Among Us moments where I play 4 PERFECT Impostor games...

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Month ago

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Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 5 days ago
Ooo Speedy and The Crew
Tez -Magicz
Tez -Magicz 11 days ago
Love to see gily
Nate Gates
Nate Gates 12 days ago
1:34 what’s the name of the song that plays here
Kaleb Russell
Kaleb Russell 16 days ago
Imposter: Convinces everyone to vote someone else or skip Eli: A R A A R A
Jacob Petkoff
Jacob Petkoff 17 days ago
This plants vs zombies music kinda relaxing
Brad Rust
Brad Rust 18 days ago
Spastic cat
Freight Treyn
Freight Treyn 25 days ago
I do enjoy all of Wildcat's Imposter rounds. But when it's him and Nogla? Golden
Кирилл Ушаков
Кирилл Ушаков 25 days ago
Miltm 25
Miltm 25 25 days ago
Lol is that JTgily from utube?
Trent Byrne
Trent Byrne 26 days ago
The way deluxe said no I didn’t mate I didn’t even go mate made me lose it
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck 26 days ago
Lazar’s “ that’s enough for me” is priceless.
Crafty Shark 99
Crafty Shark 99 26 days ago
12:43 Yoda Scream
Green Rampage
Green Rampage 29 days ago
Why tf do you still have a link to ur let’s play channel that u haven’t uploaded in 6 years on?? How long u been using this same description for lmao
Alyssa Bubniak
Alyssa Bubniak Month ago
8:51 “My” - Lazerbeam 2020
Bottle Of Water
Bottle Of Water Month ago
Luke Stoterau
Luke Stoterau Month ago
The grudge match was just botched captain America Civil war
Angus Chandler
Angus Chandler Month ago
What does the colour glitch do?
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas Month ago
You make brown look good idk how
highbeam neem
highbeam neem Month ago
why do i wish the edited screams were real lmao i laugh everytime
Angel Damps
Angel Damps Month ago
nathan obrien
nathan obrien Month ago
Why did I just get a 34 min fuckin ad 😒
Lilly Month ago
Guys I came out to my friends as non-binary 🥰🥰😋
Kamar Month ago
Kyrspeedy have not herd from him in a long time
Orlando Lozoya
Orlando Lozoya Month ago
So are we gonna ignore all the black votes
Josh Dionne
Josh Dionne Month ago
JT: Wildcat, how did you get into medbay? Wildcat: I.... walked in?
Dante151 Month ago
when people are trying voice acted Ice Poseidon in a video by saying "Fuck it dude!"
Joel Lee
Joel Lee Month ago
Xweebx 123
Xweebx 123 Month ago
0:13 anyone else see that task bar rocket up
Tyrone Roberts
Tyrone Roberts Month ago
How did jtgily get in with you guys.
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
5:09 this one's over.
Brenda Kivi
Brenda Kivi Month ago
1:35 bro I wasnt looking and I heard the music. Thought that was an ad.
logan stepanick
logan stepanick Month ago
When wildcats imposter he should make his mouse icon really big so you can just see his mouse move to the kill button
LordOf Destruction
LordOf Destruction Month ago
F*** IT DUDE!!! Get that on a Shirt Bro
MasterChiefCOOL MCC
MasterChiefCOOL MCC Month ago
Haven't seen any Sp33dy or The Crew videos in awhile. I miss em... How's Hova?
Ears of Steel
Ears of Steel Month ago
Up the Australians
Chase Campbell
Chase Campbell Month ago
What is wrong with the Australian
Gator Aid
Gator Aid Month ago
Sum1 needs to answer my ? I watched a 3min and he didn’t even give me the 5 word question wtf
Juan Arreguin
Juan Arreguin Month ago
This was a *crisp* video. Sat down to eat, started the video, and as soon as the video ended I took my last bite. Perfect
Vinetta Wallis
Vinetta Wallis Month ago
i am playing among us while watching this lol
Bob Tim
Bob Tim Month ago
What is the color glitch
JeffyGoldberg3 Month ago
Tf u mean
Jarett Wilkerson
Jarett Wilkerson Month ago
Anybody got noglas POV for the last one?
HyperTomato BoF
HyperTomato BoF Month ago
Why are these guys playing with someone named Eli news flash THATS MY NAME
Raynedog00 Month ago
When Tyler and Nogla are against each other it's anarchy, when they're together as imposters, the whole world burns before them.
Connor Holloway
Connor Holloway Month ago
honey time for your 18th valorant ad 👴yes dear
NinjaNick 08
NinjaNick 08 Month ago
Bro did Pete dirt at twelve 20
Sarkazym Month ago
How does he make the voting gray?
Nic Jeffery
Nic Jeffery Month ago
Space Ninja
Space Ninja Month ago
I just love when aussies argue
_ Getfood
_ Getfood Month ago
Anyone know what happen to jahova?
Sir_ TopCat
Sir_ TopCat Month ago
0:13 taskbar went stupid
I’m your friend123
I’m your friend123 Month ago
dummy :)
jordan hayden
jordan hayden Month ago
I’d love to see lazar an wildcat be the imposters lol
Carter Klassen
Carter Klassen Month ago
glitch only sells the cup why??
tgm willy
tgm willy Month ago
1:09 lllllol wildcat a troll
madmonkey glory
madmonkey glory Month ago
Good vid
Cole Hopper
Cole Hopper Month ago
Anyone have a link to all the streams???
