Rogue Company but we’re already good enough to go pro...

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2 months ago

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Paradox Psychosis
Paradox Psychosis 9 days ago
You should play more
icey_mali 20 days ago
Roll with lancer it reloads
lsrp YN
lsrp YN 22 days ago
roll and you reload automatic
Bee -
Bee - 23 days ago
Jack Sindone
Jack Sindone 23 days ago
Roberto Torres Jr
Roberto Torres Jr 24 days ago
I had a game where I went 26-6 on dr disrespects map
Solar 24 days ago
This game is too much fun. I play it all day!
AllOakley98 26 days ago
I hope you keep playing this game
Lachlann Dowling
Lachlann Dowling 27 days ago
If you roll with lancer she reloads
Ōkina kanjō
Ōkina kanjō 27 days ago
I love this game because special abilities aren’t super over powered. Definitely one of my favorite games.
ka-chow 27 days ago
It’s so nice to see wildcat actually being good at games. Everytime I watch vannoss I’m just watching him die over and over
David Cohen
David Cohen 27 days ago
the game is just a shitty version of games that already exist, and yet i have so much fun playing it.
MrExcer 28 days ago
Chill dont click the link just search it on store lol
maysen kretz
maysen kretz 28 days ago
10:25 is the greatest play I've ever seen!
Adam Dundas
Adam Dundas 28 days ago
More rogue company?
ShotttyGhost 29 days ago
Yo for the love of GOD! Use Lancer’s roll to reload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
firstname lastname
firstname lastname 29 days ago
You aren't pro but you're definitely pretty decent
Free Audio Books
Free Audio Books Month ago
Fun game
Mizzy Month ago
Am I the only thats been watching this guy for YEARS and noticed that he calls himself wildcat but his logo is a pig in a helmet lol
joe mama bruh
joe mama bruh Month ago
Dude you need to buy a funny emote and troll people,and to wmote its z
quickfive 559
quickfive 559 Month ago
i played the game solo for an hour and ive already gotten higher scores then these "pros"
RonaldMc 4343
RonaldMc 4343 Month ago
this game is straight up fun as hell
SnowGod Gaming
SnowGod Gaming Month ago
I only use pistols @wildcat I love your channel
CaptainUselezz Month ago
We need more rogue
Emmett Johnstone
Emmett Johnstone Month ago
I tried it and I'm already goated at it lol
titan Seige
titan Seige Month ago
its not that hard of a game
Cole Lowery
Cole Lowery Month ago
This game is so fun
Loop Month ago
Chaac is pronounced chawk he is the god of rain
XxTD18Xx Month ago
bob_theslump Month ago
Love this
gaming station
gaming station Month ago
I would love to see more rogue company on wildcat's channel
Chris Lanoi
Chris Lanoi Month ago
It's free now😃
Hunter Hamshot
Hunter Hamshot Month ago
Love the vids tyler keep up the good work and have a good day
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Month ago
Wildcat is good at games but also, the character he uses is the most over powered.. lancers shotgun 2 shots, she can roll to reload and runs faster and quieter with her ability...
Chris Grady
Chris Grady Month ago
Does anyone else just love saying the name? Rogue Company
HB Aka Hearttaker
HB Aka Hearttaker Month ago
Do more videos of this please🙏 thank you
Justin S
Justin S Month ago
10:30 was the stupidest play ive ever seen holy shit xD
Aushia- Month ago
I just started yesterday and I’m already goated 😤
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Month ago
Its a easy game if you've ever played a shooter, and there is no skill based matchmaking.
Quan 15
Quan 15 Month ago
Dude, I played this game yesterday, and all I got is people kept on spraying me and I keep on dying, dude.
Beau Supan
Beau Supan Month ago
Who else notices the zombie catchers music😂
Donny_ Dubzz
Donny_ Dubzz Month ago
Weak over here 😂
8-bit Zenavour
8-bit Zenavour Month ago
Wildcat don't need guns. Give him a katana he turn everyone into sashimi.
Christopher Hohmann
Christopher Hohmann Month ago
poggers pog poging
LR-300 Month ago
The sound effects kill me xD
Rodrigo Recio
Rodrigo Recio 2 months ago
Play more
Mad H
Mad H 2 months ago
Yuyu iy iyieyiiey yI was ieiyieyI was i you were near it you unit it y try I
Kale Sr
Kale Sr 2 months ago
I hope they add a couple more characters.
Noble Disciple
Noble Disciple 2 months ago
Love the effort fam 💯💯!
Jadyn Stargel
Jadyn Stargel 2 months ago
9:40 😣😢😭
Fate 246
Fate 246 2 months ago
The thing about how wildcat become a pro at rogue are because hes a god at CoD and Fortnite and those combination are dangerous for Rogue
Rain Oppz
Rain Oppz 2 months ago
If you don't know if you roll you reload
FlyGuyDJ 2 months ago
This game is so lit and its not even all the way finished :)
Doge 2 months ago
another damn BR...
