Black Ops Cold War moments that are tremendous...the best moments...nobody has better moments...

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26 days ago

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DJ Kofay
DJ Kofay Day ago
You cant go wrong with call of duty wildcat style
Hell Fire
Hell Fire Day ago
For real tho this game sucks I’m disappointed 😔
Dax Anderson
Dax Anderson 3 days ago
Gaming Billy
Gaming Billy 4 days ago
Brooo yesss clash of clansssss
Clxwnz 5 days ago
"it is true, number 1"
FireClaw 5 days ago
What happend to the video quality tho? Its a bit weird and not smooth
S S 8 days ago
This game reminds me of Rainbow Six Siege now. Except not as tech and not all the climbing and special abilities
Corn Bread
Corn Bread 9 days ago
question. Since you play with blarg do you also play with soup or do you not wanna get demonitized?
Chase Lanning
Chase Lanning 9 days ago
Ya know what I have figured out. Clash of clans initials are coc
VeRtOgO 711
VeRtOgO 711 10 days ago
I have a not really a secret but I won’t tell
Krayto 10 days ago
Hey wildcat I got grounded for a month and I had this game pre ordered im wondering is this game good? Also they told Obama, you know why they call him Obama it's because he is on the bomba
ItzxNick 1221
ItzxNick 1221 11 days ago
Terroriser and Blarg is a good combo
tcurry2525 11 days ago
@wildcat hey that’s me @4min 🤣 (QAnon)
Joe Webb
Joe Webb 12 days ago
2:03 They be talking about daddy lien.
Lordlyrope012 12 days ago
Ok but COD Space War sounds sick. I’d buy it just to play as Donny J
skeleton 114
skeleton 114 12 days ago
These 5 people do so well together
Keith plays
Keith plays 13 days ago
I kind of wanted to see cool game playing not people talking funny
Christian Salveti
Christian Salveti 13 days ago
J0LTS 14 days ago
This game is actually fun unlike Modern Campfare
James Adams
James Adams 14 days ago
This game doesn’t look terrible, but it definitely isn’t all that interesting.
Philosophic human
Philosophic human 15 days ago
That part with the filthy liberal and the Patrick was golden.
Eric Conrad
Eric Conrad 15 days ago
The statue in Moscow that is resnov
The Reaper
The Reaper 15 days ago
anyone else notice how if someone in these games talks shit they always sound the same 😂
『almedAT』 16 days ago
3:00 was that thedooo?
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 17 days ago
2:37 I will make art of this pokemon stabtue
Percaholic 18 days ago
I just got an ad for a child girls toy. Wtf. And it says it may be based on the video I’m watching😂😂
Focatrash 19 days ago
Peek at Hennessy bottle
Roosevelt Scroggins
Roosevelt Scroggins 20 days ago
Hello for some reason I don't get notifications. Till days later but can you play gta more or did you just quit
Ddy _29
Ddy _29 21 day ago
I didn’t know Panda was playing too till I heard his laugh 😂
The Guy You Never Knew
The Guy You Never Knew 21 day ago
Miami Traffic *Luigi intensifies*
Jordan Bennett
Jordan Bennett 22 days ago
$2.50 for a hot dog
ThankfulTryhard 22 days ago
Kira The Cat Girl
Kira The Cat Girl 22 days ago
Its always a good video when blarg is in it
Sp0d3r 22 days ago
Yo play some zombie when the game comes out
David Wong
David Wong 23 days ago
Russian but English 0:02 0:11
JDog reacts to everything
JDog reacts to everything 23 days ago
what a way to stay relevant lol
Mr Simp
Mr Simp 23 days ago
always makes my day lmaooo
Gabriel Salgado
Gabriel Salgado 23 days ago
here we go again
HAIL SATAN 23 days ago
Didn't know yall we're democrats. But I should've figured. Yall don't watch politics Boi don't even speak.
Gavino Gutierrez
Gavino Gutierrez 23 days ago
is it me or dose the graphics look bad?
Logan Shillington
Logan Shillington 24 days ago
I wonder who Tyler voted for...
Miau Gaming
Miau Gaming 24 days ago
Genshin Impact ✌️
Mateo Garcia
Mateo Garcia 24 days ago
Is this a repost?
Professional Retard
Professional Retard 24 days ago
DAN BOY 24 days ago
Is this is this is this going to be the main Call of Duty game now or are you still going to play Modern Warfare
Mason Fullbright
Mason Fullbright 24 days ago
I love Antony
HOT GIRLS TV 24 days ago
Very nice 🤩🤩👍
MysticDepths 24 days ago
Wildcat. Your amazing. I love your videos. I watch them everyday. But Jupiter has more gravity than Earth. Actually Jupiter has so much gravity it would literally smash our little human bodies 😂
Thunder and Blunder
Thunder and Blunder 24 days ago
The fuckin thumbnail.
