Modern Warfare but I say everything I can to trigger our teammates...

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2 months ago

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Matt Kirtman
Matt Kirtman 12 hours ago
Idk why I'm just now seeing this but I died when he growled while he was holding the bomb lmao
Chad hartman
Chad hartman 26 days ago
Extra slick work
Varia XI
Varia XI Month ago
What does "watching mid" mean lmao
NorthernLaw Month ago
I couldn't stop laughing the entire video lmao between the guy watching mid and the chick saying you were a 40 year old woman and the dude saying "who is wildcat"
Corbin Brier
Corbin Brier Month ago
The growling noises absolutely sent me. I need more clips of it, just complete hysterical laughter 'cause of it.
Dyllan Carvalho
Dyllan Carvalho Month ago
The guy growling at them was talking about eating in Spanish 3:23
doges 1
doges 1 Month ago
"I apologise for Karen on our team" LOL
Quinn McCarthy
Quinn McCarthy Month ago
tyler turning into perry the platypus during the second game ngl
Bryan Cuxum
Bryan Cuxum Month ago
Hands down the funniest streamer out there 😭😭 but anyone trying to buy me modern warfare :)
Devani8787 Month ago
I didn’t know wildcat can role his r’s
Jack plays COD
Jack plays COD Month ago
Love the vidossss
TheFiring Blaze
TheFiring Blaze Month ago
6:47 every fortnite player in 2020: I'm in a tourney. Every non-sweaty try-hard player(AKA:casuals):
Sean Esterlund
Sean Esterlund Month ago
Only 3 and 3 it can't be me.. >.>
UntouchableNinja Month ago
Clutch_Xans Month ago
undead killer
undead killer Month ago
That kid thou
xtendedreality45 2 months ago
my dog was barking during the outro song and o my FUCKING GOD it sounded so awesome
Kjer329 2 months ago
WildCAT (emphasis on the cat part) is making dog noises
Bee_craft2020 2 months ago
Perry the platypus!!!!!!!! XD lol
Garrett Emerson
Garrett Emerson 2 months ago
Prolly my favorite video of yours 😂
Polska Kielbasa
Polska Kielbasa 2 months ago
One of my life goals is to be screamed at by wildcat 😂
King Chazer
King Chazer 2 months ago
The wiener joke is no joke is true 😂😂
winthorp 2 months ago
"Who's wildcat?" "Reality sets back in." This dude tho
Kyle Samples
Kyle Samples 2 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed the body doing a front flip in that last clip?
DaKu wolfie
DaKu wolfie 2 months ago
I fucking love the gay voice omfg xD
Daemon Frost
Daemon Frost 2 months ago
Wildcat you should growl right before they kill someone to throw them off. Be funny af
Genesis 2 months ago
Imagine blocking wildcat
Sir_ TopCat
Sir_ TopCat 2 months ago
Outside in the cold distance A wildcat did growl
Homiesilence 2 months ago
"DUDE YOU BEING A ASHO" who tf cares about your 150 friends? LMAOOO the funniest video yet
Nightmearboy123 2 months ago
“If I get my son on here he gonna fucking uhhhhhhhh” 11:47
Endeavr 2 months ago
Im just wondering if anyone has ever seen themselves in these LOL
Godly Majin
Godly Majin 2 months ago
My god, that growl and lady voice killed me 💀
The_Almighty_Moth 2 months ago
I picked the wrong video watch while I ate...
Jacob Caban
Jacob Caban 2 months ago
Can anybody fill me in what happen to wild cats account
Ross S
Ross S 2 months ago
Lil Niko420
Lil Niko420 2 months ago
3:50 had me dying, thdDdDdDdDdDd🤣🤣
Thedomanantgamer Cheesman
Thedomanantgamer Cheesman 2 months ago
Funniest content I’ve seen in a while keep that growling stuff up
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 2 months ago
Please do that more
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 2 months ago
The growling got me dead!!!😂🤣😂
Gabo 2 months ago
you need to talk to the team mate store manager yours were defective
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
What ever the fuck that noise Tyler made was is some of the best content I've seen from
Jose Duran
Jose Duran 2 months ago
Ven a comel. -comer! Ven a comerrr!! (Come to eat)
Rg 2021
Rg 2021 2 months ago
A poggers platypus on mw?...PERRY THE POGGERS PLATYPUS ON MW?!?!?!?!
sparrow 2 months ago
Get 0 and 15 and then trash talk shit it would be funny as shit
Mr. Christian
Mr. Christian 2 months ago
Oooh... trolltage is back.
