Modern Warfare but my JOKR makes people RAGE...

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2 months ago

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BrentKitty 345
BrentKitty 345 4 hours ago
“He got scared of a bird”
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper 10 hours ago
Shelby Nieto
Shelby Nieto 19 hours ago
Naruto Uzi
Naruto Uzi 2 days ago
He brought back Norwegia 😭
Isaiah 1.0
Isaiah 1.0 3 days ago
I’m just gonna subscribe after being scared of a bird 7:17
Isaiah 1.0
Isaiah 1.0 3 days ago
I was voice trolling
DAHUNTER671 14 days ago
You gotta admit he tried his best to talk to a girl
Zayne Bonshire
Zayne Bonshire 16 days ago
7:19 OH HELL NAW! 😂
Chase Jones
Chase Jones 29 days ago
That voice you do is not funny at all other wise great vid lmao
Karen King
Karen King Month ago
that wheeze
braden odaniel
braden odaniel Month ago
Breh he sniped COVID-19
Daz Games
Daz Games Month ago
At 2:55 I litterly Got jumpscared and i screamed xD
Team Rustofsky
Team Rustofsky 2 months ago
6:26 that guy did the world record rage quit dude!
Team Rustofsky
Team Rustofsky 2 months ago
5:44 dam I missed the days I played tachanka.
Drazo 2 months ago
Imagine calling people bad but you’re using an 725.
Güd Musik
Güd Musik 2 months ago
all he uses is the 725 and calls other people bad for using one gun only?
Gamertag _
Gamertag _ 2 months ago
I lost all my modern warfare files and stuff, and watching this video really brought up my mood
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez 2 months ago
wet bread
wet bread 2 months ago
What attachment makes your crosshairs smaller for the 725?
Saurabh _h
Saurabh _h 2 months ago
yasir memon
yasir memon 2 months ago
Rogue Leader
Rogue Leader 2 months ago
10:02 omg that honk from your voice
It’s_never_Greg 2 months ago
Loving the new intro my man. Keep up the vidz🤙🤙. It’s been a ride watching you from the bottom going to the top.
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 2 months ago
Nicole gives me flashbacks of Nicole from gangbeasts
DOGWITHABEARD 26 2 months ago
One of your best vids Widcat!
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 2 months ago
Best videos you make are your gta and cod videos but that's my opinion tho but great job loved it 😁
The_SavageGecko 2 months ago
Do do do do Banana Bus
Daniel Steward
Daniel Steward 2 months ago
I play bad on purpose so i can laugh when people actually die to me
Daniel A
Daniel A 2 months ago
Play apex
Maven Vigilante
Maven Vigilante 2 months ago
What attachments does he use to make his hip fire bloom so small on the 725?
Otter King
Otter King 2 months ago
As a Norwegian I approve this Norwegian/Engelsk dialect. makes me laugh uncontrollably, every time ^^
Deven __
Deven __ 2 months ago
I was laughing too hard at this shit 😂😂😂😂
Peyton 2 months ago
Bro I’m peace my friend just sent me this video
Martin Tangen
Martin Tangen 2 months ago
The fact that he said he was from cheese kills me😅 Norwegians know🤔
Nick Noble
Nick Noble 2 months ago
Kid really started crying over a dagunov
Hxrry-05 2 months ago
How come all youtubers get so many shitters
julianebug8 2 months ago
It’s not Norwegia it’s Norway
Adam Styles
Adam Styles 2 months ago
He sprayed a full mp5 clip an me its call a magazine
Michał Gołdych
Michał Gołdych 2 months ago
Fun fact: Norwegia is actually how we call country of Norway in Poland but it sound different in speech than his version ;)
Yeah it’s me
Yeah it’s me 2 months ago
I need you to do a video of the Norwegian the WHOLE time
ShockStoryAdam 2 months ago
bringing in the norwegia accent eh?
Aki 2 months ago
"They're so fkn bad" easy to say when you're running rooms with a 725
KEVY WEVY 2 months ago
New to the channel huh?
宮園かをり 2 months ago
What's makes this funny is their conversations and the stupid things they do
Bryan S.
Bryan S. 2 months ago
Holy shit that was great. Those voices kill me
Oren Lespierre
Oren Lespierre 2 months ago
10:02 did he almost die from laughing.😂
Diego 2 months ago
I swear the best part of his videos are for sure the accents Brian for sure has competition
KJ DIZZLE 2 months ago
wildcat got that DUMPTRUCK ass
Simon N
Simon N 2 months ago
Kids say jokr, Men say javelin
KAKAROTE 20 2 months ago
The Man From Nowhere
The Man From Nowhere 2 months ago
8:12 what mp5 loadout is that
Genius Jordan
Genius Jordan 2 months ago
Shoutout puffer for making these videos extra funny !!
Brandon Mazenkas-O'Grady
Brandon Mazenkas-O'Grady 2 months ago
Wildcat what’s your mp5?
Glyone Aglaid
Glyone Aglaid 2 months ago
Pancakediddy 2 months ago
9:38 I’m freaking crying, that’s too funny
Carlo PAVANELLO 2 months ago
love the trick shot im mean content
Elijah Cortes
Elijah Cortes 2 months ago
amazing intro
Addakis Gaming
Addakis Gaming 2 months ago
what fov do you play on? holy shit! xD
Thats An Nukie
Thats An Nukie 2 months ago
Josh 2 months ago
“I have da purfect defenshe mechanisms”
Emil Ivar
Emil Ivar 2 months ago
As a norvegia i find dis very ofensive
Tyler Batistig
Tyler Batistig 2 months ago
Hey wildcat idk how often you check comments, but I leave for the Marine Corps this morning and I just want to say ur videos always made my laugh when I was down so keep it up I’ll see you in 15 weeks!