Corvald 24 days ago
I'm mclovin these titles, bro
King's Nerd Cave
King's Nerd Cave 24 days ago
Smii7y hesitating then turning back around to shoot the chicken was just the funniest thing to me idk
Butt Sex
Butt Sex 24 days ago
Yikes Cold War seems kinda ass.
Cody Harris
Cody Harris 24 days ago
Holy shit dude panda or Brock right?? his laugh is SOOOO annoying an horrible. Lmao worst thing I've EVER heard!!! 😂 even worse than SOO SO annoying!!! 😂😭😭
Pablo Valerio
Pablo Valerio 24 days ago
Cold War very nice
Battle Broek
Battle Broek 24 days ago
Who the hell puts a sight on top of a carry handle of an m16. Come on cod.....
Dark Voidz
Dark Voidz 24 days ago
this game reminds of cod ww2 and that game was highkey garbage
Dux 24 days ago
This video wins by a factor of ALOT let me tell you.
Lloyd75 24 days ago
You need a voice man calling my mans azzerzs
Rachel Tharp
Rachel Tharp 24 days ago
“I literally made my net worth from raid shadow legends” 😂😂 DED
John White
John White 24 days ago
I just wish they'd make a good cod :( good video, bad game
Reggie 23 days ago
Lol Iv maxed level’d the beta, and I haven’t had that much fun in a cod for awhile, way more fun than MW multiplayer
Andrew Munson
Andrew Munson 25 days ago
3:53 lol
seacadetdude101 25 days ago
This game is definitely going to be a waste of money
Igor Pađen
Igor Pađen 25 days ago
Why are his cold war videos not 60 fps?
USSF Enterprise
USSF Enterprise 25 days ago
6:16 FBI CAR!!!
ChaosMiles07 25 days ago
Thank you Wildcat, very cool...
one Gamer
one Gamer 25 days ago
This game sucks
Tyrone Cecil
Tyrone Cecil 25 days ago
Does this not give you battlefield/csgo typa vibez?
Cartman 25 days ago
5:13-6:25 you’re welcome 😉
nmcjdm 25 days ago
Smii7y is insane
Modern killers05
Modern killers05 25 days ago
How are you guys still playing Cold War
Smee 1974
Smee 1974 25 days ago
Quite frankly, the greatest cock I’ve ever seen.
Kakela 25 days ago
That reddit clip of the car accident is pure gold. Better every time.
shawniguess 25 days ago
Great vid :)
CoomRago 25 days ago
Wildcat. I have a request. Next time you play modern warfare multi player. Use the recon under barrel grenade launcher. It shoots a snapshot and it's a one shot direct hit so you'll be getting kills with snapshot grenades
RDog5671 25 days ago
Supercharge your c7 we never see it
Mary Canterbury
Mary Canterbury 25 days ago
My daughter is a big fan where do I get your merch at I was looking for a link
Urnn Y’all
Urnn Y’all 25 days ago
I haven’t laughed this hard at a video in a WHILE
Soviet Viking
Soviet Viking 25 days ago
Great video 👍
KidLegend45 25 days ago
Wildcat is the biggest backseat gamer I’ve ever seen
David Chen
David Chen 25 days ago
You should play with Azzerz
AuArachnid 25 days ago
I love how Ik where the Cuban rear ended the car 😂
ANIME GENIUS 25 days ago
*Azzerz has joined the lobby*
uRustleMyJimmys 25 days ago
Ah one of the things Brian is good at, not recording half the time
Charlie Sanchez
Charlie Sanchez 25 days ago
Mike Hawk
Raevyk the Bot
Raevyk the Bot 25 days ago
Smiity betrayed his cock and now I can't unsee it.
Kirstalls 25 days ago
I enjoyed the change of pace with blarg joining
Braiden Kemenes
Braiden Kemenes 25 days ago
This reminds me of the bo2 videos
Miles the Volt
Miles the Volt 25 days ago
I fucking love blarg bro
KING BEATS 25 days ago
get shit on
KING BEATS 25 days ago
i am in traffic lol
George Parzych
George Parzych 25 days ago
This video was quite frankly very huge quite frankly
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 25 days ago
3:44 imagine saying that when you're using an M16
Orbit 22 days ago
The other still got the first shot on him and lost it, M16 or not his point is valid
Ethan Kaiser
Ethan Kaiser 25 days ago
Anyone else just repeat the first 10 seconds just to hear blargs impression of that meme?
bob crack
bob crack 25 days ago
Jhordan Stoutmire
Jhordan Stoutmire 25 days ago
That Malania bit killed me lol 5:45
Luca Games
Luca Games 25 days ago
Hey wildcat play phasmophobia
MASTER 8H01 VlOG2 25 days ago
ripndrip 25 days ago
Love cod vids
Inspire 417
Inspire 417 25 days ago
That video was soooo good, sooo good! Simply amazing. Nothing was more amazing than this video, nothing.
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon 25 days ago
Im watching this in an airport with the words moscow coming across the screen
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