Modern Warfare but the FiNN LMG is BROKEN...

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2 months ago

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xd Gristly
xd Gristly 4 days ago
Can somebody tell me what that Mp5 set up that is at 11:23
Obese WhiteMan
Obese WhiteMan 12 days ago
Did Marksman get banned for his name at some point? Or was he cheating?
AngryTwxBar 12 days ago
I love but hate your outro. I hate it cause it means the vids over but Its straight vibin
Xerces Gaming
Xerces Gaming 14 days ago
Somewhere between 4 and 3 months ago he changed his gamer tag, I've been tryna watch the videos in-between to figure out why/what happened but can't quite piece it together.. was it because he got sick of being recognized?
Xerces Gaming
Xerces Gaming 14 days ago
On nvm, not a name change, did ya boi get banned?
Xerces Gaming
Xerces Gaming 14 days ago
Oh it's for his sponsor, tryna get extra brownie points from them
Conrad Grimm
Conrad Grimm 17 days ago
Scottys laugh will forever give me aids
pumps Month ago
Life lesson always get a baby sitter
Molina6089 Month ago
3:35 hacks?
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Month ago
10:30 Isn't that beat from a fucking Fort Minor song?
DJordanMedia Month ago
you forgot to mute @2:43
Owen Beamon
Owen Beamon Month ago
14:11 “I just wall banged him through the wall”
Haider Karkamaz
Haider Karkamaz Month ago
Sluxly Kidd
Sluxly Kidd 2 months ago
Who else gets in a vibe once seeing his intro and crazy plays
FEAR TEMP 2 months ago
At 7:39 is that the guy from regular show🤦🏾‍♂️
xd Radboy
xd Radboy 2 months ago
11:36 bruh 😂
VXS GamingFTW 2 months ago
Wildcat you toooo funny my guy
Joseph Crouch
Joseph Crouch 2 months ago
2:35 is where it’s at
Joseph Crouch
Joseph Crouch 2 months ago
Bro autism was me🤣
Wicker Joyce
Wicker Joyce 2 months ago
It is usually the people who say a bunch of gay things and moan.. that call other people gay or sus.
Micheal Gomez
Micheal Gomez 2 months ago
0:04 😂😂😂😂😂
sam is RDX
sam is RDX 2 months ago
why does everyone have such a SHITTY mic still?
Jason Cenotti
Jason Cenotti 2 months ago
Don't if your gonna see this but you made me laugh so my family got mad haha
Omni 2020
Omni 2020 2 months ago
jonathan saad
jonathan saad 2 months ago
He was mind blown by the acoustics of my anus ~Wildcat 2020
NicTehStick 2 months ago
Finn LMG: wa is recalio
Brandon Strickland
Brandon Strickland 2 months ago
Remember the renetti, try sks on hardcore, most op weapon, you hit them in the toe and they're dead.
CALiber 2 months ago
Yo wildcat, you’re missing the links at the end of your video bro
I’m Actually Verified
I’m Actually Verified 2 months ago
Yo if wildcat is in my game I’m letting him get a trick shot off me
David Fraide
David Fraide 2 months ago
You should mute them
karsten_bg 2 months ago
If you were serious youd prob be top 6 or 5 player
jjdoubleog -
jjdoubleog - 2 months ago
Pls try fortnite again 💀
TaniaDrawsThings 2 months ago
“He was mind blown by the acoustics of my anus” - wildcat
Editz MW
Editz MW 2 months ago
I was Lochiegreasycooch lol that was a fun game I didn’t know this was him 😂
corbyn edwards
corbyn edwards 2 months ago
I laughed to hard at the fact noise ngl.
