Fortnite Season 5 but we just hide in the sand...

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Month ago

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Foxy Gamer
Foxy Gamer 3 days ago
I love how in wildcats this is how star wars season 9 should have ended vid they said imagine they added mandalorions sniper and now it's in the game
the king
the king 3 days ago
You should do a video with Conner again
Ros Garcia
Ros Garcia 23 days ago
That is the best dinosaur I've ever seen And so it would seem 1:50
Abraham Alarid
Abraham Alarid 24 days ago
Dude there is a wildcat skin but female and only on switch lol
Benjamin Supreme
Benjamin Supreme 27 days ago
Finally they back
quintin houston
quintin houston 28 days ago
i love you wild cat been here for 4 years
Pin3appleman 28 days ago
Bro 12:02 i miss that montage music
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams 28 days ago
Nuke in coming
Abner Suriano
Abner Suriano Month ago
Real ones know pun cake 😪😢
Prez Month ago
Where exactly did you hide in sand? Reporting for clickbait.
Yeetes Beetus
Yeetes Beetus Month ago
You don't play fortnite why use your code
Direwolf_2002gaming Month ago
yay hes back on the fort
huddyinnit Month ago
who else got sprolier that the child name is grogu
jeramiah branovsky
jeramiah branovsky Month ago
Says “Puncake”, I get warm fuzzys from 7 years ago
All_NightGamer Month ago
is it just me or did anyone else feel dizzy after watching from @10:39
XD -_-
XD -_- Month ago
I used your creator code, my name is AntonioFlores29
Darius Maresca
Darius Maresca Month ago
Unsubscribing because of Mandalorian Spoilers. Yes Im Serious, Yes Im a Troll. FUCK JACK JUST SAID BOBBBA FETTTTTTTTTT
Lissette Llinas
Lissette Llinas Month ago
That’s not boba fet that’s mando
Aelo Month ago
Is it just me or are u used to Tyler buying the whole battle pass
Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert Month ago
Damn I wish I could play that fast
Elmtree The tree
Elmtree The tree Month ago
Who is his thumbnail artist this guy has talent
mr. pringlez
mr. pringlez Month ago
i always use ur creator code when i buy something in the item store
Mr samuel
Mr samuel Month ago
I knew he was coming back
TTV Jesus_Christ
TTV Jesus_Christ Month ago
Thanks for spoiling the mandolorian for me asshole
Templar -32
Templar -32 Month ago
When i ever i watch streams it dead at fckin midnight
Midnite Sensei
Midnite Sensei Month ago
I wish you made the Puncake joke😔
TacosWithQueso Month ago
I'm not a star wars fan, but the cringe when Jack said babba fet...made me want to stick two pencils in nostrils and smash my face on a desk cause wut de fuk was that🤦‍♂️
Hoodinini Month ago
Baba fett...
Skuyler Hawk
Skuyler Hawk Month ago
I miss wildcat play fort with the guys 😂😂
Andrew Montoya
Andrew Montoya Month ago
You should try Save the World its a bit monotonous but its still fun.
ThreeLeggedKings Month ago
Why does wildcat make clicking on their heads look so easy
F.B.I Month ago
Hi wildcat I would love to play a game with you on fortnite
Matt C
Matt C Month ago
The fact they Jack one, called Mando "Boba Fett" and second, he pronounced Boba Fett "Bobba Fett" pisses me off
Cory Rock
Cory Rock Month ago
That last guy has to be so tilted
Kaner !
Kaner ! Month ago
The sloppy level progressively obey because substance biophysically blush versus a damaged asparagus. resonant, thirsty beetle
Mike Harris
Mike Harris Month ago
wildcat big loser
Nolan Macphail
Nolan Macphail Month ago
9:05 man tyler cant make up his mind to equip it or not
DreepaSix Month ago
Ah shit
Kr4idGamez.4791 Month ago
Leo Nikolovski
Leo Nikolovski Month ago
Imma be honest Tyler could go pro league in fortnite he’s actually really fucking good
zerotwo simp
zerotwo simp Month ago
Did anyone else notice Wildcat called them adding the mando sniper
Craig Rizzo
Craig Rizzo Month ago
Drlupo is an anime girl in fortnite WTF
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez Month ago
Pancake good memories
Yani Pitre
Yani Pitre Month ago
Wildcat quit fortnite but he’s steel that good
robert Hominet
robert Hominet Month ago
make more fortnite vidz pls
Supermudkip20 Month ago
Play MW a bit until Cold War gets good
Firefly Kolero
Firefly Kolero Month ago
I keep forgetting that I used his fuckin code for rocket league lmao
Yaboi_ Hyper
Yaboi_ Hyper Month ago
what's the scream sound effect name at 2:55 ? also the scream after that
Sebuco King
Sebuco King Month ago
I missed this Fortnite videos
zika890 Month ago
Play more Fortnite
bruh bruh
bruh bruh Month ago
Only real ones know about the og puncake
MTJStudios Month ago
DumPap2287 Month ago
Finnaly a USpostsr who makes fortnite Vids without Hating the game thanks wildcat Edit: RIP Dusty Depot/Divot and Tilted season 3 man here!
