Watch Dogs: Legion but an old lady takes back London...

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Month ago

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Jojo Hill
Jojo Hill 12 days ago
The spy is so op
Ralph Boehmer
Ralph Boehmer 19 days ago
Neben 21 day ago
Who else saw Rick Grimes at 6:55? 😬
Strey Demon
Strey Demon 22 days ago
I love Wildcat's accents/voices. They get me very time.
Spencer Baker
Spencer Baker 24 days ago
“My box is soggy” just think about it 😂😂😂😂
LEGO Mr. Freeze
LEGO Mr. Freeze 28 days ago
I chose babysitter because of MP5 but as soon as soon as I recruit more people she’s gonna get shelved
TheRandomNoob13 29 days ago
Everyone who played this keeps wearing the same gold coat, why
ChaosMiles07 29 days ago
Shoutouts to all the Sharons out there
T- BONE 29 days ago
Wildcat should start to play story game. Because multiplayer games nowadays are sweaty and not fun anymore.
hetbet 29 days ago
this is why I hate americans.
naser ishaq
naser ishaq 29 days ago
I’m a tier 3 sub for Sharon Davies
Errol Hruza
Errol Hruza 29 days ago
Tyler talking bout a handstand power kick just so your aware I’m pretty sure it’s a capoeira kick
ABSTRAKT iC0N Month ago
Sharon’s a g
Fikret Doğan Karaerkek
Fikret Doğan Karaerkek Month ago
Not gonna lie this game is lame. This game sucks ass.
The Raidenmgr666
The Raidenmgr666 Month ago
Dedsec: we need the best of the best Wildcat: send in Sharon
gaming time
gaming time Month ago
Sponsor or not I'd love to see more of this
kayten / davey
kayten / davey Month ago
watch dogs but we go cougar hunting
Anthony Medrano
Anthony Medrano Month ago
You guys should get EVERYONE in some type of game. Mexicutioner, lui calibre, soclosetotoast. Etc
DragFire Month ago
ANYONE READ??????? WHY IS IT SAYING - Pre-Purchase not ''buy'' ???????
andrew brinton
andrew brinton Month ago
4:20 is Connor McGregor
RYANX Month ago
Even got his owl mask and jacket in this game
Stream Spoart!
Stream Spoart! Month ago
7:07 awh miss this music so much
Josh A
Josh A Month ago
So my grandma has been running around london without me
Gamingmoff Month ago
When wildcat come out with watch dog instead of among us: FINALLY YAY 🤩🤩
Sakumo Uchiha
Sakumo Uchiha Month ago
Sharon is a beast for a granny
JEFF21Gaming Month ago
🤣🤣🤣my man turned to micky at 9:55
Angel carreon
Angel carreon Month ago
I need you to play among us with this voice 💀💀
milky Month ago
Wow 476
Lil Toes
Lil Toes Month ago
Yo sharon got the toolie
Bash Robbie
Bash Robbie Month ago
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Christie Owens Month ago
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Jamie Dre Month ago
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Jackson Derrick
Jackson Derrick Month ago
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Starscape -jolly arts
Starscape -jolly arts Month ago
Just got a porn comic add on YT but people get demonetized for one “fuck”
glitglit Month ago
watchdogs 2 with less skills, and any character is a main character.
Toast xxo
Toast xxo Month ago
Love the fact watch dogs legion is just metal gear solid
Arch Faith
Arch Faith Month ago
I’m so ready for this game I’m getting it tomorrow
Jay Luna
Jay Luna Month ago
Anyone spot that red alert ksi song in the game yoooooo it's at 5:39 / 5:40
Kirply Gaming
Kirply Gaming Month ago
Man he really should’ve found someone with the doomed trait. It’s amazing
OriginalYonta Month ago
Great vid. Loved it, i did not even mind any cuts or what ever, right up your specialittittiy, action pact funny shit, i need to start watching more games i don't give a fuck about. Ps. We all be soft its not just u be soft?
Trent bass
Trent bass Month ago
Yo wildcat u should play cobra kai
Daniel Mazz
Daniel Mazz Month ago
Do more sharen your voice make it funny
mr killer
mr killer Month ago
Nice with the sponsorship
worcester Month ago
Grandma Bertha changed
Harry Beddow
Harry Beddow Month ago
Sharon is a beast
n3onGamerfloss 32
n3onGamerfloss 32 Month ago
Recruit the pizza man 😂😂
Rock Titan
Rock Titan Month ago
Bring back gmod
Rock Titan
Rock Titan Month ago
You should bring back loot crate as a sponsor
OriginalYonta Month ago
I believe they all died over at "loot crate", horrible robbery gone bad.