Marshall 2 months ago
The Norwegia accent might be my favorite accent you’ve ever done
doomsday 2 months ago
6:35 I'd love to see this guy in a video
Michael Kelsey
Michael Kelsey 2 months ago
Did he say his k/d was .46??? Oof
Elmo Worlds
Elmo Worlds 2 months ago
Wildcat just stoped Covid 19 in 8:52
Leo P.
Leo P. 2 months ago
What are those mp5 attachments?
Matthew Noyes
Matthew Noyes 2 months ago
Why do u use 725 🤦‍♂️
Nicholouas Wines
Nicholouas Wines 2 months ago
this is is best cod vid yet, bring back the bo2 squad for 1 more video please
gsmith472 2 months ago
We need more Norwegian voice videos plzzz
Dave Hoff
Dave Hoff 2 months ago
You made one person rage
Huy Reach
Huy Reach 2 months ago
Where the JOKR plays at
GooeySlinky 450
GooeySlinky 450 2 months ago
Wildcat just killed Covid 19 pause at 8:52
Sumner 2 months ago
The squidward walking sound lmaooooo
flying cat
flying cat 2 months ago
Clickbate :v
Kellomies 2 months ago
Make the video on the dragons breath R90 Shotgun
CovfefeMug 2 months ago
What was the intro music?
Zx7o 2 months ago
usually when i bop someone with the joker i always say "hey have you seen my EXTRA LARGE fleshlight!!" or something to that effect lmao
berzerkerdur1134 2 months ago
What game mode is that
Ben Prickett
Ben Prickett 2 months ago
Says people are shit yet uses the 725 when he kills them.
Devin Reid
Devin Reid 2 months ago
We need more Norwegian Tyler
Wickedlouie 06
Wickedlouie 06 2 months ago
Play on hardcore
pog champion
pog champion 2 months ago
*Reads the title* Man, I wonder why they raged.
swordage 2 months ago
"I should make fun of the people who harass women in games by harassing women in games! What a clever idea!"
Splatboy Gamer360
Splatboy Gamer360 2 months ago
Hey Tyler I love all your call of duty videos Your doing a good job Keep it up!!!
Mary Margaret Calvert
Mary Margaret Calvert 2 months ago
If I run into wildcat in sad I will stand on the bomb for him
j on ps4
j on ps4 2 months ago
Imagine you break something cause you died to a jokr just uninstall
Zero- Suspense
Zero- Suspense 2 months ago
Love ur vids tho wildcat keep it up
Zero- Suspense
Zero- Suspense 2 months ago
I just played with those kids this morning and drop 18 kills there terrible
Heriberto Santos
Heriberto Santos 2 months ago
Hey tyler you should play modern warfare with your girlfriend
deadzero89 2 months ago
These are so good because you can tell they are all having so much fun an dnot having to worry about sweaty people trying soo hard because of who they are
coltonbattin54 2 months ago
Definitely one of his funniest videos
Connor R
Connor R 2 months ago
ahh, just another good day of cod with the boys
Mango 2 months ago
I had the baddest day yesterday and when i see this vid it makes me smile
craig 2 months ago
2:14 I mean, you're also using the most meta/over used shotgun in the game. just saying
accidic tony
accidic tony 2 months ago
No more fortnite?
Harry Man
Harry Man 2 months ago
It’s actually not to hard to shoot a 12 gauge w one arm
Austin Welford
Austin Welford 2 months ago
“trick shot” *misses* “trick shot” *dies*😂😂
loneshark 80
loneshark 80 2 months ago
Where’s Connor
Gio Silva
Gio Silva 2 months ago
Alguna vez se han preguntado por que tenemos cortes de justicias,jueces,policias,milicia etc..? Esto es porque nos importa la justicia porque somos creados a la semejancia de un Dios justo. Nosotros hemos pecado en su contra y roto sus leyes que tenemos en nuestras conciencias; cuando mentimos, adulteramos, robamos, somos orgullos, tenemos sexo antes del matrimonio, pornografia y muchas cosas mas, lo cual un Dios justo condenaria al igual que condenaria asesinato y violacion. Dios es justo de condenarnos a todos pero en su amor y misericordia nos ofrece otro camino, el envio a su unico Hijo Jesus para que muriera en nuestro lugar por nuestras faltas y despues resucitara para justificarnos para todo aquel que se arrepienta de sus malos caminos y ponga su fe en Jesus sea salvo; Como un hombre que se tira de un avion y no confia en sus brazos para salvarse sino que confia en el paracaidas, asi nosotros debemos confiar en Jesus y no en nuestras buenas obras para ser salvo", porque delante de Dios nadie se va a poder justificar por su cuenta solo atravez de Jesus, por esto Jesus es el unico camino hacia Dios.!
Che Cer
Che Cer 2 months ago
My friend had a challenge for himself, to see how many kills he can get on shipment with the jokr, and on shipment/hardpoint he managed to get 31 kills
Fake Giraffe Theory
Fake Giraffe Theory 2 months ago
More of this please!!!
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