Among Us but my vent plays have everyone confused...

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Rooster 10 hours ago
joe montoya
joe montoya 4 days ago
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h20 leo
h20 leo 8 days ago
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Ritchiele Gelsano
Ritchiele Gelsano 9 days ago
Luke Ibbo
Luke Ibbo 9 days ago
60 Minutes
PDSxBradyxx 9 days ago
Mason Woods
Mason Woods 9 days ago
Starr Castillo
Starr Castillo 10 days ago
"I believe you Nick I believe you..." "Just kidding I voted Nick" WHAT A PLOT TWIST
De'Andre Ray
De'Andre Ray 11 days ago
@9:54 brought nostalgia hearing that dk 64 cave music
Cadon Buckles
Cadon Buckles 13 days ago
Jesus loves you spread the word
bri 14 days ago
yo i got this as an ad,,, yt now knows what i want to see 😁‼️
Juan Meza
Juan Meza 19 days ago
Barb got fucked since he is not famous nor rich
Bennett Hutchinson
Bennett Hutchinson 24 days ago
Wildcat isn't used to playing with Nick and dnp3 because they are so friendly and wildcats crew is not as friendly haha
Cooperrrlolll 25 days ago
does anyone have eyes???????
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 26 days ago
Maral Alidoosti
Maral Alidoosti 26 days ago
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Laetitia Salcédo
Laetitia Salcédo 29 days ago
tu joue comme un prout
Undeadraven 19
Undeadraven 19 29 days ago
Nooby Mayor
Nooby Mayor Month ago
Renegade Media Group
Renegade Media Group Month ago
Dis boi! He be running HOG WILD!
ICE ELIMS Month ago
on this day no lie i wasent imp the hole day
AJ S Month ago
DNP was such a good sport in the first game lmafo
Nicholas Cisneros
Nicholas Cisneros Month ago
The voiceless germany neurophysiologically confuse because witch postsurgically want by a redundant forest. resolute, open acknowledgment
Trip Araiza
Trip Araiza Month ago
Dice & Dummies
Dice & Dummies Month ago
Milking the crumbs
Nolan Diekmann
Nolan Diekmann Month ago
I hate when people want to vote someone out for all the wrong reasons. Then at the end have the audacity to say "I knew it" at the end
Caitlin Blaney
Caitlin Blaney Month ago
i prefer these videos than the proximity chat ones
colvin delano
colvin delano Month ago
Am I the only one that hates among us? It’s just not entertaining anymore
Cristofer Matos
Cristofer Matos Month ago
The screams when someone dies has me weak
Frogs Play
Frogs Play Month ago
Wow I switched from android to iPhone today and I did not know wildcat records in 1080p not 480p
Nokkturnal Month ago
Nick is so annoying bro
A L L T H E M E M E S :\
A L L T H E M E M E S :\ Month ago
My god he’s back
AunHappyTeddy Gaming
AunHappyTeddy Gaming Month ago
Barb is nogla...
Different Dimensions
Different Dimensions Month ago
Alternate Title: Among Us but DNP3 is always sussed
Zoie Davis
Zoie Davis Month ago
this gameplay vs random lobby gameplay
ethan cobabe
ethan cobabe Month ago
Game mode idea: 1 imposter must tell everyone at the beginning that he's the killer and getting killed by this person is the innocent person's own fault. However no one can vote him off until the 2nd imposter is voted off.
i!i!i!i!i!i!i! Month ago
90% of this video is just ”I’m sus of DNP3”
Annoying Toads
Annoying Toads Month ago
6:21 bro i feel you this was me yesterday
I'm Zenny
I'm Zenny Month ago
Nick Eh 30's voice is basically The Dooo, but Canadian
ignited motion
ignited motion Month ago
That vent kill on light's killed me
sniper Month ago
.0 good liar
FreddyGamePlayer Month ago
What it's called the first song he put?
dylan briscoe
dylan briscoe Month ago
Nick eh 30 is so annoying
STILL Month ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🔺
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Month ago
And longer
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Month ago
Love your vids been watching you since the whole Pluto mash in 3D video
Stephan Wilson
Stephan Wilson Month ago
When Wildcat sees nick kills nick: oh shit
Rubert DaFairy
Rubert DaFairy Month ago
Hahaha let's all laugh at the guy with no money while we vote him off for being right 🤙
joythebest12 Month ago
Wildcat kinda sus I saw him washing the vents.
Asianeyes007 Month ago
EHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s been a minute since I’ve seen *Nick Eh 30.* I remember I used to watch him play TLOU factions and Uncharted 4 😭😭😭 Good ol days. My, how time flies.. his channel’s grown really well, I’m proud 😭
Shadow_ Cluster123
Shadow_ Cluster123 Month ago
Wildcat you made my life better
dependtheway Month ago
rocky Balboa
rocky Balboa Month ago
What is cozy's channel name nvm
Ale Felix
Ale Felix Month ago
This guy still plays this?
master cheif
master cheif Month ago
Joesph Juarez
Joesph Juarez Month ago
Not pix piz
Joesph Juarez
Joesph Juarez Month ago
Please play more poly bridge pix I am wildcat
Theonlyrithboi Month ago
Why do they always beleive wildcat is the imposter but the other imposter never gets accused 🤔 lmao
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ Month ago
ahh the good ol vent plays
D15abl3d Hitman
D15abl3d Hitman Month ago
Think you’ll play any s&d on cold war wildcat?
