Cold War Zombies but 4 idiots actually managed to complete the easter egg...

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Month ago

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5:00 that one gmod episode comes full circle
Owen Cross
Owen Cross 18 hours ago
Cleary 3 people did the easteregg not 4
waterzila 20 hours ago
Future google man will i ever get married No your going to die alone
Whiteythereaper Day ago
"I didn't do anything, it's your fucking shit garbage internet" *NAT Type: MODERATE*
Nazhonie Chee
Nazhonie Chee 2 days ago
Future googling man will I get married
fatdogamer g
fatdogamer g 3 days ago
When I play it: Super intense When they play it: “guns shooting bubbles” I will lead you to victory
Ride the Gamer
Ride the Gamer 8 days ago
XSlasherX S.
XSlasherX S. 8 days ago
Bing boy...
Akr K
Akr K 10 days ago
17:53 😂😂😂😂 Brian’s voice 😂😂😂😂.
ARCOS INFINITY 12 days ago
What's the rock music at 9:49
Yuukkii 8 days ago
Never return by carvings
Kelly Mundy
Kelly Mundy 12 days ago
Its a sucky gun me sucking a popsicle *slurping noises*
boondanda 13 days ago
who has been playing zombies for years but this is the first Easter egg hey actually finished
Qui P
Qui P 10 days ago
Yeah cuz this ones pretty easy
CJ Messick
CJ Messick 13 days ago
Big Guy!
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez 13 days ago
That one scene where he was stuck. Was so sad
Limey 1131
Limey 1131 14 days ago
“Ill watch”
Jackson Lamb
Jackson Lamb 15 days ago
I keep on forgetting that it’s not vanoss playing
layne draves
layne draves 16 days ago
Faraway667 16 days ago
The dead guy in the closets name is Walter he’s a nazi
Space Alien2470
Space Alien2470 17 days ago
WildCat can I play zombies with you and vamos and Brian and without Nogle and I have a good pump shotgun class
Hawaii 808
Hawaii 808 17 days ago
This happen to me too 4:00
Yahel Mazariego
Yahel Mazariego 19 days ago
I followed your step to be the Easter egg in zombies cold war and I beat it
Sideyblock 82
Sideyblock 82 19 days ago
I wish I had friends 😭
kingslayer hello
kingslayer hello 20 days ago
nogla: so it is basically yoshi or kirby brian: or your ex
Kheeghen Daoust
Kheeghen Daoust 20 days ago
1:29 I could not agree more vanoss...
Jer. remy
Jer. remy 21 day ago
How is nogla so fucking lucky
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams 22 days ago
I was on round 49 with my friends and I died came back next round and got the wonder weapon and ray gun instantly out of the box lmao
Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson 22 days ago
these reminds me of the one map they did that had star wars then minecraft all in one
ShinGojira 62
ShinGojira 62 22 days ago
Dad: Are ya winning son? Marcel: Did you guys win?
marquez mc
marquez mc 22 days ago
Right before a million views 999k
Argyle Bruvmachine
Argyle Bruvmachine 25 days ago
The memories of wildcat going across the screen in WAW
Gl1tchey 26 days ago
Me watch this, now its christmas. Wtf happened
Julian Avila
Julian Avila 27 days ago
This video gives me so much nostalgia and I’m not sure why
twitch 28 days ago
Eww still playing with Brian
Joel Alvarenga
Joel Alvarenga Month ago
Did you know if you get a legendary trial reward you have a chance for the wonder weapon
Mirage Main
Mirage Main Month ago
1:18 brings back a lot of memories
Connor Benson
Connor Benson Month ago
"World's first, first ever world, world's first fastest, world's, big brain, 200 IQ, fastest world's first, Among Us,Easter Egg, fastest Easter Egg, in Minecraft, mod. MOD." Dammit, its not a real video. i really tried searching it up.
Kepp Mopey
Kepp Mopey Month ago
Hey wildcat I’ve been a big fan for about 5 years
Kepp Mopey
Kepp Mopey Month ago
I didn’t finish I wanted to ask you if you could teach me the Easter egg
Luis Ventura
Luis Ventura Month ago
The jumbled peru gradually guess because patch historically prick next a amused store. sore, capable algeria
Christian_boy Month ago
Does anyone want help with the Easter egg let me know ! And reply
Diego Arias
Diego Arias Month ago
Swear to god I did this today and the same thing happened and I’m pissed off
Judah Nieman
Judah Nieman Month ago
Yooooo they recorded on the anniversary of the Gummy Bear Album!!!! p.s. Mome Boys dropped btw xD
gabriel Month ago
Avery Johnson
Avery Johnson Month ago
im waiting for my cold war to down load
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas Month ago
The bawdy rhinoceros undoubtedly hang because claus hooghly scribble after a protective chicory. elegant, frantic octave
Ikaros Month ago
What’s the song at 9:50?
