Among Us but I had to cover up my Impostor teammate's mistakes to win...

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11 days ago

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Patrick Cloaninger
Patrick Cloaninger Hour ago
That Brooke kill on the button was fucking brutal
noon weak
noon weak 9 hours ago
Yo those anybody know the intro song? Its dope as hell
TTVGamingGriffo 2 days ago
When Brooke went in and exited cams I knew immediately oof
Kangus Shangus
Kangus Shangus 4 days ago
U forgot the e EEeEeeEeEeEeEeEeEee
roblox king28
roblox king28 5 days ago
Bruh ur voice sooo load cant even hear you x
Cingkin 6 days ago
vanoss: lie detector wildcat: smartest player nogla: emergency addict terrisor: loveable character delirious: what a crazy son of a bitch
PlatinumPlays 7 days ago
Why’d I get a noti 4 days later? :/
MiKi TheGamer
MiKi TheGamer 7 days ago
Please watch
xVipeY 7 days ago
You always throw with votes as imposter lol
Voidsabre _
Voidsabre _ 7 days ago
I need to know the name of the song at the beginning
0 7 days ago
really love the video, personally just hate hearing brookeAB's voice can't watch the whole video.
ZyFy 7 days ago
Tiger Bros.6472
Tiger Bros.6472 8 days ago
Please play more Fortnite
Elusive Turtle92
Elusive Turtle92 8 days ago
I watch wildcat on the toilet so that when I laugh as hard as I do my shit just projectile leave my body.
CareFreeZone 8 days ago
Listen to how much fun they're having and laughing and not mad at each other. Such a contrast from that video on noglas channel with xqc and train and all those overly serious players
Elite Greninja
Elite Greninja 8 days ago
Fun fact: Brooke’s username is misspelled in the thumbnail
Marlene Horvath
Marlene Horvath 9 days ago
You see what happened to Wildcat happened to me my fucking idiot impostor teammate kills right in front of me and the guy I’m trying to butter up so I have to kill that guy and then in the end I didn’t have an alibi at all so I got voted off if my impostor teammate wasn’t such an idiot I could’ve won.
Lindsey 3 days ago
Or you couldve reported the body and you and your imposter teammate couldve framed the other person and you couldve followed somebody else
lilHyperX -
lilHyperX - 9 days ago
Marcel is such a baby in this game.
kooperiskool 44
kooperiskool 44 9 days ago
Im only here cuz the fall of unus annus😭😭
I-L-2 9 days ago
Nice bad words
lisa stocksmanager
lisa stocksmanager 4 days ago
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Amadia Stockbridge-garduno
Amadia Stockbridge-garduno 9 days ago
9:42 AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Grizzly probley thinking 'oh Puffers dead better go find the body'
Lixfeii 9 days ago
the Blockade block placement noises-
lisa stocksmanager
lisa stocksmanager 4 days ago
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Memer324 9 days ago
How does marcel have the Christmas hats? 10:08
Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth 9 days ago
"She knew too much." Damn, that was such a master play!
STILL 10 days ago
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lisa stocksmanager
lisa stocksmanager 4 days ago
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royal predator117
royal predator117 10 days ago
Foolish Donut
Foolish Donut 10 days ago
It's cool watching this again from the stream. Best match from stream 10/10
Hunter Knight11
Hunter Knight11 10 days ago
Do madden 21 with Moo again for thanksgiving
Chance Campbell
Chance Campbell 10 days ago
Did this vid have reused footage?
Josh Huffman
Josh Huffman 10 days ago
What is the song at the end of his video?
lisa stocksmanager
lisa stocksmanager 4 days ago
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D1sc0rd740 10 days ago
His videos still dont dissappoint after years of watching keep it up bro
T- BONE 10 days ago
Among us is kinda getting repetitive.
ShowBoat YT
ShowBoat YT 10 days ago
What happened to Gary killed you, we want Gary 😂
lisa stocksmanager
lisa stocksmanager 4 days ago
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Lawrence Espree
Lawrence Espree 10 days ago
CreepyUnicorn20 10 days ago
Go check out IAmCrusty.
Jezreel Joestar
Jezreel Joestar 10 days ago
Wait how the fuck does wildcat not be sus when he litteraly standing over a body and didn't report
IPlayMobileandConsoleGames 300
IPlayMobileandConsoleGames 300 10 days ago
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments 10 days ago
its nice to see how his editing progressed over the years
kyle w
kyle w 8 hours ago
I'm pretty sure he had Ty editing for him for a while
Gavin Montgomery
Gavin Montgomery 19 hours ago
Oh it’s the clickbait master
XCITE 7988
XCITE 7988 Day ago
Imagine Being Subscribed To Infinite And Guava Juice
tashapace YT
tashapace YT Day ago
H i s editing
Code Wait
Code Wait 2 days ago
@J G when you realize he use to be a fortnite account 😂🤌🏼
Galen loughry
Galen loughry 10 days ago
Been going through a real tough time rn just glad I can get some comic relief from your uploads
Liran Vaisman
Liran Vaisman 10 days ago
This is amazing
XxConstant AnxietyxX
XxConstant AnxietyxX 10 days ago
Wildcat is S tier Imposter
Lazar Boskovic
Lazar Boskovic 10 days ago
Ethan_ Weiberg
Ethan_ Weiberg 10 days ago
Every single day I come home from a long day at work and the pain is unbearable. But then I see Wildcat uploaded, and suddenly I feel a fucking mazing
Blackbird9496 10 days ago
These among us videos are too good to not have Legion in here. What do you think?
christian 10 days ago
Please never play with DK or hafu ever again they are not funny. Even though your are funny those people make your content unfunny.
