person Month ago
The monitor does look pretty dope
Hawkmoon Lacrue
Hawkmoon Lacrue Month ago
7:33 the body came back bruh
Aiden Doull
Aiden Doull Month ago
the thumbnail reminds me of sans.
SpaceCowboyMugen 2 months ago
Always love when people record monitor sponsorships. Nothing wrong with it really its just any time you try to show me the monitor and it's quality but you recording on your phone or camera and I'm watching on a semi-good AOC 144hz HD monitor -throws out Pepe hands-
Jay 2 months ago
“That was a good game” 6-0...😂
Trainmaster111 2 months ago
Never play cod multiplayer. Unlocked the kar98 gold last night. Now i understand.
Alaric Altholz
Alaric Altholz 2 months ago
Ah the kar 98 k a towering inferno of ww2 German engineering
Taylor Bower
Taylor Bower 2 months ago
Among Us in 4K
Pun 10
Pun 10 2 months ago
Maen bomb misson teroosss
Gavin Fleet
Gavin Fleet 2 months ago
Anyone that’s watched him since the mw3 days was waiting for “In the tube, out the tube”
Not braxtw
Not braxtw 2 months ago
I got the monitor and it's SICKKKKKK
christian canaveral
christian canaveral 2 months ago
That kar98 is a German rifle from ww2
JohnGamingYT69 2 months ago
3:42 “You got pooped on” *gets instant memories from “Get pooped on, dude*
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp 2 months ago
Yo that fucking monitor tho. 4K on it looks insane
NinoftheJa 2 months ago
When you see the intro on til too before seeing the actual video
Stealth 2 months ago
Modern warfare > Cold War
X Raskal
X Raskal 2 months ago
Watched this great video before but why did my feed say posted an hour ago?
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker 2 months ago
Do you think you would ever get into apex legends?
Cain Cardenas
Cain Cardenas 2 months ago
Jose Venegas
Jose Venegas 2 months ago
I honestly want that Monitor
Jose Venegas
Jose Venegas 2 months ago
and lg
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 2 months ago
I am wildcat vs m4rkmusic
Daemon Frost
Daemon Frost 2 months ago
Hey wildcat, next time you play s&d on Arklov peak. Go to site b and plant c4 directly above it on the roof and wait for anyone to come in and detonate
Mikail Ahmed
Mikail Ahmed 2 months ago
5:35 The whole Star Wars sequel trilogy in a nutshell.
Elliott Shaw
Elliott Shaw 2 months ago
Mans representing with the Welsh flag
Asian. Inc
Asian. Inc 2 months ago
7:22 well that’s a clip for panda
Connor Brown
Connor Brown 2 months ago
gyoza is a Chinese dish my guy
Dz. _Solid
Dz. _Solid 2 months ago
9:09 me when a friend says it's national no fall damage day
LilToxicMexican 2 months ago
Stay flexing
xd Radboy
xd Radboy 2 months ago
6:10 lolololol 😂
Eric Bell
Eric Bell 2 months ago
I lost my kar I can’t get home lol
Luciana Medrano
Luciana Medrano 2 months ago
6:12 isn't that mag
m.d.e_ carlos
m.d.e_ carlos 2 months ago
7:55 had me weak 🤣🤣
Marko Shuto
Marko Shuto 2 months ago
Theres a gmod video in your modern warfare playlist xD
Carlo PAVANELLO 2 months ago
wow ill check out the link for the discription but i cant even get close to affording it
KarambitTheFrog 2 months ago
7:31 is the the body landing from the previous clip??????? lmao
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson 2 months ago
What kind of pc do you have
happy feign
happy feign 2 months ago
i won this tournament that i didn’t know the reward for anyways: i have a 5 monitor and a flat screen above that on my wall of all 4k monitors and screens, i swear i could play among us and you would think it was modern warfare from graphics
W A T E R 2 months ago
Fun fact - LG means lucky gold star
Avocado God
Avocado God 2 months ago
What’s his intro song?
Scar_ Luma
Scar_ Luma 2 months ago
What's that intro music
master lucifer
master lucifer 2 months ago
6:12 wtf
Ethan Kuehlthau
Ethan Kuehlthau 2 months ago
“This guy is sweating” *pulls out 725*
Alexander Ortega
Alexander Ortega 2 months ago
My dad was in the military and he would always get mad at me when I said clip instead of a magazine
Ahmad Sattout
Ahmad Sattout 2 months ago
Taylor, you should at least mention if it has HDR
Zackary Playz_Zack
Zackary Playz_Zack 2 months ago
I think i see lg as VG lol
PalpolGaming 2 months ago
i wanna know the attachment for his Kar98
Jack Rivera
Jack Rivera 2 months ago
How you liking noglas ninja defuses?
Nolan Borillo
Nolan Borillo 2 months ago
the germans domain 6:55
Sad _Rival
Sad _Rival 2 months ago
I use the kar98k as a primary weapon then my secondary is a knife it is a pretty good class for search and destroy
Michael Medina
Michael Medina 2 months ago
Is it me or did I see a dead body fly into the ground at 7:32
ImKrez 2 months ago
Why does he make the most stupid class setups work?
1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R 2 months ago
0:05 someone had a stroke
David McGeshick
David McGeshick 2 months ago
Will you do a house tour soon? Or a gaming setup?
Joseph Love
Joseph Love 2 months ago
If wildcat go to war he would probably laugh at all the bodies that are flying
Aiden Alberich
Aiden Alberich 2 months ago
That monitor is useless for next gen consoles
Antiiex x
Antiiex x 2 months ago
Did anyone else see the body falling at 7:30
William Chaidez
William Chaidez 2 months ago
i was interested then I saw the damn price...... god damn
Sathu 2 months ago
i love lg too but man i can’t afford :(
Takashima Shou
Takashima Shou 2 months ago
Did you guys call a Japanese dumpling a screen capturing app?
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 2 months ago
Monitor looks sweet but how much 😭
Squishy M
Squishy M 2 months ago
Have y’all ever paid attention to the background of the outro bruh so much nostalgia.
Bryson Whelchel
Bryson Whelchel 2 months ago
Every time wildcat dies “Wow this kid is sweating”
Gary tard
Gary tard 2 months ago
Bruh I can’t even afford mw let alone a monitor.
Nig Ward
Nig Ward 2 months ago
It even looks good on 480p resolution
Elite Assassin Squad
Elite Assassin Squad 2 months ago
but i need the ultra wide
Mega Lucario
Mega Lucario 2 months ago
What was the intro song?
Lincoln Naki
Lincoln Naki 2 months ago
He said Gwah-Zoh when his name is Gyoza 😂😂
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 2 months ago
The monitor is 800 dollars
Ronald Ramos
Ronald Ramos 2 months ago
i luv u
honestly wildcat you make my day better every day
Graham Hawes
Graham Hawes 2 months ago
yo that intro beat slaps tho
Lil eugene
Lil eugene 2 months ago
I was told today is his birthday, even if its not happy birthday🎂
CrazyP 2 months ago
wow that 27'' UltraGear 4K is EXPENSIVE $799.99 price
Alexander Lageman
Alexander Lageman 2 months ago
happy b-day Tyler
Among Us but humongous...
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