Frankie Meza
Frankie Meza 2 months ago
I lowkey hate 7s laugh
Vartogli 2 months ago
That laugh at the intro was a dolphin
TOXIc Fam69
TOXIc Fam69 2 months ago
12:12 i legit asked myself "wait is this a wildcat vid orrrrr"
Ryu 2 months ago
1:19 is my new pick up line
thejoker97 MacYT
thejoker97 MacYT 2 months ago
I love ur vids there funny as SHIT
Horizon 2 months ago
Piece of advice to those encountering this crew in public lobbies: Just don't turn on your microphone so that you don't give the satisfaction to Wildcat and Co. They always make a content worthy video only because of the in game voice chats. Don't give them content by trash talking them. Stay silent. Don't even hear what they are saying. They can't make videos if there is no one trash talking them. Their COD Videos are only good as the trash talking happening in game. Don't be the one giving them content.
ghostofaheart 2 months ago
wow someones salty
Kingdom Key 2015
Kingdom Key 2015 2 months ago
They're not tryhards... They're just naturally good! 😎
CookieDoughBro 2 months ago
Been missing these type of videos. Reminds me of the bo2 days
Gage Kall
Gage Kall 2 months ago
Bro my name is gage but thats not me my Activision is yourbad
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose 2 months ago
Scouseleemini1 2 months ago
You’d think all these players that go against wildcat would learn how to counter his strategies but no... dicked with an op lmg If ya can’t beat em... *JOIN THEM!*
chaos warrior
chaos warrior 2 months ago
1:59 you can shoot the parachute and it'll drop right away
retard that plays warzone
retard that plays warzone 2 months ago
i get notis 3 days later
Aryan Ramouthar
Aryan Ramouthar 2 months ago
4:15 me when I get a kill
sparrow 2 months ago
Can full metal penetrator perk aka seman through the condom known as shields
sparrow 2 months ago
Anyone else realize how much fucking damage shield turret does
TMP Ryan Mythic
TMP Ryan Mythic 2 months ago
i miss Scotty's laugh sooo much
PokeSkele 2 months ago
Ay your outro song is saying wap
Peyton Egbert
Peyton Egbert 2 months ago
Wildcat I love your videos so much so I have a load out for you mp5 sniper rifle X 50 boom slag
Filitano 2 months ago
I just posted my Faze5 recruitment Challenge and I bet I’m better than ALL OF YOU at sniping
#3 GREG 2 months ago
14:10 Nah I think it was the ceiling
Lara Ackerman
Lara Ackerman 2 months ago
i just got this game i really hope i dont run in to them .....if i do my cheeks getting clapped lol
Roice 8888
Roice 8888 2 months ago
Not gonna lie i was slowly getting turned on by that guy's moans good thing it cut lol.
Jacob Soummers
Jacob Soummers 2 months ago
Bigjigalypanda call his dog a piggy i thought teno was the piggy doh
Matthew Bonilla
Matthew Bonilla 2 months ago
1:10 Scott sounded angry. "Do you want me to kill you!?" I laughed so hard.
Tom Layton
Tom Layton 2 months ago
Matthew Bonilla yeah they do but it’s all gud bruther
Matthew Bonilla
Matthew Bonilla 2 months ago
@Tom Layton Really? They sound alike. Oops.
Tom Layton
Tom Layton 2 months ago
Matthew Bonilla that was murksman
Rachel Tharp
Rachel Tharp 2 months ago
did you hear that squirrel 😂
Jay Mason
Jay Mason 2 months ago
8:18 wtf that dude running with? Looks sick
Beal728 2 months ago
First clip he hit a light hahahaha
Dominique Lascano
Dominique Lascano 2 months ago
Kiss me if I’m wrong but something bout their gameplay don’t seem legit. Seems too Cheatsy weatsy 😗
Cyler Davis
Cyler Davis 2 months ago
Scotty's laugh kills me 😂😂
T- BONE 2 months ago
Scotty's laugh sounds fake
Kayden Durrett
Kayden Durrett 2 months ago
1:40 bro same just look at my name tag
Dayand Sharad
Dayand Sharad 2 months ago
The ending laugh soo hard to it
The Ravenger
The Ravenger 2 months ago
The funny think is that I’ve had that gun for 2 days now and it’s already golden
Carson_Riot _Frost
Carson_Riot _Frost 2 months ago
I wanna see wildcat Rage at attempting to get a plat trophy on MW for the ps4
Jacoby Johnson
Jacoby Johnson 2 months ago
The noises lol
Samuel Pruitt
Samuel Pruitt 2 months ago
Why dont I get notifications anymore? I didnt get this one until now and I didnt get the finn lmg one. I thought he was taking a break or something. This was supposed to be posted on the fall guys one.