TheClampGodLDG Month ago
Jack is bobba FAT
pherm10 Month ago
Wildcat: hides in sand Anakin’s force ghost: 😡😡
Brown Crewmate
Brown Crewmate Month ago
I love how they didn't know you can hire some of the npcs so they thought they pissed it off
Aldin Virus
Aldin Virus Month ago
Am i dreaming
TayTheHuntsman Month ago
Ngl courage hella annoying
Quenton Ballinger
Quenton Ballinger Month ago
When he said puncake it really hit different 🥺
Curlyboii Cookie
Curlyboii Cookie Month ago
The only fortnite video I’ll ever watch🤣
rugmancws Month ago
Yesterday i looked this up to see if he still plays and this had just ben made.. .
Sgt Snipez
Sgt Snipez Month ago
Please try out black ops Cold War whenever the battle pass is released pleaseeeee
Doughboy_0105 Month ago
oh wow he really DID go back to fortnite
Melting Autumn
Melting Autumn Month ago
The audio was better than the video, fortnite brings out the best and worst in everyone and it's hilarious.
Aktiv3 A.S.KR3W
Aktiv3 A.S.KR3W Month ago
It's. Predator and commando
Liam Gilbert
Liam Gilbert Month ago
Hefty Man
Hefty Man Month ago
I hate sand,its coarse,its rough, and it gets everywhere
Hefty Man
Hefty Man Month ago
All The Star Wars Fans Are Raging Right Now
Aiden Jewett
Aiden Jewett Month ago
Fortnite: copy game
Nautical Soap
Nautical Soap Month ago
Mannini puncake....
Rusa Month ago
Fortnite went from original (I use that loosely) style to "fuck it, put everything in and profit."
ImHere2DoStuff Month ago
Mans called Mando Bob a fett, couldn't even get the name right.
edgvr _ttv
edgvr _ttv Month ago
ProjectCambrian Month ago
Rinzzy -
Rinzzy - Month ago
Who remembers pancakes
Joesph cantu
Joesph cantu Month ago
Puncake 😂
IcyUncleChris 76
IcyUncleChris 76 Month ago
oh no
StarRising 707
StarRising 707 Month ago
I still use ur code 👏
That was exactly the kind funny I needed to see today!
Daniel Zim Mendiola
Daniel Zim Mendiola Month ago
Bryan Banuelos
Bryan Banuelos Month ago
The audition for Dr. Disrespects gameshow
Darkrais Prodigy
Darkrais Prodigy Month ago
1:00 This is how Jack sees himself after 20 minutes on the Peleton Me: *spit takes* BAHAHAHAHA bro
lllYumYumlll528 Month ago
ha. i watched the stream for this :)
Liam Simms
Liam Simms Month ago
Play Cold War again
The Vortical Clips
The Vortical Clips Month ago
"I am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand"
CyberDragon5136 Month ago
I wonder what Connors up to
Josh Ramirez
Josh Ramirez Month ago
95% of vid wins funny moments and clutch plays last 5% of video hides in sand. Title: season 5 but we hide in sand all game.😂
Shxdowzs Month ago
When it triggers me that Jack called Mando Boba fett
SnowStickYT Month ago
as a boba fett main in battlefront II and a fan its Boba Fett not bobba fett lol
LaToya Banks
LaToya Banks Month ago
If you don’t know the difference between jango fett, boba fett, and the mandolorian we can still be friends I just dislike the fact you don’t know them.
CT-5597 Month ago
My man's really said baba fett, I'll be crying for the rest of the video
Scorpion_Hawk12 Month ago
10:07 is he trash talking an mpc?
Firefist0123 Month ago
that was a player
Amanda T
Amanda T Month ago
I missed your fortnite vids love you wildcat 😂😁
H2O Delirious jr
H2O Delirious jr Month ago
u wanna be his dinosaur u want him to ride u ._. nah
bola bola
bola bola Month ago
Ross J-Hope
Ross J-Hope Month ago
that dinosaur scared me T^T 1:53
Gemigi steve
Gemigi steve Month ago
This fortnite youtuber is pretty good.
MrSheev Month ago
Man, Star Wars is so cool, they even have my favorite character from Fortnite Bobby Fitt
The Blv Beats
The Blv Beats Month ago
You should play this season, it’s actually kinda dank, the last ones weren’t that good lol
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