big brain imposter games in Among Us

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2 months ago

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I AM WILDCAT 2 months ago
Install Raid for Free βœ… IOS: βœ… ANDROID: βœ… PC: and get a special starter pack πŸ’₯ Available only for the next 30 days
AWildPerson. Month ago
short stacks
short stacks Month ago
@Chauncey nOB
narutodragonexe Month ago
d3nki fn
d3nki fn 2 months ago
It didnt work
eat tacos Β· 58 years ago
eat tacos Β· 58 years ago 2 months ago
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 3 days ago
0:00 4:14 7:44 7:54 9:57 12:42
AllenElite 9 days ago
Enzo is really onto wildcat until he got voted out lmao
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 12 days ago
1:38 I love that idea for the sponsorship πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
Savage_Logan 13 days ago
Cat: I called this meeting.... *To let you know about RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*
Leo Mena
Leo Mena 15 days ago
the laugh at 0:49 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
DeathDragon1730 17 days ago
That moment when somebody’s brain is so wrinkly that you can see every individual wrinkle
Legacy Chaos
Legacy Chaos 18 days ago
I have the game but I got you
Cozy Crew
Cozy Crew 18 days ago
Brig Cozy is my name...
the real juice mundo
the real juice mundo 27 days ago
I saw a raid shadow legends ad just before wildcats ad. I just can't get away from that game
Tezyox 29 days ago
I watch your among us because I’m new and bad
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy Month ago
Just for the creativity I'm downloading Raid Shadow Legends
Albino Dino
Albino Dino Month ago
can we plz appreciate how farmer pretty much watched wildcat kill and he didn't mention it
Jondale Brown
Jondale Brown Month ago
3:35 he should have been caught
Josh Benjoe
Josh Benjoe Month ago
Pigs can be smarter then dogs
Phantom Elephant
Phantom Elephant Month ago
i think i hold the world record for quickest game because my game that i was in, i won before the loading screen even loaded in
Drew Hermes
Drew Hermes Month ago
Sick bro
James Collier
James Collier Month ago
The only raid shadow legends Ad that should ever be played
Jiale1507 - Roblox
Jiale1507 - Roblox Month ago
everytime I play the game as crewmate and I know who it is there’s only a 2% chance the others believe me and they are all retarded but when I’m the impostor they all become Einsteins or vote me out for no reason
Ryan Ackerley
Ryan Ackerley Month ago
This a great vidoa
Hazza Gaming
Hazza Gaming Month ago
I have a bigger Brian
Kanye East
Kanye East Month ago
Lord Badger
Lord Badger Month ago
Out of all the youtubers ive seen posting among us vids, none are close to as good as yours!
Wicked Frozen
Wicked Frozen Month ago
Dude that was gross when farmer literally saw wildcat kill out of electrical
Jauxyy Month ago
WildCat is such a try hard
kasra royalblood
kasra royalblood Month ago
Very good at convincing people. You should go to Survivor
Xavier Suarez
Xavier Suarez Month ago
i got a raid shadow legends ad then instantly wild cat calls emergency and talks about raid
FBI Month ago
β€œverbal retweet”
DennySky Month ago
that was prob the best ad i ever seen
Bronson Bachmann
Bronson Bachmann Month ago
Hey wild cat if your reading this do you still have Conner as a friend you should play Among us with if you still do.
ATLAS JET Month ago
back to back to back to back.... *DAMN*
maruftim Month ago
god damn it okay I'm watching the whole sponsor
Sigh 2 months ago
I have seen so many sponsors for raid shadow legends and youre the only one who can make it that funny πŸ˜‚ mans called a emergency meeting just to tell us the sponsor.
Neko Senpai
Neko Senpai 2 months ago
The smoothest imposter ever
RaZoR InStiiNcZ
RaZoR InStiiNcZ 2 months ago
This game is going to raise a generation of incredibly good liars.
Andrew Root
Andrew Root 2 months ago
Wow... advertising soooo well done.. still not downloading the damn game tho
Fraught Relic758
Fraught Relic758 2 months ago
I love the emergency meeting to say your sponsor. And don't get me started on the quadruple imposter wins!
Gabriela Bićanić
Gabriela Bićanić 2 months ago
You were master at skribblio, now you are a master at among us?!?!?
ExplosiveAnus23 2 months ago
I feel so bad for Enzo, saying wildcat clicked button to clear the body was the biggest read and no one believed him
Washington Jacob
Washington Jacob 2 months ago
Orcaben1 2 months ago
good video, please make your audio level (mic) similar to the others, sometimes i can't really hear them but can hear you way to loudly.
Just Here
Just Here 2 months ago
Omg I wanna play this so bad and would be honored to play with wildcat πŸ˜‚
Marcelles Wright
Marcelles Wright 2 months ago
I am wildcat aka Tyler love the sponsor bc im a fan of murder on raid πŸ’―πŸ’―
Terastas 2 months ago
Thumbs this up if you too were yelling during the whore-plug to vote him out.
Terastas 2 months ago
Seriously Tyler, do you know how you're SUPPOSED to plug games that are paying you to plug them? BY PLAYING THEM!!!
Tricky 2 months ago
That was the smoothest fucking sponsor plug, I'm fucking deadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Carzey 2 months ago
WILDCAT is the imposter for promoting Raid: Shit Legends.