Poi Pounds
Poi Pounds 2 months ago
Everyone go to 7:10 in the vid and listen to wild cat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kristina Amos
Kristina Amos 2 months ago
No hate. But at 11 minutes in the video, how do you have red diamonds over the enemy teams head and you can see the diamonds through the wall?
RTHRO _ 2 months ago
I think that the boys found Ram Ranch...
Nepgear 2 months ago
Did this man just said that Scrapyard sucks? Wildcat, you just suck at it...
Seth clark
Seth clark 2 months ago
Well I just got shit on by wildcat and four zero seven
Dark MythII
Dark MythII 2 months ago
I just got out a game with you
justin charles
justin charles 2 months ago
dude that guys laugh can you please make him work on that
YaBoi Donut
YaBoi Donut 2 months ago
WAAHW! thats a lot of ads :D
jlaviolette772 2 months ago
Love your videos they always make my day when I'm in a bad place been subbed for awhile. Much love from pulaski Tennessee. Would love to pick your brain about streaming was thinking about starting.
lostgame series
lostgame series 2 months ago
.....I think call of duty modern warfare and warzone and Call of duty mobile are the same cuz; Trash talkers (according to me are little) Glitches Cheaters Hackers(which are ANNOYINGLY .........🤔)
Hhshsy H
Hhshsy H 2 months ago
Do an eye tracker
Mora Gaming
Mora Gaming 2 months ago
Do hardcore and kill teammates
Federico Veron
Federico Veron 2 months ago
Wildcat is going to keep making new accounts till he gets recognized in every single one of them so he makes another one!
kaydin dan
kaydin dan 2 months ago
It’s sad that you Vanoss H2O delirious don’t play anymore
HUNTKAUAI 2 months ago
Beastmode1 I know him
Kooper Elliott
Kooper Elliott 2 months ago
“He was amazed by the acoustics of my anus” WildCat 2020
LIXon 45
LIXon 45 2 months ago
Mr.wildcat can I play callofduty with you. Plz 👉👈🥺
ENNAYZ GAMING 2 months ago
I'm glad I dropped a nuke on here Wont be dealing with that lmg anytime soon
Aron Molina
Aron Molina 2 months ago
Two fuggin fifty for a fuggin hawwwwdog
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 2 months ago
Use mp5 with shourt 725
Zac slipery Panda
Zac slipery Panda 2 months ago
O my god I laughed at that guy that was in the morning probably for a good 20 minutes laughing so fucking hard🤣🤣
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 2 months ago
Damn am I the only one that can’t connect to the damn servers
Conner Alameda
Conner Alameda 2 months ago
What’s wildcats creator code for cod
deagen porteous
deagen porteous 2 months ago
was the video demonitized because of 2:40?
itsAngel760 2 months ago
I always sleep to his videos thats normal right ?
crazyreaper 02
crazyreaper 02 2 months ago
What is the best setup you have for the kar and finn
Chase Robinson
Chase Robinson 2 months ago
Y'all should try doing COD hide and seek again lol
Optic Dolphin
Optic Dolphin 2 months ago
I ordered a youtooz and it just came in
Juan Delossantos
Juan Delossantos 2 months ago
4:05 how do you do the Ls thing
STAR'Z Siege
STAR'Z Siege 2 months ago
Easy to talk shit when you devote your life to a game
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