Among Us but we troll random players and they rage...

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Month ago

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ozone722 3 days ago
for the love of god, PLEASE if youre 14 and under don’t play this game
Kimari Comix
Kimari Comix 19 days ago
I just played a game with random players where I wrongly accused someone as an imposter and he/she got really mad and started insulting me. And I wasn‘t even trolling 😂
Trixxie 21 day ago
You definitely haft to do more trolling videos there hilarious 🤣😂
Narnia Lives
Narnia Lives Month ago
The OJ clip was a big *o o f*
Narnia Lives
Narnia Lives Month ago
I dunno if I've ever heard Brock laugh so much
Mike Etse
Mike Etse Month ago
Funniest among us ever Bravo 👏😆
Luxuria yuuhu
Luxuria yuuhu Month ago
Okay its not fun
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards Month ago
Omg i fucking died when yall named yourselves lol and ran after one got murdered i still gigle over it if i was peterpan it would be my happy thought great content guys
Stuffedyourducky Month ago
I joined your discord😄
0:58 *i guess he did have a red name.*
Mr. Magz
Mr. Magz Month ago
Oh my god, I havent laughed this hard in ages. The OJ Simpson moment had me choking on coffee.
hypno Month ago
Haven’t heard this group have so much fun since there first gta 5 video or when they were using the mark 1 bike in gta 5 saying we ride together we die together
Gage Month ago
Why am I getting the noti now
tegan davies
tegan davies Month ago
I just want to be in the same lobby at these guys for one day.. guarantee to die laughing every 5 seconds
Daemien Black
Daemien Black Month ago
that was amazing... oh my god i lold the whole 11mins and 27 seconds
Cam Month ago
Great job ruining people’s experience. Trash USpostsr
Suavecita ____
Suavecita ____ Month ago
Was that the real nle choppa 😳😳
Yuna Month ago
omg just yesterday i played among us for the first time with my older sis and bro in law and we were doing just this for hours trolling the crap out of people XD
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia Month ago
bro this is how massive gaming youtubers KILL indie games.
Joseph Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan Month ago
Nle choppa makes a return yet again
Noah Chin
Noah Chin Month ago
This video is basically among us logic
Noah Chin
Noah Chin Month ago
4:17 wildcat has now turned into 100% pig
OJ SIMPSON!?!?! Uh oh 😂
• Toxic •
• Toxic • Month ago
The Mattress Bros
The Mattress Bros Month ago
This was hilarious
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel Month ago
Some of these random players are so adorably patient.
Pangaea Month ago
im going to be honest blackpink appeared in one game i was in and kept hitting the button
Ronnie Kerr
Ronnie Kerr Month ago
I’m I the only person that hates wildcats laugh it *HHHHOOONNNNKKMMM* *hahahaha* *HHHOOONNKKKKKK* *hahahha*
tmangamerprince Month ago
No way my cuz is trashpanada
Kiko's Kicks
Kiko's Kicks Month ago
5:27 Mr Simpson did you murder your second wife???????
moon&sunwitch Month ago
XD... this.... this is the best... do this again... with everyone else!! XD
Dominic Ellsworth
Dominic Ellsworth Month ago
the glove dosent fit
Ryan Ahern
Ryan Ahern Month ago
Fishy GFD
Fishy GFD Month ago
Sebastian Greene
Sebastian Greene Month ago
More of messing with public lobbies I love this so much.
Darius Maresca
Darius Maresca Month ago
10:12 Missed Opportunity for “Bruh_soundeffect”
MiniBakes Month ago
This was fucking funny please do it again
FREAKY CD Month ago
Why his name NLE CHOPPA probaly 99•9%
Gamingwhacka17 Month ago
I do feel bad but it’s pretty funny
Shion Waka
Shion Waka Month ago
Ngl found this fcking hilarious but I'd be so mad if it were me lads oh my days
Ibby Plays
Ibby Plays Month ago
Hello everyone just here to make sure your not using your mobile data. Have a great non data wasting day!
yaboyomar Month ago
Nice video
isaac hunter
isaac hunter Month ago
How do y'all get choppa again???
DJ PLAYZ Month ago
I wish I was there😅😅😢
Jacky - BrawlStars
Jacky - BrawlStars Month ago
Bruh this is not that cool
William Avant
William Avant Month ago
They missed the perfect opportunity for an obi wan hello there :(
jecorian mccuin
jecorian mccuin Month ago
Among us but everyone posted this days ago
Christian Ray
Christian Ray Month ago
Best video yet😂😂😂
Brian Blankenship
Brian Blankenship Month ago
They playing with the guy from the askreddit vids
Michael Mcclanahan
Michael Mcclanahan Month ago
FlawlessZachery Month ago
this is talent
Knowtheluck Month ago
Where is the text to speech thing from where it sounds british
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Month ago
.  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Wildcat was An Imposter.  。 .     。       ゚   .     . ,    .  .   .