Jaedan Hills
Jaedan Hills Month ago
So um...if they were unmuted doesn't that mean the others heared them
MX-DARK Month ago
Never thought I would see ssnsanta
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Month ago
The sort of people that say "i knew it!" and "i voted ....." etc after the game are so annoying. Are they so desperate to sound smart and right?
Will Bromberek
Will Bromberek Month ago
That was a pity game some weren't in on it though. The one after getting crewmate a lot
Jose Carrizales
Jose Carrizales Month ago
hey wild cat you probably won’t see this but i was playing cold war with my friends and one had to leave so he left the game and i activated dark aether at the exact same time i think, and literally all of the zombies ignored me for the entire game
SavageOmen Month ago
Can we talk about every kill reported DMP3 got sus'd?
SSN Santa
SSN Santa Month ago
I believed everything you said even during that first game 🤣
your local boss man
your local boss man 28 days ago
Southside Newham santa tf
Lost_Tavin 05
Lost_Tavin 05 Month ago
It’s the mobile god 👍🏽
DON'T Month ago
Don't read My Profile Picture :)
ZachOnKoolaid Month ago
Hey my guy DonWick is in there let’s goo
Pop top
Pop top Month ago
Among Us but I don't care about the title
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken Month ago
Why doesn’t anyone just kick wildcat
Sleeping Peak
Sleeping Peak Month ago
I watch lazarbeam and I thought his interview a few years ago with nick was hilarious and after watching nick play fortnite I realized he’s literal garbage (this was last night) AND THEN TODAY NICK IS FREAKIN IN ONE OF MY SUBSCRIBED CHANNELS! Coincidence? I think not.
Juxe Month ago
I love how whenever Wildcat gets imposter its an instant win
Sonicstriforce Month ago
Bonsai: "When you see Wildcat kill...just walk away." Barb IMMEIDATELY next round: "It's Wildcat he killed in front of me" *Him getting voted out is PERFECT Karma for disobeying the rule XD*
vDrogon Burn
vDrogon Burn Month ago
For the people that dislike the video I want a 3 page essay of why you dislike
Sammay Boi
Sammay Boi Month ago
Bear Month ago
11th on Trending for Gaming ☺️
Remy The rat no lie this is my name
Remy The rat no lie this is my name Month ago
Jiggly watched your first video
Naj Renchelf
Naj Renchelf Month ago
Tyler doesn't always have the best alibis when he vent kills, but he wastes NO time executing them - he's so fast!
thepretzel man
thepretzel man Month ago
Among Us but my vent plays has everyone confused*
thepretzel man
thepretzel man Month ago
I dìd this so i can trigger people
Two Minutes Until Midnight
Two Minutes Until Midnight Month ago
Bro who tf are all these people? Please play people who are relevant
Troutmxn •
Troutmxn • Month ago
Among us in a nutshell “cozy’s clear so I’ll go up with cozy” dies 5 seconds later😂
Cold_ClaPz Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about how they didint even let plu talk
Cozy Crew
Cozy Crew Month ago
Games where fun
ivan martinez
ivan martinez Month ago
Ok u want impostor i get it but when u can catch mf and big brain play its much funner
Savage_Boi_22 Month ago
i’m so happy to see SSNSANTA playing with wildcat, been watching them both for along time and never thought i’d see this
WillRennar Month ago
8:01 - Smooth. As. _Silk._
Lucina Moonlight
Lucina Moonlight Month ago
i need to learn these tactics for my gameplay i keep getting Sus'ed even when im not imposter ;v;
Tristan Sharp
Tristan Sharp Month ago
Damn Tyler u is a Whole Snack Boi. I love the Wildcast I listen to it during wrk and seriously considering getting a lawnmower 3.0
ChaseWooT Month ago
Bro nick stream peaking?
Simpin’ Fishin’
Simpin’ Fishin’ Month ago
Wildcat is a strait up sweaty player on this game lol
Ace 1
Ace 1 Month ago
Baby Bucket Ham
Baby Bucket Ham Month ago
I already miss proximity chat😂
Josh Month ago
Bro i am absoloutly happy you keep making amoung us videos im liking and watching every single one youve made since the first
inplx Month ago
love the among us videos
Kiessel Month ago
it’s so awesome seeing him play with santa. been watching santa for years and so glad that santa got this chance
James Lofton
James Lofton Month ago
Bard got roasted 😭😂
Eddie Appz
Eddie Appz Month ago
Hey u joe Rogans podcast in your prop hunt play list
IVI4I_IR0 Month ago
Jonathan Ramos
Jonathan Ramos Month ago
Fuvkin hate your yee yee outro music
vl Jxlio lv
vl Jxlio lv Month ago
nick talks to much😀