Unretreating Month ago
Swag bitch
antony hoffer
antony hoffer Month ago
Hey wildcat I love your content and I’ve been watching you since 2014 love the content keep going strong :)
Caroline Salt
Caroline Salt Month ago
Be nice to nogla
Vermilion Month ago
Whenever Nogla and Wildcat are impostors it's just over, they might as well just call a meeting at the start and everyone vote themselves off cause they ain't beating them.
surpeme takis
surpeme takis Month ago
Can u play more rogue company
I’ll take a potato chip, AND EAT IT!!
I’ll take a potato chip, AND EAT IT!! Month ago
Get imposter 5 times in a row and I’ll give you $5,000
moon&sunwitch Month ago
Why am I hear the Addams Family theme in the background?? XD
ChillyBoi Month ago
Yo, long time fans, ever wonder if new viewers and subscribers ever question why his name is Wildcat and his character is a pig? Lmao
hipster shiba
hipster shiba Month ago
your friends are stubbed for not killing lazzer beam after you said he was going to kill you
Rohan Tinly
Rohan Tinly Month ago
I’ll be honest, I did not expect to see PeteZahHutt in a wildcat video, thank you among us
Scarlet Fox
Scarlet Fox Month ago
Wildcat mocking Lazarbeam was the funniest fucking shit ever!
Amateo Hernandez
Amateo Hernandez Month ago
LeTian Month ago
they should update anonymous voting, if enough people skip you can deduce who voted for who
Tevionna Myers
Tevionna Myers Month ago
jbayardo77 Month ago
Nice accent 😂
Asianeyes007 Month ago
Ironic that Wildcat and Nogla are actually the greatest duo.. 😂💯👏
Junior 43
Junior 43 Month ago
Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets sad when the video ends
Matt Tomaselli
Matt Tomaselli Month ago
4:13 DELUXE 🤣🤣
Tandem _Ferret
Tandem _Ferret Month ago
It is so hard to figure out if wildcat is lying or telling the truth and I love it
Impy 2D
Impy 2D Month ago
Am sure you can turn off Emergency Button in the menu, so Nogla doesn't abuse it
Mikey12b JM
Mikey12b JM Month ago
9:54 what’s the “color glitch”?
Isaac Richardson
Isaac Richardson Month ago
I think it’s you spam colours before the game start and you get a chance of being imposter I think idk
Yeet to the beat Yeeter Beater
Yeet to the beat Yeeter Beater Month ago
Wildcat can you make a video of Call of duty Cold War
Zapple dap
Zapple dap Month ago
If u wanna do Australian accent u have to say "where are me fuckin ciggys cunt"
Dawar Ahmad Khan
Dawar Ahmad Khan Month ago
Who else is here to grow there youtube channel in quarantine.lets help each another to grow there channel.
Josh De Lany
Josh De Lany Month ago
I think wildcats most obvious tell is when he says he’s confused, he’s way too big brain to get confused by this game. Unless Nogales playing, then I don’t think anybody knows what’s going on.
The Snoodge
The Snoodge Month ago
What’s the color glitch?
Keyser Eubanks
Keyser Eubanks Month ago
Am I the only one that saw the Taskbar go up so much at 7:49
Laezuh Month ago
Next title should be: Among Us but nogla still doesn’t know how to rotate on OBS
Martin visoso
Martin visoso Month ago
Deluxe soo funny
Elijah Young
Elijah Young Month ago
i didn’t even realize. it’s fucking pete
Hello Month ago
Is no one talking about how 2 blacks voted for alex in the second game
LOLMLG21 Month ago
Anonymous voting makes every color look black for votes
AYE K Month ago
You should play slasher mode!!!
SGT PhoenixB117
SGT PhoenixB117 Month ago
Wildcats and Noglas friendship is nice
Luke Mac Mahon
Luke Mac Mahon Month ago
Why is a lot of the votes black?
maruftim Month ago
when two negatives (Wildcat, Nogla) meet each other, the world is doomed.
Baciu Tudor Gabriel
Baciu Tudor Gabriel Month ago
(THIS IS JUST MY OPINION)My notifications from wildcat:I AM REALLY GREAT AS IMPOSTOR (but seriously,among us pops up everywhere because its kinda the same thing)
Jonas Month ago
Love that your using color coded text.
Thomas Wentz
Thomas Wentz Month ago
Number #10 trending for gaming congrats Wildcat
Kiro Month ago
nogla just kills me
NiceGuy Month ago
1. Flightpaths prove that the earth is flat. The flightpath from Australia to Argentina goes through the USA which does not make any sense on a globe earth map but makes perfect sense on a flat earth map. On a globe earth map, the distance from Australia to USA is 15175 km and the distance from Australia to Argentina is 12697 km. A flight from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg travels to London first. On a globe earth map, the distance from Sao Paulo to London 9491 km and the distance from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg is 7425 km. A flight from Japan to USA stops in Canada first. On a globe earth map, the flight goes THROUGH USA first to reach Canada and then goes back to USA. 2. Globeearthers have not seen with their own eyes that the earth is a globe. They have only seen photos that have been published by NASA and NASA has admitted that their photos are photoshopped.
Trippy Josh
Trippy Josh Month ago
2:07 Cat: I went down did my specimen task. Me: Holdup there is no specimen on Skeld FOOLED
Tacobell1384 Month ago
Trippy Josh correct. He was referring to the vials as the specimen not the room.
Trippy Josh
Trippy Josh Month ago
@Tacobell1384 Med bay not specimen
Tacobell1384 Month ago
Trippy Josh I think he was referring to the medbay vials.
Hanging_Hag Month ago
I love Nogli and Wildcat together :D
Markozzi Month ago
Your aussi accent sounded half British half kiwi
bradley’s favorite customer
bradley’s favorite customer Month ago
8:41 i miss you hamz 🤧 only real niggas know
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