Yuukkii 8 days ago
Imma sit here wait for the song name
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh Month ago
Only real ones know waiting outside to buy black ops and going to Wal-Mart late at night to buy the PSN card for DLC right when they dropped
Josephine Bailey
Josephine Bailey Month ago
6:23 “That’s not a human” “Yeah he is, I see loads of those at LA fitness” brooo😭💀
Enrique Corona Jr Cortez
Enrique Corona Jr Cortez Month ago
8:00 Surprised Tyler still Craig added as a friend after the things he’s done
SirSlimn Month ago
This easter egg was pretty easy actually
WhiteBoiJaxx Month ago
Did anyone else have flash backs to when COD 4 Zombies ended?😢
Spedwagon69 Month ago
knife as you buy a perk it skips the drinking animation
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Month ago
8:02 oh look miniladd is playing zombies
acofrancia Month ago
everyone has a wonder wepon except terroriser
Billy Jobs
Billy Jobs Month ago
3:18 "Or your ex.....ugh, moving on" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miguela Luna
Miguela Luna Month ago
I just did the easter egg at Friday
aye.itzgabe999 Month ago
I did this ee so many times
cory Arlof
cory Arlof Month ago
are they saying olof or arlof?
Zachary Martin
Zachary Martin Month ago
What opperator skin is wildcat have?
Jeice Twiggs
Jeice Twiggs Month ago
8:06 I spy, with my little eye, someone that belongs in jail.
Jase Tank
Jase Tank Month ago
Hahah I get it
Omar Rivas
Omar Rivas Month ago
1:18 can't ever forget Black ops 3 future googling man 😂😂😂
Sam saunders
Sam saunders Month ago
hey wildcat i think u post this again i saw before
Respect Month ago
he still has miniladd added lol
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh Month ago
The memories rushing back they can always put a smile to my face
UltraRaulH08 Clips
UltraRaulH08 Clips Month ago
November 13th 2020 the day my mom passed from covid-19
Yeeyee Clickbaited
Yeeyee Clickbaited Month ago
Wildcat went down a hero
ChaosMiles07 Month ago
"Fornite was bound to happen." Playerunknown: "Yeah, thank you, Bohemia." >w>
Banana Banana
Banana Banana Month ago
This was recorded one day before my birthday.
ArcticSniper817 Month ago
What operator is that?
Hades Gaming 626
Hades Gaming 626 Month ago
Hey Wildcat, did that one guy ever give you and the guys 10 subway subs?
PetesMaGeats Month ago
7:58 I wonder who MiniLadd is playing with 🤔
Denim Schaffer
Denim Schaffer Month ago
Probably by himself since he has no one to play with lol
R.obert.0 Month ago
First in the world, guys!
UltraRaulH08 Clips
UltraRaulH08 Clips Month ago
I did it solo! Not bragging cause i failed first attempt. Didn’t fail second!!
CG353 Month ago
Now this type of video I have missed back in the black ops 3 days oof
410Cole PYRO
410Cole PYRO Month ago
Is it just me or did anybody else see red white and blue smoke coming out at explosion
Titus B. Ramos
Titus B. Ramos Month ago
16:42 was that Trevor? What is Trevor doing in Zombies
Marcus Daniel
Marcus Daniel Month ago
y'all used to be hilarious y'all funny tho
WiggedBear Month ago
Another possible way to get the wonder weapon or the ray gun is to go to the dark ether then you go up to the portal back down to the the basement. Get the part for the pack-a-punch (if you want) and you leave one zombie too. Then you have to shoot 5 glowing dots and bam 💥 you’re in another Easter egg that could possibly get you the ray gun or the wonder weapon or just a good gun.
Escapeists Month ago
Wow... its been years since i watched wildcat.. almost cried
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez Month ago
this is a masterpiece
Nicholas Brookshire
Nicholas Brookshire Month ago
Oh yea the future googling man joke I miss that joke.
* RMwPL *
* RMwPL * Month ago
Me seeing how are these boys playing such realistic and *c o o l* games I bet they couldn't survive a day in TF2. - Average Fashion Person.
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Month ago
This was my favorite intro so far
Curt Month ago
This reminds me so much of the gmod doritos bag from so long ago lol
Casey Fisher
Casey Fisher Month ago
you should do the dancing coffin ester egg
JanuMeza Month ago
Now this... this content warms my heart 💖😂😂 amazing video and I’m only 5 mins in 😭😂👏🏼
Tsuki The anime Robot
Tsuki The anime Robot Month ago
And mod, MOD
2G00D4U_ 21
2G00D4U_ 21 Month ago
Tyler why tf you look so dumb🤣😂🤣😂
Carsons Vlog
Carsons Vlog Month ago
5:00 rx7 backfire belike
Killagunz5 Month ago
Ah yes future googling man
Killagunz5 Month ago
Still don’t have a ps5 nor the game 😭
Redstar611 Month ago
Idk y but this Easter egg is so ani climatic
Unnecessary Gary
Unnecessary Gary Month ago
I have spectrum. Bad latency and ping usually. I pay for 500 mbps and still have trouble connecting. And if you call spectrum, they will send someone but that someone will tell you that Spectrum caps your internet speed to 150 mbps on some devices so paying or 500 mbps is pointless. Spectrum is dog shit.
InfantBloom66 W
InfantBloom66 W Month ago
is Noga still dating Alieh
SBBG Month ago
Gettin a different vibe from this
WOLFxMASTERx 22 Month ago
It’s been so long since I’ve heard vanoss laugh that hard made my day
Something Bob ross
Something Bob ross Month ago
God watching this all i could think of was “but i made friends with the gummy wotm”
normita 78
normita 78 Month ago
it’s... GOROD TIME
tstables0 8
tstables0 8 Month ago
Another title : 3 idiots and a guy that knows how to use google
jake alarcon
jake alarcon Month ago
Bullshit lol I did it on the first day on my second attempt and finished on round 17
ben bierly
ben bierly Month ago
You guys forgot to put the needle through the eye of a sabertooth tiger
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