Andesite 2 months ago
I hate Raid Shadow Legends but that sponsor announcement was clean
d3nki fn
d3nki fn 2 months ago
The raid shadow legends didnt work lol
ashton 456yt
ashton 456yt 2 months ago
Noo wildcat
Clutter Duck
Clutter Duck 2 months ago
No joke when I was watching right before he hit the button I got a raid shadow legends add then it ended he called the meeting and I got another add
NebUlite _
NebUlite _ 2 months ago
7:10 *you guys su*
xiiAce- 2 months ago
Hey just so you know never say you did bottom engine first. You have to do top first on those tasks
The Unknown
The Unknown 2 months ago
10:00 I mean he's not wrong
Oscarthefunn 1
Oscarthefunn 1 2 months ago
Selling glizzys🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
Darkraihs 2 months ago
You use the same color and skin and hat as me lol. I do it so when I am imp, some people think I was purple. it worked a few times XD
Brian Gallardo
Brian Gallardo 2 months ago
i skipped the sponsor
Jesus Lujano
Jesus Lujano 2 months ago
wildcat delirious and toonz all are some of the best imposters
Yessir Ski
Yessir Ski 2 months ago
Been loving all the among us videos
Tyler 2 months ago
I instantly hate a video when nick is in it.... but I'll make an excuse for wildcat
AmongUsTroll 2 months ago
Benny Mario
Benny Mario 2 months ago
1:46 I called this meeting to let you guys know about *RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*
WOWHugo 2 months ago
Yo I never watched a wildcat video before. What's the channel about overall, curious? I will stick till the end of the video as well πŸ™‚
Chandler Henshaw
Chandler Henshaw 2 months ago
They should make a feature where you can drag bodies into vents
idk what to make my name boi
idk what to make my name boi 2 months ago
I got an ad for Raid right before he said Raid was sponsoring him.
Mini_ Milk
Mini_ Milk 2 months ago
Waid wado wegends boooooo
OpTicCz_DraKonZ 2 months ago
Bro mega dont talk much ay
Marisol Cruz
Marisol Cruz 2 months ago
Can I just 1:40 😹😹
Storm 2 months ago
That was the most cleanest way to start a sponser. Good job Tyler πŸ‘
pug gaming
pug gaming 2 months ago
During one of Nogla's stream he was a GOD Surprising right?
Rei Da Tecnologia
Rei Da Tecnologia 2 months ago
Not gonna lie, Panda and Wildcat have the best sponsor ideas haha. Normally you say "ugh again" for Raid but with that ideas man... u say "lol"
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 2 months ago
13:10 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 2 months ago
10:58 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
- guy113-
- guy113- 2 months ago
Raid shito legends
Anime Weebtard
Anime Weebtard 2 months ago
Holy fuck that was such a smooth raid ad
Wyatt Lambert
Wyatt Lambert 2 months ago
I love the transition to Raid Shadow Legends. Hilarious.
Ryker Owen
Ryker Owen 2 months ago
*at least he hadn't gotten it 6 times in a row*
popie 86
popie 86 2 months ago
Wait wildcat has a brain tumor quick make a wildcat is dead video
WoolyDood 2 months ago
3:30 we not gonna talk about how wildcat didn’t get caught?
Winter Fury
Winter Fury 2 months ago
Smooth brains right there
Ryekrash _03
Ryekrash _03 2 months ago
A game with toast and wildcat would be insane
ABC123 2 months ago
I’m impressed that nobody cursed this whole time
SanchoWest 2 months ago
I trusted you Wildcat . I TRUSTED YOU!
Serge Gnabry
Serge Gnabry Month ago
Are you Jadon Sancho?
Humayun Ahmed
Humayun Ahmed 2 months ago
Sup sancho
The Unknown
The Unknown 2 months ago
Trust no one. Not even yourself.
XyoboyX 2 months ago
Lol sancho better luck next time
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 2 months ago
"YOU GUys ssuuuuuuuuuc..." lol
Ahmed Zahaf
Ahmed Zahaf 2 months ago
Its not big brain plays, you're going against fortnite idiots and you're only showing clips of you as an imposter
Michael Prins
Michael Prins 2 months ago
Me getting an ad from idle heroes: ih777 6 seconds later: wildcat sponsoring raid shadow legends Me: im confused af
sR Clan
sR Clan 2 months ago
By far love this so much
FNM CORPSE 2 months ago
Wildcat is the goat no other streamer on his level thats a promis
Kaleb Butler
Kaleb Butler 2 months ago
I love how wildcat has started to branch out and has been playing with a lot of different content creators
Mario Del Rio
Mario Del Rio 2 months ago
fallen pegasus
fallen pegasus 2 months ago
I'm actually thinking about downloading raid shadow legends now
Jebron Lames
Jebron Lames 2 months ago
I died laughing when he called the meeting and started talking about the sponsor lmao!!!
Qunic Blur
Qunic Blur 2 months ago
The only problem with you playing among us, is that you don't play enough
Reposed Akuma
Reposed Akuma 2 months ago
10:46 -top 10 anime betrayals
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 2 months ago
Also how do I craft stuff 😐😐 dumb
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 2 months ago
They all look the same
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 2 months ago
Which link do i enter in the message
Kira The Cat Girl
Kira The Cat Girl 2 months ago
Wildcat: Changes name Nick eh 30: HE IS CHEATING😭 Anyone get the reference
TREJAN CRIGER 2 months ago
9:55 I’m dying bruh πŸ˜‚
Tanner Vaughan
Tanner Vaughan 2 months ago
i gotta barbie ad tf
Andrew Vargas
Andrew Vargas 2 months ago
I had the quickest game ever. So I went to do some fast tasks and then I went to medbay and saw a kill infront of my eyes and then when then for once everyone believe and then boom done. I think it was under 2mins
Hamad Sajid
Hamad Sajid 2 months ago
Among Us ruins friendships...
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