NIGHTSUB Gaming 10 days ago
Good vid
StygianDoggo 10 days ago
Courage had the same energy as Rick's 'I'm gonna go take a s#!t' minus the coup
billy coulter
billy coulter 10 days ago
bo2 origins
Christopher Metheny
Christopher Metheny 10 days ago
Anyone else notice he got God wires at 5:14
Aqui- Chillz
Aqui- Chillz 10 days ago
Please post more wildcat! Love you and your vids ❤❤❤
KBounty YT
KBounty YT 10 days ago
When will their be a restock on the merch
ll_Chris_ll 10 days ago
Love how Tyler said he finished tasks but still faked satellite
amber Hollenbeck
amber Hollenbeck 10 days ago
Can I play with y’all one day it would be soooo fun
Dynamaxed Incineroar
Dynamaxed Incineroar 10 days ago
Wildcat someone posted you’re fight with nogla which you apologized to him afterwards
Bryson Whelchel
Bryson Whelchel 10 days ago
0:39 most unconvincing no of all time
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 10 days ago
ImUsaxe 10 days ago
5:12 let’s admire that the wires are all straight across😍🥰😘😘😘😘
Spirit of Omega
Spirit of Omega 10 days ago
I remember this stream. It was hilarious 😂
Gavin Donham
Gavin Donham 10 days ago
Keep up the work
Cathy Sherrill
Cathy Sherrill 10 days ago
I really hope this game doesn’t die out
swiss_ EXO
swiss_ EXO 10 days ago
Adrick Hunter
Adrick Hunter 10 days ago
Why do I feel that, if Wildcat played with normies, he's the first one to quit if he doesn't get imposter?
Daniel Aha
Daniel Aha 10 days ago
More views on SovietWomble's first video essay than this, not sure what to think about that.
Yokai Gamer
Yokai Gamer 10 days ago
We the CCT approve of this.
TobiasTB _
TobiasTB _ 10 days ago
BrookAB lol
Summer4998 10 days ago
I’m confused on how Brooke knew that blue vented into cams? Can someone explain cause that’s blowing my mind for some reason
Summer4998 10 days ago
@I AM WILDCAT thanks king
I AM WILDCAT 10 days ago
No one was in there before the doors were closed. He vented in after they closed
Shawn 1641
Shawn 1641 10 days ago
Why does wildcat remind me of Taylor lewan
AJ Hild
AJ Hild 10 days ago
I wish marksman would play this
Ash 10 days ago
Marcel is too fucking sweaty man. He gotta chill.
ALEX HERNANDEZ 10 days ago
ShowierBat04 10 days ago
You should play this with your dad
Jackie Knight
Jackie Knight 10 days ago
I’m sorry but when I see Brooke’s name all I can think of is the town of Brooks Alberta(AB) 😆
Crispy Tats
Crispy Tats 10 days ago
Walkin with my best pal grizzy
Jack F
Jack F 10 days ago
Day 2 of asking wildcat to record more rust.
FUzZY UnIcOrN25 10 days ago
Did wildcat vote for him self @3:29 because if he didn’t he could have voted Brooke and they would have won
Nathanael Fagan
Nathanael Fagan 10 days ago
Hey what is the music at the start of the video and Love your vids
pokemanmob546 10 days ago
Chris Waegerle
Chris Waegerle 10 days ago
Oh look! Chaos is here!! "Whos Chaos?" Exactly!!!
Gavin Montgomery
Gavin Montgomery 19 hours ago
Mr boss
Mr boss 10 days ago
You forgot to put the e in brooke in the thumbnail
Bleach_Smoothie10 10 days ago
I understand basically’s pain of being sused out for no reason
Jayce Kile
Jayce Kile 10 days ago
There’s some good plays
logan rich
logan rich 10 days ago
im sorry for disliking but i had to be the 100th dislike
Fruity Gush PlayZ
Fruity Gush PlayZ 10 days ago
Marcel is so calm in this video mmmmmm seems sus
Psychic 10 days ago
It’s crazy how they play together for hours but it’s only a 15 minute video. I don’t care if it’s only 15 Wildcat it’s fucking hilarious when you mimic sounds as impostor and you’re the coolest youtuber
Saucy .Ak47
Saucy .Ak47 10 days ago
I love your videos so much ;)
evan fore
evan fore 10 days ago
How did wildcat not get any sus on him for standing on a dead body
Zysty 10 days ago
Marcels fit looks fire with the candycane on his head and that red jacket
Tokiwa Junichiro Bác thợ sửa đồng hồ
Tokiwa Junichiro Bác thợ sửa đồng hồ 10 days ago
Is it just me or the impostor round with Hadbad was in another video be4 ?
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 10 days ago
Panda Wiz
Panda Wiz 10 days ago
Isn't Nolga always 3rd Imposter in Wildcat's videos xd
ToX6 aw3som3
ToX6 aw3som3 10 days ago
xYogi Jr
xYogi Jr 10 days ago
What did Brooke see???
lukritivez 11 days ago
Fatie Estrada
Fatie Estrada 11 days ago
Wildcat and Basiaclly’s among us videos just make me so so happy
Derasu 11 days ago
This makes my 2 week quarentine better
????????? 11 days ago
Who’s chaos and wildcat playing together ... holy shit
Rhiland Tanner
Rhiland Tanner 11 days ago
If you want you could use glitches to become imposter more
Rhiland Tanner
Rhiland Tanner 11 days ago
It’s funny how good you are at crewmate
Zuurxx 11 days ago
Coachfluffie49 11 days ago
3:12 chaos
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