tw0fast Month ago
just me or the brightness is very high
IASystems Computer Controls
IASystems Computer Controls Month ago
That was funny as fuck thanks bro
Mystic Month ago
I’ve seen the game on ps4 and Xbox, but the game on pc looks amazing
Nic Waugh
Nic Waugh Month ago
Don't forget that Sharon Davies can permanently die though
Ayo Zydeco
Ayo Zydeco Month ago
This is awesome
Riley Mathews
Riley Mathews Month ago
Hey wildcat you are one of my favourite USpostsrs out their, when I’m feeling down it’s always fun to hop on USposts and watch your vids. If you haven’t subscribed and turned on notifications what are you doing. Thanks for the awesome content, later
Cole Fulton
Cole Fulton Month ago
“Hang on i don’t know how to fight” *pulls out gun*
waste of sperm
waste of sperm Month ago
legend says that Saron is still kicking ass and convincing pizza drivers to murder police officers
TheGreatJoker Month ago
Wanna know who ill pick Ur time has been wasted
Josh Freer
Josh Freer Month ago
Most 2020 name ever mr box girl
chomp devil
chomp devil Month ago
Only a biker gang of grandma’s
Isaac Sings
Isaac Sings Month ago
Am I the only one that saw ksi and randolphs song playing in the car
Spider Month ago
David Bruner
David Bruner Month ago
is it just me or does the game look very washed out?
Snick Johnson
Snick Johnson Month ago
Video starts at 00:00 Thank me later
CH33KC14PP3R69 Month ago
Kelly coming upstairs after herring omg Sharon your amazing Tyler:👁👄👁 Kelly:👁👄👁
Axell15 The Wisp Master
Axell15 The Wisp Master Month ago
You WILL recruit her once you start an actuall gameplay. Got that?
Synth Sounds
Synth Sounds Month ago
what up cat ive been watching since banana bus im trying to become a youtuber and it would mean the world to me if u read this or watch one of my videos
JabbaNation Month ago
This game looks amazing, can't wait to try it out great video love it
Naruto Pride
Naruto Pride Month ago
Found KSI's sister
Jasper House
Jasper House Month ago
Moo: ima not take the pig head so wildcat can have it and instead take the box head. Wildcat: box
A Xc
A Xc Month ago
Can i have one Pancak
Md Rony
Md Rony Month ago
0:47 I stopped my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
fertherelik85 Month ago
Bruh they have ksi songs in this game 😂😂
TheAussie Bogan5
TheAussie Bogan5 Month ago
Wildcat in scissor lift: * I see no god up here OTHER THEN ME!!* 😂😂😂
TheAussie Bogan5
TheAussie Bogan5 Month ago
Wildcat in scissor lift: * I see no god up here OTHER THEN ME!!* 😂😂😂
RedSurge Month ago
We gotta get Sharon that quick new fit you know she need that badazz fit you know what I’m saying
Mason G
Mason G Month ago
I pre ordered watch dogs legion love watch dogs
Phoen1nx Month ago
I need this GAME
Bum._._ On ig
Bum._._ On ig Month ago
Sharon has a Karen hair cut... It’s Sharon Karen
TheLaughingTV Month ago
Striker579 Month ago
Anyone else notice KSI and Randolf's song RED ALERT started to play on the radio when he got into the car XD
aiden 29 days ago
yeah 💀💀💀
BST_PX BB Month ago
60 dollars? game looks sick but hell nahhhh
Kattos _
Kattos _ Month ago
You should play multiplayer with your friends
LSGxuh152 Your mom
LSGxuh152 Your mom Month ago
*silence* “Whuoped his auss
William Weed
William Weed Month ago
Wildcat: big air A few seconds later Me: even bigger air
FearlessCargo6 Month ago
Watchdogs Legions completed 100% with a KAREN!!
Twitch Sh4dows
Twitch Sh4dows Month ago
When the game comes out will multiplayer be there
ZackGames Month ago
You should play the whole story.
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ
Sir_BlueZ BlueZ Month ago
This was very enjoyable i want more :D 👍
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose Month ago
russia Month ago
wildcat your thumbnail and you in there is sooo cute
Cletus R
Cletus R Month ago
@4:50 i get the feeling he never played Watch Dogs 2
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Month ago
7:00 Red Alert - KSI and Randolph was playing on the in game radio 👏🏼
TE Gamer
TE Gamer Month ago
I knew I wasn’t the only one that saw that
KillSwiTch Month ago
Bro the granny voice is great 👍, plus Sharon got hands
Jmagodude Month ago
The graphics look great!
ks456 80
ks456 80 Month ago
Are there other gangs other than clan Kelly because I remember 1 of my favourite things to do in watch dogs 2 was to make gangs fight each other
Sharky no george
Sharky no george Month ago
mrs doubtfire on steroids !!!
Spider Man
Spider Man Month ago
Wildcat will you play the actual game
Alexander The Ok
Alexander The Ok Month ago
9:59 have you not been to a retail store
KingCar 315
KingCar 315 Month ago
More of this plz
Samuel Guerrero
Samuel Guerrero Month ago
❤For Vanoss 🧡Moo💛Brain💚Nogla💙U wildcat🤎Delirious 🤍Panda💖💖for everyone I missed:)
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet Month ago
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