Space Ninja
Space Ninja 2 months ago
Dude I was playing on xbox and dominated this game is hella fun and it is worth the money
ITzSoapy 2 months ago
Hey I post similar content to this video ! I hope to reach more viewers soon :) I’m going to grind this game .
John Duncan
John Duncan 2 months ago
Who else played since release?
Travis Frost
Travis Frost 2 months ago
This was a fun game, but now I can't use mouse and KB and I cut off my right thumb so i can't even play the game I bought. Pls tell hi rez. I bought every game they made and mouse and KB work on them ... Why did they remove it?
Sebe Hortua
Sebe Hortua 2 months ago
make more videos on rogue company
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 2 months ago
Nobody: Wildcat: WHATS GOING ON GUYS
Jt Perez
Jt Perez 2 months ago
That ace with the katana would’ve been dirty but basically made up for it with that revive throw🔥 saucey 👌🏽
Rell Gaming
Rell Gaming 2 months ago
look at that hair though OH okay scortch goddamn girl
MATTHEW575M 2 months ago
Realm has 3 employees working on it
John Murphy
John Murphy 2 months ago
Did you have a ton of fun playing this? ffs
NOVEX LMAO 2 months ago
If fortnite and valaront had a baby
Venatrix Virus
Venatrix Virus 2 months ago
That play at 10:25 was actually incredible! HOLY SHIT!!
Venatrix Virus
Venatrix Virus Month ago
@Arch Angel what do you mean how? Did you even watch it?! How did you not find that moment amazing?!
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Month ago
DIE TIME 2 months ago
But u have money I dont
ISlappedJesu 2 months ago
New map? Huhhh I played that map at least a month ago
Dr JiBIhiBdy
Dr JiBIhiBdy 2 months ago
Is this free
The_RagingPenguin 2 months ago
brand new kitchen gun 11:25
Staples Giftbag
Staples Giftbag 2 months ago
Even though he said he had a lot of fun, he’ll probably make 1-2 more videos on it or never play it again. That’s usually how these sponsor go.
Lawrence Latrell Jackson McKnight
Lawrence Latrell Jackson McKnight Month ago
Yeah man rip
Lux Doka
Lux Doka 2 months ago
Play hyper scale it’s a royal based game it’s a fun and the movements are good
ParanoidHusky 2 months ago
Yo it's on switch, dope
Jake Reinhardt
Jake Reinhardt 2 months ago
Hey wildcat, I’ve been a long time fan since banana bus was introduced Lol. Keep up the good work man
XANNER 2 months ago
Play the new tony hawk please the 2nd one
Luka Bokhua
Luka Bokhua 2 months ago
Luka Bokhua
Luka Bokhua 2 months ago
Dont know this game but its a good video still😃😃😃
Luka Bokhua
Luka Bokhua 2 months ago
Luka Bokhua
Luka Bokhua 2 months ago
Sniperk1ng20 Sniperk1ng20
Sniperk1ng20 Sniperk1ng20 2 months ago
I just dropped a 60 kill 60 knock game. Its not the world record. I have picture proof of my 60 60 kill game too. @t
john dominic
john dominic 2 months ago
Play spellbreak
Kirby Gru 457
Kirby Gru 457 2 months ago
Play with Connor
WingedEntree019 081
WingedEntree019 081 2 months ago
Ninja defuse
SWiFT 240
SWiFT 240 2 months ago
Is it really worth paying the 15$ when it'll be free later this year? I need a new game to play haha.
yousaidwha Month ago
it is.
THADZ 2 months ago
That damn thumbnail was sick.
Noble Society Rogue Company Team l Recruiting
Noble Society Rogue Company Team l Recruiting 2 months ago
Awesome stuff, i hope you have a great day 🙏🙏
Endeavr 2 months ago
It's a good game. Got the founders pack last month.
RXO Gaming
RXO Gaming 2 months ago
Just imagine this on esports
Juice wrld snippets
Juice wrld snippets 2 months ago
This game is ass
Michael Angood
Michael Angood 2 months ago
high castle is a map from an older cod but in the day time from advanced warfare maybe??
Magisk 2 months ago
You got ninja’ed by nogla on modern warfare hahaha imagine
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox 2 months ago
Anybody remember? HP 6000... Thing.
TheDarkSide820 2 months ago
Hey wildcat i cant turn on post Notification because its saying your connect is made for kids
Someone 7798
Someone 7798 2 months ago
Can post the whole stream of among us?
NardieFN 2 months ago
Who else watch the full ad😭 just me...
NardieFN 2 months ago
I love the context 😎
Lego Darth Vader
Lego Darth Vader 2 months ago
Serenity Ramirez
Serenity Ramirez 2 months ago
Insane 2 months ago
you got ninja defused by nogla big lol
TEND SLICK 2 months ago
The game is fun
Łïł Męxïçø
Łïł Męxïçø 2 months ago
So uh, u got Ninja defused by nogla.
The. 2 months ago
Did Nogla Ninja defuse?
TheGoateeDragon 2 months ago
You should try the battle royal Spellbreak even if for one video. The spell combinations are pretty fun and you might enjoy it maybe :T
Sneaky JebJeb
Sneaky JebJeb 2 months ago
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