Greys Anatomy
Greys Anatomy Month ago
I played with carrot and the Simpson guy before but not lucky enough to play with these guys
Shebibs Creations
Shebibs Creations Month ago
Was bruh from the final clip. I initially panicked when 3 more lols appeared from the one I just killed but then I laughed and self reported
DualSuicide Month ago
Lmao I’m on USposts ! I was Oj Simpson 😂😂
Will_da_beast30 Month ago
Funniest video I’ve seen in awhile
Ben Janke
Ben Janke Month ago
You should make a video with no kill cool down
Cheestyn Macaroni
Cheestyn Macaroni Month ago
Missed the perfect chance to insert the Obi Wan "hello there" when white came outta nowhere
cash plays
cash plays Month ago
i did the same thing but with 4 alt acounts
Knight Guy
Knight Guy Month ago
I love how when they just get the first guy out and he was the impostor, they just DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!
Nova Umbreon
Nova Umbreon Month ago
Please do more of these XD
ThatOneDude Month ago
Wildcat: Says brown poo boy *kalm* Some guy gets killed because he choked *panik* but with evil rioting and criminalistic intentions
Caleb Vicovan
Caleb Vicovan Month ago
Look at the cactus at his Outro it’s a funny shape
chives 223
chives 223 Month ago
You should try to get azzerz on the podcast
Ryan Brins
Ryan Brins Month ago
love that my group of friends did this literally a day before the first posted vid of them doing this
Irongamer 29
Irongamer 29 Month ago
Alexel Xme
Alexel Xme Month ago
The next time y’all play u should do a rule where only the dead are allowed to talk
Hisham Habli
Hisham Habli Month ago
This is easily the funniest vid ever 😂
Ashley Knarich
Ashley Knarich Month ago
dude i would love to be apart of one of these😂 i would go with the flo
Ryder Month ago
Yoooooooooooooo Wildcat Here is a video idea You all switch Names in among us So you are now vanoss Nogla is now grizzy Moo is Now Panda And so On And Give me some credit Here
Neal Gray
Neal Gray Month ago
This random lobby thing freaking amazing love it
SquidTime Month ago
happy late bday
xbg Samurai
xbg Samurai Month ago
I Haven’t laughed this hard since the Gmod days🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gobi Gob
Gobi Gob Month ago
Hey man its me from the among us game just a little bit ago
3x3c0t3 Month ago
The Red was impostor u get it? fine i apologize boi
Robby Bryson
Robby Bryson Month ago
the fact that this is how most random lobbies are
_ dizmaydude
_ dizmaydude Month ago
that stack kill was the greatest thing ever
Martrauder Mar
Martrauder Mar Month ago
you guys need to do this more
Oliver Scottt58
Oliver Scottt58 Month ago
Plz do more of these
Shaun Morales
Shaun Morales Month ago
this video was hilarious, do more of these more often
Absuidubsa Month ago
So I just became a member and it said to join the discord I have to go connect my USposts acc to my discord acc and I did, what do I do now?
Lillie Sherrill
Lillie Sherrill Month ago
I was the carrot...... 🥕
Anna Vargas
Anna Vargas Month ago
Bro my name is Juan
The BigFellah
The BigFellah Month ago
1:30 in and I’ve already been yelled at for waking my parents up because of how loud I’ve been laughing 😂😂😂
Telohan Toth
Telohan Toth Month ago
Wildcat thank u so much most of all of us have watched u grow and if wasnt for u and the crew i would'nt be this happy
random content
random content Month ago
I love democracy
SLAVIN Month ago
Happy last birthday! I wish you to become a traitor more often in Among Us!
Preston McLean
Preston McLean Month ago
ah yes video wont load
Justin Kittle
Justin Kittle Month ago
What you should do is change all your guys names to a different color than what you are so when someone tries to suspect you and call you out, it will be a confusing mess to know who they are actually talking about
Mikey Kuzara
Mikey Kuzara Month ago
i'm waiting for the connor vid
Legna Castillo
Legna Castillo Month ago
awesome video omg that was perfect 9:25 white coat appering out of no where and appers "hello there" xD
ImSuckAsAlways Month ago
It so sad that moo not in the thumbnail
tgm willy
tgm willy Month ago
tgm willy
tgm willy Month ago
3:06 lol
DeeJay Dub
DeeJay Dub Month ago
Vanoss: Choppa did you see brown kill him? NLE CHOPPA who is brown: Yes
「 Tiara 」
「 Tiara 」 Month ago
Playing among us Hide an Seek pls?
Titus Barber
Titus Barber Month ago
“The glove doesnt fit” 😂😂😂 5:50
FaZe Apollo
FaZe Apollo Month ago
I posted my first youtube video just now and Wildcat is one of my inspirations
Jj Tt
Jj Tt Month ago
You guys are going to cause someone to have an aneurysm...
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