Gmacfila 2 months ago
3:31 ahhh Perry the platypus
Turismo_NSX 2 months ago
Emmanuell Stewart
Emmanuell Stewart 2 months ago
You should have put Perry the Platypus on the screen
Ja'Don Williams
Ja'Don Williams 2 months ago
I just found my favorite sound "gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr"
Kingleo602 Leon
Kingleo602 Leon 2 months ago
Play WW2 again please
TRIPNDIP 2 months ago
After watching this I really wanna see a wildcat and best in class collab
VR Lolathan
VR Lolathan 2 months ago
Ehm Karen the teammate store is down the street on a new game
Rylan Downey
Rylan Downey 2 months ago
Do this again but tel the people who call you bad that marksman beat wildcat and for them to watch the next video he posts
ItsWinkyPinky 2 months ago
What is mid
snh icedover
snh icedover 2 months ago
Wildcat is easily my favorite USpostsr to watch
Hawks 117
Hawks 117 2 months ago
A kick and a half?? what??lmaooooo
destroyer of humans
destroyer of humans 2 months ago
I saw this on Nick's stream it was the funniest shit ever
EliteAJA 2006
EliteAJA 2006 2 months ago
I was laughing so hard from the growls my neck hurt
Tymatt33 2 months ago
The new thumbnail design threw me off for a moment
juanmontoya64 2 months ago
I give this video ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
William Worcester
William Worcester 2 months ago
Bro somebody wanna tell me wth keeps happening when they win w/o doing anything
Nico Buchsein
Nico Buchsein 2 months ago
Im just laughing my ass of when Tyler is making that sound
Beasley Technologies
Beasley Technologies 2 months ago
It's sad when you love / find funny the growling thing lol
Lovarian 2 months ago
Wildcat turned into a karen and i love it
Hooligan Panda
Hooligan Panda 2 months ago
Can we play a game and just growl in GC as callouts to each other? We need a full team tho lol.
Dylan Osmond
Dylan Osmond 2 months ago
Leo Wells
Leo Wells 2 months ago
Funniest shit ever!!!!
Darkman Ttv
Darkman Ttv 2 months ago
Yo we should run game lmao
Mac 2 months ago
I’m watching mid right now absolutely killed me off 😂
JRedBoss 2 months ago
Who else were they playing with
Chris Munoz
Chris Munoz 2 months ago
11:05 and on funny af
Meechy Munna
Meechy Munna 2 months ago
LMAOOOOOO I’m sooo funny 😭😂
Apollo Digital
Apollo Digital 2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 funniest vid I’ve seen in foreverrr🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashton Fagala
Ashton Fagala 2 months ago
You should really do an entire video of trolling with that Karen voice 😂😂😂
Joel P
Joel P 2 months ago
This was the best video lol!
blyss 2 months ago
love how dysmo is just silently sweating in the background 😂
Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper 2 months ago
Bru the sound he was making 🤣🤣💀💀
Fe Paclibar
Fe Paclibar 2 months ago
That he said he have 150 friends some lady doesn that he got some chicks😂😂😂
Smokexelaa Beats
Smokexelaa Beats 2 months ago
“I’m watching mid right now” funniest shit ever
NightmareKing37 2 months ago
What that mean
John Chreene
John Chreene 2 months ago
My teammates ask where the new teamate store is whenever I play.
Steven Osborne
Steven Osborne 2 months ago
Wildcat secretly a trap 😄😂🤣
Steamlineknight 2 months ago
150 people and only 10 are horny enough to play with you.
P 11
P 11 2 months ago
Dude: Ven a comer (come eat) Also dude: Ven a comerrrrrrrrr (come eattttttt) Wildcat: *dog noises*
Mr Munk00
Mr Munk00 2 months ago
3:36 perry after doofensmirtz unveils his. new inator
Latoya Brady
Latoya Brady 2 months ago
show your face
UrGrls SidePiece
UrGrls SidePiece 2 months ago
CoD KAREN needs to become a real thing lol 😆
Mason Flynt
Mason Flynt 2 months ago
Delirious is having a kid what !!!
Juliet Mooney
Juliet Mooney 2 months ago
Tyler is a Karen, confirmed
Fruitgummies 2 months ago
Anyone else wonder why wildcat doesn’t play on his main anymore,
Miz Binks
Miz Binks 2 months ago
i love your videos
iain forrester
iain forrester 2 months ago
Oh finally u play with dysmo
Lincgame22 Davies
Lincgame22 Davies 2 months ago
I found terea rise on the map on fortnite
Mary 2 months ago
Francisco Magallon
Francisco Magallon 2 months ago
Lmfao ive played with perc 30 before that dude just rages everytime he dies🤣🤣
My Names Wicked
My Names Wicked 2 months ago
Look at my name
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 2 months ago
So Tyler did you get your code yet?
Radiance HellFire
Radiance HellFire 2 months ago
150 tf i have 375 kill me and i want to delete 95% of them
erle abalos
erle abalos 2 months ago
you never ever say eeeerrrrrr for comeeeeerrrrr
Patrick N Jones
Patrick N Jones 2 months ago
The "growling" sounds are some of the best I've ever heard! How do you make them?
WholeMercury 413
WholeMercury 413 2 months ago
What's your highest multkill mine is 11
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